• Dimensions number not shown in drawing

    Hello,    When I open an old drawing or I make a new one on SolidWorks 2020 I cannot see the number in the dimension nor the numbers in the information table in the bottom. When I print the doc in pdf ...
    stefano pattanaro
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  • landscape

    do you have to have a separate drawing template for landscape sheet formats?
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  •   What setting needs to do to get the most out of my equipment?

    Hello everyone,   I have a problem with drawings in Solidworks 2019 or 2020 - very slow work when change shading, add new views, zoom in and out of the drawing or section. Which setting needs to do in operate co...
    Oleksandr Pobochyi
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  • BOM Error

    Recently, within the past few weeks, when trying to import an en excel based BOM I get an error "close method of workbook failed." This seems to be pretty common. There's another thread here now with the same thing an...
    Matt S.
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  • Issues with Swept Cut on sprocket

    Good Afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies,   Before begin, I would like to first have it noted that i am very new to Solid works and have limited experience as a CAD designer. I am currently designing a toothed sprock...
    Roy Hultberg
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  • Drawing view with surface profile/surface details without any details behind

    Is there a way to generate a drawing view to show just he surface profile where the details of behind the surface are not visible? Maybe a type of section view.   Something like a cone with starting at 10mm and ...
    Erci Cheung
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  • Alter Appearances of Parts in Drawing

    Hello All,   I'm working with an assembly/drawing of wiring harnesses going to various systems on the floor of an aircraft. This drawing will be utilized so that technicians can look at the drawing, see the vari...
    Jim Popovitch
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    I have made a mirrored sheet metal part that is linked to the original part.  The original part shows the bend lines in the drawing but when I go to make the drawing of the mirrored part I can get flat pattern to...
    Jamie Dorenkamp
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  • Drawing to display QTY value with units

    Hi All,   I'm trying to call out a global equation within my model on the BOM with units.  Within the equations manager, it shows evaluates to with units, but in my drawing only shows the value with no unit...
    Szymon Mucha
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  • Dimension Variable?

    What setting do I use to remove the horizontal leader lines?  
    Brent Theobald
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  • Create Drafting for  Weldmements (The right way)

    Hello Experts , hope everyone is staying safe so i recently assigned to create a standing platform for one our machinist since i never drawn weldment drawings before , so while making it i have concerns over how to...
    Baljinder Shahi
    created by Baljinder Shahi
  • Adding "Parent" Custom Properties to a BOM

    Hi all,   I'm wondering if it's possible to add custom properties from an assembly file into a part/sub-assembly Bill of Materials row with indented numbering. I've created a sample below, where part number 1111...
    Karl Hohensee
    created by Karl Hohensee
  • Squiggles under my Mouse Cursor_Draftsight

      This is more of an annoyance, but when working in a drawing it becomes a hindrance. Is there a setting which can shut this off? It is not solid, either. If i move my mouse in a circular fashion, it will try ...
    Brett Feasby
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  • The Missing 5% Functionality: Bill Of Materials

    Starting this one off with the most frustrating problem with BOM that we all can relate to as it affects all of our productivity.    1 When you have a large BOM and need to manually sort it or want to ...
    Brian Graves
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  • What is does it mean when it says 'THRU HOLE' beside a hole dimension?

    Zach Faizal
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  • Problem when opening DraftSight SP3 2019 64x

    Hi All,   When I open any drawing on draftsight I get an installation window pop up which slows down the speed at which I can open the files. Please see attached screen shot.   Could this possibly somethin...
    Jonathan Springett
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  • Missing tolerance value entry field.

    Field to enter tolerance value is not showing for existing dimensions.  New dimensions work fine.  Whats the deal?     New Dimension  
    Rodney Martin
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  • Linear Sketch Pattern Spacing too small

    I am trying to create a simple linear sketch pattern of multiple slots in a row. I need each slot to be 5mm apart, so I am trying to use 5mm x-spacing. However, it says I can only enter a number between 0.00m and 499....
    Samuel Wiest
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  • Hole Wizard issue 2020

    Hello,  back again, we upgraded to 2020 and I've had nothing but issues. My main one is the hole wizard. I can get into the hole wizard just fine but once I start editing the sketch I cannot exit. The check box ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • BOM fill empty cells with dash or zero

    Hi All, this is my 1st post in forum, is there any solution to fill the blank cells with dash automatically please look into the screenshot   your help will be very appreciated. thanks   Regards WAM ...
    Waqas Azam
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