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Katherine Cameron
I was moving some Solidworks files into new folders to make it easier to find things using Solidworks Explorer right-click short cut menu. When I went to undo one of my moves, my file completely disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere on my computer. I've checked my temporary files. Does anyone know where it might’ve went, and how I can recover it?
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
Chris Poole
I made sure the search folder (in options) is set for a specific folder on my server but where used search still searches the whole drive. please help. Thanks.
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
James Homolka
No longer have any SW Explorer mouse functions in windows explorer, running windows 10...   "pack and go", "rename" "replace" "move"...  are functioning in SW Explorer, but not in windows explorer.   This is a problem for me as I use these features a lot.   What happened,  how do I get these back?
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer