• Adding "Parent" Custom Properties to a BOM

    Hi all,   I'm wondering if it's possible to add custom properties from an assembly file into a part/sub-assembly Bill of Materials row with indented numbering. I've created a sample below, where part number 1111...
    Karl Hohensee
    created by Karl Hohensee
  • Squiggles under my Mouse Cursor_Draftsight

      This is more of an annoyance, but when working in a drawing it becomes a hindrance. Is there a setting which can shut this off? It is not solid, either. If i move my mouse in a circular fashion, it will try ...
    Brett Feasby
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  • The Missing 5% Functionality: Bill Of Materials

    Starting this one off with the most frustrating problem with BOM that we all can relate to as it affects all of our productivity.    1 When you have a large BOM and need to manually sort it or want to ...
    Brian Graves
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  • Cant insert rows or columns into any table, option not available

    So I have SW SP5 2019. Since upgrading to 2019, I have never had the option to be able to add columns or rows to a newly created table whether it be a weldment cutlist, BOM or general table. Its the same whether it i...
    Simon Woolley
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  • What is does it mean when it says 'THRU HOLE' beside a hole dimension?

    Zach Faizal
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  • Problem when opening DraftSight SP3 2019 64x

    Hi All,   When I open any drawing on draftsight I get an installation window pop up which slows down the speed at which I can open the files. Please see attached screen shot.   Could this possibly somethin...
    Jonathan Springett
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  • Missing tolerance value entry field.

    Field to enter tolerance value is not showing for existing dimensions.  New dimensions work fine.  Whats the deal?     New Dimension  
    Rodney Martin
    created by Rodney Martin
  • Linear Sketch Pattern Spacing too small

    I am trying to create a simple linear sketch pattern of multiple slots in a row. I need each slot to be 5mm apart, so I am trying to use 5mm x-spacing. However, it says I can only enter a number between 0.00m and 499....
    Samuel Wiest
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  • Hole Wizard issue 2020

    Hello,  back again, we upgraded to 2020 and I've had nothing but issues. My main one is the hole wizard. I can get into the hole wizard just fine but once I start editing the sketch I cannot exit. The check box ...
    Blake Hacker
    created by Blake Hacker
  • BOM fill empty cells with dash or zero

    Hi All, this is my 1st post in forum, is there any solution to fill the blank cells with dash automatically please look into the screenshot   your help will be very appreciated. thanks   Regards WAM ...
    Waqas Azam
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  • Drawings Speed (Large Assemblies)

    The number 1 place where the company I work for suffers frustrations is when anyone is working on drawings of large assemblies.   Some background, I pushed the company that I work for to bring in someone for tra...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Break bond

    Hi everyone. A few days ago I am having problems with the tables of, lists of materials. I want to break the link to modify the description in a cell, but it automatically comes out without letting me edit it. As i...
    Juan Maria Reybet
    last modified by Juan Maria Reybet
  • Datum Target Balloon Size

    Does anyone know how to change the size if a Datum Target balloon? Thanks for your help, Wayne
    Wayne Bird
    last modified by Wayne Bird
  • Imported Drawing Border Colour

    I have made some drawings for one of our customers who insisted I used their drawing border, they sent me it in a dxf format so I deleted my sheet format then Inserted their dxf and it all looks good except they want ...
    Stuart Pyper
    last modified by Stuart Pyper
  • Jerks when moving through the drawing

    Hello. Tell me what the problem may be, after several restarts of the program (DraftSight 2019 x64 SP3) when moving along the drawing (on the canvas itself) with the "hand", the smoothness disappears, the image seems...
  • Multiple Sheet Style Revision Block - edit?

    We have SolidWorks set up to add a Revision Block on Sheet 2 with the Multiple Sheet Option "See Sheet 1" selected. The rev block populates with text "See Sheet 1" center justified in lower case and dashes in the Rev,...
    Jonathan Leeper
    last modified by Jonathan Leeper
  • Drawing annotation views DELETE / remove from View Palette

      HOW on earth do you get rid of / delete old section views I made (from an Assembly). I need to clean up this mess because it makes performance / loading of my drawing palette EXTREMELY SLOW. And i can't find a...
    Danny Camp
    last modified by Danny Camp
  • Link block attribute to custom property

    Can you link a block attribute to a custom property? Yes. There is no 'Link to Property' button to use within the Attributes window, but it accepts the values generated by it elsewhere.   I have a common symbo...
    Tom Gagnon
    last modified by Tom Gagnon
  • Excel Base BOM to Excel missing reference 

    i using excel base boms in solidworks and i link the data to another excel file (fileA) (copy&paste link). once i reopen the fileA, it display like this and cannot be resolved.  How to solve this. plz he...
    Chong Kai San
    last modified by Chong Kai San
  • Flat pattern view doesn't match model

    I've had this issue recurring for several years now, and haven't had any luck finding a resolution through my VAR. In summary, occasionally a sheet metal flat pattern view will have a visual display that doesn't match...
    Bryce Gill
    created by Bryce Gill