• Renaming a model and replacing kills all drawing dimensions

    Hi, I have a weldment assembly, it consists of a few pieces and therefore the drawing is 8 pages long for the details. I grabbed the original assembly and clicked "save as". Original name was just part numbers with ...
    David Boydston
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  • DimXpert help

    I am trying to add dimension to attached 3d model. As you can see in the snapshot, I cant access the dimXpert, it is not active, I am fairly new to Solidworks. 
    Syed Ahmed
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  • Weldment Cutlist is incorrect (Help)

    So I have designed a chassis for a trailer, but when i go to create a drawing the cutlist has merged different weldments together so my cutlist does not display properly. in the model you can see its merged/highlighte...
    William Fuller
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  • Bend Lines and CNC Press Brakes

    So my issue occurs when trying to bend parts that have bends in opposite directions on the same side of the part (a relief). For example if there was a bend at 10mm and a bend at 30mm from the same edge of the part. ...
    Greg Wright
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  • Can't select part in drawing view

    Hi all, Solidworks 2021on a Dell Precision 3541 running windows 10. When I have a drawing sheet open with an assembly drawing view, I hover over a part in an assembly view it won't select the part. It shows the sheet ...
    David Fowler
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  • Made a quick Deform Tool demonstration video - using a solid model I got some assistance with yesterday

    Wasn't too impressed with the SolidWorks Deform Tool videos I found on YouTube, so I decided to make a quick one showing the kind of detail that can be achieved. With some assistance from >> Maha Nadarasa ...
    Liam Ginann
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  • ports into the cilinder

    the idea is generate something like this, were the ports, (holes)., are drawn into the cilinder heres a pic      i already made the transfers, and look something like this.,  ----   ...
    Tomas Glox
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  • Link to custom property in drawing note?

    I have a blank drawing template that has views which get populated with whatever part is being referenced to create the drawing. We specify part material within a note, not in the title block. Is there a way to link t...
    Bejamin Shaw
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  • Fully define 3D sketch with arc

    Hi  I have tried to fully define my sketch but I cant make it work with the arc. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!     
    Zahra Salim
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  • Column Header in BOM table

    we just upgraded from 2018 to 2020.     apparently there are some differences in BOM tables between the two.  when I first added a BOM to a drawing that contained multiple configurations the heade...
    Michael Paul
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  • Hole Wizard issue 2020

    Hello,  back again, we upgraded to 2020 and I've had nothing but issues. My main one is the hole wizard. I can get into the hole wizard just fine but once I start editing the sketch I cannot exit. The check box ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • How to move sketch to back in drawing?

    See this drawing? How do I move the crosshatch to the back? Tried using layers, but that did not work unfortunately, and I could not find a "send to back" option... Any info appreciated,   Thanks
    Jacob Cadwell
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  • How to flip isometric view in drawing?

    Hi,   I have a drawing of a simple L-bracket. I am trying to flip the isometric so I can get the second view...how do I flip the isometric of a part when detailing?    Thanks!
    Jacob Cadwell
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  • SOLIDWORKS drawing view mirroring of derived views ..?

    Hi SOLIDWORKS users,   We have long known the option of mirroring the SOLIDWORKS parent view in drawings > select the view > under orientation - mirror -vertical-horizontal. > Works absolutely great. &#...
    Harshavardhan Prasad
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  • Automatically Exclude "Sheet" row from BOM

    I quite often work on assemblies containing both Weldments and Sheet Metal components which require a BOM. I need to be able to see the individual weldment bodies and for this reason I use the indented BOM with Detail...
    Mike Moffatt
    created by Mike Moffatt
  • Weld Symbol Behaviour SW 2021

    Has anyone else noticed that the weld symbol tool behaves rather differently in 2021 than it has previously. It used to be that you could easily fill out all the appropriate info and simply apply the symbol where the...
    Damien Petty
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  • Broken Dimension

    Just had an issue where an OD dimension in a detail view somehow was broken. That is it was off by almost .200. It did not display as dangling either. To elaborate a bit more, the main view was on one page and the det...
    Doug Perzyk
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  • Balloons Links to two different assembly Configuration

    Hello SW community,   Our company recently moved to SW2020 and since the change i'm having problems linking Balloon of different assembly configuration to the same table.   As you see in the pictures the t...
    Igor Kosta
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  • Can SolidWorks drawing automatically add view labels?

    Hi,   Does anyone know if SolidWorks can automatically add front, right, and bottom view labels in drawing based on the models orientation? See the attached image with the labels. 
    Jacob Cadwell
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  • Show decal created on surface on 2D dwg

    I have a surfacing model with a decal on it. How to show the decal on the 2D drawing? thanks
    Christian Chu
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