• Pack & Go problem?

    Hi All, I had a few comments/complaints from the rest of the guys in our design office in relation to file reference issues when an Project (ie. a top level assembly) is copied using Pack & Go. The top level ass...
    Declan McTiernan
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  • How do I move (not copy) files and keep references?

    I need to move multiple files to a new location. How can I do thisand keep references, and where used etc?
    Alan Fredricsen
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  • Windows key+E to start either SolidWorks Explorer or Windows Explorer (your choice keypress, default to either)

    I've been looking to increase my usage of SolidWorks Explorer, but from years of using the Windows key+E to open Windows Explorer, I've developed the habit of using Windows Explorer too much for SolidWorks files and h...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • how do you download and installsolidworks 2017??

    how do you download and installsolidworks 2017?? SolidWorks Corp@
    Zina Benhcine
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  • multitasking board eraser

    hello, i'm amit. i'm a freshman at BGU and it's my first project at my material engineering studies. me and my partner Omer had a great idea. an eraser made of two major subjests, a rale and a stick connected to it, t...
    Amit Rodkin
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  • Filtering in SWE

    Is there a way which SWE can filter the file explorer tree in the same way that can be done when opening files directly from SW? (eg. Set filter so only drawings, or only parts, etc can be seen in the SWE file explore...
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  • SolidWorks n!Fuze Service is Now Live!

    SolidWorks n!Fuze went live this week.  It is currently available for Purchase or for a free 30 Day Trial through the link below.   https://swym.3ds.com/#3dstore/catalog   A product data sheet is att...
    Dan Burmenko
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  • Short feedback sessions tomorrow with User Experience Team

    Hi everyone.  The User Experience team will be hosting some short (10-15 minute) feedback sessions tomorrow, probably between 10am EDT and 12pm EDT, and again later in the afternoon if necessary.  We will ru...
    Kevin Berni
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  • Open Solidworks explorer at a specific folder?

    I was wondering if it possible to have Solidworks explorer open at some specific folder? I created a series of shortcuts for the windows explorer that does this. Here is an example: (edit the target of the short...
    Kyle Lami
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  • Default Directory in SWE

    Solidworks Explorer always starts with the File Explorer treetotally collapsed and I have to drill down to the directory that Iwant.  Does this annoy anybody besides me?  Most of thefiles I use are located i...
    Dan Buffo
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  • swx explorer painfully slow

    We are using solidworks explorer in conjunction with workgroup pdm and it is painfully slow. So far I have tried exempting all solidworks files and folders from our antivirus software, workgroup pdm has search/indexin...
    created by 1-J6CI3I
  • Solidworks 2009 Clicking on a PDF opens the doc for some reason

    Solidworks 2009 Clicking on a PDF opens the doc for some reason. Just by simply clicking on a PDF doc within Solidworks explorer 2009 it will open the document in Acrobat. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Jerry Farkas
    created by Jerry Farkas
  • SW Explorer Can't locate Referenced parts of an assy dwg

    SW Explorer failed to locate references of an assembly drawing. I am able to see the parts associated with the drawing when doing 'where used' on the components but I can't see the parts when I do 'References' on the ...
    Bekalu Alemayehu
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  • Pack n Go in SW 2008

    Hello everybody, Ive tried searching for this information but I cant seem to find it.. so here goes; I have an assembly with around 12 configurations, when I use pack'n'go to move this assembly to another loca...
    Johan Eliasson
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  • Searching Sub directories

    This is possibly a cross-thread of other questions asked. Can you get SW explorer to search sub-directories? It seems as though you can tell it which folder to look and that's as far as it will go. I have comm...
    Roy Potter
    created by Roy Potter
  • Searching Problems?

    Hi all I am having a problem searching for parts and drawings in Explorer. Yesterday it was searching just fine now. Its searching but only in my local c: drive. How do i change this to permanitly search from our serv...
  • Save AS?

    I've got a project going here where I want to use a substantial portion of my original design's parts/assemblies and drawings in my new design. Save as copy right? Great. But for documentation purposes, ALL of my new ...
    Steve Frank
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  • Copying files out of Workgroups Vault

    I'm looking for a way to just copy model files out of the PDMWorkgroups vault. Is it possible to do with SW Explorer that is not associated with a seat of SW? My ulimtate goal is to find an inexpensive way to have...
    Casey Gorman
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  • Pack & Go

    I tired to use the pack and go feature that SolidWorks adds to the RMB in Windows Explorer. I save to a zip file, which is created. Although the zip file show up in the correct directory, there are no files showing wh...
    Mike Rice
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  • SW explorer not working - Windows dependencies ?

    Can't get SW explorer to work, version 2009 SP1 downloaded from website. It starts then stop after having displayed the main picture. Did eveything, un-install and clean installation of DotNet 3.0 & µsoft ...
    michel baguet
    created by michel baguet