• flag note bank not reliable

    Not long ago I discovered the "flag note bank" and thought it would be a savior. Especially since I am working on several projects that require a full B size page of notes that are referenced on subsequent pages of my...
    perry leets
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  • Displaying surfaces in drawing views?

      I have a customer part translated from Catia with complexsurfaces. When inserting a drawing view the surfaces don't show up.How do I get surfaces to show up in drawing views?   TIA Rick
    Rick Donnellon
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  • Can someone please explain x/y coordinates in note parameters in drawings? (SW 2014)

    I'm trying to uderstand how SW is coming up with the numbers for the x/y coordinates of notes.  Documentation says this parameter is x/y coordinates of the middle of a note.  In the standard D size sheet for...
    Mike Childers
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  • [Updated] (HoverDubl utility) Double-click by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse (no "bumping" the note). Single & right click (others), too.

    Update 02/26/2019: V1.01 Fixed F8 enable menu and syncing of F9 enable menu with its enable submenu. New "HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V101.exe" attached (was "HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V100.exe"). De...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Workaround for Editing text and font size in a table in Solidworks 2018

    In at least my version of SW (2018 sp4) It is not always possible to edit font size or font type in a table in solidworks.  Solidworks needs to basically integrate excel since it's table functionality is so poor,...
    M. D.
    created by M. D.
  • (HoverRite) Right click (for a context menu) by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse.

    Hello,   For ease in using the mouse, or to help keep from bumping your drawing's presentation, use the HoverRite function of the HoverDubl utility located here: [Updated] (HoverDubl utility) Double-click by ke...
    Kevin Chandler
    created by Kevin Chandler
  • Idea!Add ability to add additional rows to BOM header

    It was a question how to display density in bill of material It`ll be nice feature in this situation too
    Igor Fomenko
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  • My Layers property box has gone missing..

    I'm working on a solidrawing print and my layers property box isn't visable upon opening.  When I click on the icon I can see that it activates but the window with the layers and properties does not open on my sc...
    Dan Fuller
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  • Utility to strip formatting of Windows Clipboard contents (convert to plain text)

    Inspired from this idea Copy from Excel to Property Tab Builder. by Sumit Rana. For the interim, I wrote a utility that strips the formatting from the current Clipboard contents, effectively converting it to plain te...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • TIL: HD shaded drawing views in PDF's

    For a long time I've been annoyed that when I make a drawing with shaded views (Figure 1) and save it as a .pdf, that the shaded views in the .pdf are very low resolution images (Figure 2). Today I learned that you ca...
    Chris Pratt
    created by Chris Pratt
  • Bizarre Problem with Linked Custom Property

    SW 2015 SP 1.1 Windows 7 x64   In the attached drawing there is a simple note with a portion of the text linked to a custom property.  No views, no model, no sheet format, no title block.  Just a draw...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Linking one drawing containing two different parts

    I have one drawing that I created that has two completely different parts on it. When I Right click on one of the opened parts file name in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Open Drawing, the open box appears...
    Sheldon Setzke
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  • How to create custom symbols to add to drawings

    Hi Shaodun Lin, I would like to quick add the suffix "TYP", "MIN", "MAX" to my dimension. In order to achieve that I modified the gtol.sym file as follows: ;; ;; -----------------------------------------------------...
    Sergio Monti
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  • Two view styles, apparently in one view (but not)

    I do not know of a way, other than by controlling hidden lines per component, to achieve two display styles within one view. However, I created a Hidden Lines Visible view of the assembly, with a Shaded with Edges vi...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Positional Tolerance with radius???

    I am working on a making a drawing from an old drawing from the late 80's - early 90's and I came across something I have never seen before.     It has a radius called out for the tolerance!!!  Since...
    Christopher Estelow
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  • No flat pattern option in drawing view palette

    I have created a basic sheetmetal part the same way i usually do, but for some reason i do not have the option flat pattern in the view palette when creating a drawing from said part. The part flattens no problem, i ...
    Ben Ben
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  • Can I transfer my eDrawings  Professional Licence to another system

    Hi Everyone,   Just a Simple question i have a solidworks premium and the eDrawings came free with it, Can I transfer my eDrawings  Professional Licence to another system. I want to keep solidworks in the c...
    Sumit Rana
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  • cannot revolve sketch

    Please see attached drawing. Can anyone see why I can't revolve this part. Getting rebuild errors.
    Jim Paradis
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  • restoring view labels, customising labels.

    Hey just a few queries re labels... Is there a way customising the view labels ie. the 'called out detail' label.?? To include extra information. Is there a way of restoring a view label after it has been dele...
    Dean Viviani
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  • Please vote for SRP 203874 File name is not maintained during Save As PDF

    Please vote for SRP 203874 File name is not maintained during Save As PDF when using additional periods in file name. When you do a save as pdf if there is a period in the file name it will shorten the file name to t...
    Toby Robinson
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