• Failed to Launch Sever Application Using Excel BOM

    I'm trying to create an excel based bom using SolidWorks 2009 and Excel 2003. Whenever I try to do this the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box appears however selecting the Contents tab and clicking OK results in...
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    How can I get invisible the border in boom table?
    Fernando diaz
    created by Fernando diaz
  • BOM Equations

    Is there a way to set the value of a cell in a general table to be that of a value in a cell of a BOM using equations? Thanks
    Vincent Nesbitt
    created by Vincent Nesbitt
  • SW BOM Export

    Does anyone have a good macro to export the SW BOM to Excel using a template file? I know that you can do a 'Save As', but the Excel file created lacks any type of a reasonable format. I would also like to input some ...
    Troy Springer
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  • non part related BOM items

    We have several standard items we use in our BOM that are not part related, such as carton top, carton bottom, instruction sheet, glue, and so on. Can I create a BOM template that includes these items?
    David Stevens
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  • Equations in QTY colum of Solidworks BOM not retained when saved

    I have a problem whereby I am inserting an equation into the QTY column of a Solidworks 2008 BOM to display an error message if the qty is zero (for virtual components defined by a custom qty custom property). This wo...
    Oliver Seidel
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  • Round-Up equation...

    I need a simple round-up equation for generating stock sizes for sheetmetal blanks. I have searched around all morning to no avail. The equation always needs to round-up to the next inch size. I'm not real good with V...
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  • BOM keeps rolling up?

    Has anyone else noticed that BOMS keep rolling up when editing them. I'm using 2008 SP4.0. The only work around for this is to set the "part configuration grouping" too "display configurations of the same part as sepa...
    Chad Schmidt
    created by Chad Schmidt

    I have a slight problem, in a product g.a. , i am trying to show in the b.o.m. the casting config and the machining config, all the b.o.m seems to show is the machining config(this is the config used in the assembly) ...
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  • BOM Solid Bodies Display

    I have an assembly containing parts with multiple solid bodies. Is there any way to create a column in the BOM that will link the number of solid bodies of each part? Thanks, Alan SW2008 SP3.0
    Alan Dellinger
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    I'd like to be able to get the numbers to go in increments of 1. I've deleted some of the rows in a BOM so the numbers go from 3,4,12,23.... Is there any way around this?
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  • Indented Assemblies Not Showing 90% of Parts

    I am using Solid Works 2007 SP5 by request of my client on a powerful computer system with 4Gb of RAM and 3.8 GHz of processing speed with Windows XP Professional SP2. In a drawing, I am unable to generate an "Ind...
    James Letwin
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  • How can I create a Table template?

    Is there any way can can save an excel table of information as a Solidworks Table Template (.sldbtpt) - I think that's the file extension. I need to enter this info on a drawing using the "general table" insert tool. ...
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  • can i import or extract excel data table into sw general table?

    I have a solidworks drawing with an imported .dxf 2d assembly image/dwg. The bom data has been entered into an excel spreadsheet by my electrical dept. Without copy&paste, I need to import the excel bom data into...
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  • Are "Row up" and "Row down" functions still available in 2008 edition?

    In 2007 edition, there are "Row up" and "Row down" function in BOM Contents. Are these functions still available in 2008 edition? It is useful to assign a part to an item number. David Maxfield Inc.
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  • realview toolbar

    how to find realview toolbar in solidwork........i want to use bom in my design......
    zam 86
    created by zam 86
  • How do I change the order of columns

    How do I change the order BOM columns? I know it is easy, but I can't find the place where I define the columns.
    Jeff Cullina
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  • Item 1 disappearing

    On a large file when renumbering balloons Item 1 will disappear from the BOM and I have to shut SW down and restart it. It works sometimes but not everytime. Anyway to fix this?
    Ash Carlton
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  • Rubber-Banding BOM Column Width

    Hi, When adjusting the column width for one column in a BOM, by dragging it - suddenly it's like a rubber band and *snap all columns are the same width, which is a pain in the $##!! How many times do you actually ne...
    Tim R
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  • BOM has a mind of it's own

    I opened a drawing this morning and the BOM had changed. The columns had shrunk and the QTY had gone from a "1" to a "-" and would not let me change it. I hacd to delete the bill and reload. Are there any sugestions o...
    Miles Lowry
    created by Miles Lowry