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Stephen Braker
Is there a way for SolidWorks to output a BOM for an assembly with the total quantity of all sub-assemblies and all parts, including all parts under sub-assemblies while also showing no duplicates of the same part number? I have tried a number of options that do not work for my desired result. If I use a top-level BOM with sub-assemblies… (Show more)
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Jenkins Bobby
I know there have been previous posts on this, but still haven't found an answer to the question I have. I need to be able to have a BOM to a top level assembly on multiple sheets, and I need to make sure the item numbers are the same on both (otherwise this becomes a very manual and tedious process). Is there any way to do this, I know you can… (Show more)
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Zack Polovin
Click to view contentHello SW users,   Our weld assemblies consist of formed, machined and just 'standard parts' (no forming or machining required).   However, our BOM properties (usually size) describe pre-machined and pre-formed state. For example, the description of a sheetmetal part will show it's flat pattern dimensions.    Currently I create a configuration… (Show more)
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Stephen Donelson
I'm trying to make a template file to use for starting individual jobs; this file will be pack-n-go'd into a folder for each job.  I want the BOM in PDM to show the number of stock parts needed to build the components of varying sizes.   In the picture, the grey parts are standard size, so they're easy.  The blue parts are what I call Filler W… (Show more)
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Jason Lackey
Click to view contentHello all,   Does anyone use this option enough to explain the proper way to set up parts for this.  Currently, it only somewhat works.  For parts that have unique part numbers per configuration, I create actual configurations.  For parts that have different configurations for visual purposes only, I create derived configurations, and set the BOM… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
Hi,   I'm using SW2010 and am trying to set different BOM's for parts and assemblies. For my part BOM I don't want the Qty column to appear as it is always '1' for the part and this is meaningless. When I right click>delete>column nothing happens for the Qty column. All other columns delete normally using this process.   Anyone else experienced… (Show more)
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Gerhard Teply
Hello,   how can I open a drawing of a part or assembly directly from the BOM?   Thanks. Gerhard
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Brady Balzan
I have created a custom BOM to use as a schedule of openings for our pressure vessels. The BOM lists out all of the flanges in a vessel and the properties relating to the flange. When we use multiple weldneck flanges in a vessel we create the pipe as a multi-body weldment vs. separate parts per, (due to speed) The pipe weldment can contain… (Show more)
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Amir Fareghi
Hi,   I was wondering if there are any ways to have the quantity of a part and its mirrored handed version within the same assembly as one total number, in the BOM table.   What I mean is that when I make handed mirrored part of a component in an assembly, it shows as a seperate item in the BOM table although it is exactly the same item but due… (Show more)
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Tim Turpin
How do you not display the configuration name in the BOM Qty header/column property.  When I create a BOM for the drawing it displays the configuration name exploded in the column property header.  I want it to only display QTY.  I have gone into the column property manager and manually edited the Title field, and also tried highlighting and… (Show more)
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