• zoom to border

    Hello,   When I place a view in the drawing border and the view envelope extends past the border, when I "zoom to fit" the drawing border is shifted by that envelope and not centered on the screen to the bo...
    Mike Russell
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  • How to surfacefill this part please?

    Jayen Pillay
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  • Why are surfacic bodies so heavy in sections compared to solids?

    Why are surfacic bodies so heavy in sections compared to solids? I understand that surfaces do not really have thicknesses but this forces me to try and solve most surfacic into solids and also to turn off surfacic bo...
    Alex Lachance
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  • unable to see the sheet format after inserting an AutoCad sheet format

    I am unable to see the sheet format after inserting an AutoCad sheet format. do anybody know how to get it?
    Joji Johnson
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  • Why when I zoom on lines, I see the endpoint of the line detached?

    I drew a line (see fig. 1 in blue) on solidworks that 'apparently' is on the black line that I sketched before-hand.   However, when I zoom on the line ( see fig. 2), The blue line, the endpoint of the blue line...
    Jayen Pillay
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  • How to surfacefill this part please?

    An error message pops
    Jayen Pillay
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  • Don't understand how to count number of fillets and chamfers

    As asked in the title, I don't know how to count the number of fillets and chamfers for the following drawing. When enlarge view is applied, do the dimensions only count for the zoomed section or does it also in...
    Jack Hsu
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  • How to hide sketch lines in detail view only?

    I have a drawing view that has sketch lines on it (not features) that were added at the part level. I added a detail view in the drawing, and I would like these sketch lines to remain present on the primary drawi...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Sketch error

    Gdday all   i have this part (attached) and i am showing a sketch error   i cannot work out exactly what the problem is     Any one care to take  a look and see how to rectify the error?
    Adrian Miles
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  • Is there a way to draw circles in automatic way?

    I have a table with x-coordinate, y-coordinate and radius of the circles and I want to import these data on Solidworks and draw the circles.
    Antonia Carchia
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  • Drawing sheet missing completely

    So I've been roped into using SW instead of Inventor for a project, and as I was making my drawing for the assembly, the second sheet just disappeared. it shows up in the tree on the left side, but there's no sheet, a...
    K. M.
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  • Using a stacked balloon for a hidden component

    How do I add a balloon for a hidden component while making a stacked balloon? I have a Tyco connector and inside the connector are several Tyco pins and sockets. When I start a stacked balloon and select the the c...
    Steve Calvert
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  • Custom Datum Target area?

    Is there a way to make a datum target using the datum target function that is not either rectangular or circular or possibly a rectangle at an angle?
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • Cut list - end caps not showing up in table

    Hi All   When doing a drawing of a weldment, I have capped the tubes using the standard End Cap feature, however when inserting a Cut List into the drawing nothing shows up and I can't edit the table to enter it...
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  • SW 2019 Cosmetic thread error in detailing on exploded bodies

    I use Solidworks 2019 and having a thread display problem when I create a drawing from an exploded body part. The solid bodies explode but the cosmetic thread applicationears to stay in the original pre-explode p...
    Matt Cramsie
    created by Matt Cramsie
  • BOM Equation Incorrect Calculation?

    So I've just come to purchase some stock but on the website the lengths are listed in feet. Quick enough fix I thought  - add an equation column to my BOM.   But then I spotted it's not working.&...
    Rob Edwards
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  • How to attach a bolloon / note to a subassembly in a drawing (solved)

    I finally figured it out - I remember this from a What's New 2016 and remember it being really tricky and stupid but I dug through some old youtube videos and re-discovered it.   To attach a bolloon or note to c...
    Karl Okeson
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  • can't delete a dimension on a part

    does anyone know how to delete this? I tried deleting it and solidworks said "none of the selected entities could be deleted"
    Richie Espinoza
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  • How do I create a cutout like this in solidworks?

    Hi, I'm new to solidworks and would like to ask a question.   So I was wondering how could I make a cutout like this projected onto my drawing in solidworks? Can't seem to find a function which I could use to m...
    Rokas Petkus
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  • how would i show the details of this press braked part on a drawing view?

    PART A: This is the part i'm mostly confused on. I normally just do straight edges bend parts but this one tapers down so its different. Would i just show the longest edge? Also, how would the press brake operator adj...
    Kevin Song
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