• problem with antotaition in drawing

    Hello,   I am trying to add some annotations to a drawing and I'm failing because the plane is a bit tilted. is there a way to work around this?  I received a Drawing which I need to recreate in 3D. I th...
    Stefaan Ringaert
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  • Is there a way to use a location label as the detail circle text

    We would like to use the detail circle text style shown in the image below, with a leader attached to a split line circle, detail letter at top and the sheet where the detail view is shown in the bottom. I know I can ...
    Tyler Nichol
    created by Tyler Nichol
  • Hole Fit Tolerance Workflow

    Can anyone explain to me the 'workflow' for using the "Fit", "Fit With Tolerance", and "Fit (tolerance only)" options for hole Tolerance/ Precision?   It's obvious that the various limits for hole and shaft sizi...
    William Radigan
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  • Is it possible to set the base of an ordinate dimension to use the same precision as the document?  By default it is set to zero decimal places.

    Is it possible to set the base of an ordinate dimension to use the same precision as the document?  By default it is set to zero decimal places.
    Scott Perman
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  • Manually entering instance count without breaking dimension text

    I'm trying to use the hole callout tool to dimension some slots. I created one slot using a sketch+extrude cut, then did a linear pattern to create a second slot. The dimensions on the slot come in fine but I can't ad...
    Kirk Liberty
    created by Kirk Liberty
  • Schweißkonstruktion Laserzuschnitte in Zeichnungsableitung der Stückliste zuordnen??

    Hallo Zusammen,   es tauchte eine Frage bezüglich SolidWorks auf, welche wir zu lösen versuchen. Kurze Erklärung:   Wir nutzen in unserer Konstruktion SolidWorks 2017. Viele unserer Konst...
    Aaron Von Hall
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  • hatch pattern not updating

    Hi there,   I am having a problem with hatch patterns.  I have assigned different materials to various parts of an assembly.  I have a section view on an assembly drawing, but all the hatch patterns ar...
    Jodi Moore
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  • Poor quality of logo on PDF drawing

    Hi guys, I am a bit new to SolidWorks, therefore, maybe there is an easy way to solve my problem.   Problem: I need to add a logo to the drawing I created. It worked ok, but as soon as I save the drawing as PDF...
    Alex Hilgenberg
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  • Linear Foreshortened in detail views

    How can I add a linear Foreshortened dimension in a detailed view? let's say between A and B : At present I select Smart Dimension tool and select A point in detail view and then select B face and place the dimension...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • How can I change the spelling in <hw-thru>

    I want to change the drill callout for through holes from "THRU" to " THRO' " (which is UK usage). I have tried editing the calloutformat.txt file but that doesn't give the option to change the spelling cast by <h...
    Robert Luck
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    How can I replace a sheet format in a current drawing?
    Graham Sewell
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  • Is anyone else experiencing extremely long save times on a drawing?  SW 2020 SP 4.0.  It was always bad but over the last couple of days something has changed?

    Either a Windows update is doing this or SP 4.0?  Anyone else out there with the same issues?
    Aaron Davis
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  • Mix of Aligned & Horizontal Text on Dimensions

    Solidworks 2016: Is it possible to mix dimensions, some with aligned text and some with horizontal text, within the same drawing ? I can see how to set either in document properties but it applies to all dimensions....
    Neil Rothwell
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    Steve McCloud
    created by Steve McCloud
  • Send to back for drawing

    Hi all, Is there a Send to back Feature in SW? Or does anyone have a trick for this job? I combine the two parts in an assembly file and I know this image but it's time consuming. I tried using layers, but there is ...
    ömür tokman
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  • How do I add threads to a hemi-sphere

    What is the best way to add 20 threads per inch with a 60 degree bevel to a hemi-sphere?    The lines on the model are where I was trying to do a bunch of swept cuts, but I thought there has to be a better/...
    Dave Landes
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  • Autonumbering of standard drawing views

    Sections view automatically have names like "Section A-A" I would like standard views to also have an auto numbered identifier. Now they by default come as "Drawing View1" etc. But when i move sheets around, i have ...
    Jaco Waes
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  • Layers restricted to only 1 sheet ?

    I have put some components to another layer so i can give them a color on 1 sheet of my drawing. But now those components are all in those colors on other sheets too. How can i avoid this ?   Intended on this sh...
    Jaco Waes
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  • Why it do that?

    When I'm working in an assembly the display will randomly flash ghost parts in the foreground. Sometimes it happens when I'm in section view, sometimes not. I find that section view has it's fair amount of bugs that p...
    Andrew Branch
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  • Display help

    I'm working with a cylinder with hole configurations down the length of it. Is there a way to set up planes that always do a cross-sectional view of the holes? I want to cut the assembly in half and have the cut go al...
    Andrew Branch
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