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Don Smith
I have a plan for a model boat and two jpeg images from the plan to the same scale , one is the side view of the plan and one of the top view. I need to draw the the bulkheads  which are basically an end view derived from the side and top views. I could do this by measuring the dimensions of each bulkhead in the top and side views and draw them… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Nick Tanner
Can anyone explain how to show "SW-Cutting Length-Outer" on a drawing of a sheet metal part? I can find it in the properties of the cut list, but can't see how to include that in drawing notes?   I'm actually after the perimeter, which shows up in the Measure tool, but seemingly nowhere else.
in Drawings and Detailing
Patrick Dunleavy
Click to view contentI successfully posted this yesterday, did a quick edit, and then it disappeared from my content list. The page of the original post said / still says "Please note: your content was added successfully, but a moderator needs to approve it before it can be posted."  So, hopefully it takes this time...   The following is a simplified example of the… (Show more)
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Bob Van Dick
This is constantly getting in my way while dimensioning drawings.  See attachment.  How do I get rid of it?
in Drawings and Detailing
Paul Millhouse
Click to view contentHi all, I'm having a little bit of frustration with a drawing I made recently. I created a part then converted it to sheetmetal as you can see in the attached files. However some of the dimensions will not import and/or do not update on the drawing. Specifically my issues are as follows: Patterned hole callout (1/4" Clearance) model item will… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Ian McLean
Where are the letters skipped in revision tables set? By default it seems to be I, O, and S, we need to remove the S from being skipped because our PDM (Windchill) uses S
in Drawings and Detailing
Gary Reif
is there a way to attach the finish mark to a dimension, kind of like I show in the attached jpg thanks
in Drawings and Detailing
Matthew Lomelin
Click to view contentThis might be a bug in 2019, but I made a label and used text to cut out the lettering, then I filled the label with color. Now when I click on the drawing view that the label and fill are in view, I get these lines. I also, have "hide all types" clicked.  
in Drawings and Detailing
Logan Williamson
I am trying to complete the "Creating a Drawing from a 3D model" tutorial under the SOLIDWORKS tutorials for working with AutoCAD files. When I try to draw the flange part (model view, isometric) the concave fillet where the base of the cylinder meets the fastening plate seems to disappear. The lines that indicate the outer walls of the cylinder… (Show more)
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K. M.
Click to view contentSo I've been roped into using SW instead of Inventor for a project, and as I was making my drawing for the assembly, the second sheet just disappeared. it shows up in the tree on the left side, but there's no sheet, and my views are either invisible or not there, or I just can't see them. The first sheet is perfectly normal and in position, no… (Show more)
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