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Damir Galic
Hi, is it possible to add explorer command (on right click) that would generate a conisio hyperlink (example: CONISIO://EPDM/OPEN?PROJECTID=4770&DOCUMENTID=98055&OBJECTTYPE=1) and copy it to clipboard?
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Bryan Obermeyer
Click to view contentLet me start by saying I'm no PDM expert. I'm getting this error message  Some of the things I can't do: view histories, change states  My coworkers and myself are all remoteing in and none of them are experiencing this. Any help would be appreciated.
in Workgroup PDM
Rakesh Murali
Click to view contentHi, I have a Generic part which i am currently working on which is at A.33 version. When the Generic was created, i.e. A.1 version, i had created 3 instances which was made to be checked into windchill. However in A.2 version of generic, i configured the three instances not to be available in Windchill by clicking ''No'' in the custom properties.… (Show more)
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Thomas Idebrant
Where can I find the file that manage the Project structure in PDM Workgroup? The file that is changed if I for example add a new project folder. What is the name of that file and is it a .txt or . ini file? Maybe another type of file?
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Matth None
Hello,   We are currently working on a open hardware project. We use Git for the software version control and sharing but concerning the hardware is not very clear ...   I'm looking for a svn/git-like or pdm-like software to share the solidworks parts and store the different versions.   For the moment, svn/git can't make diff on solidworks… (Show more)
in Workgroup PDM
Bobby J. Moore II
I'm trying to open 2021-1300 (assy) referencing 2021-1000 27/28 to check in the latest changes. For some reason, the latest model references version 23/28 and I can't get it to pull the latest even though I have the latest on my machine. Image attached.   #pdm
in Workgroup PDM