• conisio hyperlink generation

    Hi, is it possible to add explorer command (on right click) that would generate a conisio hyperlink (example: CONISIO://EPDM/OPEN?PROJECTID=4770&DOCUMENTID=98055&OBJECTTYPE=1) and copy it to clipboard?
    Damir Galic
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  • Windchill Instance Checkin Issue

    Hi, I have a Generic part which i am currently working on which is at A.33 version. When the Generic was created, i.e. A.1 version, i had created 3 instances which was made to be checked into windchill. Howe...
    Rakesh Murali
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  • Open-Source/free/low-cost file version control system for solidworks

    Hello,   We are currently working on a open hardware project. We use Git for the software version control and sharing but concerning the hardware is not very clear ...   I'm looking for a svn/git-like o...
    Matth None
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  • Revision consistency.

    Hi all dunno if this has been asked before. I have a solidworks drawing (drw) in PDM. However that drawing is terrible but to update it will take forever. I checked the drawing out and saved as copied a good drawing w...
    Daniel Melendez
    created by Daniel Melendez
  • Delete System Generated PDF's for WorkGroup PDM to PDM Professional migration

    Currently Using: Solidworks 2016 SP 5.0 WorkgroupPDM SP 0.1   Migrating to: Solidworks 2019 (latest SP at go-live) PDM Professional (Latest SP at go-live)   In the build up to preparing for the migrati...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • How to set up PDM without having a server?

    Hi I just wanted to know is that possible to use PDM if I am a single Solidworks user and don't have server. Could you please tell me how to do it? I have been trying to activate it but it needs a server to se...
    Behnam Akbarian
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  • User input for a transition of a workstate

    is there any way that I can create a user list in the promt as shown. so all the selected users need to approve a document?
    Waruna Epa
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  • PDM maintaining current and previous PDF's of revisions

    How does archiving and PDF creation work?        When a dwg is promoted to "Released" status our documentation group (PDM admin) creates a PDF with the rev letter in the name and saves ...
    Sandy Buerkle
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  • Solidworks PDM Workgroup and Standard

    Currently using Solidworks 2017 and Workgroup PDM: My previous place of employment I was able to check out assemblies from the vault and use the "save-all" function to save my changes. I had the vault setup so that ...
    David Arndt
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  • how can I convert a toolbox item into a part/assy?

    how can I convert a toolbox item into a part/assy?   A faulty setting, caused all new items b created as toolbox items (wrong file referal). How can I convert al those items, which are not real Tooolbox items, ...
    Aviv Liberman
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  • Workgroup PDM unkown icon

    The Vault Tree view displays this strange icon and I do not know what it is.  Does anyone know what the two "new folder" icons side by side means?
    Matthew Moldovan
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  • Workgroups to PDM Standard: a plan for data migration

    This post describes the method and tools by which I am migrating data from the Workgroups PDM to PDM Standard. I haven't found a discussion on the actual process so this is a conversation starter that will hopefully r...
    Matthew Wypych
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  • Can SW2018 open PDM workgroups files

    I know SolidWorks 2018 no longer supports  PDM Workgroups.  I have been running PDM Enterprise for some time now, but still have many historic files in the Workgroups vault.   In SW 2018 is there a wa...
    John Chlebus
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  • Workgroup PDM install challenge.

    I'm trying to setup 2016 Workgroup PDM and 2016 Solidworks on a single machine. Did a clean install of both PDM and SW (SP 5.0) Here are the symptoms:   VaultAdmin works, I can open, add users, change settings...
    Boris Ostrovskiy
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  • PDF/DWG Copy/Paste as referance Task

    I've just spent a large amount of time Copying PDF,DWG & "Paste as referance" unchecking "sHOW IN bom" to my solidworks drawings. I'm aware that PDM tasks are simialar to macros. Does anyone have a PDF/DWG Copy/...
    Bryan Obermeyer
    created by Bryan Obermeyer
  • Take Ownership Hotkey

    Is there a way I can take ownership of a Assembly, Part, or drawing by using a hot key? Is it possible to assign a key to do so? Please let me know. Moustafa
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  • Is it possible to show model rev in drawing revision table?

    We would like to add another column to our revision table showing the current revision of the model (in addition to showing the current revision of the drawing).  See attached picture.  Is there any way to l...
    Josh Hershberger
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  • Moving a folder from one vault to another

    We are in the process of acquiring a company who uses Workgroup PDM.  We have run into an issue while trying to acquire the intellectual property.  They have two vaults that they kept their data in.  On...
    Shan Lentine
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  • Why did a part not show up as a link to an assembly in Workgroup PDM? The part resides in the vault where it should be.

    12 of 13 components showed as links under the H009-2005-030 assembly. 1 did not.
    Robert Speciale
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  • Convert Workgroup PDM to windows file system "PDM"

    With the exit of Workgroup PDM I need to convert to a windows file system "PDM". Are there any utilities to help with this?   Thanks
    Steven Toms
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