• How do I automatically insert "model items" dimensions in predefined views in drawing template?

    Someone here told me how to do this at one point and it worked and I have some drawing templates where there are predefined views inserted and model items come in automatically.  However trying to do this again o...
    M. D.
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  • How do I revise a drawing list scheme in solidworks electrical to reflect my new project scheme? Old drawing scheme is from a template I built.

    I revised an old template in solidworks electrical. My old template is a accumulation of many schemes I have made over time. After making a new project using the old template I notice the drawing list still represente...
    Reginald Tift
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  • Part not showing in drawing

    I made this drawing last week and it was fine. Now my 2nd page does not show anything and the entity tree has all the constituent parts grayed out. I also have the assembly model open and I can see all the parts. All ...
    Jonathan O'Connor
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  • Asking for Help, Tips, and Links for making a Custom Drawing Template

    Hello All,   I've just upgraded from 2017SP5 to 2018SP5 and I've been tasked with re-mastering our Part, Assembly, Drawing and a few specialty templates to avoid Jim Sculley's Crusty Old Template File Gotcha...
    Justin Pires
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  • How to get the Model Origin into the drawing template

    Hi Guys/Gals,   I have a query. I did create an assembly and place it on the ORIGIN point as my reference. Now, I invoke Drawing template and place the assembly into it. I do want to reference the ORIGIN point a...
    Flora Wilbert
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  • Question: Possible to apply draft and shell in this case?

    I am new to this forum and to the application. I am running 2019-2010 application and the pdf is from 2018 so there is a gap in what is presented from numerous parties.   what I would like to know what the best ...
    Patrik Nilsson
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  • Insert saved custom Table Template

    Is there a way to add a saved table template to the insert -> table menu?  I'd like to avoid having to browse and select the table everytime I want to add the table (which I do quite often).  Any help is ...
    Evan Lockard
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  • Converting an assembly to a 3D dxf

    Good morning all, I know this question has been asked previously, but it has been 7 years, surely something has changed. Essentially what I am trying to do is to take a assembly, and convert it to a 3D DXF file. My en...
    Samuel Douglas
    created by Samuel Douglas
  • understanding drawing errors

    Hi I find it difficult to identity drawing errors after I create a part.  I often get an warning that something is wrong with a part and the warning says that I can identify the error because the line that has t...
    Robert Gillis
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    Hi Guys. I have an occasional issue with my drawings, causing a little strife on the shop floor. I have a drawing detailing several items from the same part, one item shows the hidden line font as dashed, but in ano...
    Martin Sherratt
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  • How to attach GD&T labels to surface bodies?

    Hi,  In SolidWorks, if we hide the solid body and made any surface body visible then the MBD Dimensions toolbar gets disable as shown in given fig.  If anyone knows, please tell me how to attach the GD&...
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • In sketch, angle dimension keeps flipping 180 degrees.  I don't want to keep fixing, how do I PREVENT flip?

    Why locking the angle dimension won't work - - I need dimension to change with each configuration - The dim value isn't changing during the flips.  If its value is 60 degrees before flip, the part visually goes...
    Bill Byrne
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  • Customize the Options Menu

    Hi, When I detail parts I always want to see the drawing in fractions of an inch, or in three decimals places.  Now I have to constantly go to Options, Document Properties and make the c...
    Robert Gillis
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  • Why are some of my centerlines on the sides of my parts rather than the center

    I am bringing in a larger assembly to a drawing, and I need to export it as a .dxf to send to RISA3D. When I auto add centerlines, some show up properly, others show up along the sides of my parts, and not the center....
    Samuel Douglas
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  • How to change the main piece in a drawing?

    Hello, I hope you can help me, As you can see in the example I have two pieces inserted in a drawing. How can I change the piece, which is linked to the related texts in the drawing, for the other piece? I hope you un...
    Juan Maria Reybet
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  • window minimizing

    wan't sure where to put this, but it's been bugging me for a while now. Sometimes I need to compare parts so I'll tile a window to the left, but 9/10 times when I try to tile a different window to the right ...
    kristopher hop
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  • Is there a way to attach a pre-defined drawing view to another predefined view so they are in alignment

    I have three different pre-defined views in a drawing for auto placement of my assemblies. Is there a way to align these pre-defined views? Like when you use alignment> re-align from the right mouse click when touc...
    Shawndra Products
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  • SolidWorks 2019 really slow

    Hello everyone, Just started learning SolidWorks 2019 at my university. I bought a Dell Precision 7520 workstation specifically for SolidWorks and MATLAB purposes. The laptop has a Xeon E3-1545m V5 CPU, 32 GB RAM, Qua...
    Stefan Cvijetic
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  • Is it possible to associate properties with an if statement?

    According to GOST standard page numbering in the drawing should be as follows:   Current sheet:   Total sheets: 1 Current sheet: 1 Total sheets: 2 Current sheet: 1 Total sheets: 3 and etc &...
    Alexander Aleshin
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  • Do NOT Select Hidden Lines in Drawing

    I'm struggling with strange behaviour. I'm selecting items to attach balloons (BOM numbers) in a drawing view and get false numbers by accident while SW is selecting hidden lines in backround.    I have unc...
    Tapani Sjoman
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