• SOLIDWORKS EXPLORER 2018 - where used not working correctly

    I made sure the search folder (in options) is set for a specific folder on my server but where used search still searches the whole drive. please help. Thanks.
    Chris Poole
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  • Writing an executable with Sw explorer's capabilities but faster, i need compatibilities testing

    Hello. I am working on a executable with the same function than SW Explorer but a lot  faster because using  an index. You can download it here and let me know if it works on every configuration. Solidwor...
    Joel Condevaux
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  • pack and go "file not found"

    I can open the assembly no problems and the parts are referenced with correct paths ok. When I 'pack and go' this assy I get "file not found" greyed out in the 'In Folder' column on some of the prt files and I don't g...
    Bob Herfindahl
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  • Solidworks Explorer not in Windows Explorer

    I recently updated to SW 19 package including SW19 Explorer. however I seem to have lost settings. now when i use my windows explorer, I cannot access SW Explorer from the drop down options.    Does anyone ...
    John Black
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  • Pack & Go problem?

    Hi All, I had a few comments/complaints from the rest of the guys in our design office in relation to file reference issues when an Project (ie. a top level assembly) is copied using Pack & Go. The top level ass...
    Declan McTiernan
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  • File Property "Description" does not show in Windows Explorer column

    Setup: SWX 2010 SP02, WIN XP64 Problem: Column header in Windows Explorer should show the custom  properties of the file but it doesn't. The information is in the file but not being read by Windows Explorer.
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  • Find all SW files with specific hole feature?

    Is there a way to search in SW Explorer for files for a specific hole feature?   Say I have an M12 hole, but I left the default M12x1.75 instead of M12x1.25. Is there a way to search a list of files and return ...
    Sarah Dwight
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  • How do I move (not copy) files and keep references?

    I need to move multiple files to a new location. How can I do thisand keep references, and where used etc?
    Alan Fredricsen
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  • Windows key+E to start either SolidWorks Explorer or Windows Explorer (your choice keypress, default to either)

    I've been looking to increase my usage of SolidWorks Explorer, but from years of using the Windows key+E to open Windows Explorer, I've developed the habit of using Windows Explorer too much for SolidWorks files and h...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • SolidWorks Explorer search

    When your inside explorer and you click rename and it tries to search your whole hard drive for where its used. There should be an option to search whole hard-drive or just the folder your in. If you have many files i...
    Paul Mihala
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  • Maintaining relationships when copying files

    Greetings, my apologies if this is not the correct section for this question.   I have an assembly model with a related drawing. I want to make some minor changes to the assembly but, I want to keep the original...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Moving multiple files using SW Explorer

    I know that SW Explorer in SW2011 SP4.0 will allow files to be moved without losing association with other files, but it appears that only one file can be moved at a time.   Does anyone know of a way of moving ...
    David Lauder
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  • Searching files in SolidWorks Explorer

    I've added a folder on a File Server to the list of Search Folders of Solidworks Explorer 2018. (Options - Search - Search Folders) But when I search for a specific file, SW Explorer shows me a No results found messa...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • Cannot change search directory in SW Explorer

    I recently decided to give SW explorer a try. I am testing its features and have noticed that it never finds any of the files that I search for. I am pretty sure that the reason is that it is searching the wrong direc...
    Azu Nwadei
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  • timed password protected read-only files

    Hi   Is there any option on SolidWorks that allows me to attribute a password to the file with a timer? Practically that creates a read-only part, assembly or drawing file with a three days expiration date and...
    Jorge Moura
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  • EPDM: duplicated number error

    I have a model which I have not checked in for a week. I kept working on the model last week and I tried to check in yesterday. EPDM showed an error message of duplicated number error. I have made many change since ...
    Marco Wu
    created by Marco Wu
  • Pack & Go saves copied files to wrong destination folder. Why?

    When I use Pack & Go to copy a drawing and related files, some of the copied files are saved in folders other than the folders I specified in the P&G window. Does anybody else experience this?   Along wi...
    James Harvey
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  • Why SolidWorks Explorer try send hidden message!! ?

    I use solidworks explorer. Unfortunately, I noticed when I turn on the program, he's trying to send a hidden message, using my email program. I reported the situation to the representative, but to no avail - the expla...
    Andrzej Łuszcz
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  • User cannot take ownership of file

    I'm the drawing manager here at our facility, and I have a solidworks vault user that cannot take ownership of the drawing files in the vault.  I've checked everything that I know to check (he's in the right grou...
    Keith Duncan
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  • Teamcenter - SWIM integration ->Unable to map created date from Teamcenter to Solidworks drawing

    Hello Team, We are using Teamcenter - Solid works integration using the SWIM template (SWIM.xml). We are unable to map the creation date from Teamcenter We are using the following mapping in the SWIM.xml <attrib...
    Maqdoom Rahman Syed
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