• How can I make the "Show Envelope Components" an automatic setting for my templates

    I would like to make it an automatic setting for all of my views that envelope components are automatically shown.  I can currently show envelope components, but have to click each individual view to show those e...
    David Arndt
    created by David Arndt
  • drawing views not linking to bill

    I'm using SW2020. When adding new views to a drawing, the new views don't link to the bill of materials and don't have the option to link to the bill of materials. Is anyone else having this problem? this wasn't ...
    J. Buckallew
    created by J. Buckallew
  • Multiple configurations with automatic separate drawing

    Morning everyone,   I have an assembly file with 50 configurations, I now need a drawing file to export DXF and PDF of each individual configuration. Before today, I would create a single drawing, choose the con...
    Dylan Sinclair
    last modified by Dylan Sinclair
  • Tags in hole tables

    Is there a way to change a hole tag letter/number in a hole table. I would like to change the hole tagged as A1 to A2 but still keep the link to the hole location in the table.
    Lamonte Bell
    last modified by Lamonte Bell
  • BOM linked to assembly - problem with "checked in" assembly....

    I'm pretty sure never had this issue before..... Reason of assembly being checked in when drawing is beeing created - is that we do assemblies and contractors just do drawings - so assemblies are checked in/approve...
    Wojciech Paterski
    last modified by Wojciech Paterski
  • Cursor disappears for several seconds after selecting note.

    I've noticed this issue for a long time, but lately it is getting worse.   When I select a note in a drawing, the cursor disappears for 2-3 seconds before reappearing. It only happens when selecting the first no...
    Shawn Stugard
    last modified by Shawn Stugard
  • auto dimensioning

    hello, i was wondering if the auto dimension can be costomized. what i mean by that is when we dimension we always use the ordinate system (we do sheet metal stuff) on our flat pattern. we normally like to keep the ...
    Kevin Hornocker
    last modified by Kevin Hornocker
  • Text selection in notes in Soidworks 2020

    Is anyone else having problems with text selection inside a note box in Solidworks 2020?  When I click into a note to edit the text, the selection of text is really goofy and I have to use the arrow and shift key...
    Aaron Davis
    last modified by Aaron Davis
  • disappearing exploded lines in drawings

    Hi, I am running win10 64x  with a  i7-8700K CPU and 32 GB RAM SW2020 sp0.1 Quadro M4000 R430 Branch driver My exploded line sketch is disappearing in my drawing. only displays on shaded with edg...
    Keith Graham
    last modified by Keith Graham
  • Part properties missing from properties table

    When I design assemblies, I often obtain solid models from McMaster-Carr for hardware and other stuff that I don't need to design myself. Ever since I updated to version 2019 service pack 5, when I import solid models...
    Richard Stockhaus
    last modified by Richard Stockhaus
  • Drawing Template link views

    Am I missing something. I would like Drawing View2 and Drawing View3 to Reference configuration <Link to parent> (Drawing View1) I would also like to Link all scale to Use parent scale. Is this not ...
    Bryan Obermeyer
    created by Bryan Obermeyer
  • Hole Callout takes forever to place or move.

    Every now and then when I place hole callouts on drawings it takes very long to complete the placement and when I move the callout or any view or even just open the drawing again it takes very long to complete the act...
    Kobus Heyneke
    last modified by Kobus Heyneke
  • Not able to drag Section Line

    I am not able to drag the Section Line after it is inserted into a drawing view.   I created the section partial section cut by sketching a line, selecting the line for the section cut.   When I edit the s...
    Dennis Schuette
    last modified by Dennis Schuette
  • Delete Hidden Annotations

    Hello,   I've had a minor bug for quite some time and never really payed attention to it until I realized that it was making my drawings a little more heavier to work with. The bug is that I had hidden annotatio...
    Alex Lachance
    last modified by Alex Lachance
  • Having an issue with SW 2018 Professional crashing whenever I try to add a surface finish symbol onto a drawing????

    Most of the time, not all, I try and add a surface finish symbol with a number in the left location, SW freezes, then crashes?? Very frustrating to have it happen time and time again on the same drawing.
    Kevin Corbett
    last modified by Kevin Corbett
  • Revision table automatically deletes approval initial

    I need to initial for approval on drawings and when I refresh or save the initials disappear. I'm trying to avoid just creating a text block and putting it over the cell. 
    Kristen Archer
    last modified by Kristen Archer
  • Why do my drawing dimensions keep moving?

    So we recently upgraded from SW 2015 to SW 2020. One of the things I was REALLY hoping would be fixed is drawing dimensions that don't stay where I put them on the drawing. On almost every drawing I do, there will be ...
    Scott Friday
    last modified by Scott Friday
  • external thread annotation from thread feature

    How can I insert a thread callout annotation created from the thread feature 
    Tim Treybal
    last modified by Tim Treybal
  • Symbols showing as HTML code -

    in a part's Properties, we've been using <MOD-DEG> to show the degree symbol; in SW2020, it simply shows that HTML code.    Worse, in a hole callout, we have the diameter symbol Ø but that shows ...
    Denny Wheeler
    last modified by Denny Wheeler
  • Astronomical 2019 Drawing Save Times

    In 2019 SP 4.0 we are seeing ridiculously large save times with drawings.  Parts and assemblies seem to save in about the same amount of time as prior versions, but drawings.... well it's really killing our produ...
    Tom Helsley
    last modified by Tom Helsley