Recently I have not been able to overwrite the text in a BOM like change the qty manualy and if I insert a line I cannot add any text to any of the fields.   Is there somthing that I have turned on or off?  ...
    Robert Wilson
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  • Link BOM cell to weldment properties

    I have created a custom BOM to use as a schedule of openings for our pressure vessels. The BOM lists out all of the flanges in a vessel and the properties relating to the flange. When we use multiple weldneck flange...
    Brady Balzan
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  • Linking a BOM Part Number to a Drawing Custom Property

    Good Morning, I'm attempting to drive a drawing BOM's part number and QTY for a particular item with a drawing custom property. The QTY seems to be linking without an issue, but the Part Number cell doesn't display t...
    Ryan Krawchuk
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  • BOM for all parts and sub-assemblies?

    Is there a way for SolidWorks to output a BOM for an assembly with the total quantity of all sub-assemblies and all parts, including all parts under sub-assemblies while also showing no duplicates of the same part num...
    Stephen Braker
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  • Insert 'FLAT PATTERN' property in to 'FORMED' BOM

    Hello SW users,   Our weld assemblies consist of formed, machined and just 'standard parts' (no forming or machining required).   However, our BOM properties (usually size) describe pre-machined and p...
    Zack Polovin
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  • BOM calculations of stock material needed

    I'm trying to make a template file to use for starting individual jobs; this file will be pack-n-go'd into a folder for each job.  I want the BOM in PDM to show the number of stock parts needed to build the compo...
    Stephen Donelson
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  • Part configuration grouping - Display configurations with the same name as one item

    Hello all,   Does anyone use this option enough to explain the proper way to set up parts for this.  Currently, it only somewhat works.  For parts that have unique part numbers per configuration, I cre...
    Jason Lackey
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  • Delete Qty column in BOM?

    Hi,   I'm using SW2010 and am trying to set different BOM's for parts and assemblies. For my part BOM I don't want the Qty column to appear as it is always '1' for the part and this is meaningless. When I right ...
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  • Opening Drawings from BOM

    Hello,   how can I open a drawing of a part or assembly directly from the BOM?   Thanks. Gerhard
    Gerhard Teply
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  • Handed mirrored parts quantity in BOM

    Hi,   I was wondering if there are any ways to have the quantity of a part and its mirrored handed version within the same assembly as one total number, in the BOM table.   What I mean is that when I make ...
    Amir Fareghi
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  • Is there a way to use a specific excel template when exporting a BOM from SolidWorks?

    When I export a BOM from a SolidWorks assembly drawing I would like to use a specific template in Excel that I have created and formatted to my liking. Is there a way to do that? EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Bi...
    Dusty Nogueira
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  • How to display properties from a first configuration for a second configuration on the drawing

    Hi everyone reading,    I want to display a property from the first configuration when a second configuration is loaded into a second configuration. I figured this already works for lets say the mass of the...
    Roeland Vetters
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  • Question about BOM using different configurations

    Hello,   I have a question concerning the automatic generation of the bill of materials.   I have a part, which has 2 configurations. the second configuration is solely a simplified version of the fir...
    Roeland Vetters
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    Has anyone come across a B.O.M. whereby a requirement to display the configurations of the same part as one item AND display configurations of the same part as separate items?   I currently have an assembly show...
    Brian Watts
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  • Part Configuration Grouping

    Hi Guys,   Bit of a difficult one here, hoping there's a solution.   We have various custom toolbox items in our library,   One is a nut - this is a part with several configurations - each configurat...
    Peter Anthony
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  • Partial Atomic BOM

    How does one make a partial atomic BOM.   Here is the situation creating the question.   We have assembly driven weldments of tanks Multiple tank weldments are welded together There are sub wel...
    Scott Leacox
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  • How to create a flat bill of materials where the vendor purchased assemblies do not flatten?

    How does one create a flat bill of materials for a major assembly where the vendor purchased assemblies do not flatten? This creates a useless BOM full of vendor identified only bits and pieces. There has to be a para...
    Tom Stich
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  • Weldment BOM Description for Sheets and Plates

    Hi All,   Is there a way to rectify this.   1. In description for Item 1, there a too much space/gap between the the text Plate 10 and mm. 2. How to get the full flattened length of the sheet metal part i...
    Lakhvinder Singh
    created by Lakhvinder Singh
  • "Top Level" BOMs with multiple configs broken in 2019?

    I'm running 2019 SP3 and 2018.   In 2019, if I have an assembly with more that one config, and I add a Top Level Only BOM showing both configs, the quantity column labels do not come in correctly.  In the a...
    Josh Brady
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  • Text in balloons prints out as overlapping?

    I am a newbie to this forum so forgive my mistakes please.  I did search for this topic but did not find it.   My balloons appear normal in the assembly view but when I go to print preview the double digit...
    Gary Frey
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