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真 一 長 田
in Drawings and Detailing
Aaron Davis
Is anyone else having problems with text selection inside a note box in Solidworks 2020?  When I click into a note to edit the text, the selection of text is really goofy and I have to use the arrow and shift keys to select the proper block of text to replace.  If I use the mouse it selects more text than I want to select?
in Drawings and Detailing
Chris Grant
Click to view contentI'm trying to release a drawing.  Our PDM has rules in place for various data card entries and won't let it push to the next level without all the fields filled in (a safe documentation feature I suppose).  The problem I'm having is that I fill the fields in when I have the Drawing checked out.  Then when I hit save and check the properties again,… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Michael Guay
Click to view contentJe ne réussi pas à trouver de réponse à mon problème. Certains assemblages (ou pièces) ne peuvent pas être en haute qualité. J'ai utilisé les fonctions «Vérifier...» et «Détection d'interférences...». Tout est OK. J'ai forcer la reconstruction de chaque pièce et réenregistré chaque pièce (l'assemblage aussi), mais rien ni fait. Voilà l'assemblage… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Sami Niemonen
Hello,   I have an assembly with whole 3000x1500 sheets and all different cut sheets, all as parts. I would like to have a BOM with two rows: part1, whole sheet, "quantity" part2, cut sheet, "quantity"   Is it possible? I was trying to do it merging rows with same description but no success. solidworks 2017.
in Drawings and Detailing
Matt Calzone
The view palette does not open. This prevents me from inserting views. Also, the refresh button does not actually refresh. 
in Drawings and Detailing
Mihhail Koltsov
Click to view contentHello Gurus, I have an issue sorting the items in indented BOM of a main assembly ascending order by ITEMNO. It sorts well for highest level sub-assemblies but inside of sub-assemblies there is no ascending order for parts numbers. I noticed that inside of sub-assemblies the order is according to sub-assembly model's design tree order. Is there a… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
David Queener
Is it possible to customize dual dimensions in a SolidWorks drawing so that the dual dimension becomes a scaled dimension? Here's the situation: I make 1/20th scale model trains, and whereas I initially draw all parts in prototype units (inches and feet) from actual railroad blueprints, I would like to show both prototype units and the scaled… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Eric Strenge
I'm using SWX 2020 sp1, I created a drawing with three pages and multiple views on each page.  I inserted a bill of materials on each page to make sure that the balloons are calling out the correct part.  (I have had problems with it in the past)  I made it down to parts 9 and 10, but they were called out as 12 and 13.  They were definitely wrong… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Jamie Starkey
Click to view contentHi all,   Any help would be much appreciated.   As described in the title, I seem to have developed a problem attaching balloons to Flat Pattern profiles created within a multi-body SLDPRT file. I say developed because I recently upgraded to 2019 and that's about when the problem started to happen, whereby balloons attached to flat patterns… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
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