• Replacing model in drawing leaves most of dimensions dangling

    I often work on large assemblies that need to get uprev'd at work. The way my company works is to create a new file for every revision, rather than just create configurations within the existing file.  I know th...
    Sharon Luo
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  • Looking for best way to create a simple B&W shipping box label in SW.

     I sketch and extrude a rectangular label then created a reference plane slightly above it , sketch text on this ref plane then extrude to the label face. It works but seems cumbersome and a lot of detailing to g...
    Wesley Prais
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  • Fillet shapes wrong way

    I have two cylinders sitting on top each other and they overlap by about 50%. I thought I'd fillet the corners, but solidworks keeps acting like they're two separate cylinders and ignoring the face. See the attached i...
    Tiffany Desjardins
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  • 2019 solidworks dimension dialog box doesn't come up

    Hi , When I double click on a dimension I get no dialog box? Any help would be great. Thanks, Paul
    Alexander Gagliardi
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  • Cache error message

    I have an error on a particular assembly and drawing   "Error getting missing reference to local cache" "Description = "you don;t have permission to perform this action"   Does anyone have an explanation/...
    Bryan Obermeyer
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  • Link hole callout precision to model

    Hello   I'm trying to have the hole callout precision (decimal places) in the drawing match the precision set in the model hole wizard feature rather than being set to the standard document value. I understand I...
    William Amend
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  • Odd CTRL key stickiness. Anyone familiar?

    I have been using SW 2018 professionally for about three months and during the time I have encountered this issue with SW-Drawing and CTRL key sticking randomly by itself.   It's frustrating. Almost da...
    Juha Tuomensaari
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  • Text in drawing template jumps up and down each time I rebuild the drawing.

    I am trying to create my own drawing template but I am having a hell of a time keeping the text in the position that it was in when I saved the sheet format. Then I realized that the text even moves around when I test...
    Louis Fourie
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  • Reverse SPIRAL parametric equations

    Hello,   I'm having trouble understanding which are the equations used in the Solidworks function "Helix/spiral" in order to generate a "reverse direction" SPIRAL given only the 4 inputs that Solidworks use...
    Ivan Furfaro
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  • Solidworks freezes when I try to insert a section view in a drawing view.

    Hello everyone I am using Solid works 2018 SP5.0 on Windows 10. When I create a drawing from a particular assembly file and try to insert a section view, it freezes. The way others have asked before, In Tools->O...
    芳文 岩田
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  • Create view for drawing from Coordinate system or something else...

    I have either forgotten how to do this or am missing something.   I want to create a new view in the model that is "Square to the world" so that when I create a drawing view I don't have to rotate the drawing vi...
    Matt Juric
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  • how to implement these formulae in Solidworks so they are smart models?

    Rotor X = R cos 2v + (3/2)(e^2/R)(cos 8v - cos 4v) +/- e(cos 5v + cos v)(1-(9e^2/R^2)sin^2 3v)^(1/2) +/- (3/2)(ea’/R)(cos 5v - cos v) + a’ cos 2v (1-(9e^2/R^2)sin^2 3v)^(1/2) Y = R sin 2v + (3/2)(e^2/R)(si...
    Sher Shishe
    created by Sher Shishe
  • Cursor disappears for several seconds after selecting note.

    I've noticed this issue for a long time, but lately it is getting worse.   When I select a note in a drawing, the cursor disappears for 2-3 seconds before reappearing. It only happens when selecting the first no...
    Shawn Stugard
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  • Link to property box not showing

    When I try to press the "Link to property" button in a note, nothing comes up. It used to give me a box with a dropdown menu that allowed me to choose the custom property with which to link. Does anyone have a clue as...
    Ian Pline
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  • link to bom table blank using derived view

    I've searched on this, but the results all seemed to involve older versions of SW.  I'm using 2019 SP2.   I have a configuration driving a bom table. I have a derived configuration with an explode on a dif...
    Sean Johnson
    created by Sean Johnson
  • Hello I'm still struggling to get my drawing templates to show material

    From the part:   From the drawing:       This is the 2020 trial version. I had no problems in my old 2013 version (i no longer have access to that). HELP!!!
    Matt Callaghan
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  • dotted line boxes around where drawing view should be

    I have SW 2012 and I just opened a drawing I created yesterday and found the drawing view names ghosted in the feature manager tree, plus, there were dotted lines around each drawing view where drawing view should be....
    David Aslin
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  • Align a sketch to a feature on another part

    i hope the title didnt confuse anyone   so if you can picture i have a metal case that has a PCB fitted inside   There are mounting holes on the metal case where the PCB is concentrcally mated to the hole....
    Adrian Miles
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  • SW2020 Dimension Drop

    We upgraded to 2020 yesterday and the first thing I noticed is that I have to click 3 times to place a dimension or 2 if it's a line and the dimension will not appear until you do the final click (instead of the ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • Hi im struggling to carry in the material from the part to the drawing. I seem to remember it was in properties on previous versions.

    Matt Callaghan
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