• how do I make the drawing preferences for a particular document my default settings for any drawing I fabricate

    I know if I pack and go, it copies preferences, from the copied part, but what if I'm detailing multiple imported parts, yet I want all details settings to be the same.  A 'Document Properties' for all parts sett...
    Nelson Ouzts
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  • Disappearing tolerances

    I'm using SW 2018 SP 4.0.  We switched to this version at work a month or two ago.  Since then, I've noticed something haven't seen before.  I made a hole in a part using the hole wizard, and then, on a...
    Greg Welch
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  • Hole table doesn't show info for a hole within a hole

    I'm using SW Premium 2018 SP4.0 and I'm having an issue with a hole table. I have a threaded hole that has a counterbore on it. The C'Bore shows up in the table, but the M6 threaded hole does not. I've tried separatin...
    Deanna Walch
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  • Need help with Loft / Sweep

    Hi all,   I've been trying different means to get this shape up (6 -7 - 8) from loft sketches to the individual loft to mirror.   Now I'm thinking of having those arcs design one by one, using loft as ...
    Haaziq Ibrahim
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  • Is it OK to use centerlines for all your construction-line needs when 2D sketching?

    Or, to put it another way - Does SolidWorks view centerlines and construction lines as being the same thing? Am using 2020 Student Version.
    Liam Ginann
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  • Hole table - Items are removed on save / rebuild

    Hello, we are developing Add-In for SolidWorks and one of our customers reported an issue with our Add-In with hole table. After some testing, I have found that the issue is probably caused by SolidWorks itself. The i...
    Bjarne Mortensen
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  • Copy/paste and edit block without changing the original block in drawing

    Hi everyone,   I am working with SW 2013 SP5.0. I have a drawing and in that drawing i am using a lot of lines and annotations which repeat a lot. And the move a little or have some minor changes from drawing to...
    Milos Stancic
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  • Multiple configurations with automatic separate drawing

    Morning everyone,   I have an assembly file with 50 configurations, I now need a drawing file to export DXF and PDF of each individual configuration. Before today, I would create a single drawing, choose the con...
    Dylan Sinclair
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  • Connect drawing file property to part's/assembly's

    Hey, is there any way to connect drawing file property to part/assembly?   This is drawing properties tab.     Thanks
    Alexei Kositsin
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  • Asterisks in balloons, but only with indented option

    As the headline says, there's a weird issue which turns balloon numbers into asterisks with certain configurations -- but *only* when BOM Type is set to "indented", regardless of what indented numbering option is...
    Antti Saari
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  • I need to cut a hexagonal shape in the length of a cylinder that makes one full twist in ten inches

    This would be a hexagonal hole that make one 360 degree twist about an axis down the center of a cylinder.
    Richard Fiero
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  • Spell check add button not working

    Running spell check in a drawing and the ADD button for adding a word to the dictionary is not working.   How do I make it work?
    Kevin Casey
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  • How do you increase the length of a solid body?

    Hi, there!   I'd like to know if there exists any specific feature-command to successfully increase the length of a solid body already?   I have created a spring which I need to modify to a different lengt...
    Eric Petersson
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  • Display order of component feature lines and annotations in drawing

    It's been said plenty before, but I'm compelled to post again because of the level of frustration this is causing me.  Why oh why are we given such limited control of the order in which feature lines, annotation...
    Tyler Nichol
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  • Dimension not being shown

    Good morning,    I running into the following issue.    I am using smart dimension on my views, however, the actual value is not being shown.    Any advice?   Thank you very much...
    Carlos Galvis
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  • can you have a table automatically be populated in sheet 2

    I have a drawing format for sheet 1 that allows me to auto populate from a custom property manager. Can I have this table be entered automatically when I add a new sheet?   Sheet 1 uses Sheet format and drawing ...
    Shawndra Products
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  • Made a quick Deform Tool demonstration video - using a solid model I got some assistance with yesterday

    Wasn't too impressed with the SolidWorks Deform Tool videos I found on YouTube, so I decided to make a quick one showing the kind of detail that can be achieved. With some assistance from >> Maha Nadarasa ...
    Liam Ginann
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  • how to make a radius dimension a diameter

    Alan Shafer
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  • <NUM_INST> X

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how the instance count is populating when the calloutformat.txt has "**NO-NUMBER-OF-INSTANCES" at the start of the file? We are also experiencing problems getting the dowel hole count...
    Deanna Walch
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  • Can someone help me convert this to a solid?

    It's just the front third of a human head . . . there's an annoying gap left between the lips, and maybe something going on with the sides of the nose. [SLDPRT attached . . . PS. also attached IGS]
    Liam Ginann
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