• Asterisks in balloons, but only with indented option

    As the headline says, there's a weird issue which turns balloon numbers into asterisks with certain configurations -- but *only* when BOM Type is set to "indented", regardless of what indented numbering option is...
    Antti Saari
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  • Show dimensions as broken in broken views - not working

    Hi All,   As the title suggests, I'm trying to get dimensions to show with a zig-zag in broken views, as documented in the help: http://help.solidworks.com/2010/English/SolidWorks/sldworks/legacyhelp/sldworks/d...
    Iqbal Lotey
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  • Dimensioning a Fillet Radius

    I am currently on SWX 2016 SP5 but have had this issue for several versions. The problem I am having is the leader placement when dimensioning a fillet. If you look at the screen shot below I have a dimension on the R...
    Tony Thompson
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  • Why does my radius dimension arrow head move when adding a jog to it?

    I have a weird thing happening when adding a jog to a dimension line.  First, I created a radius dimension, then used CTRL + LMB drag to add a second leader.  I'm trying to jog the second leader line.  ...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • The file that a retrieved from another folder isn't appearing in the assembly. What could be the cause?

    I have an assembly with the parts in the same folder. The parts are copies. When I open the assembly, one of the files won't open although it's in the same folder. How can I fix this?
    Matt Calzone
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  • UPDATE: Center leader on triangle balloon

    I few weeks ago I posted on this forum to ask about getting leaders (arrows) to be in the center of the triangle. With assistance from Nadia, my local SOLIDWORKS expert, I was able to document (video) and send th...
    Albert Hamilton
    created by Albert Hamilton
  • i wonder why some time i not able to get a center mark on oblong , refer to my attached,

    Jackmow Tan
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  • Alternate Position View, does it work with parts??

    Does anyone know if the Alt. Pos. View can be used with individual part configurations?   I have used it with assemblies with mixed results, and just discovered it may not be able to work with individual part co...
    Jason Talley
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    When I insert a new column (for material) in the BOM and type in "MATERIAL" into the column header, I am getting a back slash before the word. Why? Any thoughts on how to make it go away?  
    Chris Scougall
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  • Blank page when I try to print custom sheet format.

    Hello! I am new to drafting and I want to generate a sheet format that I can apply to all of my drawings. I have created a sheet format and saved it but when I press print preview I get only a white page. When I print...
    Dustin Braun
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  • Make to same properties to another sketch item (ie line)

    Is there any function in Solidworks that will make one or more objects to have the same properties to another? For example, want to make 2 line with default width, color, etc. to have the same propertie...
    Erci Cheung
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  • Bizzare dims

    Hello;       Wondering if anyone has run into anything like this. I'm shooting for simple horizontal dims from where the arrows are shown, & getting these 3 unusual results. Anyone have a...
    robert dattilo
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  • Cropping View Distorts Certain Hatch Patterns

    I found this when working on a drawing using SW2017 SP5.  The problem can be easily duplicated.  Below is an image of a drawing of a simple disk with four rectangular extruded cuts.  The rectangular fac...
    Jim Sculley
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    Hey guys (and gals),    Does anyone know of a concrete hatch pattern in SW that looks a little more like concrete than the default? I thought there would be an option for the same hatch pattern that Dr...
    Charlie Boushek
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  • Saving as .dwg with multiple sheets and scales

    I have several drawing files that I need to save in autocad format for a client.  The issue I am having is that there are several sheets in each drawing and there are several different scales with in that drawing...
    Colleen Christie
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  • Tweaking the lines in drawing

    In Drawings of SW, How can I turn a single and specific line of a view, into dashed line or change the thickness (weight) of that? But I do not mean to change the general settings of lines in SW! I mean how to have di...
    Meysam Agazadeh Par
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  • How to import project name and customer data into drawings?

    Notepad text  to drawing? Every drawing gets relative data from its folder? Is this possible in SW2016? Thanks for reply...
    Primož Zatler
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  • How to change view orientation but keeping all dimensions ?

    Hey everyone,   Hopefully this is a very simple question. I am using SW 2018 SP2.   I have a drawing with main view and 3 projected views, and detail views of of them. I recently found out that my main vie...
    Milos Stancic
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  • Discrepancy in Drawing and Part

    I see differences between the drawing and the part. What do you think? Time 39.13 (for part) Time 0.54 (for drawing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdDogK0Dp_Q&t=4s  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Hole callout with different result

    In one drawing hole callout gives all the information but in other (2nd picture) it gives lack of information. Even though those are three counter bore hole cut by using extrude cut.  How to e...
    Maha Nadarasa
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