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Nick Tzallas
Click to view contentCurrently Using: Solidworks 2016 SP 5.0 WorkgroupPDM SP 0.1   Migrating to: Solidworks 2019 (latest SP at go-live) PDM Professional (Latest SP at go-live)   In the build up to preparing for the migration the VAR has run a couple of migration tests and setup a test vault in PDM Pro to poke and prod and beta test things. All well and good.  … (Show more)
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Jesse Powers
Click to view contentWhen I check a part in (SW 2017, SP5, Win10 x64, Solidworks Workgroup PDM**) that is already checked in, SW asks if I want to check in the "same" version anyway.  I click yes, and then is bumps up the revision in the table... (why.)   First this, then click the check box (to check in) at left: Then, this message, click 'OK': Then, it… (Show more)
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Gordon Rigg
We are all forced to change to Solidworks PDM Standard from Workgroup PDM.   Solidworks PDM Standard operates with a database size limit of 10Gb for its SQL express database.   Elsewhere there has been discussion about what this means. Is it a limit on vault size? nobody has provided a definite answer.   With 2 regular and one casual user our… (Show more)
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Behnam Akbarian
Hi I just wanted to know is that possible to use PDM if I am a single Solidworks user and don't have server. Could you please tell me how to do it? I have been trying to activate it but it needs a server to set up the setting.   Thanks
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Waruna Epa
is there any way that I can create a user list in the promt as shown. so all the selected users need to approve a document?
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Brad Huitt
Click to view contentIf anyone wants to download a FREE tool I built to extract files from our 2017 PDM Workgroup vault (maybe it will work with older vaults) just message me and I'll send you a link to download it.  It's freeware and runs on Windows.  Here is a screenshot of the user interface: All it really does is create a batch file and run it for you to extract… (Show more)
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Carl Walster
We have an issue in our office where 3 out of 8 workstations will crash when attempting to open parts/assemblies on the second attempt.  So, we would open solidworks and then solidworks explorer.  The first item we open from the vault through Solidworks Explorer (hosted on a dedicated server in our building) will open as normal, and then the… (Show more)
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Scott McFadden
Sorry for crossing bridges here, but in Autodesk Vault, they have a really nice feature called Copy Design.  That tool allows you within the Vault to make an exact replica of parts, assemblies and drawings allowing you to rename the associated models/drawings to a new name without losing the links between the files. Now that I have PDM Standard… (Show more)
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