• SolidWorks Explorer 2016 - Error upon open

    Every time I open SW Explorer I get an error message: "Could not login to SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. Please check that the vault computer name is correct and that the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Server is running on that...
    Sarah Dwight
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  • Pack and go, subassblies has not referece

    The top level assembly file is selected when in SW Explorer and all files and drawings are checked to be copied. A new location is selected and the project number is changed using "Select/Replace".   All files ...
    Thomas Nielsen
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  • All I need is a fast where used. Is that too much to ask?

    Does anyone know of any kind of software that can run the "where used" to find file references, like you can do in SW Explorer, except A WHOLE LOT faster? I have seen a demo of PDM Enterprise and it does it very quick...
    Tony Afarian
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  • Pack and go to new folder structure

    I'm trying to reorganize folders of components and concept parts for delivery to a client. I'm frustrated that I cannot search the "In Folder" column and replace text in the "Save To Folder" column. Unless I am missin...
    Mark Matthews
    created by Mark Matthews
  • How do I start PDM Standard in SolidWorks 2016?

    I have SolidWorks 2016, and want to start using PDM Standard vs Workgroup PDM?  I understand that Workgroup PDM will be phasing out by 2018.  I am new to PDM.
    Jesus P. López
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  • Need to move multiple files while maintaining links.

    We maintain an independent library of referenced materials for our designs, things such as specialty nuts & bolts, casters, Pems, etc. We had a designer who got in the habit of keeping his own referenced materials...
    Justin Dehetre
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  • The DWG document manager library is missing...

    Hi Folks,   After Solidworks Explorer 2010 to SP2.0 i have gotten this error message "The DWG document manager library is invalid or missing. Please see your Administrator". Well since I am the administrator I h...
    Henrik Hansen
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  • Solidworks Explorer is unacceptably slow in renaming files

    I have an assembly and I need to give part numbers to about 100 components.  Each one is taking several minutes in SW explorer.  I haven't had ot do this in a long time (been back an forth w/ Pro E) and I do...
    Barna Madau
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  • Is there a way to search a directory of Solidworks assembly/part files and locate only those containing actual Solidworks parts/features and not imported solid bodies

    I'm working with a large database of files (both parts & assemblies) in which many utilize imported features and/or bodies as opposed to native Solidworks features and/or bodies. I'd like to separate the files wit...
    Peter McCann
    created by Peter McCann
  • Really....Charging $995.00 to view PDM files.

    I can't believe they want to charge that much to have a non-CAD user view files stored on the PDM server.  I can't speak for everyone, but doesn't most people use PDM these days either Workgroup of EPDM anyway?&#...
    Christopher Swallows
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  • Solidworks Explorer - Defaul Location

    Hi everybody, is there any trick to set default folder when Solidworks Explorer starts up? It is starting to bug me. I always have to find my folder manually which is becoming very time consuming. I use SW 2013 Pro...
    Fred Vraj
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    Hi people! I don´t have my computer for a week and I really need to convert a couple of files from the extension .SLDPRT to .STL to import them from another program (XFlow). It´s for my final project so I ...
    Carlos Villar
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    Is there a way to automatically update old SolidWorks files to a later release? 
    Rodney Collins
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  • Solidworks Explorer Installation Failure.

    When installing solidworks Explorer 2011 4.0 i am having a installation error.   - downloaded the file from solidworks site.   - during installation, the loading bar gets right to the end - even installs t...
    Joseph Ankers
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  • Where should these files be?

    SWX seems to have a tendency to files temporary files all over the place.  Surely this leads to unimaginable clutter and a hard drive full of useless files from obsolete projects.  Take this for example &#...
    Vagulus Dagg
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  • How to open Sldwks2013 files in 2012 version?

    Hi,   I was wondering if there was a way to access to the content of the files created on the 2013 or later version with a 2012 version.   Thank you,
    Gauthier Kervyn
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  • When using solidworks explorer can you change the places/order of places it searches for references?

    When using solidworks explorer can you change the places/order of places it searches for references?
    Michael Mottola
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  • Managing File Names / General File Control

    Can anyone recommend any books / tutorials / videos that can help me get a good understanding of things such as   - File Control - Part Numbering Systems - Drawing Numbering Systems   I've been using Sol...
    Ian Woodward
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  • Lost File Associativity in Windows Explorer

    Hi,   Not sure if this thread's in the right place.  Sorry if not.   I recently installed software that took over all the file associativity for solidworks files.   Instead of having the ind...
    Joel Kolodziej
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  • Will DriveWorks work with our already existing DB Works add on

    We currently have DB Works for file management, and I am wondering how well DriveWorks would work with DB Works.   We are a tank shop, and a lot of our tanks are very similar, and we currently do save as on olde...
    Sean Stoeckel
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