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Dave Krum
Hi All, Stumped on this one.  Seems like a simple enough move but I'm getting 2 different resutls.  I added a simple BOM to my assembly drawing the other day which showed the bolts correctly with the size (attachment OLD BOM).  I lost the drawing for some reason so made a new drawing and everything appears the same except the hardware now shows… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Sergio Ortega
Filleted 25 degree edges shown on part model will not display in drawing. I need a solution fast as this part will need laser cut soon. before you ask tangent edges are enabled in drawing docu settings. Thanks in advance.
in Drawings and Detailing
Massimo De Togni
hello, the drawing is bit impossible to manage... it recalculate everytime I make a zoom, move on screen, if I delete a quote, annotation, ax, centerline, it "think" for many time (such for some minute)  Is there many option which help me? for example: something that delay any update? many thanks ciao a tutti
in Drawings and Detailing
Vinoth Kumar N.
Hi Solidworkers, I do have a requirement to do string operation in the custom properties of the SW drawing file. For example, SW drawing name is "D4 Cutter - Length cut and short 6GT - Power Gdn - FIDR 2S19" The syntax for the SW drawing file name is the same as above.   I do require the custom properties as mentioned below.   Custom Property… (Show more)
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Jacob Cadwell
Hi,   I am creating a fabrication drawing & I am using 3 files. I have custom properties for each file that I want linked to each page of the drawing. However, all of my custom properties in my drawing are linked to my first part that I inserted into the drawing...each part displays the same mass in my drawing (the mass of part 1) !! It's very… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Liam Grant
Hello,  I have been racking my brain to find a solution to this and cant seem to find any consistent solution. On our drawing we have a series of drawing blocks, which include 3rd angle projection, revision history and multiple more. In the drawing template I have created a "Construction" layer which is normally hidden in the layer properties… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Tommy Kowalczyk
Click to view contentI am trying to either Boundary Cut or Loft Cut two surfaces; a somewhat tapered cylinder, into a curved edge.  I have tried both Lofted and Boundary Cut without any success.  It is the triangular portions on both sides (see below) that I am trying to blend all together.   Can someone guide me as to how to get the expected result?  Thanks.    
in Drawings and Detailing
Gene Miller
I use Solidworks to do custom wood cabinets and some furniture. Each piece is unique and we don't have any cookie cutter type cabinetry. I need a good way to get a cut list from a drawing. So far, we are drawing our cabinets as a multi-body part, then using a bounding box with a weldment cut list to get our shop cut list. This works ok, but there… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Kishor Pathak
I have assembly which has about 10 different drawings of the assembly itself & some for sub assemblies. I can not make single drawing. Now I want to pack & go with all parts, assemblies & drawings, but I can't do this. I have to open each drawing & do the PnG individually which is time consuming. Is there a way to do this in single PnG command?
in Drawings and Detailing
Fabio Turrini
Click to view contentI have many tolerance styles that I load from the button . But when I apply the style to dimensions: with: and change the diameter value from Ø10 to Ø100, the tolerance don't change: when the correct value is:   I have many damaged drawings, how can I correct them ?   Thanks.   PS: SolidWorks 2018, but I suspect this problem is… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
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