• Setting up drawing format

    I think there are basic questions but hard to find in help. The basic drawing format that comes with Solidworks already has a few properties linked. I need to set up the title block better but am having a hard time fi...
    Eric Snyder
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  • User Defined Scale option missing from drawing

    I'm using Solidworks 2020. I went to change the scale of a view in drawing, but the User Defined Scale option is gone. Does anyone have that same issue? Did they take that option off? 
    Katherine Hernández
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  • Wrap Geomerty on Solid

    I want to create a flange of OD 795mm ID 600 mm on a Shell plate, so I used Wrap Geometry (this is the way came in my mind to create it) but when I measure dimension it is bit sort of actual projection.   Can an...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Section Label Postition "Move in Annotation"

    I am not able to find settings to Position Letter of Section, View, Details etc from Right Side to Left Side.   My Current Organization want to show Following Pattern ( in Japanese) A-A Section instead Sec...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • SOLIDWORKS Drawings - Cannot select edges

    Hi all, I've been fighting this battle for as long as i can remember with SW, and I've tried everything i can think of to get around it.    The basic issue is trying to select an edge to dimension to on rou...
    Duncan Gillis
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  • Turn off Location Label 'same sheet number' button?

    I'm working in SW2020 and just discovered the location label feature for section and detail views.  When playing around with the options to fine tune it, I seem to have the 'don't add same sheet number' button st...
    Jeremy Jacobs
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  • Trim some section in Drawing View

    I want to trim section under GDNT symbol, but didn't know any quick way to do. Please guide me.   Thanks  
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Is there a way to save a existing part in a new template

    Hello friends, as you can see in the title above, I have a bunch of existing parts and assemblies created in an old templates and now I need to save this in the new template. Is there a easy way to do it? In fact, I j...
    Ivan Silva
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  • Welding dimension in a half-section view

    Hello everyone,   I have a short question regarding the application of welding dimensions in a half-section view.   I have been told that it is forbidden to use welding dimensions in a half section view of...
    Albert Schmidt
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  • export dxf problem

    export dxf problem what is the problem.
    Arif Akbas
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  • hole wizard icon

    hole wizard did the hole notation change  
    Arif Akbas
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  • Extrude boss reversed?

    Hello everyone, I am a new member so I apologize if this post is in a wrong place.   So I am working on this part but I did something wrong and now it's reversed in terms of hollow and solid parts. Now if I use ...
    John Milton
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  • Tiling Drawing Sheets

    OK, I don't know why, but I cannot comment on any of the top ten items (I saw reference to comments in another thread, but I never see them and I cannot create any).       So I decided to create a li...
    Dan Pihlaja
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  • One note with multiple leaders

    How can I link one note to two items? 
    Ivan Silva
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  • Angle of arrows in drawing level

    Hi folks, in Brazil, we have a standard demands the angle of dimensions arrow being 15º. Is there a way to change it without using trigonometry all the time I have to change its dimensions?
    Ivan Silva
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  • Add line style

    How can I add new line style? In Brazil we use for centerlines a different line type. It is dash point dash. When I tried to create a new layer for my centerline I was able to find a dash point dash line type.
    Ivan Silva
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  • SW -> dwg / Layout - Title block issues

    When i save a SW drawing to dwg format i get the title block and drawing borders on to the Autocad model space. As you know, this leads to scale problems if the model views in SW are not in 1:1 scale. And this is not...
    Theodoros Dragonas
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  • ISO view with Interference Fit in a drawing

    Hi all, first post to the community, so please bear with me on this. Below is a shaft going through a plate.  The shaft has a diameter about .001 inches larger than the hole. As you can see, the drawing view on...
    Nick Isaacson
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  • Link refence page to sheets number

    Hi people. I need help. I set a BOM and added a new column related to reference pages. I have a main assembly with this BOM describing its sub-assembly and this reference page indicates in which sheet the sub-assembli...
    Ivan Silva
    created by Ivan Silva
  • flag note bank not reliable

    Not long ago I discovered the "flag note bank" and thought it would be a savior. Especially since I am working on several projects that require a full B size page of notes that are referenced on subsequent pages of my...
    perry leets
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