• How do you link .slddrt files to .drwdot files

    We have templates where I work and I am working on setting up my own templates. The main template is the .drwdot. I need to link the correct .slddrt files to it when it is open. How do i do this?
    Aaron Levy
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    I am working on templates to use and I want the drawing to prompt me for the material to be used and then display it in the title block.
    Aaron Levy
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  • Not able to drag Section Line

    I am not able to drag the Section Line after it is inserted into a drawing view.   I created the section partial section cut by sketching a line, selecting the line for the section cut.   When I edit the s...
    Dennis Schuette
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  • While Opening a .slddrw the views and BOM update themselves. How do I stop this from happening and keep the previous last saved "appearance" on all the views and BOM?

    I received a folder from a vendor. He did a pack and go and sent me all the files. I want to convert all the .slddrws into .pdfs in that same folder however, when I open the .slddrws they automatically update all the ...
    Antonio Carvalho
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  • GD&T Angle basic dimension

    I have a drawing from a customer that has an angle in a box as a basic dimension.It is not called out as angularity. It is a true position call out on a hole with this angle and a radius to position it.How do I inter...
    Scott Brown
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  • Circles and/or arcs are not being recognized in SolidWorks

    I have imported a part that was sent to me from a sister company as an igs file.  Upon attempting to make a detailed drawing, I am experiencing difficulties with adding center marks as well as dimensioning to the...
    Tommy Kowalczyk
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  • Modeled Spring doesn't show in Section View on Drawing?

    I have a part model, that I am inserting into a drawing for a customer. The part has a garter spring on it. When I import the model into the drawing and section it, the spring isn't showing like I would expect it to b...
    Kyle Litwin
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  • Can't Add Datums to Geometric Tolerances

    I'm trying to add some geometric tolerances to a drawing. When I click the Geometric Tolerance button the property window pops up and the only things editable are the symbol and Tolerance 1. After I fill those out I c...
    Samuel Hamilton
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  • Solidworks 2020 centermarks not staying with feature - has this always been the case?

    I have always used manually created centermarks when detailing holes, radii, etc...  I was recently editing a model that had a drawing associated with it.  I made a slight position change to a threaded hole,...
    John Buckley
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  • Dimension Driven Scalable Parts

    New to SolidWorks 2019 I am struggling with some simplistic concepts … first of all, why is cutting an extruded pipe profile a two-step process? First the outer-circle extruded boss, followed by second inner ci...
    Brent Gaspard
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  • Changing hole callout quantity format

    I'd like to change the format of the hole quantities in the hole callout. Instead of a space and a small "x" we'd like to see no space and a capital "X" after the quantity. Is there a way to change this?
    Barry Watkins
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  • Best way to edit DXF

    Hi everyone having a bit of a discussion in the office today and want to see how other people would work around this issue.   Scenario: Our office is based in the UK and manufacturing in Turkey, we share drawin...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Sketch Properties in Drawings

    After creating a simple sketch in an assembly that was green and dashed, when I create a drawing the sketch appears gray and not dashed. Is there some way to configure the sketch properties to carry over from the asse...
    Daniel Aspenson
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  • Changing all drawing views instead of one a time.

    Is there a way to change all of the drawing views from "shaded with edges" to "hidden line removal" and change all of the views from "draft" to "high" quality without going and changing each view separately?
    Todd Schellpfeffer
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  • cote pièce dans esquisse /  part dimension in sketch

    Bonjour, lorsque je suis dans une esquisse et que je créee une cote, le logiciel ne me demande plus automatiquement d'entrer une valeur. Je dois double cliquer sur la cote que je viens de créer pour entr...
    Alain Scuvée
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  • An unknown error occurred while accessing as unnamed file.

    What the h3ll kind of vague error is that?! I'm just trying to edit a block then Save to file.  Such a simple task.  Yet such a pain.  It was working just fine. Why is it saying that and not letting ...
    Brandon Zeone
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  • Question that is somewhat not solidworks related

    There are some nitrogen filled gas springs that I'm working with that vary in different force sizes. For example, some are 200N in size and some are 280N in size. My question is why do they have different ranges in ho...
    Matt Calzone
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  • Balloons Connected to different Configurations in BOM

    I'm trying to connect a balloon to an item number of a different configuration in the BOM, however I do not have that configuration showing on the drawing. Is there a way to connect that balloon to the desired item nu...
    Devin Hughes
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  • Merge cells on general table

    How do you merge cells in a table on drawing?
    Billy McLemore
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  • How to design a torsional spring loaded mechanism?

    Hello, I have to design a torsional spring deployment mechanism. The element to be deployed is an empty pipe: - Outer diameter: 50mm - Inner diameter: 40mm - Height: 500mm Is there anyone who could give me some id...
    Giancarlo Scarcia
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