• Missing custom property in BOM column

    I added a custom variable to my assembly/ drawing file properties. To be specific "SAP Number". However I can't figure out the way to bring it in my BOM's custom property list. How can I call out this new property "S...
    Bibek Tripathi
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  • Is there a way to customise how solidworks exports/saves BOMs to excel?

    Hello,   I would like to export my BOMs from Solidworks to excel. But instead of the top row reading for example "part no,Name,Length. I would like to export it with different names in the top. I want to do...
    Rien Euser
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  • combine BOM items question

    I have an assembly drawing, model consisting of one weldment, one subassembly, two hydraulic cylinders, four HHCS, four nuts and four lockwashers. I have a top level BOM. The cylinders (in the real world are identical...
    Mike Lydon
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  • How to hide part, but not cut list member in BOM?

    Hello, I have an interesting question. I had the opposite problem before. Where I wanted to hide the cut list item from a part in my BOM. Now I want to do the opposite and it doesnt seem as straight forward.   I...
    Rien Euser
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  • BOM will not update description, SW2018

    Why can I not get my assembly BOM to update with the custom properties changed at the part level?  I change the description of a given part and it does not update on the BOM.
    Brian Strassner
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  • Hide Cut List from BOM

    Is there an easy way to hide a cut list from an indented BOM? I only want parts and assemblies to show up. Each cut list item for every weldment and sheet metal part shows up as a part on the indented BOM.   So ...
    David Ebel
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  • Keep getting trailing zeroes in intendet BOM from weldment description

    Hi all,I keep getting trailing zeroes in my intended BOM (with cutlist) on my drawing.   But only on the description, not in the LENGHT column.   I checked all trailing zeroes settings (document settings) ...
    Frederick Haesevoets
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  • Show parts from sub-assembly in upper level BOM

    Hi,   Is there any possibilities to show parts from a sub-assembly in upper level assembly BOM?   Regards Yngve   (SW2009 x64 SP4.1 WinXP)
    Yngve Strypet
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  • How to get the total part quantity on indented BOM

    I need to export an indented BOM where each sub item has the total used in each subassembly.  If you use Assembly Visualization and expand the subassemblies, it shows the breakdown I need.  The problem is it...
    Todd Bennett
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  • Adding Weldment Lengths to BOM in assembly?

    So this is going to need quite a bit of context as I'm not entirely sure what to even look for on the forums for a solution.   I don't have an extensive history with SW but I've learned an overwhelming amount in...
    Evan Krech
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  • When i make a new column in my BOM the top has a / before whatever i type how to do i get rid of that?????????????

    See Above   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to Bill of Materials space. Please post in the appropriate space when one exists. The API/Macros space is for if you are using the SOLIDWORKS API (Application Programmers I...
    Ryan Harper
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  • Taking a variable and referencing it in BOM but said variable isn't available

    So I'm trying to create a "raw materials" BOM in my drawings for Procurement to accurately cost the build. I had found a forum post that addressed my issue (https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/105751#comment-5401...
    Evan Krech
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  • How to exclude a belt from the drawing bom table?

    I have a drawing with the BOM table driven from a view.  I have a belt part, but it's not shown in this view (view state).   I have a section of the main view that I show the belt part in, but that belt par...
    Sean Johnson
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  • Reversing order of BOM?

    Hello All, I'm trying to order my BOM with item 1 at the bottom, counting upwards by increments of 1. With the BOM Type set for "Indented", and with the "Flat Numbering" option from the pull down list, SW2009SP2.1 c...
    Allan Reinhard
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  • BOM qty header/column property - how to not display config name

    How do you not display the configuration name in the BOM Qty header/column property.  When I create a BOM for the drawing it displays the configuration name exploded in the column property header.  I want it...
    Tim Turpin
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  • BOM not following assembly order...

    Hello fellow Solidworks users, This is my my first post on the site. I have an assembly that I created with roughly 40 parts. I assembled some components and then reordered the BOM to make it flow like I wanted to...
    Ben Jones
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  • Creating Part Bounding Box

    Why do parts not have a bounding box, or overall dimensions; applied by default?   At the moment I am having to create a bounding box to use within a cut-list. Solidworks must know these dimensions because it c...
    Jason Young
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  • Needing a $PRP Equation for Multi Body Naming/Numbering Each Body

    I work for a sheet metal fabricator and we have just purchased new robotics in our shop. The built in Solid Works sheet metal functions are extremely useful and powerful especially when it comes to multi bod...
    Dylan Zingle
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  • Non-linked cell in BOM not sorting

    Has anyone else had this issue? I am using a Solidworks BOM, one of the columns is manually edited/entered (Not Linked) data. If I fill out the manual  data and sort the BOM by a separate column (Component Ref)...
    Brady Balzan
    created by Brady Balzan

    Recently I have not been able to overwrite the text in a BOM like change the qty manualy and if I insert a line I cannot add any text to any of the fields.   Is there somthing that I have turned on or off?  ...
    Robert Wilson
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