• [Updated] (HoverIntersect) Find Intersection with 1 (or 2) key presses, zero mouse clicks.

    Update 03/12/2019: No program changes. Just a notice that [Updated] Find Intersection using a mouse gesture [2 left clicks only] (FindIntersectionG utility) is available for those who prefer gestures.   Hello, &...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • SW 2019 Add to Library Folder Selection Not Functioning?

    I am trying to add a drawing note to the Design Library in SW 2019 (SP 3.0) as I have done many times in SW 2018 and in the UI a folder which is required cannot be selected.  The selection field is blank.  S...
    Frank Root
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  • Having trouble setting default layers for various type of entities in Drawing files.

    Hello Community,   I am revising drawing templates on solidworks 2019. I want my dimensions, annotations, centerline etc to be on specific respective layers created for them in advance. I have assigned respectiv...
    Hardik Sheta
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  • E-Drawings Changes Units???

    Has anyone ever experienced the issue when having a drawing (.dwg) done in MM when opened up in E-Drawings have it convert to inches?  I have see in other posts while researching this issue that other software's ...
    Scott McFadden
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  • Question: cut with an angle

    Are there any tools or functions that will cut in an angle? I am enclosing a picture, it is inside the red circle I am curious about, if it is possible to use like a revolved cut and tell it to cut in an angle or some...
    Patrik Nilsson
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  • model break view gone?

    We were very excited about the new feature called "model break view" - allowing you to shorten your isometric views correctly (not workarounds) without having to scale it down.  We tested it during beta & dur...
    Steve Tietz
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  • Inconsistent line and paragraph spacing

    SolidWorks 2019. I seem to be having an issue with notes in my drawings. Both paragraph and line spacing are inconsistent. The spacing between lines grows and shrinks, changing just by simple things such as clicking o...
    Shayne Green
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  • Customize the Options Menu

    Hi, When I detail parts I always want to see the drawing in fractions of an inch, or in three decimals places.  Now I have to constantly go to Options, Document Properties and make the c...
    Robert Gillis
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  • How to change the main piece in a drawing?

    Hello, I hope you can help me, As you can see in the example I have two pieces inserted in a drawing. How can I change the piece, which is linked to the related texts in the drawing, for the other piece? I hope you un...
    Juan Maria Reybet
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  • SolidWorks 2019 really slow

    Hello everyone, Just started learning SolidWorks 2019 at my university. I bought a Dell Precision 7520 workstation specifically for SolidWorks and MATLAB purposes. The laptop has a Xeon E3-1545m V5 CPU, 32 GB RAM, Qua...
    Stefan Cvijetic
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  • Drawing template

    Hi there, I have created custom drawing template for my company. I want to add attribute of specific configuration name for part number. How can i do this? so that when i add config. part to drawing. the part numb...
    Abhishek Joshi
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  • Detail Views Moving

    Major changes, minor changes, opening the drawing, or getting a cup of coffee all seem to make the detail view sketches change location. Simply dragging them back isn't too bad on a drawing that has only one or t...
    Garrett Shank
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  • Add Folder Directory to drawing

    I am trying to setup a drawing template to populate a field with the name of the last folder, of the directory where the file is saved. Example. If the file directory is: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\...
    Ian Barry
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  • External Cosmetic Thread

    SW 2016 I have a part and added a M30 cosmetic thread. The thread shows on the part file, but It will not show on the drawing. The thread size is called out on the drawing, but can not see it. Everything is checked a...
    Bob Tosi
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  • CSWA Exam Drawing?

    Are there any drawing questions on the CSWA test aside from determining types of views? I've taken the example test and only saw two questions asking about section and/or cropped views. Nothing about technique or skil...
    Tripp Warren
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  • Why can i run a task in solidwork programmer?

    hello, i want to export a lot of draw solidwork file to pdf, but.. i normally set the task but at the moment when the task most to be run, nothing happen! i don't know why...  can you help me??? i mean, solidwork...
    Abraham Barroeta
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  • How do i disanble that green lines??

    hello, i don't what i did it, but once just show me that green lines!.. how do i disanble??  
    Abraham Barroeta
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  • Balloon Callouts with item number AND part number

    Is there a way to have both the item number and then the part number next to the balloon, with QTY? I know you can do a split line circle, but with the size of our part numbers, sometimes up to 10 digits its not feasi...
    Brad Joseph
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  • PDM Revision Table - Blocking cell data after revision

    Hello everyone,   In my company we are in the process of updating 2D and 3D templates, and we have been testing the 2018 Revision Table features integrated with PDM. With testing we find that drawings with revi...
    Hugo Carmo
    created by Hugo Carmo
  • Editing sketch entities in already finished part

    Hey everyone, this is my first discussion.   Anyway, I am trying to make a humanoid robot. I've finished all of my necessary designs, and have started the 3D-printing process. After experimentation I discovered ...
    Aaron Zheng
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