• unVault: A tool to extract or copy files from a PDM workgroup vault

    If anyone wants to download a FREE tool I built to extract files from our 2017 PDM Workgroup vault (maybe it will work with older vaults) just message me and I'll send you a link to download it.  It's freeware an...
    Brad Huitt
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  • Take Ownership Hotkey

    Is there a way I can take ownership of a Assembly, Part, or drawing by using a hot key? Is it possible to assign a key to do so? Please let me know. Moustafa
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  • PDF Export Macro from Workgroup PDM

    A while back I participated in a thread that addressed issues with SolidWorks Task Scheduler and some limitations with their "Export Workgroup PDM Files" function.  I was trying to use it to export the vault-gene...
    Steve Takata
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  • Unable to obtain license for Workgroup PDM

    So our company recently switched to a consolidated MRN license from site specific licenses.  Soon after we switched, we found that many of our Solidworks users would get a message after launching Solidworks: "Un...
    Josiah Sansone
    created by Josiah Sansone
  • Does anyone use M-Files?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone uses the PDM M-Files to manage their SolidWorks data. If you have/do, how does the history feature work with drawing/model parametrics in SolidWorks. For example, if I were to rev...
    Steven Dinsdale
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  • Library part with drawing

    Our company is a job shop and we track our parts per number assigned to the job. We use parts over and over again with the same drawing but the drawings and parts need to be specific to the job number. So what I am lo...
    Mark Sloan
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  • WPDM check-in shows file as being older and newer at same time.

    I was about to check in an assembly document into WPDM and I noticed something funny. It lists the assembly twice in the list of files and the first instance shows that it is newer than the vault version and the secon...
    Jamil Snead
    created by Jamil Snead
  • Installing SW15 Workgroup PDM server update when using an Admin image to install clients

    So, this advice applies if your circumstances are the following: You install SolidWorks 2015 by deploying through administrative images You install SolidWorks 2015 on the same machine as your workgroup pdm vault Un...
    John Burrill
    created by John Burrill
  • Problems inserting blocks

    I'm currently using sw2007 sp2.2. I am haveing a problem inserting 2d blocks into a drawing. I am trying to add a pnematic schematic to the drawing. however every time i try to insert a block containing a valve, ...
    Nancy Makowski
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  • Creating PDF's on checkin

    Has anyone experienced an issue when after checking in a drawing, In the Vault View, RMB on the drawing and selecting "View Document As PDF", and the PDF not have all Dimensions, Notes, or sometimes not even have the ...
    Rodney Michels
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  • Fix for "Error 1334 when installing the Valut Admin tool"

    Hi there,   We have had a few Customers call in recently, after seeing this error whilst modifying a SolidWorks installation to add in the Vault Admin Tool.   I have seen other posts on here that have re...
    Wayne Marshall
    created by Wayne Marshall
  • PDMWorks Advanced Server upgrade 2006 to 2007

    After upgrading from 2006 to 2007, we are receiving the error: "The PDMWorks Workgroup Viewer has an Invalid license registration. Please have your systems administrator check the PDMWorks installation." The Vau...
    dan hartz
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  • Could not login to PDMWorks Workgroup

    "Could not login to PDMWorks Workgroup" is the message I got when trying to login on Vault computer from other computer. When I try to login from other computer with VaultAdmin it takes about 5 to 10 min before anythi...
    Andre Visser
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  • PDMW Sort

    Hello SolidWorks,   Sure would be nice to sort documents in vault by filename instead of type. So annoying to scroll down the tree with numbers out sequence.   Yeah, I know submit an ER however my gut fee...
    Kenneth Barrentine
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  • VAULT ERROR: 702

    I thought this was related to an invalid revision but for the files being checked in, they are fine. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
    Brad Moon
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  • using AutoCAD drawing files with Solidworks Vault

    Just wanted to get a feel of what other people out there are doing about situations like my engineering department is facing:   We upgraded to Solidworks from AutoCAD maybe 10 years ago but never had the time / ...
    Randy Wong
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  • PDMW TIP: Creating a 'Shortcut' to an External File (i.e. Stored Outside of Vault)

    There is a little known trick in PDM Workgroup for linking to an external file, such as a datasheet or PDF archive.   Here's how ...   *) Open a SolidWorks session, and 'pin' the task pane (be sure and set...
    Mike Wilson
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  • Search for Document

    When I search for a document in the vault, it does find it only the file is highlighted gray. Because search results are gray, not blue, it is very difficult to see. Does anyone else have this problem, and is ...
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  • Unable to retrieve old Working Copy revisions

    An example in 2007: Create an inital revision at, let's say REL Create a Working Copy rev at REL+ Create another primary revision at 001 We're no longer able to retrieve the Working Copy (REL+) rev from...
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  • Not able to move a file in PDMworks once checked in.

    This problem actually started in June of 09 and has finally been resolved as of July 2010.  The problem was, once a file was checked in to the vault, we could not move any files to new project folders.  Afte...
    Brian McElmury
    created by Brian McElmury