• Ordinate dimensions are coming at a fixed angle and not in a vertical

    Ordinate dimensions are coming at a fixed angle and not in a vertical position. Remember - the vertical origin surface is not perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Intentionally I tilted the flat pattern to show my...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • Cannot delete dangling dimension in 2020 SP1

    Very simple drawing was upgraded into 2020 SP1 from previous version that was fine and it developed a case of "dangling dimension" on a cross section view. Looked and looked for a solution and could not find one. Just...
    Fred Fisher
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  • how to automatically show hiden sketches in drawing tools

    Hello,    Please i have a small problem with sketches in drawing tools. So i have an assembly of componants. some componant have a sketch ( Axes in sketches "like picture Sw-01 " ESQ_AXE_RAIL). This sketc...
    Hamza Ibrahmi
    created by Hamza Ibrahmi
  • Connecting Two Handrails

    Hello,   I'm fairly new to SolidWorks 2018-2019 edition. I was drawing a spiral staircase, and at the end, the staircase ends with a straightaway. I'm not really sure how to attach the handrail from the spiral t...
    Brian Morris
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  • SOLIDWORKS Top Ten Feedback Survey

    Please visit the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten 3DExperience World 2020 community to participate in our survey concerning your experience related to using the 3DSwym platform for the SOLIDWORKS Top Ten list. Click herefor a ...
    Alexandra MILLER
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  • Solidworks 2017 Location Label Settings Issue

    Hi All,   I am updating my companies drafting standards properties within Solidworks. We are using Solidworks 2017 SP3.0 and previous Admins completely screwed up the standards and the quality of our drawings ar...
    Lawrence Cudzewicz
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  • SOLIDWORKS Drawings - Cannot select edges

    Hi all, I've been fighting this battle for as long as i can remember with SW, and I've tried everything i can think of to get around it.    The basic issue is trying to select an edge to dimension to on rou...
    Duncan Gillis
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  • Cancel/Delete elements in Graphic Area

      Hello guys, I am a newbie on using Solidworks. I would like to ask that how to cancel/delete the circle in purple colour in the photo shown above. I accidentally created this circle by using the "contour selec...
    Cheuk Nam Fok
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  • in pattern change one element of them

    Hello   I have done a pattern from (6x) holes on a surface , and I want only modify one of holes of the pattern elements in his design, how can I do that. Have I isolated one of the whole for to change his des...
    Helmut Radgam
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  • BOM for Detail View?

    When I create a BOM based off of the detail view, it includes all of the parts from the main view that the detail view is based off of. Normally this is fine. However, for this case I have an exploded view and was hop...
    Keaton Warn
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  • Is it possible to auto-populate a manufacturing print from model dimensions gotten from a design table?

    So I have been messing around with Design Tables in Solidworks 2019. I am new to using these, and was curious about something.   Something to keep in mind here is that a finished good we produce has more than 1 ...
    Kyle Litwin
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  • Cant insert rows or columns into any table, option not available

    So I have SW SP5 2019. Since upgrading to 2019, I have never had the option to be able to add columns or rows to a newly created table whether it be a weldment cutlist, BOM or general table. Its the same whether it i...
    Simon Woolley
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  • Can I modify the drawing in the detail view?

    Hi folks   I've got a very picky client who wants something shown on a detail view that which is not on the main view (like a manufacturing intent type of thing)   I know I can ADD stuff to the detail view...
    Sam Smith
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  • Link Feature Properties to Custom Properties

    Hey again guys, I'm editing my BOM and I have some parts which are made from weldment features. I rename the weldment feature to the nominal size according to a chart. Is there a way to link this name to the custom pr...
    Ivan Silva
    created by Ivan Silva
  • Wrap Geomerty on Solid

    I want to create a flange of OD 795mm ID 600 mm on a Shell plate, so I used Wrap Geometry (this is the way came in my mind to create it) but when I measure dimension it is bit sort of actual projection.   Can an...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Drawings Speed (Large Assemblies)

    The number 1 place where the company I work for suffers frustrations is when anyone is working on drawings of large assemblies.   Some background, I pushed the company that I work for to bring in someone for tra...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Excel Base BOM to Excel missing reference 

    i using excel base boms in solidworks and i link the data to another excel file (fileA) (copy&paste link). once i reopen the fileA, it display like this and cannot be resolved.  How to solve this. plz he...
    Chong Kai San
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  • pack and go SW2020

    why isn't pack and go not grabbing the lower level drawings when i pack and go from the top level drawing of an assembly? i have drawings made for the parts in this assembly, yet pack and go doesn't see them? anyone h...
    J. Buckallew
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  • Setting up drawing format

    I think there are basic questions but hard to find in help. The basic drawing format that comes with Solidworks already has a few properties linked. I need to set up the title block better but am having a hard time fi...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Section Label Postition "Move in Annotation"

    I am not able to find settings to Position Letter of Section, View, Details etc from Right Side to Left Side.   My Current Organization want to show Following Pattern ( in Japanese) A-A Section instead Sec...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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