• cote pièce dans esquisse /  part dimension in sketch

    Bonjour, lorsque je suis dans une esquisse et que je créee une cote, le logiciel ne me demande plus automatiquement d'entrer une valeur. Je dois double cliquer sur la cote que je viens de créer pour entr...
    Alain Scuvée
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  • An unknown error occurred while accessing as unnamed file.

    What the h3ll kind of vague error is that?! I'm just trying to edit a block then Save to file.  Such a simple task.  Yet such a pain.  It was working just fine. Why is it saying that and not letting ...
    Brandon Zeone
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  • Question that is somewhat not solidworks related

    There are some nitrogen filled gas springs that I'm working with that vary in different force sizes. For example, some are 200N in size and some are 280N in size. My question is why do they have different ranges in ho...
    Matt Calzone
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  • Balloons Connected to different Configurations in BOM

    I'm trying to connect a balloon to an item number of a different configuration in the BOM, however I do not have that configuration showing on the drawing. Is there a way to connect that balloon to the desired item nu...
    Devin Hughes
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  • One note with multiple leaders

    How can I link one note to two items? 
    Ivan Silva
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  • Dimension Driven Scalable Parts

    New to SolidWorks 2019 I am struggling with some simplistic concepts … first of all, why is cutting an extruded pipe profile a two-step process? First the outer-circle extruded boss, followed by second inner ci...
    Brent Gaspard
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  • Angle of arrows in drawing level

    Hi folks, in Brazil, we have a standard demands the angle of dimensions arrow being 15º. Is there a way to change it without using trigonometry all the time I have to change its dimensions?
    Ivan Silva
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  • Add line style

    How can I add new line style? In Brazil we use for centerlines a different line type. It is dash point dash. When I tried to create a new layer for my centerline I was able to find a dash point dash line type.
    Ivan Silva
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  • Merge cells on general table

    How do you merge cells in a table on drawing?
    Billy McLemore
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  • How to design a torsional spring loaded mechanism?

    Hello, I have to design a torsional spring deployment mechanism. The element to be deployed is an empty pipe: - Outer diameter: 50mm - Inner diameter: 40mm - Height: 500mm Is there anyone who could give me some id...
    Giancarlo Scarcia
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  • How can I embed a flag note in a dimension?

    With geometric tolerances you can drop the tolerance on a dimension and it becomes embedded in the dim.   I would like to do the same with a flag note. But, when I do the flag is destroyed and only the text from...
    Peter Cranshaw
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  • Weldment profile - description of part in cutlist defaults to imperial measurements

    Hi folks   Here is my problem   We use a manufacturer here for our tube. I asked them if they could supply us with their weldment profiles which they happily did.   I thought I could just go through ...
    Daniel Joblin
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  • Cannot remove hidden lines from drawing

    Strange issue today.   I have a drawing view with hidden lines shown, even though I have the view set to "Hidden Lines Removed".  Could something be over-riding this setting?  I wish there was more det...
    Michael Gera
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  • Dimension Break Lines issue: Breaking when there's nothing there.

    Hello, as you can see from my image... I am having an issue with a break appearing when there's nothing there.    I have tried to rebuild (Crtl+Q) the drawing. Deleted the dimensions and re-added them. Note...
    Andres Kacerosky
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  • Drawing reference files

    Why am I getting extra models linked to my drawing and How do I get rid of them to bring my drawing file size down? See attached word document with 3 screen shots.  The top screen shot shows me checkin...
    Todd Schellpfeffer
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    In a 2020 drawing, no dimension, balloon, notes or Title Block text will display.  The missing text is there and shows in print preview.
    Chet Lindsay
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  • Geo Tol-true position of zero at MMC

    Tool Design Environment: Is anyone using Geo Tol true position of zero at MMC to locate mating details? Opinions?
    Mike Agan
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  • Importing weldments of australian standard steel profiles metric and imperial

    We have recently started with solidworks at our workshop but unfortunately lack the amount of steel profiles in the standard edition. someone said there is a way to import say 'onesteels' steel profile library so we h...
    Isaac Sullivan
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  • SW -> dwg / Layout - Title block issues

    When i save a SW drawing to dwg format i get the title block and drawing borders on to the Autocad model space. As you know, this leads to scale problems if the model views in SW are not in 1:1 scale. And this is not...
    Theodoros Dragonas
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  • Automatically assign a layer to a solidworks part in the drawing tools

    Hello,    Please is there a method that allows us to automatically assign a layer to a solidworks part? it means to assign a color (for example) automatically to a specific component when i insert it into t...
    Hamza Ibrahmi
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