• Is there a way to customise how solidworks exports/saves BOMs to excel?

    Hello,   I would like to export my BOMs from Solidworks to excel. But instead of the top row reading for example "part no,Name,Length. I would like to export it with different names in the top. I want to do...
    Rien Euser
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  • How to hide part, but not cut list member in BOM?

    Hello, I have an interesting question. I had the opposite problem before. Where I wanted to hide the cut list item from a part in my BOM. Now I want to do the opposite and it doesnt seem as straight forward.   I...
    Rien Euser
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  • Adding Weldment Lengths to BOM in assembly?

    So this is going to need quite a bit of context as I'm not entirely sure what to even look for on the forums for a solution.   I don't have an extensive history with SW but I've learned an overwhelming amount in...
    Evan Krech
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  • BOM for Multi-Body part

    Is there a way to include all bodies multi-body part' BOM? Note: I get multi-body part from an insert part which includes all CusProp such as Material, Revision etc... how to link these cusprop to the BOM Thanks
    Christian Chu
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  • Description - Cutlist Properties

    Hi All,   Is there a way that the Plate item (shown below item 1 and 2) is described with thickness only? For example, I only want Plate, 10mm to be in the evaluated value. I know I can modify/delete the value, ...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • BOM that updates automaticly

    So, is this going to be a SW2019 feature or what takes? I can't understand that I have to reopen drawing/recreate BOM to get the added components show up in the BOM. Old Excel based BOM is much better, but the new one...
    Markku Lehtola
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  • BOM Item #'s to letters?

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to redo a BOM so that it displays a,b,c,d.... rather than 1,2,3,4......? It helps keep the confusion down in the shop or someone mixing up qty 2 of item 6 or qty 6 or it...
    Armin Strohhaecker
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  • SW2017 Enhancement That Didn't Make the "What's New" Document

    I recently discovered that if you insert a BOM in a SW2017 Drawing, drawing views of the components in the BOM inserted afterwards will automatically be linked to it.  People have been asking for something like t...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • BOM QTY units in linear feet-not number of pieces

    We want our BOM template to include the following: . Typical part quantities (number of pieces) for parts in our system as "each" . Quantities for parts that are in our system as linear feet (things purchased on a...
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  • Excel-based BOM is greyed out

    I see....the drawing view must be selected BEFORE choosing Insert>Tables>Excel-Based BOM. That is strange since this is not necessary to insert a standard SW Table-Based BOM. Thanks
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  • Cut List Dual dimension

    Curently I am try to figure out how to customize the cutlist template to show in both inches and millimeters, and dual weights (KG,LB), I am able to do it in excel (see attached pic) but I have not found a way to do i...
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  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list: Vote Now! Voting ends January 15, 2014.

    Hi everyone,   Just a reminder that voting for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list ends on Wednesday January 15, 2014. Please be sure to submit your votes as soon as possible to have your opinion heard.  ...
    Salih Alani
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  • SolidWorks World Top Ten list: Now open for Voting!

    Hi everyone,   Idea creation is now complete.  We are excited by the number of Idea submissions for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list. This year; we have the most submissions ever!   Now’s ...
    Salih Alani
    created by Salih Alani
  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten List – Last chance to submit your new ideas before Voting begins on December 16th

    Hello Everyone,   New idea submission will end on December 16, 2013 when we will transition into the voting phase (which will end on January 15, 2014).   Before the December 16, 2013 submission deadline,...
    David Hensel
    created by David Hensel
  • 2 Properties in one cell

    Whenever our reseller created our drawing layout, they used 2 properties for the description ("description 1" & "description 2") in order to create 2 lines on the drawing... for word wrapping on the drawing. Well,...
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  • Use Split Balloons With Different Quantities For Same Item

    We have an assembly that uses multiple identical configurations ofa part in two different locations. We would like to show a splitballoon, in both locations, with the split balloon showing thequantity of the part in e...
    Mike Childs
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  • SolidWorks Cut List Add-In Testers Needed

    I just developed a free cut list add-in for SolidWorks that makes creating cut lists and texturing models a much simpler task. It fills in some much needed features for those using SolidWorks for designing wood produc...
    Califf Chris
    created by Califf Chris
  • Configuration Descriptions

    How do I get the Configuration Description to show in the BOM? I am using the configuation to show different materials in the description. When I generate a BOM all I get is the generic description not the one specifi...
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  • Doubling Qty in the BOM for an assembly

    What is the easiest way to double the qty in a BOM without adding the components in the model itself? In my drawing I only want to detail a RH weldment and place a note indicating "LH Weldment is mirror copy of RH...
    Francis Sison
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  • Split BOM and move second half to sheet two ???

    Can you Split a BOM and then move the part you split over to anthersheet (sheet two)?
    Larry Hanska
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