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Adel Taheri Aval
What is difference  between unit and point . Tanks Adel
in Drawings and Detailing
Chris Job
I'm creating a BOM that has multiple cables (sub-assemblies).  Some of the cables are the same but take different routes, thus they are different assemblies and have different names, but I've given them the same company part number called "Number" along with "Description" and "MFG #".  My question is: is it possible to have the BOM group all… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
William Turk
Attached is a PDF created from my SolidWorks drawing and a PDF created from that same drawing saved to AutoCAD.  As you can see, two views are almost completely missing.  What would cause that?  The model is admittedly rather massive; just having this drawing open is almost using pal of my memory.
in Drawings and Detailing
Andrew Ringquist
I'm currently updating a few old parts from a previous build, and have run into a problem numerous times regarding old sheet formats not transitioning into the new. Our current drawings auto-populate the various fields in the drawing, such as material, surface finish etc, from fields in the 3D model's custom properties pane. This allows us to… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Alok Dave
In solidworks 2016 drawincg how do i put a dimension in  a ISO view which is parallel to edge?
in Drawings and Detailing
Joseph Caswell
I would like to have a sheet on a drawing that is the Master Bill of Materials for assemblies that I am detailing, that contains part numbers for each assembly, and then additional sheets with BoMs for each sub assembly, and for each sub-sub assembly, etc, without ever reusing a part number. Optimally I would like to use indented numbering, such… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Jack Sutter
Hi,   Is it possible in SW to hide an edge line, so that when exporting to .dwg format the line won't appear. (The lines I'm trying to do this for are often where there is a change in the face's tangent, or at the profile edge of a part etc.)   If you can excuse the comparison, it would be something equivalent to Sketchup's erase tool when you… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Sun Huaye
why i  convert SolidWorks Welding drawings  to the  AutodeskCAD 2018 then  an error occurred。 like this ,who can help me thanks!       CAD SOildworks   example:
in Drawings and Detailing
Dennis Parr
I often run across a situation where I have a purchased part that is modified. Example, a nylon rack that must be cut to length. I like to show the modified part and then overlay the stock part with thin phantom lines to better show the modification. There is alternate assembly view which only works for an assembly in an assembly drawing. The only… (Show more)
in Drawings and Detailing
Jonathan Vigneault
Hello,           When I insert a new view, of another assembly than the one already present in my drawing, all the lines of this view are in center line instead of being full line. It happens to me often. I searched to found if there was an option but nothing. Can you help me please!  
in Drawings and Detailing
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