• Why are Lineweights on drawings showing up different on different computers?

    All of my lineweights are black, but when I send my files to my boss, the lineweights show up both grey and black.
    Lorrie Hedges
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  • Projected isometric view from a Section view? (Workaround with Cut)

    I've been making these with the workaround for a few years when detailing a balloon drawing of small objects within a very large enclosure. I'm wondering if there's an easier way to do it.   I want an Isometric ...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Auto attach balloons inside part on drawing

    I am trying to create multiple drawings for production at once using task scheduling. I can automate most aspects of making these prints but one thing slowing me down is adding balloons. The prints are used for produc...
    Patrick Mueller
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  • Setting up drawing format

    I think there are basic questions but hard to find in help. The basic drawing format that comes with Solidworks already has a few properties linked. I need to set up the title block better but am having a hard time fi...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Why won't bend notes show up on my drawing

    I received this model from a customer.  It does not use the same procedure I'd use for sheet metal.  When I put it on a drawing as a flat pattern it doesn't want to show bend lines or bend notes.  I did...
    Justin Shrack
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  • How to have balloon reference non-geometry part in assembly drawing.

    I am using SW2014 SP5.   A coworker asked a "how to" and I can't seem to come up with the answer.   I am trying to have a balloon reference a part that does not have any geometry. This is an externally-sav...
    Daen Hendrickson
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  • User Defined Scale option missing from drawing

    I'm using Solidworks 2020. I went to change the scale of a view in drawing, but the User Defined Scale option is gone. Does anyone have that same issue? Did they take that option off? 
    Katherine Hernández
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  • notes is highliting everything

    When I click in a note that I've created and I try to position the curser with a mouse click, it is selecting the entire note instead of just moving the curser.  It is really annoying.
    Ross Brunco
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  • Wrap Geomerty on Solid

    I want to create a flange of OD 795mm ID 600 mm on a Shell plate, so I used Wrap Geometry (this is the way came in my mind to create it) but when I measure dimension it is bit sort of actual projection.   Can an...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Section Label Postition "Move in Annotation"

    I am not able to find settings to Position Letter of Section, View, Details etc from Right Side to Left Side.   My Current Organization want to show Following Pattern ( in Japanese) A-A Section instead Sec...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • SOLIDWORKS Drawings - Cannot select edges

    Hi all, I've been fighting this battle for as long as i can remember with SW, and I've tried everything i can think of to get around it.    The basic issue is trying to select an edge to dimension to on rou...
    Duncan Gillis
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  • When is SOLIDWORKS going to create balloon quantities we can distribute?

    For years many of us are wondering why SW can't allow some of the quantities of a balloon to be distributed to other of the same item on different drawing views. If I have 50 1/4-20 screws we should be able to take so...
    Bill Abely
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  • Exploded view, shaded with edges print issue.

    I'm experiencing an odd issue, any suggestions on how to resolve greatly appreciated!    Workflow: Create multi-body part Add an exploded view within the part Create drawing from part - add drawing view:...
    Ben Dorrington
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  • Corrupt file (Flag Notes being deleted)

    Hi all,   My company and I are having issues with saving drawings. We have been trying to save the drawing for a while now but keep getting the same notification pop up, "Document XXXXXXXX is corrupt and ca...
    Ryan Dortone
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  • Solidworks Assembly, parts and drawings required

    Can anybody help? This is an unusual question, but...   Does anybody have a Solidworks mechanical (only) assembly, parts and detail drawings that I can have for testing some software that I am working on?  ...
    Darren Smith
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  • cam constrained unstable

    Dear Friends,   In my assembly i have a CAM constraint. I made sure the cam is a nice smooth surface. When i move the assembly in the model view all is fine. But when creating an animation the cam is uns...
  • Astronomical 2019 Drawing Save Times

    In 2019 SP 4.0 we are seeing ridiculously large save times with drawings.  Parts and assemblies seem to save in about the same amount of time as prior versions, but drawings.... well it's really killing our produ...
    Tom Helsley
    created by Tom Helsley
  • GD&T Scheme Question

    Hello All,   I am trying to determine the best application of GD&T for a part. Right now the part depicted is just an example but the application will be similar. I have datum A which will be the face o...
    Alex Sully
    created by Alex Sully
  • How do I view my relations (by default) again?

    Somehow Solidworks has turned off the display of all my relations in Sketcher. I know the relations are there because if I go into "View/Remove" there's a list, and I can remove them. I can't see them unless I click o...
    Paul Mak
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    how do I get the center of mass symbol to show in drawing views
    Scott Cole
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