• Sheet Format not saving properly

    I created a template for a drawing and then saved the sheet format. When I open a retroactive drawing or create a solidworks drawing template using that format, some of my hidden lines show up as format lines for prin...
    Gabriel Martínez
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  • Large drawing file size in SW2021

    Has anyone else notice an increase in their file size when saving a drawing in SW2021?   I've noticed many drawings that were saved in earlier versions that are usually between 5,000 -10,000 KB are now 50,000 -8...
    Kerry Lenort
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  • SW 2020 Bug: Graphics rendering in drawings does not match models.

    We layout part views on a slddrw to make autocad drawing layouts for cnc router to cut. This particular bug popped up in SW2020 and is causing serious issues.  Drawing views are not reflecting the geometry of the...
    Bret MacKie
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  • Renaming a model and replacing kills all drawing dimensions

    Hi, I have a weldment assembly, it consists of a few pieces and therefore the drawing is 8 pages long for the details. I grabbed the original assembly and clicked "save as". Original name was just part numbers with ...
    David Boydston
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  • Can I automate sheets of part/sub assembly drawings from a BOM

    I have my BOM on my final assembly. Is there a way to automate drawings of parts and sub assemblies from that final BOM?   Thanks
    Christopher Cook
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  • edge flange artifacts

    HI all   im trying to make a tab (edge flange) back from the edge of a part......when i do this im getting some strange artifacts as shown   i have created a cut back from the edge and then entered the edg...
    Adrian Miles
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  • How to break an isoview in a drawing ?

    In a drawing I like to break an isoview because of the length of the part. For example a sternshaft Ø25mm x 2000mm. How to do that ?
    Checkcheck Master
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  • Soldiwork Drawing to AutoCad Conversion Problem

    Can anyone help me for this (Refer following picture)
    Abhishek Lad
    created by Abhishek Lad
  • Incorrect Scale on Section View

    Since upgrading from 2019 to 2020 I've noticed that any time I create a section view in a drawing, the initial scale is set incorrectly. In 2019, the scale on a section view defaulted to "use parent scale" and ap...
    Austin Broeker
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  • DimXpert help

    I am trying to add dimension to attached 3d model. As you can see in the snapshot, I cant access the dimXpert, it is not active, I am fairly new to Solidworks. 
    Syed Ahmed
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  • Is there some way of setting up SWE to auto-save drawings at regular time intervals? If not, can it be added to a future update?

    In the past when I've lost connection to the server, and I've forgotten to save my drawing every now and then, I can lose quite a lot of work. I was just wondering if there was some way of setting SWE up to auto-save ...
    William Fulton
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  • Weldment Cutlist is incorrect (Help)

    So I have designed a chassis for a trailer, but when i go to create a drawing the cutlist has merged different weldments together so my cutlist does not display properly. in the model you can see its merged/highlighte...
    William Fuller
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  • Bend Lines and CNC Press Brakes

    So my issue occurs when trying to bend parts that have bends in opposite directions on the same side of the part (a relief). For example if there was a bend at 10mm and a bend at 30mm from the same edge of the part. ...
    Greg Wright
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  • How should Hole Tables be improved?

    Hole tables are often the subject of requests for enhancements by users.  So, let me just ask here, how should Hole Tables be improved?   
    Matthew Lorono
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  • SW s$#@s at re-attaching Dims

    PLEASE for the love of god and all that is holy fix this. I should not have to re-dimension 75% of every dim where a feature or part changes.   This is about as basic as a function that exists and SW is WAY, WAY...
    Matt Juric
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  • Get weldment BOM with each material(not body) and their total length.

    Really big struggle getting this figured out. Seems like it should be really simple.   I am going to make the example simple as possible:   I have a single welded part. The part contains 3 weldment profile...
    Josh Hixon
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  • Hole callout has incorrect depth

    The hole callout for multiple drawings I am creating have incorrect depths. One shows 'THRU' when it is not, and the other shows a depth of 6.5mm when it is actually thru (an 8.5mm part). Both of these features are re...
    Ian Metz
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  • why does "file>make drawing from part" set scale to 1:2 regardless of the template I select?

    why does "file>make drawing from part" set scale to 1:2 regardless of the template I select?   And, how can I make it respect the scale I set in the template?
    Bryan Willman
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  • Mirrored Part Drawing Requirements

    I am curious as to your thoughts on whether or not it is acceptable to use a statement like "THIS IS RIGHT SIDE PART, MIRRORED LEFT SIDE PART IS ALSO REQUIRED" on a drawing for mirrored parts. It could be any part, bu...
    Don Cheke
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    James Dyson
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