• Using a stacked balloon for a hidden component

    How do I add a balloon for a hidden component while making a stacked balloon? I have a Tyco connector and inside the connector are several Tyco pins and sockets. When I start a stacked balloon and select the the c...
    Steve Calvert
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  • Custom Datum Target area?

    Is there a way to make a datum target using the datum target function that is not either rectangular or circular or possibly a rectangle at an angle?
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • Cut list - end caps not showing up in table

    Hi All   When doing a drawing of a weldment, I have capped the tubes using the standard End Cap feature, however when inserting a Cut List into the drawing nothing shows up and I can't edit the table to enter it...
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  • SW 2019 Cosmetic thread error in detailing on exploded bodies

    I use Solidworks 2019 and having a thread display problem when I create a drawing from an exploded body part. The solid bodies explode but the cosmetic thread applicationears to stay in the original pre-explode p...
    Matt Cramsie
    created by Matt Cramsie
  • BOM Equation Incorrect Calculation?

    So I've just come to purchase some stock but on the website the lengths are listed in feet. Quick enough fix I thought  - add an equation column to my BOM.   But then I spotted it's not working.&...
    Rob Edwards
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  • How to attach a bolloon / note to a subassembly in a drawing (solved)

    I finally figured it out - I remember this from a What's New 2016 and remember it being really tricky and stupid but I dug through some old youtube videos and re-discovered it.   To attach a bolloon or note to c...
    Karl Okeson
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  • can't delete a dimension on a part

    does anyone know how to delete this? I tried deleting it and solidworks said "none of the selected entities could be deleted"
    Richie Espinoza
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  • How do I create a cutout like this in solidworks?

    Hi, I'm new to solidworks and would like to ask a question.   So I was wondering how could I make a cutout like this projected onto my drawing in solidworks? Can't seem to find a function which I could use to m...
    Rokas Petkus
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  • how would i show the details of this press braked part on a drawing view?

    PART A: This is the part i'm mostly confused on. I normally just do straight edges bend parts but this one tapers down so its different. Would i just show the longest edge? Also, how would the press brake operator adj...
    Kevin Song
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  • (Pre-TTL Question) More than three sort criteria in BOMs?

    This is a potential TTL idea. I'm asking here to be sure that I understand correctly that there is an issue to improve. Reference installation 2018 SP5.   I'd like to suggest having extensible sort criteria for ...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Changing Precision in a Cut List

    How do I change the Precision in a Cut List.  It's a field that uses an equation. I can't get it to behave as you expect it would.     
    Ray Fulks
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  • Am trying to convert solid body into sheet metal but facing the issue "Failed to add a rip. Please check the rip gap specified". Please help me am stuck badly.

    I have a model in solid but want to convert it in sheet metal, I have specified the edges and face but facing the issue; "Failed to add a rip. Please check the rip gap specified" Any help to way out will be  hi...
    Muhammad Ali
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  • Export all sheets to separate files

    How to change prefix which is automaticaly created (00_<filename>.dwg, 01_<filename>.dwg, etc.) after exporting to dwg? I need suffix numbers like (<filename>00_.dwg, <filename>0...
    Martin Kaprál
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  • How can I delete/hide the diagonal lines?

    Please see picture. How can I delete/hide the diagonal lines?    
    Matt Calzone
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  • Unable to save Reference Coordinate System to PDF

    Please see attached.   The Coordinate system shows up in modeling.  It shows up in detailing(sorta... it likes to disappear and only re-appear after i delete the view and undo it) It shows up in SW Print P...
    Joe Haglund
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  • scale annotations with view

    How do I get inspection data (notes) to move/scale when I scale a view?
    Doug Fitzgerald
    created by Doug Fitzgerald
  • Changing inch unit from ( _in ) to  ( _' _" )

    So I have tried to put the units from "inch" to "foot & inches" in the units tab so that it will display the ( _' _" )   This works, but for dimensions larger than a foot. anything less than a foot it goes b...
    Ben Blick
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  • Box within dimension command

    Hi All - does anyone know how to get a box around a dimension within the dimension command  - it is the 55.00 that I would like a box around. It has been added as a sketch for illustration purposes. I know how to...
    Simon Meir
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  • Star (Asterix) in Balloons

    This is an old one but always seems to cause me headaches:   Assembly detailed drawing Assemblies (made up of parts)  are in a dummy assembly inserted off the face of the sheet individual assemblies ...
    Steve Reinisch
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  • Calculating time required for drafting.

    I have some 200 parts to be drafted using solidworks 2016. I want to calculate the time required for drafting these parts depending on their detailing. Can anyone tell me what methods they follow to calculate the time...
    Nikhil Chavan
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