I have a weldment cutlist table in a drawing that is tabulated.  The part is configured such that one item's qty is called out in the table under column C.  How can I change the qty cell of the weldment cutl...
    Wayne Bird
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  • Looking for ideas on exporting BOM's

    Hello,   We've been working for a while with SolidWorks and an E.R.P. that communicates with SolidWorks so we can push the info from SolidWorks to the E.R.P. The way it works is we've been using a tabulated BOM...
    Alex Lachance
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  • Are there defaults for "Part Configuration Grouping"?

    We don't usually have issues when we're creating new drawings, but as we go back and make copies of old drawings we've been running into issues with the Part Configuration Grouping on BOM tables.  Specifically, i...
    Kelsea Barnett
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  • Successfully Implementing a Standalone BOM

    Our team is pursuing a different path with BOMs.  Per the book, Engineering Documentation Control Handbook (pp. 30-31), and industry standards; we are attempting to remove our BOMs from the body of our drawings &...
    Brian Guth
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  • How to go back from a dissolved in BOM assembly?

    Good morning all,   I am trying to make a BOM for an assembly including two sub assemblies. Therefore I was expecting two items in the BOM. However, one of my sub assembly is "dessovled in BOM" (see picture) so ...
    Thibaud Tellier
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  • screw count and types in BOM

    I am facing a weird problem with assembly BOMs and hardware/screw call outs in the BOM. For example if my assembly has (5) 6-32 x 3/8 screws and (10) 6-32 x 5/8 screws inserted into the assembly from tools box, in the...
    Afshin Asadnejad
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  • How to call for the drawing of how to assemble a kit?

    I have a kit of parts that can be assembled in the field in 2 distinct variations depending on the customer's equipment.  I would like to include the drawing showing the 2 exploded configurations and the BOM in t...
    Andy Casper
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  • Unable to pick BOM

    How in the world does this happen? I've never seen this and don't know why it's happening nor how to resolve. I pick the view I want to select the BOM to associate with. It doesn't even allow me the option to pick it....
    Daniel Melendez
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  • How do I add the bounding box sizes to the BOM

    When the bounding box feature is added to a part it creates properties in the part file for those sizes. They are "Total Bounding Box Thickness", "Total Bounding Box Width" and "Total Bounding Box Length" also the vol...
    Dusty Nogueira
    created by Dusty Nogueira
  • sheet Metal part Size in BOM

    hi,   i want sheet metal flat development size in my bill of material, can any one tell me it is possible with solid works or not?   regards
    Jaimin Shah
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  • 2019 Lost Functionality: Automatic Balloon Link to BOM

    My company makes CNC layout drawings using the following workflow: drop an assembly into a drawing, insert BOM, then open all components from the BOM (RT click on bom row, use open command, this ensures the link stays...
    Bret MacKie
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  • How to show drawing revision (minor) in the BOM?

    Initial state: Part number:  1234, Part revision 01.00 Drawing number:  1234, Drawing revision 01.00 BOM Part number Revision 1234 01.00 After minor update: Part number:  1234, Part revis...
    Justin Abraham
    created by Justin Abraham
  • Combine lengths of multiple different part instances in BOM?

    Consider a BOM with items like keystock. As engineers we want to model and insert keystock to ensure we are accounting for enough when we give prints to the shop. But, we are trying to clean up our BOM system in the p...
    Nick Sinno
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  • BOM Table Part No. Column not updating

    Hi Guys/Gals,   I came across this issue after I have updated the part model and edit the Properties as well. It seems that the BOM Table is not updating correctly.   Any inputs on this are well appreciate...
    Wilbert Flora
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  • When i make a new column in my BOM the top has a / before whatever i type how to do i get rid of that?????????????

    See Above   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Bill of Materials space. Please post in the appropriate space when one exists. The API/Macros space is for if you are using the SOLIDWORKS API (Application Programmers I...
    Ryan Harper
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  • Can't disable BOM Combine identical components

    Hi all,   Im strugglin with a BOM, I got an Assembly containing 2x the same weldment part and some other parts. our client does not want a seperate cutlist for the weldment part but just 1 BOM with all parts. ...
    Koen Plekker
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  • insert pictures into bom

    when completing drawings, how to insert parts/components pictures into BOM?   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Bill of Materials space. Please use the appropriate space when one exists.
    Qinghai Jin
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  • How to get the total part quantity on indented BOM

    I need to export an indented BOM where each sub item has the total used in each subassembly.  If you use Assembly Visualization and expand the subassemblies, it shows the breakdown I need.  The problem is it...
    Todd Bennett
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  • One BOM drives multiple BOM in one drawing

    I was wondering if it was possible to have one BOM drive multiple BOMs in one drawing.   Here's an example. This is an air kit we are developping on SolidWorks for trailers. We have 4 pages, one overall, one to ...
    Alex Lachance
    created by Alex Lachance
  • sheet metal square footage in BOM

    below i have a bill of material with the quantity field linked to the SF equation. in the equation "Evaluates to" shows the answer in 3 decimal places, however, the bill shows it in 6. i cant for the life of me, figur...
    J. Buckallew
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