• second sheet contain empty views

    I have two sheets template, second sheet is for dxf export. I'm creating drawing using this template, everything is ok with sheet 1, views show my model right, but second sheet contain empty views and I should load mo...
    Igor Fomenko
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  • how to add note in drafting template

    how to add note in drafting template
    Debananda Shrma,Sahu
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  • What is the purpose of brackets?

    Parenthesis are for reference dimensions? What are brackets?     
    Matt Calzone
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  • Changing scale size in drawings won't reflect font size. Can it be done synchronous?

    Changing scale size in drawings won't reflect font size. Can it be done synchronous?
    Matt Calzone
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  • Quale è la procedura per impostare la vista europea nelle messe in tavola?

    Come default è impostata la vista americana
    Andrea Piola
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  • is there an issue with using a logo on student edition drawing

    hi, when using a student edition of SW, was asked by the Lecturer to include a logo in the part drawing in order to make it more realistic; since then, the drawing no longer loads... is this a known issue???
    Sergio Laiyos
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  • updating templates updated to 2020

    Our IT department upgraded us to SolidWorks 2020, but our templates are old and would like to know where I can find the information to upgrade our templates along with the custom properties in the templates.  
    Scott Rose
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  • Model disappears in drawing when in "Hidden lines removed"

    Why does my model disappear when it's in "hidden lines removed" display state (but all dimensions still show and are not broken), but shows up when it's in "Shaded with edges"? I'm running on SW2011 SP5.0 Windows 7
    Jim Bourque
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  • Interactive BOM like Inventor?

    Back in the day I used to work Inventor and there was this feature you could activate in an assembly where the entire BOM would pop up on the screen like a spreadsheet. In this screen, you could edit the Description a...
    Dominic Greco
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  • Hello folks, is it possible with Solidworks 2015 to adjust a hyperlink, e.g. the Page Number, add a specific constant, so that it does not beginn at 1? Thank you

    Hello folks,   I have a drawing with mutliple sheets and have adjusted the sheet format, so that it displays in the bottom the current sheet number. If I want to start counting the first page as 3, or 4, th...
    Lysandros Anastasopoulos
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  • Unable to drag BOM rows

    I have a BOM in Solid Works 2014 that has repeatedly locked up and prevented me from moving rows into the order I desire.  The table is not locked or set to follow the assembly order.  The BOM was allowing m...
    Chris Breen
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  • Large drawing file size in SW2021

    Has anyone else notice an increase in their file size when saving a drawing in SW2021?   I've noticed many drawings that were saved in earlier versions that are usually between 5,000 -10,000 KB are now 50,000 -8...
    Kerry Lenort
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  • thick lines on drawing template when saving as DWG file

    Hello,   I have been using Solidworks for 5+ years, but I am struggling with a template I'm using, the blue border lines are too thick and I'm sure how to make then thinner, any help help would be appreciated.&#...
    Gary Challenger
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  • Solidworks template

    How to convert a Inventor drawing to a Solid works template . ( my inventor drawing page is finalized and i have to take a reference for making the Template for Solidworks dimensional drawing drafting page .)
    Debananda Shrma,Sahu
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  • Basic Drawing Training

    We've almost completed rewriting an internal drawing standard and was trying to utilize a few "foundational" things to start. We are using the built in Solidworks Tutorials, but also a great LinkedIn learning tra...
    Aaron Stumpf
    created by Aaron Stumpf
  • Loft is not working

    I recorded this video to address my problem. I am unable to loft this sketch. what do I need to change?
    Syeda Abroo Akbar Bukhari
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  • All Dimensions in Drawing are gray (driven?) when in non-driven state

    Hi all,   I am trying to dimension some parts in Solidworks drawings but every time I make new drawing, all of the dimensions are displayed in gray, not black. I am aware that when a dimension is driven (over-de...
    Hao Luo
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  • Sheet Format not saving properly

    I created a template for a drawing and then saved the sheet format. When I open a retroactive drawing or create a solidworks drawing template using that format, some of my hidden lines show up as format lines for prin...
    Gabriel Martínez
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  • Ballons working for some parts, not for others

    This has started to happen more and more often recently. In this example there is a simple box-like structure, which's parts are shown in the same drawing. However, for some of these separate parts the balloon works,...
    Antti Saari
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  • SW 2020 Bug: Graphics rendering in drawings does not match models.

    We layout part views on a slddrw to make autocad drawing layouts for cnc router to cut. This particular bug popped up in SW2020 and is causing serious issues.  Drawing views are not reflecting the geometry of the...
    Bret MacKie
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