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Rafi Sokol
Hi, In assembly drawing  which contains some views, I replaced the Assembly model, in all views. ? How can I update the BOM to show the new model items
in Bill of Materials
Alex Lachance
Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to predefine parts or assemblies to be excluded from the BOM's?   We have components that are shown on drawings but are always excluded from the BOM, and if we were able to predefine the exclusion, then it would save us the hassle of having to exclude it from every assembly everytime we insert it, or… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
David Ebel
Is there an easy way to hide a cut list from an indented BOM? I only want parts and assemblies to show up. Each cut list item for every weldment and sheet metal part shows up as a part on the indented BOM.   So far the only method I have found to do this is to select  'Exclude from cut list' on each cut list item, but this isn't an option for… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
Roy Wickrama Arachchi
Click to view contentCould someone elaborate me why the following happens. Thanks a lot.
in Bill of Materials
Frederick Haesevoets
Hi all,I keep getting trailing zeroes in my intended BOM (with cutlist) on my drawing.   But only on the description, not in the LENGHT column.   I checked all trailing zeroes settings (document settings) in the weldment SLDLFP file (profiles), and they are all set on remove.   Also in the drawing template document settings, they are all set on… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
Yngve Strypet
Hi,   Is there any possibilities to show parts from a sub-assembly in upper level assembly BOM?   Regards Yngve   (SW2009 x64 SP4.1 WinXP)
in Bill of Materials
John Kreutzberger
I recently started using SW 2017 and am on sp5. The first few mold designs I did with this version did not require a drawing but this one does and will have a bill of materials. This mold design contains 3 sub-assemblies. For one of them, I do not want to show the individual parts in the BOM but for the other 2, I DO want to see the components… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
Todd Bennett
I need to export an indented BOM where each sub item has the total used in each subassembly.  If you use Assembly Visualization and expand the subassemblies, it shows the breakdown I need.  The problem is it doesn't export in the expanded view; it only shows the top subassembly level.  Hopefully, you can make sense out of the following example:… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
J. Van Den Berg
Hello,   When i'm trying to insert an "Excel Based BOM" I get a failure: "method close of worksheet class failed" Does anybody know whats wrong?   Office 365 64-bits (also tried with 32-bits) SW 2019 SP2
in Bill of Materials
Kyle Swenson
I am trying to save a BOM as a .xls file, but when I go through the steps to do so it doesn't save. I do have Excel, and I am using SW2015. I can save as a .csv, but nothing saves if I save as a .xls. I am not using any strange characters, other than hyphens.  If I omit the hyphens I get the same result, which is nothing.   Does anyone know of… (Show more)
in Bill of Materials
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