• Is there a way to give light grey part black lines in a drawing?

    We make a lot of stainless steel machines and I want the lines of these parts to be black in the drawing, instead of a light grey color. I know I could just simply uncheck this box:, but then every line will be black ...
    Bart Kesselaar
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  • SW2020 Dimension Drop

    We upgraded to 2020 yesterday and the first thing I noticed is that I have to click 3 times to place a dimension or 2 if it's a line and the dimension will not appear until you do the final click (instead of the ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • How to model a bottle inverter ?

    Hi,   I've worked on a bottle inverter that invert a bottle 180° so that it can be cleaned with air jet before the filling process: the inverter is the assembly of multiple polyethylene plates (thickness...
    Azmi Haouari
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  • The view palette does not open

    The view palette does not open. This prevents me from inserting views. Also, the refresh button does not actually refresh. 
    Matt Calzone
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  • Hole Wizard issue 2020

    Hello,  back again, we upgraded to 2020 and I've had nothing but issues. My main one is the hole wizard. I can get into the hole wizard just fine but once I start editing the sketch I cannot exit. The check box ...
    Blake Hacker
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  • Link Cut List Properties to a General Table

    Is it not possible? $PRPWLD:"Custom Prop" returns a blank field.   I have been requested to create a table that resembles our assembly BOMs to be used for the piece-part detail drawings for multibody solids. The ...
    Seth Moser
    created by Seth Moser
  • BOM Question.

    Ok So we buy an extruded length called Part A   From Part A we make Part B and in the BOM it calls up Part A. (modelled as part in part)   Sometimes we make part C from part B. (modelled as part in pa...
    Mark Chorley
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  • Issue with save as PDF

    I have a problem when I use save as PDF more than once. The first export goes well, but I get the following message after using it more than once; "PDF Export: Unhandled Exception. Report Error". And a failed PDF outp...
    Stefan Sterk
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  • Table lines disappears

    We have this issue lately, when we open up a saved drawing, in BOM and rev tables notes all was saved with the lines but when someone opens it, the lines disappears like in the below picture. even tho you can see the ...
    Mehmet Gultepe
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  • Shop drawings of multi body parts

    Hi Guys.   If I'm doing workshop drawings of individual items from a multi body part, I invariably use 'select bodies', thus retaining a link to the original part cut list. If it is a large multi body p...
    Martin Sherratt
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  • Drawing individual items from a multi body part

    Hi Guys.   If I'm doing workshop drawings of individual items from a multi-body part, I invariably use 'select bodies', thus retaining a link to the original part cut list. If it is a large multi-body p...
    Martin Sherratt
    created by Martin Sherratt
  • Phantom Components in a drawing - How to view through them

    This is really a combo discussion/question; since there may be a better way to do this that I'm unaware of  (if anyone else knows of a faster way, please share). In tooling designs, designers frequentl...
    Jason Warnke
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  • Drawings open in text entry mode, make drawings independent?

    Question 1:Every time I create a new drawing, it opens like this:     Which means I have to manually click out of it before I can start inserting views and drawing dimensions. Is there a way to disable th...
    Salted Fish
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  • Copy columns from two list materials

    Hello! grettings.. I have a question about the part list.. I need to copy one column from one Materials list to other one, I need that (i'm going to show you on the next picture) Picture 1:  Aim list...   ...
    Abraham Barroeta
    created by Abraham Barroeta
  • Setting Layer back to "-none-"

    Hello, For some reason our drawing templates have been set to a layer ('Format') other than '-none-'. When we insert balloons they are on this layer and are not the correct color. As we insert each balloon we ha...
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  • 'Select Bodies' in a drawing

    Hi Guys. If  I'm doing workshop drawings of individual items from a multibody part, I invariably use 'select bodies' If it is a large multibody part with lots of items, can I bring in a lite or liter versi...
    Martin Sherratt
    created by Martin Sherratt
  • How do I replace references in drawing?

    In this instance, I replaced a weldment member to a different kind. And so solidworks lost the plane/edge that my dimensions were referencing. How do I replace this reference for all dimensions at the same time? Or be...
    Rien Euser
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  • How do I remove the "Sheet" line in BOM?

    I've seen a solution for this, in the form of going to component properties. But I can't see that option in my 2020 edition of SW. My problem is that I work with a lot of laser cut sheet metal parts. And so far the so...
    Rien Euser
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  • SW2020 SP3.0: Stacked text balloons losing values

    I am putting balloons on model views using normal and stacked balloons, and I am overriding the item numbers with text values because I have an external BOM. When I add or edit any stacked balloons, other stacked ball...
    Jacob Abel
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  • Multiple Sheet Style Revision Block - edit?

    We have SolidWorks set up to add a Revision Block on Sheet 2 with the Multiple Sheet Option "See Sheet 1" selected. The rev block populates with text "See Sheet 1" center justified in lower case and dashes in the Rev,...
    Jonathan Leeper
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