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Joel Condevaux
Hello. I am working on a executable with the same function than SW Explorer but a lot  faster because using  an index. You can download it here and let me know if it works on every configuration. Solidworks is required. You just have to paste it where you want and run. It will ask you to select a folder to index (For the first time select a… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
Bob Herfindahl
I can open the assembly no problems and the parts are referenced with correct paths ok. When I 'pack and go' this assy I get "file not found" greyed out in the 'In Folder' column on some of the prt files and I don't get it. 
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
Per Einar Stranden
I want to add more "date" columns in SW Explorer, but the settings I changed does not apply as default meaning that if I close the current modified window and re-open any folder in any location in SW Explorer, the columns I just added are all gone. 
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
Michelle Aupke
Is there a way to use Solidworks explorer "where used" function and NOT have it search the directory the part is in? I know how to set up other folder locations but I can't get it to stop searching the part folder.
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
John Black
I recently updated to SW 19 package including SW19 Explorer. however I seem to have lost settings. now when i use my windows explorer, I cannot access SW Explorer from the drop down options.    Does anyone know how to add SW Explorer back into my Windows Explorer ?   I use Explorer Daily and despise the aspect of having to run both explorers all… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer
Jim Mongiardo
Our current library system can barely be called a library system.  Its a mish-mash spaghetti of copies upon copies of the same file in different locations, sometimes with different construction (ugh!).  Anyhow, thankfully our assemblies are not overly complicated and there actually is quite a bit of part reuse.  What I need is the following:   1.… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Explorer