• SW 2020 Bug: Graphics rendering in drawings does not match models.

    We layout part views on a slddrw to make autocad drawing layouts for cnc router to cut. This particular bug popped up in SW2020 and is causing serious issues.  Drawing views are not reflecting the geometry of the...
    Bret MacKie
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  • edge flange artifacts

    HI all   im trying to make a tab (edge flange) back from the edge of a part......when i do this im getting some strange artifacts as shown   i have created a cut back from the edge and then entered the edg...
    Adrian Miles
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  • How to break an isoview in a drawing ?

    In a drawing I like to break an isoview because of the length of the part. For example a sternshaft Ø25mm x 2000mm. How to do that ?
    Checkcheck Master
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  • Soldiwork Drawing to AutoCad Conversion Problem

    Can anyone help me for this (Refer following picture)
    Abhishek Lad
    created by Abhishek Lad
  • Incorrect Scale on Section View

    Since upgrading from 2019 to 2020 I've noticed that any time I create a section view in a drawing, the initial scale is set incorrectly. In 2019, the scale on a section view defaulted to "use parent scale" and ap...
    Austin Broeker
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  • Weldment Cutlist is incorrect (Help)

    So I have designed a chassis for a trailer, but when i go to create a drawing the cutlist has merged different weldments together so my cutlist does not display properly. in the model you can see its merged/highlighte...
    William Fuller
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  • Bend Lines and CNC Press Brakes

    So my issue occurs when trying to bend parts that have bends in opposite directions on the same side of the part (a relief). For example if there was a bend at 10mm and a bend at 30mm from the same edge of the part. ...
    Greg Wright
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  • How should Hole Tables be improved?

    Hole tables are often the subject of requests for enhancements by users.  So, let me just ask here, how should Hole Tables be improved?   
    Matthew Lorono
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  • Hole callout has incorrect depth

    The hole callout for multiple drawings I am creating have incorrect depths. One shows 'THRU' when it is not, and the other shows a depth of 6.5mm when it is actually thru (an 8.5mm part). Both of these features are re...
    Ian Metz
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  • why does "file>make drawing from part" set scale to 1:2 regardless of the template I select?

    why does "file>make drawing from part" set scale to 1:2 regardless of the template I select?   And, how can I make it respect the scale I set in the template?
    Bryan Willman
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  • can this machine produce useful energy>

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    James Dyson
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  • How do I change the default revision scheme in a revision table?

    Our revision scheme begins with "-" as the initial revision, and then the modified increments in alphabetical order. SW default revision table starts with rev "A". So if i change rev"A" to "-", the symbol is affecte...
    Soroo Park
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  • Detailing Structural Steel W/ SW? Does anybody have any librairies/Weldments/Tool Boxes they would share?

    I am trying to use this to do our shops on, Although SW is robust, it lacks in this area. I am a old guy trying to learn this new way. I almost had a heart attack when they took the drafting table out of our office. I...
    Blaine Geer
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  • How many people use SW for structural steel detailing?

    Hello, I was wondering how many people use SW for structural steel detailing? I am new to SW and having a hard time getting things set up with drawings and bill of materials. I can model just fine. Its when I have to ...
    Michael Buchanan
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  • Any way to change the color of dimensions when in Sketch-Edit mode?

    Have a look at the screenshot I've uploaded . . . You'll see that the only way to change their color is by changing the color of the fully defined sketch lines. It seems to be impossible to have a fully defined sketch...
    Liam Ginann
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  • Inserting Revision Triangle into BOM

    I am looking for ideas, We do not use a PDM nor SW Revision tables, just a general table to control revisions. Does anybody have an idea on how to insert a rev triangle into a BOM? Ex. One Rev. 1 of the ...
    Brady Balzan
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  • Note number propagation to next sheet

    I am doing an assembly drawing with multiple sheets and would like to note bullet/numbers to propagate from sheet 1 to sheet 2 automatically. Can not find a solution for this. Is there a way to do this?   Thanks...
    Milos Rankovic
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  • fractional and decimal dimensions

    i have two questions to ask in solidworks   1. can you use both decimal and fractional dimensions in a drawing at the same time.   2. i see there are quick snaps in sketching are their snaps in dimensionin...
    Robert Clementi
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  • how do I make the drawing preferences for a particular document my default settings for any drawing I fabricate

    I know if I pack and go, it copies preferences, from the copied part, but what if I'm detailing multiple imported parts, yet I want all details settings to be the same.  A 'Document Properties' for all parts sett...
    Nelson Ouzts
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  • Disappearing tolerances

    I'm using SW 2018 SP 4.0.  We switched to this version at work a month or two ago.  Since then, I've noticed something haven't seen before.  I made a hole in a part using the hole wizard, and then, on a...
    Greg Welch
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