• Fraction callout in custom properties

    I would like  a fraction callout in my bom to look like this 3'-4 1/2.  But in my custom properties it shows like this 3 4/12.  How do I get the hyphen to show in my custom properties?
    Wayne Schafer
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  • SW 2019 Add to Library Folder Selection Not Functioning?

    I am trying to add a drawing note to the Design Library in SW 2019 (SP 3.0) as I have done many times in SW 2018 and in the UI a folder which is required cannot be selected.  The selection field is blank.  S...
    Frank Root
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  • Convert custom properties or BOM column to fractional inches

    Hi, need to convert decimal inches to fractional inches either in custom property 'Evaluated Value' column or if that is not possible, in the drawing BOM column.    We prefer to model in decimal inches, but...
    Zack Polovin
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  • Can you change the Revision table start letter?

    Looking for some information on Revision table settings. We have a situation where we have legacy drawings that may be updated to a new sheet template. The old Revision table has been replaced with a new table that ha...
    Matt Willms
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  • 2019 Bug after putting EV4 on

    I would be leary of putting 2019 SP4 out when it becomes available. There's a nasty bug that causes a real problem when trying to pick anything on the drawing. There's a setting that should prevent picking the hidden ...
    John Lhuillier
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  • Show arrows for a broken-out section

    I have searched, yet can not find an answer to this. I seems that one should be able to show arrows for broken-out cross sections. How else is it known where it is taken? I am relatively new to SolidWorks (ProE for 20...
    Jason Livengood
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  • Solidworks no hyphen fractional dimensions in custom properties

    As the screen capture shows, when populating custom property, the value looses the 'hyphen' or 'dash'.    Current: 1 1/16 Need: 1-1/16   Because eventually on shop drawings 1 1/16 can be read as 11/1...
    Zack Polovin
    created by Zack Polovin
  • Solidworks Renaming Tree Items on It's own.

    I have two parts in an assembly, neither part is referencing any other part. I was editing part 1 and switched back to the assembly and did a rebuild to see how the changes affected clearance when I noticed part...
    Chris England
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  • Annotation View

    Asked before but never answered, can annyone explane what you can do with annotation views, i'm not getting it clear from he help. Is it possible to view annotation views in a drawing ?   Greetings
    Checkcheck Master
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  • My predacesor created tabulatd drawings calling out variations on a single part, most length and hole pattern. These were connected to assembly drawings (nothing complex, 5-8 items each). Now I open these to make changes, some are fine, others only have a

    I have tabulated drawings, I have assembly drawings that refer to parts from the tabulated drawing, the correct images, from the model of the assembly, shows up in the assembly drawings, but the BoMs only contains sin...
    Debbie Curry
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    Hemchandra Shertukde
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  • angle measuring problem

    (look at the attachment) here i need the angle to be shown as 8.03 but it shows  the value -180 which is 171.97!! how can i fix it? i want to measure the acute angle but it measures the obtuse angle! where ...
    Meysam Agazadeh Par
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  • Need help loading raw material into Solidworks to create BOMs

    We make hotel furniture. I need help loading raw materials (sheets of plywood) so when I make a BOM it tells me what material I'm using and how much is needed. An example of a material is a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. I...
    Jordan Burch
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  • Export BOM with Preview image in SL 2017 SP5

    Hello everyone, my company have its own BOM format (in excel) and it need preview image (part snapshot). Usually I use Tree House and Snipping Tool to cut every single image but it still take lot of time. I need a way...
    Bach Nguyen Dinh
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  • TASK Scheduler printing not scaling to fit

    When printing from task and choosing page setup options to "scale to fit" and "landscape" for letter size, it prints the drawings about 1/4 size. not sure why this is but i have waster lost of toner and paper try...
    David Anderson
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  • tangent lines - - ends hidden (hidden length)

    my preferred style when creating drawings for parts is to use tangent edges displayed with the ends hidden. this is easy enough to enable, just right click on a view and tangent edges > hide ends.   however i...
    N. Ritchey
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  • Are you still using Excel-based BOMs in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?  Should they be retired?

    This question is prompted by the recent discussion: THUMBNAIL IN EXCEL BASED BOM    Are you still using Excel-based BOMs in SOLIDWORKS Drawings?  If so, why?  Are there limitations with SW BO...
    Matthew Lorono
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  • Is As Welded required for a cutlist

    Is "<As Welded>" required in the name of an as welded configuration for proper display of the cut list in a drawing?   If I do not have "<As Welded>" in the name of the as-welded configurat...
    Scott Marinin
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  • Create Date changes

    I'm using this syntax in drawing template but unfortunately the date updates every time I open the same drawing at a later date.    $PRP:"SW-Short Date(Created Date)"   What syntax will...
    Zack Polovin
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  • How do I print Virtual Sharps in a drawing?

      Sometimes they show up on the print/PDF, sometimes they don't.  It was created using Find Intersection while putting the dimension on.
    Brandon Zeone
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