• Linking Item numbers from BOM to notes

    I recall reading some where on the forums about the ability to link notes to the corresponding item in the BOM. An example note would be "INSTALL ITEM 1 INTO ITEM 2" these items would correspond to the items in the BO...
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  • Stacked Balloons

    Here's a little one that drives me nuts: I Auto balloon a drawing, then when I want a stacked balloon, I have to delete the balloon that is there, and insert a stacked balloon. If I want to add more to the stack later...
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  • Configuration Name in the Qty. Column

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  • Setting precision in a BOM table

    I am performing simple calcultations in a BOM table and for the resutlant or any cell for that matter, i cannot seem to get the precision to change. I am using the equations editor and when i select the precision for ...
    David Anderson
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  • Limited Number of Columns In SWBom

    I am creating a custom SW-BOM which we than save as an excel file. I'm adding a few new columns which is pushing the number of columns to over 26. SW is inserting symbols instead of an Alpha code and this is caus...
    Ryan Myers
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  • How do you change excel bom to show a qty of A/R?

    In alot our assy we need to show A/R as qty (as required) we use excel based BOMs, sure you can edit it but refreash and it comes back qty 1. how do you permanently make this stick?
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    HI ALL, was wondering if there is any way to automaticlly size the height of the rows in a BOM? i have added a BOM, and changed the text size to a smaller point. but the rows in the BOM stay the same size any ...
    Tom Mathieson
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  • Linking to current costs

    Hi Guys, Looking for a point in the right direction if anyone can help id be grateful. I have quite a few different products modelled in SW. The products consist of a number of different lengths of weldments s...
    eddy reilly
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  • Cut List equations

    Is there a way to change from metric to inch in custom properties in a weld cut list I am double clicking dimensions to add the cutom property field. "D1@Extrude2@xxx-33-005.SLDPRT" = 281.00. The document unit's a...
    Jim Donnellon
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  • BOM Error?

    Just started to use 2009. I have opened an assembly drawing and the BOM is having issues. Specifically I use the split balloons. The top with the item number shows correctly, but the lower with the QTY is showing "BOM...
    Kirk Jess
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  • BOM Names

    I have all of my parts set up so that their configuration name is the one that is shown on the BOM. If I change a configuration name though it changes my BOM name to the part/assemblies name (not the config. name). It...
    D. W. Fulmer
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  • Weldment Cutlist - woodworking

    I have created some custom weldment profiles, but I am not able to get the description to populate on the cut list. Any suggestions? I am using SW2009 sp4
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  • Server Busy Excel 2007

    Everyone here in the engineering department where I work have been getting a server busy error. It occurs when editing a design table that is created on excel. The original was created back on Excel 97. The problem st...
    Adam Gamler
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  • Indented BOM table for Weldments

    I create an Indented BOM table for Weldments in an Assembly Drawing. I close and open this drawing several times then the description field contains wrong values. For example, if the length is 100mm the description fi...
    Raul Vidal
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  • Can a custom prorety be an html link?

    Is there a way to allow a custom property to be an html link, so I can set the value to a webpage? Eventually I will want this to be a working link in my BOM, saved as a .svg from Composer, but for now I'm just trying...
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  • Calc'd Config Volume in BOM Quantity

    We are attempting to get Epoxy (part A/B) volumes to show up in the top level assembly BOM as a quantity for Part_A and Part_B with multiple configurations. This is where we are currently: Part_A.sldprt Creat...
    Kevin Brown
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  • BOM Quanity on Detail Sheet

    Is there any way to link the quanity of an item in a BOM to the detail sheet for manufacturing?
    Damon Smith
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  • BOM does not update measurements

    Attached I have (3) measurements....Thick (THK), Width (X-DIM), and Length (Y-DIM). In my model all the dimensions are in decimal, when i link a BOM to these parts the dimenions are still in decimal. I need them t...
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    I have seem to have lost the ability to click and drag the size of the BOM. I used to be able to click and drag the bottom right corner of the BOM and resize the rows when placing the BOM on the top left of the drawin...
    Winter Craighead
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  • Creating a Bom that displays Dimensions Automatically

    Hi all, Im very new to Solidworks, but basically i work for a Cabinet Company and we are considering switching to Solidworks. My question is this, I would like to be able to create a BOM that automatica...
    Jon Califf
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