• 2016 Drawing Template with 2019 Assembly is it possible?

    Hi Guys/Gals,   I have an issue with the Bill of Materials in 2019 Std. It is unstable and causes me a lot of wasted time by re-creating it after it crashes. I did report it to the local supplier and guess what?...
    Wilbert Flora
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  • insert pictures into bom

    when completing drawings, how to insert parts/components pictures into BOM?   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Bill of Materials space. Please use the appropriate space when one exists.
    Qinghai Jin
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  • How to get the total part quantity on indented BOM

    I need to export an indented BOM where each sub item has the total used in each subassembly.  If you use Assembly Visualization and expand the subassemblies, it shows the breakdown I need.  The problem is it...
    Todd Bennett
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  • BOM units do not follow drawing units

    On a few old drawings there are BOMs that do not follow the drawing units. For example, if the drawing units are set to fractions (wood industry, don't shoot) the BOM will be in decimals. The BOM isn't consistent thou...
    Bill Lacey
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  • One BOM drives multiple BOM in one drawing

    I was wondering if it was possible to have one BOM drive multiple BOMs in one drawing.   Here's an example. This is an air kit we are developping on SolidWorks for trailers. We have 4 pages, one overall, one to ...
    Alex Lachance
    created by Alex Lachance
  • Assy BOM With a Cut List

    We are creating weldments with tubing and other components as assemblies.  The tubing is created in a single multibody part using the Weldments functionality.  However, we need to add other components, plate...
    Doug Schaefer
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  • sheet metal square footage in BOM

    below i have a bill of material with the quantity field linked to the SF equation. in the equation "Evaluates to" shows the answer in 3 decimal places, however, the bill shows it in 6. i cant for the life of me, figur...
    J. Buckallew
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  • Make BOM show linear feet of one part, with varying lengths as configs

    I have a 1x1 piece of lumber, and I have several configurations with different lengths. I modeled it as a square, extruded it to proper length. For configs, I select the square sketch and offset the length I want the ...
    Cameron Blank
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  • Can a BOM be copied to another sheet?

    I have a BOM on sheet 1 (46 parts).  I re-arranged the parts in the right order and formatted the table (in other words: I spent some time editing this BOM to look right)   Now I've been asked if I could sh...
    Jack Knapp
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  • Where is the default template for 'save as' to excel?

    I am looking for the excel template that SW uses when generating the file for an excel sheet when it is 'saved as' from the SW drawing. I spent some time in excel, getting that default template the way I want it set...
    Randy May
    created by Randy May
  • Most efficient way to show bounding box dimensions under stock size in BOM

    Hey guys, I have a bounding box created for multiple simple rectangular parts. I want the stock size in the BOM to reference the bounding box length, width and thickness. It seems like I need to physically type out "...
    Aaron Gradeen
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  • Multiple Bill of Materials from single assembly

    Hello, I am working on an assembly which contains several different types of parts - Mechanical parts, rubber parts, motors etc. I wanted to know what is best way to make separate BOMS for each type of part. I want ...
    P. P.
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  • BOM - Show two custom properties in one column, automatic

    Hi! Is it possible to show two custom properties in one column for example Amount & Length by automatic when you insert the BOM to the drawing? I have try with equation button, but it doesn't work. We have specia...
    Fredrik Johansson
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  • Exclude from BOM, does not stay excluded

    I've run into an issue where I have an Assy that I need to make a drawing where it would be better to show as a Parts Only BOM and have to manually insert additional lines for few specific assy's.   The problem...
    Matthew Mosher
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  • Is there a way to separate field and shop material in a bill of material?

    I have been searching to find a way to assign a "shop" or "field" designation to a part. I then want it separate on the bom on the assembly drawing. I would need to know how to format the bill of material to have a h...
    Dan Thompson
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  • Can't save BOM as .xls

    I am trying to save a BOM as a .xls file, but when I go through the steps to do so it doesn't save. I do have Excel, and I am using SW2015. I can save as a .csv, but nothing saves if I save as a .xls. I am not usin...
    Kyle Swenson
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  • "BOM standard" template and Quantity column

    Hello,   I am having a look at BOM tables, but I  cannot figure out how the 'Default/QTY' column is handled. Where does it gets its properties from? Is there an automatic Query for it? I asking this quest...
    Pierre-Antoine Mangeret
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  • Add file name to item number in bom

    Is it possible to add the file name of a drawing to the item number in the BOM? Something like this where column 'File-Item' has the file name and the item number in one column, but without typing everything. Can th...
    Frank Van Eygen
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  • Generate Custom External BOM from Assembly

    Our company is currently looking to streamline our process of making BOMs. Currently after a job is modeled/detailed in excel we manually enter part numbers, titles, quantities, and weights of all the parts in the top...
    Robert Berrier
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  • is there a way to take info out of a BOM and insert it into a general table using Macro

    is there a way to take info out of a BOM and insert it into a general table after adding text to it? for example if i have a BOM table with "part name", "description" and "quantity" now i need to create a new table th...
    Sean Leahy
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