• Balloon Callouts with item number AND part number

    Is there a way to have both the item number and then the part number next to the balloon, with QTY? I know you can do a split line circle, but with the size of our part numbers, sometimes up to 10 digits its not feasi...
    Brad Joseph
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  • PDM Revision Table - Blocking cell data after revision

    Hello everyone,   In my company we are in the process of updating 2D and 3D templates, and we have been testing the 2018 Revision Table features integrated with PDM. With testing we find that drawings with revi...
    Hugo Carmo
    created by Hugo Carmo
  • Editing sketch entities in already finished part

    Hey everyone, this is my first discussion.   Anyway, I am trying to make a humanoid robot. I've finished all of my necessary designs, and have started the 3D-printing process. After experimentation I discovered ...
    Aaron Zheng
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  • I know how to disable the rulers.... But how do I KEEP them OFF? Tired of turning them off every day!!!

    I've seen the other threads so please don't direct me there. My firm paid for SolidWorks with the understanding it was a complete and fully functional software package. Please DO NOT direct me to load some macro. Thi...
    Brian Marks
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  • Issue with save as PDF

    I have a problem when I use save as PDF more than once. The first export goes well, but I get the following message after using it more than once; "PDF Export: Unhandled Exception. Report Error". And a failed PDF outp...
    Stefan Sterk
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  • Detailing Linear Patterns

    I'm designing a heat sink that has 28 fins. I'm not sure where the best place is to express that in the detail. Should I put "(X28)" next to the .220 callout? Should I just point at it with a leader and annotate "X28"...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Missing parts in drawing

    I inserted the dome caps into the multi body part and mated it to the top of the pipe. When i go to the drawing of the rack the dome cap is invisible, it is also not suppressed in the model. If I hover over where it s...
    Marco Martínez
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  • Cannot select some edges in detail view

    When I create a detail view in drawings I am unable to selectcertain edges. In the parent view the edge can be selected, but inthe detail view when the mouse is over the edge it is nothighlighted. I have tried rebu...
    Ben Chowdhary
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  • copy revision table

    Hi I need to copy the revision table from one sheet to another,I tried by save as but cant call the saved file in another sheet
    aniket gorde
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  • Block Problem

    since moving to 2007, we are experiencing problems with the font sizes in blocks. The text size keeps changing and sometimes it even changes the dimension font size in the drawing template as well. It's definitely...
    Justin Peak
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  • SW 2019 Add to Library Folder Selection Not Functioning?

    I am trying to add a drawing note to the Design Library in SW 2019 (SP 3.0) as I have done many times in SW 2018 and in the UI a folder which is required cannot be selected.  The selection field is blank.  S...
    Frank Root
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  • cotation esquisse

    Bonjour à tous mon service informatique a installé Windows 10 sur mon pc depuis je n'ai plus l'affichage des cotes d'esquisses. si je clic sur une ligne de mon rectangle d'esquisse le property manager s...
    Corinne Devémy
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  • Link one drawing sheet into another drawing

    Hi!   I have created multiply drawings with many sheets for several assemblies. However, I would now like to create two main drawings that contains specific sheets in the drawings for the different assembli...
    Lars Digerud
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  • Crop view disappears ;-/

    Sometimes crop views disappears (I mean views is present, but empty). Sometimes helps if I edit crop sketch... But it's annoying way...
    Tadeusz Sliwinski
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  • Sketching Problem

    I am having a problem making simple sketches.  Often the initial starting line shifts when I add additional dimensional lines to the sketch.  I tried minimizing this problem when I want to create a rect...
    Robert Gillis
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  • Theoretical Center Marks

    I'm currently designing a tool in solidworks 2019 for my graduation internship. Unfortunately due to my company's policy on secrecy I am not allowed to tell you what kind of tool, or include any files or pictures. I'l...
    Rik Jansen
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  • BOM QTY = "-" . Or, why to never destroy assembly configurations.

    I've really done it this time. (Or was it the guy that isn't here anymore? No PDM to trace it back) Well regardless, it's up to me to do something useful with it.  Install Ref. Version 2018 SP3.   Now that...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • Recommendation for Drawing/Drafting resources

    Hello, i'm new to SW, learning it for University so far and need recommendation for learning Resources. So far i'm OK with modeling but for Drafting, I face difficulty finding appropriate resource.   Learnin...
    Mohammad Tahoon
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  • Ordering holes in the hole table

    It's bit of a pain when trying to order the hole tags in desirable order So I did a little research and found an article giving a solution to this issue. Ordering Holes in a Hole Table It's not perfect but gives yo...
    Tateos Tvapanyan
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  • Is there a way to fix this drawing view boundary box issue that I'm experiencing with hidden bodies and section views?

    I successfully posted this yesterday, did a quick edit, and then it disappeared from my content list. The page of the original post said / still says "Please note: your content was added successfully, but a moder...
    Patrick Dunleavy
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