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Waruna Epa
is there any way that I can create a user list in the promt as shown. so all the selected users need to approve a document?
in Workgroup PDM
Sandy Buerkle
Click to view contentHow does archiving and PDF creation work?        When a dwg is promoted to "Released" status our documentation group (PDM admin) creates a PDF with the rev letter in the name and saves it in a read only folder as the "Released dwg" which we run by (neither manufacturing or purchasing has the PDM viewer). Question came up about why do they need… (Show more)
in Workgroup PDM
Matth None
Hello,   We are currently working on a open hardware project. We use Git for the software version control and sharing but concerning the hardware is not very clear ...   I'm looking for a svn/git-like or pdm-like software to share the solidworks parts and store the different versions.   For the moment, svn/git can't make diff on solidworks… (Show more)
in Workgroup PDM
Brad Huitt
Click to view contentIf anyone wants to download a FREE tool I built to extract files from our 2017 PDM Workgroup vault (maybe it will work with older vaults) just message me and I'll send you a link to download it.  It's freeware and runs on Windows.  Here is a screenshot of the user interface: All it really does is create a batch file and run it for you to extract… (Show more)
in Workgroup PDM
David Arndt
Currently using Solidworks 2017 and Workgroup PDM: My previous place of employment I was able to check out assemblies from the vault and use the "save-all" function to save my changes. I had the vault setup so that only the files that were changed would be saved regardless of their age. For example any file would not be changed unless I had… (Show more)
in Workgroup PDM
Thomas Idebrant
Where can I find the file that manage the Project structure in PDM Workgroup? The file that is changed if I for example add a new project folder. What is the name of that file and is it a .txt or . ini file? Maybe another type of file?
in Workgroup PDM