• Symbols showing as HTML code -

    in a part's Properties, we've been using <MOD-DEG> to show the degree symbol; in SW2020, it simply shows that HTML code.    Worse, in a hole callout, we have the diameter symbol Ø but that shows ...
    Denny Wheeler
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  • Astronomical 2019 Drawing Save Times

    In 2019 SP 4.0 we are seeing ridiculously large save times with drawings.  Parts and assemblies seem to save in about the same amount of time as prior versions, but drawings.... well it's really killing our produ...
    Tom Helsley
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  • How do you adjust the drawing view boundary box size?

    I am either having a senior moment or getting my CAD softwares crossed....but I had thought there was a way in SW to adjust (reduce) the size of the boundary box that makes up the drawing view size in a drawing?  ...
    David Oustifine
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  • Seeking clarification of ASME "Unless otherwise specified" in general notes and tolerance block

    So, the ASME Y14.100 spec says that in the general notes, "Unless otherwise specified" shall be used to indicate a default requirement and it can either be in a specific note or the note header.  However, in the ...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • "Generating Graphics" pop-up stuck.  How to get rid of this?

    Solidworks 2019 SP5.   Whenever I open a drawing, the dialog box shown below pops up.  It gets stuck at "Generating Graphics" and never goes away as long as I have the drawing open.     I ca...
    Andy Sanders
    created by Andy Sanders
  • reinstaled 2020 and drawing text disappeared

    Dimension leaders are visible but the text itself of dimensions, notes, and sheet format are not visible. They are there because you can highlight them and you can see every thing in a preview but when...
    Philip Easterday
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  • there is no save as option in bom table

    there is no save as option in bom table in drawing
    Suresh Murugesan
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  • how to foreshorten diameter dimension in detailed section view?

    how to foreshorten diameter dimension in detailed section view? Is there a solution for this in Solidworks 2019? the diameter dimension cannot be taken from the model items as it has not been given in the sketch in ...
    Rohit Rajan
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    Need help please..   Whenever making a first section in a drawing the name default to section B-B, how or where do I go about changing it to always default to section A-A.   Thanks
    Do Brach
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  • Multiple drawings to change - Large quantity

    Hi all,   Just a quick one, I have a part which has 100+ configurations, I have a separate drawing file for each configuration as a sort of catalog for customers.   I have had a hole on the part, change to...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • now that draftsight requires a paid license, what does solidworks recommend for a replacement free 2d dxf editor?

    need a Free DXF editor, which we have relied on as part of Solidworks. company will not pay for another drafting tool. What is available?
    Bill Turner
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  • Compound angle weldment, want simple views for fab drawing

    I have a single piece of weldment Angle to draw. This is upon a single 3D Sketch line which is not parallel to any primary plane. I have created a single view to describe all details, but it is defined as normal to th...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • 2020 SP1 TABLE issues

    Has anyone noticed in 2020 SP1 that the lines are missing from tables such as the parts list & hole table. They were fine with SP1 EV but now they're missing. Did they add a setting to hide & show this & d...
    John Lhuillier
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  • Sketch blocks are renaming

    I am having a problem with similar sketch blocks renaming in the tree, I insert one block, go insert the second block and it becomes the same block as the first. I have attached 2 blocks that it has happened to, any h...
    Kelly Boyce
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  • Item No. link to Cell in General Table?

    I am trying to link the Item No. (Balloon number) to a cell in a General Table. Can this be done? I have linked other properties (e.g. Description, Vendor, Vendor P/N, ect..) into other cells in my table but I am unab...
    Jason Eddy
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  • Can you Link to outside drawing sheets from within a drawing?

    I have a crazy out of the box idea and am looking for the experts of the forum to let me know if they have done it, seen it, or think it is possible.    So I am told that in old school workgroup PDM you cou...
    Josh Hixon
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  • upgraded to 2020 drawing text missing

    The title says it all... I upgraded to 2020 and the company logo appears huge, reversed, and upside down on the first drawing sheet to appear.   Additionally, all the text is missing from everything, balloons, d...
    Brian McKinley
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  • The missing 5% functionality: MARKUP

    This is another post from the "Missing 5% functionality that makes users avoid this tool" novella.   Markups have been requested by users for a long time. At many companies I work with, the checkers have ton...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • How get all drawings to print in monochrome?

    Why is it that one drawing will print monochrome and another will print in color even though they are using the same printer, same print style, and same template? This has been driving me and my coworkers nuts! I've a...
    Shaun Coetsee
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  • Add Sheet using a Drawing Template, not a Sheet Format

    I want to add a sheet in a multi-page drawing, but I don't want to do it by inserting sheet format. It would be great if I could use what I have created as my extra sheet Drawing Template. The reason for this is that ...
    Ryan Foss
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