• Viewing a label in PDMWorks Workgroup Viewer

    I have created a rectangular part which is the size of a label we need to use. I also made a decal which gets added to the part to show the graphics for the label. I apply the decal to the block in PhotoWorks and ever...
    Jeff Holliday
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  • PdmWorksBatchExport New Release

    Hello to all,   After long development, and some days of tests, the version 0.0 of PdmWorksBatchExport is out. Check it out at https://sourceforge.net/projects/pdmworksexport/ and give it a try! On the help se...
    Rui Santos
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  • Top 10 List:  PDMWW Add Quantity Column

    Hello,   I've submitted an "idea" (clever workaround to ER) to add a quantity column to PDMWW.   This column would be primarily used for attachments/generics but could also be used to override the default ...
  • PDMW Bugs

    For those experiencing anomalies using PDMW do not be alarmed, this is normal behavior.   Back in 2005-2006 I had about 18 or so issues to be resolved. This prompted my move to DBWorks but, alas I'm now employe...
    Kenneth Barrentine
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  • Running 2009 Vault on Server 2008 64bit?

    Hi, Is anyone running the PDM Workgroups Vault service on Windows Server 2008 64 bit? Is there a 64 bit version of the vault service or does it run in 32 bit emulation? I'd also like to know if the 2009 Licens...
    Jonathan Poole
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  • Window Server 2008

    Has anybody installed PDMWorks Workgroup on Window Server 2008 standard? The company I work for just bought Window Server 2008 standard as well as PDMWorks Workgroup 2008 SP4.0, I contact it Solid Works they recom...
    Basam Rafou
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  • Workgroup PDM

    Just wondering what the future holds for PDM for workgroups, there were no changes in SW2009, with SW2010 coming shortly are the any enhancements/updates? If not I feel we are all being short changed as we pay a sub...
    Perry Waring
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  • Bulk check in fails

    Hi, I am trying to bulk check in some SolidWorks drawings using the VaultAdmin tool but the check in keeps failing. See below example log file output: >> Checking In File 'EU009.SLDDRW', Revision 'A', St...
    Jack Finnerty
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  • drawing revision out of sync with part revision

    I am noticing that if I have a part already checked in the vault before I create a drawing and then check in the drawing the drawing does not have the same revision as the part. I have used dbworks in the past and the...
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  • Missing PDM shortcut when inserting components in assembly

    Hi, I recently moved from XP x86 to Vista x64 system on my computer, the vault is unchanged. When I start a new assembly and try to insert parts from my vault from the "insert component/browse/open" dialoge box...
    Ove Larsen
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  • Checking in Solidworks files to PDM

    I am work on several assemblies and drawings. I want to check them into PDM. Is there a best practice on which one you should select to check all the associated files in. Or is there a prefered order to check files in...
    Todd Davis
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  • losing text in revision table after check in

    I am losing the text contained within the description field of the revision table when I check in the drawing. Do I need to link this cell to anything or is it a bug?
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  • combining vaults

    Found this in the KB: Solution S-08809: What is the recommended way of importing the latest revision data from one PDMWorks® vault to another? Used the search functionality and I failed. Is there a discu...
    Satakal Khalsa
    created by Satakal Khalsa
  • change part locations

    How do I move parts to another folder without losing links in several assembly's where the part is being used.
    daafje braafje
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  • Not revision controlled

    How would I set up a group called "Documents" and make them so they're not revision controlled? I want to start attaching Vendor Data Sheets to parts and a Life Cycle Status of "Documentation" and set these as a n...
    Rich Bolduc
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  • Update to new SP failed

    Hi, We just ran the update of the SWWorkgroup Server to SP3. It appeared to be successful but we are still getting SP1 in the info window of SWExplorer. In SolidWorks Add-ins PDMWorkgroup can't be found. Any idea of...
    Marco Mintchev
    created by Marco Mintchev
  • Error Checking Out...

    Is there anyway to debug this? Is there a log file? I can see all the files in the tree, I've rebuilt it by validating vault, but no luck checking out. Thanks
    Samuel Schweighart
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  • PDM workgroup lockup

    Does anyone have issues with workgroup locking up all the users when one user is checking in or running a search? We have 12 users, approx. 1,300 projects and 45,000 files with minimal revisions (less than one per fil...
    created by 1-2ZUMTS
  • Quantity Incorrect in PDMWorks

    Good Morning, I am still in testing and evaluation for PDMWorks and have discovered an error in the quantity listed for parts in PDMworks. When I search the test database for an assembly, it lists the quant...
    Henry Belch
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  • SW2008 at SP4 but Workgroup PDM at SP0

    I am a user testing out PDM. My VAR pointed out to that we are are out of synch, using SW2008 at SP4 but our PDM is only at SP0. In the SW support downloads I don't see any update listed SW2008 SP4. Is there somepl...
    Sandy Buerkle
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