• Can dual dimension units be customized?

    Is it possible to customize dual dimensions in a SolidWorks drawing so that the dual dimension becomes a scaled dimension? Here's the situation: I make 1/20th scale model trains, and whereas I initially draw all par...
    David Queener
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  • Bill of Materials wrong call outs

    I'm using SWX 2020 sp1, I created a drawing with three pages and multiple views on each page.  I inserted a bill of materials on each page to make sure that the balloons are calling out the correct part.  (I...
    Eric Strenge
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  • Problème d'affichage haute qualité

    Je ne réussi pas à trouver de réponse à mon problème. Certains assemblages (ou pièces) ne peuvent pas être en haute qualité. J'ai utilisé les fonction...
    Michael Guay
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  • How to merge parts in BOM with same description

    Hello,   I have an assembly with whole 3000x1500 sheets and all different cut sheets, all as parts. I would like to have a BOM with two rows: part1, whole sheet, "quantity" part2, cut sheet, "quantity"   ...
    Sami Niemonen
    created by Sami Niemonen
  • I'm trying to release drawings, but properties won't retain what I've chosen

    I'm trying to release a drawing.  Our PDM has rules in place for various data card entries and won't let it push to the next level without all the fields filled in (a safe documentation feature I suppose).  ...
    Chris Grant
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  • Attaching Balloon to Sheet Metal Flat Pattern

    Hi all,   Any help would be much appreciated.   As described in the title, I seem to have developed a problem attaching balloons to Flat Pattern profiles created within a multi-body SLDPRT file. I say deve...
    Jamie Starkey
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  • Sorting lower level items of an Indented BOM

    Hello Gurus, I have an issue sorting the items in indented BOM of a main assembly ascending order by ITEMNO. It sorts well for highest level sub-assemblies but inside of sub-assemblies there is no ascending order for...
    Mihhail Koltsov
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  • How to add a coupler to existing elbows in a pipe route

    pipe route Hi, I'm new to SW, basically self taught.   I have two things I'd appreciate some help with. 1. I have successfully created a 4000' non-orthogonal pipe route, with settings as shown below.  All...
    Janet Staddon
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  • Change Break View Line Font

    Is there a way to change the line font (from hidden dashed line to phantom line) of a broken view? Thanks in advance!
    James Sorrentino
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  • How do you (or wish you could) sort your BOMs?

    How do you sort your Bills of Materials?  Or, how would you like to sort your Bills of Materials.  Is there someting about BOM tables in SoildWorks that prevents you from organizing your BOMs that way you ne...
    Matthew Lorono
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  • Diameter annotation snapped to an invisible circle

    As you can see, the s econd arrow has snapped to an invisible circle. No matter what I do, drag or redimension, it always floats or snaps like this. How do I fix this?
    Ahmad Shumayal
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  • How do I move the text on a diameter dimension further away from the elbow?

    I want to move the c-sink text further away from the elbow of the dimension call out.  How do I do that?  I cant seem to find anything. TIA...  
    Todd McKee
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  • Table lines disappears

    We have this issue lately, when we open up a saved drawing, in BOM and rev tables notes all was saved with the lines but when someone opens it, the lines disappears like in the below picture. even tho you can see the ...
    Mehmet Gultepe
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  • Shop drawings of multi body parts

    Hi Guys.   If I'm doing workshop drawings of individual items from a multi body part, I invariably use 'select bodies', thus retaining a link to the original part cut list. If it is a large multi body p...
    Martin Sherratt
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  • Finish Mark Orientation?

    Hi all,   This may be engineering hearsay, but I put this question forward, as I may have done this in the past in Autocad, but why are the finish marks callouts all with the long leg on the right and could...
    Jim Moses
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  • Drawing individual items from a multi body part

    Hi Guys.   If I'm doing workshop drawings of individual items from a multi-body part, I invariably use 'select bodies', thus retaining a link to the original part cut list. If it is a large multi-body p...
    Martin Sherratt
    created by Martin Sherratt
  • Why are some lines I converted into PDF too light?

    Refer to my attached PDF file. The title block border lines & the balloon arrows looked like clear, solid lines. But the view of the assembly is too light. I saved the solidworks drawing as a PDF . How do I fix t...
    Ernie Lorenzo
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  • Lines in drawing view that should be hidden

    This is a common problem across many drawings, it can create confusion when giving drawings to customers as its showing lines from internal components that shouldn't be visible. Funny thing is if you zoom in on the dr...
    Ben Richardson
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  • Missing Sheet Format/Size Dialog box

    System: SW 2008 I am trying to create a custom .drwdot template to have a consistency of styles, font, grid spacing, arrows, etc... at the place that I work. After setting up all the document properties the way that...
    Andres Girardot
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  • BAM command error

    Hello Forum, First time posting here. I am fairly new to Draftsight (AutoCad user for years).  I am reusing a lot of blocks from old drawings done in AutoCad LT 2015.  I am wanting to rearrange the order of...
    Jon Spiegl
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