• Inconsistent views between part and drawing

    I am working with parts downloaded from McMaster. This is a simple weld cap. I noticed that the Front, Top, and Right views are inconsistent between the feature manager, orientation window, and in the drawing vie...
    Josiah Thompson
    created by Josiah Thompson
  • bom ballon shows 0

    How do I fix my assembly so the balloon shows the correct item number instead of showing "0". I have the correct BOM properties for the view and the configuration is correct.
    Dave Anderson
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  • Why do some of my balloons display a 0 instead of the correct item number in the bom

    Why do some of my balloons display a 0 instead of the correct item number in the bom.
    Daniel Mortenson
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  • Corrupt Section and printing errors

    We've run into this issue a couple times. This last time I sent the issue to my VAR and eventually it went to SW. The response was "It's the section view, delete it and recreate it". Well in this case that's an issue ...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • Can't create 3d pdf

    Looking to see if creating 3d pdf's with SW2019 sp1.0 is a known problem.   When I try to create one, it simply does nothing.  If I try the command a second time, directly after the first, it crashes SW. &#...
    Mark Kaiser
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  • Problems with drawing for a circular sweep piece

    Good morning, I have made a part using a 2D sketch and a circular sweep. However, when trying to make a drawing, I am not able to draw the construction lines for most of pieces, I only get the construction line for ...
    Rocío Rodríguez
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  • IF statement linked to material and sketch dimension?

    Hello, Can an IF statement be created that if I'm using a specific material that I can add a number to "D1@Sketch1" ?  In other words:   IF "SW-Material" = "6061 Aluminum" then the end value would be "D1@S...
    Larry Mayo
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  • Adding notes to Design Library features

    Is there a way to add a note to a Design Library feature?  We have many product specific items in our Design Library.  For instance a set of SAE J1926 ports.  Each time we use one, we create the drawing...
    Paul Korenkiewicz
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  • How do I hide linear pattern lines when using Make Drawing From part?

    Hello, When I convert a part to a drawing, Solidworks inserts a ton of dashed lines where I used a linear pattern.   I cannot figure out how to get rid of these dashed lines on the drawing. How can I hide or di...
    Dmitry Ponomarev
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  • Assembly hole callout in part drawing

    SW 2018 SP 5.0   I have an assembly with an assembly-level hole-wizard feature containing 20 holes (thru all). The feature is propagated to the desired parts (i.e. sealing face, gasket, etc.) including some...
    Ken Lux
    created by Ken Lux
  • I would like to add a check box to my drawing template

    Hello,   Is it possible to add a check box feature to my drawing templates?   Any ideas would be appreciated,   Nick
    Nick Riva
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  • Symbol File

    I couldn't include a new symbol by editing the gtol.sym file in the SolidWorks. Once I set the path to the location folder in options it shows the new symbol and makes trouble in the tolerance symbols. And when I...
  • How to remove popup menu in SOLIDWORKS drawings?

    Hello everyone,   I have one query regarding Drawings in SOLIDWORKS. While giving dimensions in SOLIDWORKS,   we get one pop up box near dimension for adding tolerance and other thing. (Please fi...
    Nikhil Kateliya
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  • section view cropped always get forshortened dim.

    been trying to dim the drawing view, did the section and croped it and most of the dims come in great till i tried to add the 13" dim.  it kept comming in forshortened or something.   to ge the right lookin...
    David Matula
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  • create a planar drawing

    I have a stent model and I want to create a 2D Planar drawing of the stent (looks like the attachment). How can I do it?
    Mahsa Ghaffari
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  • Trouble with thread

    Hello, I am currently designing a machine but when I went from the 3d view to the assembly drawing I stumbled upon some problems. I get some weird threads on places where there should be no thread visible at all. All...
    Rob Rasschaert
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  • Drawing center mark angle greyed out

    I don't want a workaround, what am I missing? (SW 2017 SP3)
    Rick Creuzburg
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  • can't drag annotations is sheet edit

    I'm creating a sheet format and annotations won't drag with mouse
    Tim Treybal
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  • Display Styles- Hidden Lines Removed or HLVisible causes components to disappear from drawing view

    Good day SW forum people, I created an assembly model and put it into a drawing as I typically would. Strangely, when any drawing view Display Style is set to HLR or HLV many components disappear from the view. Hidde...
    James Harvey
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  • Is it possible to rotate this dimension text to horzional?

    Wayne Schafer
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