Has anyone come across a B.O.M. whereby a requirement to display the configurations of the same part as one item AND display configurations of the same part as separate items?   I currently have an assembly show...
    Brian Watts
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  • Part Configuration Grouping

    Hi Guys,   Bit of a difficult one here, hoping there's a solution.   We have various custom toolbox items in our library,   One is a nut - this is a part with several configurations - each configurat...
    Peter Anthony
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  • Partial Atomic BOM

    How does one make a partial atomic BOM.   Here is the situation creating the question.   We have assembly driven weldments of tanks Multiple tank weldments are welded together There are sub wel...
    Scott Leacox
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  • How to create a flat bill of materials where the vendor purchased assemblies do not flatten?

    How does one create a flat bill of materials for a major assembly where the vendor purchased assemblies do not flatten? This creates a useless BOM full of vendor identified only bits and pieces. There has to be a para...
    Tom Stich
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  • Weldment BOM Description for Sheets and Plates

    Hi All,   Is there a way to rectify this.   1. In description for Item 1, there a too much space/gap between the the text Plate 10 and mm. 2. How to get the full flattened length of the sheet metal part i...
    Lakhvinder Singh
    created by Lakhvinder Singh
  • "Top Level" BOMs with multiple configs broken in 2019?

    I'm running 2019 SP3 and 2018.   In 2019, if I have an assembly with more that one config, and I add a Top Level Only BOM showing both configs, the quantity column labels do not come in correctly.  In the a...
    Josh Brady
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  • Text in balloons prints out as overlapping?

    I am a newbie to this forum so forgive my mistakes please.  I did search for this topic but did not find it.   My balloons appear normal in the assembly view but when I go to print preview the double digit...
    Gary Frey
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  • BOM for Multi-Body part

    Is there a way to include all bodies multi-body part' BOM? Note: I get multi-body part from an insert part which includes all CusProp such as Material, Revision etc... how to link these cusprop to the BOM Thanks
    Christian Chu
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  • Description - Cutlist Properties

    Hi All,   Is there a way that the Plate item (shown below item 1 and 2) is described with thickness only? For example, I only want Plate, 10mm to be in the evaluated value. I know I can modify/delete the value, ...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Link balloon text to specified table missing

    I just updated to 2019 sp1 and now find when I right click on a part on a sheet and choose properties, the Balloons box with (Link balloon to specified table) is not populated with any tables to choose from, even thou...
    Ted Andreas
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    I have a weldment cutlist table in a drawing that is tabulated.  The part is configured such that one item's qty is called out in the table under column C.  How can I change the qty cell of the weldment cutl...
    Wayne Bird
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  • Looking for ideas on exporting BOM's

    Hello,   We've been working for a while with SolidWorks and an E.R.P. that communicates with SolidWorks so we can push the info from SolidWorks to the E.R.P. The way it works is we've been using a tabulated BOM...
    Alex Lachance
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  • Are there defaults for "Part Configuration Grouping"?

    We don't usually have issues when we're creating new drawings, but as we go back and make copies of old drawings we've been running into issues with the Part Configuration Grouping on BOM tables.  Specifically, i...
    Kelsea Barnett
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  • Successfully Implementing a Standalone BOM

    Our team is pursuing a different path with BOMs.  Per the book, Engineering Documentation Control Handbook (pp. 30-31), and industry standards; we are attempting to remove our BOMs from the body of our drawings &...
    Brian Guth
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  • unhide hidden rows in bom

    How do I unhide rows that are hidden in a bom?
    Bob Herfindahl
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  • How to go back from a dissolved in BOM assembly?

    Good morning all,   I am trying to make a BOM for an assembly including two sub assemblies. Therefore I was expecting two items in the BOM. However, one of my sub assembly is "dessovled in BOM" (see picture) so ...
    Thibaud Tellier
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  • screw count and types in BOM

    I am facing a weird problem with assembly BOMs and hardware/screw call outs in the BOM. For example if my assembly has (5) 6-32 x 3/8 screws and (10) 6-32 x 5/8 screws inserted into the assembly from tools box, in the...
    Afshin Asadnejad
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  • How to call for the drawing of how to assemble a kit?

    I have a kit of parts that can be assembled in the field in 2 distinct variations depending on the customer's equipment.  I would like to include the drawing showing the 2 exploded configurations and the BOM in t...
    Andy Casper
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  • Unable to pick BOM

    How in the world does this happen? I've never seen this and don't know why it's happening nor how to resolve. I pick the view I want to select the BOM to associate with. It doesn't even allow me the option to pick it....
    Daniel Melendez
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  • How do I add the bounding box sizes to the BOM

    When the bounding box feature is added to a part it creates properties in the part file for those sizes. They are "Total Bounding Box Thickness", "Total Bounding Box Width" and "Total Bounding Box Length" also the vol...
    Dusty Nogueira
    created by Dusty Nogueira