• Move Picture within Drawing to Layer

    I have created a sheet format for my drawings that contains a "picture" for our logo. I would like that picture to be associated with the "Format" layer I created. However, when I edit the sheet format and attempt to ...
    Brit Mansell
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  • SW2020 Dimension Drop

    We upgraded to 2020 yesterday and the first thing I noticed is that I have to click 3 times to place a dimension or 2 if it's a line and the dimension will not appear until you do the final click (instead of the ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • Copy and Paste Sketch from AutoCAD

    I use AutoCAD 2018 and Solidworks 2017. I am not able to copy readymade sketches from AutoCAD and paste directly as a sketch in Solidworks. In earlier versions of both software, I could easily do that but not now. ...
    Jide Oyebanji
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  • Design table sizing in drawings

    Does anyone know how to fix a design table to display the entire table in the drawing?  It seems to only want to be sized with the same width to height ratio and that does not display all of my configurations. &#...
    Stacey Wright
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  • Turn off Location Label 'same sheet number' button?

    I'm working in SW2020 and just discovered the location label feature for section and detail views.  When playing around with the options to fine tune it, I seem to have the 'don't add same sheet number' button st...
    Jeremy Jacobs
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  • Table formatting and dimension formatting not same

    Hello everyone,   Please see the image below. To fill in the table I double-clicked on the dimension to import into the table but the rest of the dimension is not showing and the format has changed, but not for ...
    Peter Benoit
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    In a 2020 drawing, no dimension, balloon, notes or Title Block text will display.  The missing text is there and shows in print preview.
    Chet Lindsay
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  • Why are my tangent edges showing up red?

    Does anyone know what's happening here? This has been happenig ever since I moved to 2015. If I set the tangent edge display to 'Visible' they are like they should be... black solid lines. It's only when the tangent e...
    Adam Schettler
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  • Wrong Scaled parts when exporting as DXF

    Hello,   I have seen a few questions surrounding this topic, but my situation seems quite specific.    I frequently export drawings from Solidworks into DXF format for parts to get laser cut by variou...
    Drew Cogger
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  • Export SW drawing into AutoCAD model-space and paper-space

    I have an application whereby the client wants us to export all our SW drawings into Autocad. It is a requirement for them that the main drawing be in the model space, and the titleblock, annotations and dimensions e...
    Ruairi Mulligan
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  • Autocad dimstyles stored in solidworks?

    When I export a dwg from Solidworks 2016, I get old Autocad dimension styles coming with it.  I had originally imported my titleblock from autocad into Solidworks so it would look and function the same as our com...
    Brandon Rausch
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  • BOMs in Assembly - Different Assembly Configs

    Good Morning All! I have searched for an answer for this for a few hours yesterday and this morn, to no avail. Any help , input, or advice would be greatly appreciated.   Here is my dilemma...   I have an ...
    Kevin Sanders
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  • Large assembly performance

    Hi All,   I know this issue has been raised a fair bit already, most of the blogs though I have read haven't been able to shed any light, neither has our SW support. I work for an industrial refrigeration compan...
    Joshua Bonora
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  • Symbols - AutoCAD Carry over

    My company is in between Solid Works and AutoCAD. Thus we use these symbols:   What is the best way to create these in solidworks drawings? I use sketches but they are hard to deal with and do not attach to th...
    Harrison Johnson
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  • Text selection in notes in Soidworks 2020

    Is anyone else having problems with text selection inside a note box in Solidworks 2020?  When I click into a note to edit the text, the selection of text is really goofy and I have to use the arrow and shift key...
    Aaron Davis
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  • What would make views disappear when converted to AutoCAD?

    Attached is a PDF created from my SolidWorks drawing and a PDF created from that same drawing saved to AutoCAD.  As you can see, two views are almost completely missing.  What would cause that?  The mod...
    William Turk
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  • Ordinate dimension light-fix?

    The first ordinate dimension (0) is light, does anyone have a fix? SW2019 SP2.0
    Mike Agan
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  • Auto scale, view scale, and sheet scale

    Hey all,   Ive been struggling with auto scale, it sounds like a neat feature, but unless I've misunderstood something it can really mess with drawings in unanticipated ways. Ive been on the phone with my VAR fo...
    Justin Pires
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  • Removing BOM's from Drawings

    We are implementing a PLM system, we have PDM Pro., and a suggestion has been made that we remove BOM's from drawings and have the PLM system manage the BOM as a document. the benifit might be that if the BOM changes ...
    Steve Reinisch
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  • My flat pattern view is lost when I open again the drawing

    Good day to everyone,   I have a problem with drawings in SW 2017 SP2. I have a sheet metal part and I make a drawing out of it  with a flat pattern view. I save the file and close the drawing. When I ope...
    Eugen Lupascu
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