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Bobby J. Moore II
I'm trying to open 2021-1300 (assy) referencing 2021-1000 27/28 to check in the latest changes. For some reason, the latest model references version 23/28 and I can't get it to pull the latest even though I have the latest on my machine. Image attached.   #pdm
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Daniel Melendez
Hi all dunno if this has been asked before. I have a solidworks drawing (drw) in PDM. However that drawing is terrible but to update it will take forever. I checked the drawing out and saved as copied a good drawing with this drawings name/number. Even though I added the current rev level, when I push it through pdm it gives me an 'A' revision.… (Show more)
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Nick Tzallas
Click to view contentCurrently Using: Solidworks 2016 SP 5.0 WorkgroupPDM SP 0.1   Migrating to: Solidworks 2019 (latest SP at go-live) PDM Professional (Latest SP at go-live)   In the build up to preparing for the migration the VAR has run a couple of migration tests and setup a test vault in PDM Pro to poke and prod and beta test things. All well and good.  … (Show more)
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Jesse Powers
Click to view contentWhen I check a part in (SW 2017, SP5, Win10 x64, Solidworks Workgroup PDM**) that is already checked in, SW asks if I want to check in the "same" version anyway.  I click yes, and then is bumps up the revision in the table... (why.)   First this, then click the check box (to check in) at left: Then, this message, click 'OK': Then, it… (Show more)
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