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Dan Pihlaja
OK, so I have this assembly (GA-02049) that I created (SW 2017 SP5) see attached pack and go zip file. I created a drawing of it, and for some reason the Helicoil isn't showing up in the drawing at all.  Not in any views.   I originally had the actual helicoil that I downloaded from McMaster-CARR (attached separately). So, I thought that maybe… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Trevor Sheen
I have recently upgraded to SW2017 and when start a new sketch I cannot add dimensions. the dimension lines are not there and I am unable to click to start a new dimension.   Even when opening old models, there are no sketch dimensions showing.   I do not have Instant 2D turned on, I have the latest graphics card drivers installed and have also… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Dominic Greco
Can't seem to figure this one out. Item 14 in the assembly shown below is a self locking cap screw I downloaded from Mcmaster Carr   But it's showing up as partially dashed in my drawing. How can I get it to show up as solid lines?  
in Drawings and Detailing
Andrew Provost
For every part we create, we use the Custom properties to define PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION.  Then inside a drawing you can use the TABLE BOM and select CUSTOM PROPERTY > PART NUMBER Now if I use a Tool box part they have a field PART NUMBER, for example "11127" But it is a "SolidWorks" PART NUMBER not a "user" CUSTOM PROPERTY > PART… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Victor Fagerlund
Hi,   Can I save print settings with my sheet format? I always have to remember to select portrait when I use a portrait format.
in Drawings and Detailing
Matthew Lomelin
Whenever I make changes to a sheet metal part, the bend lines show on bent parts in drawings and assemblies even though I've hid them. I don't want to turn off the sketch visibility because it will hide the bend lines for the flat patterns in my drawings. I don't mind them showing in the assembly as much, but having to keep hiding bend lines on… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Ryan Jorgensen
So I tried to create a annotation in the design library that calls out a material on the drawing. I click and drag the saved note from the design library to the document and it tells me "Favorite with this name already exists in the document."   I know in the past I have used this type of note and was able to use this multiple times for multiple… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Isabel Gruenhagen
I created a drawing for a part a few months ago and all was well.  Today when I go to re-open it, I find that in three of my four dimensioned views, one "end" of each dimension has attached itself to the edge of the sheet instead of the desired part edge.  Dragging does not correct the issue.  The view that has not been affected is a detail view… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Cyndi Riffe
I have a "cast" part that requires machining - the machining has been done in a configuration format as this part is the same in three separate lengths so this should have made it easier to create all sequential drawings.  What has occured is this - after the cast print was complete and the new configuration done for the machining and thus that… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Lindsay Wilson
Hello, Is it possible to hide one half of a broken drawing view? I've attached a screenshot. I only want the section to the right of the break to be displayed - I've sort of fixed it by just moving the other half so it's off the sheet, but this isn't ideal. Hope someone can help. Regards, Lindsay Wilson
in Drawings and Detailing
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