• How do you read/write PDM Vault properties (such as Revision) from a Solidworks CAD API?

    I know SOLIDWORKS will unload and reload the document when file is checked-out an checked-in. I have tried this event: DPartDocEvents_FileReloadNotifyEventHandler but this event is firing confusing...
    Kellan O'Connor
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  • Get all related Drawings from Part and Assembly

    Hello All,   Please suggest me is there any method to get all related Drawing from EPDM valut ??   My requirement is get all related drawing from assmbly and parts in csv.   Inside csv .....   A...
    Shetty M.
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  • How to add a tab in the task detail with the list of selected files?

    Hello guys! I want to add a list of the selected files in the details of the task that was performed. The add-in is written in C #. The result example is as per the image. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much! &...
    Maico Ismael Schmitz
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  • How to match the drawing file revision value with the part file revision value

    Is there a way to set the drawing file (.slddrw) revision to match the part file (.sldprt) revision in PDM 2018 for existing files ?. I have already looked at How to increment a SOLIDWORKS PDM Revision Automatica...
    Harith Alnajjar
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  • Get variable from Data Card PDF file task runtime

    I use VBA code in task to read Data Card variable for PDF file. But swTaskAddin.dll don't support explicit declaration of variables such as IEdmEnumeratorVariable7, EdmGetVarData and IEdmVaria...
    Alexander Volkov
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  • Multi epdm background processes with work vba

    Hi to All, I've write a macro in VBA Word that make a copy of the word file in other epdm directory. After  I launch this macro if I look the task mananger I have 3 backgroud istaces of epdm When the macr...
    Enrico Camusso
    created by Enrico Camusso
  • Edit new "result column"

    SolidWorks PDM 2018:   Folks, still somewhat new to SW PDM, but getting better with use   Question, as shown below, I generated a new Search Result Column Set, which is highlighted.   I cannot find ...
    Brian Hoerner
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  • PDM Standard and Data card Fields Why no Macros?

    Ok I have set up a set of data cards in PDM Standard, can't afford the expensive PDM Professional and that is over kill for a small company anyway. I have a large Library of parts that i commonly use in many designs. ...
    Craig Makarowski
    created by Craig Makarowski
  • bug in the EPDM API when getting referenced configuration

    Hi,   I am writing an add-in for my automation company and I noticed that there is a bug in the class that implements the interface IEdmReference.   When I walk through the reference tree I am tring to get...
    Diego Fanesi
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  • Autodesk Vault and Solidworks PDM Pro Vault running parallel

    Has anyone ran Solidworks PDM Pro 2020 and Autodesk Vault Pro 2019 in Parallel? I have both installed and after installing AC Vault 2019 SW crashes when checking in SW Drawings. The interesting part is SW only crashes...
    Ben Roland
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  • Delete a hidden file in a folder that was never checked in by user

    In the event that a user created a folder and proceeded to make parts in that folder. He never checked in the files and left the company, thus make the files hidden since they are local. In the mean time, I cannot mov...
    Samuel Lau
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  • Christmas SQL Challenge

    I want to calculate the total number of gifts from the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. I have this code:   WITH myTally(n) AS (SELECT n = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY (SELECT null)) FROM (VALUES (1), (2), (3...
    Joy Garon
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  • Which Version of SQL Server Express for PDM Standard?

    Following the Installation Guide for PDM Standard I can't install it with newest SQL Server Express like 2017 or 2019 but just with 2014 Sp3. Is it true?
    Massimo Franci
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  • VBA to access BOM in PDM?

    All - I apologize if this is already out there, but I am very new at this.  I have searched and found quite a few discussions, but they seem to be a bit over my head.    I am decent at writing code in...
    Casey Bennett
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  • PDM STD - Show File path on Data Card

    Is it possible to show the path in the data card using PDM Std?   Here is how I have it set up currently: I want the path in the card so that I can copy the path when I am importing or separating bodi...
    Scott Baugh
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  • Enterprise PDM 2019

    How do I set up a user in Enterprise PDM so they can only see PDF's and Excell sheets? I've been beating my head against the wall.   Thanks Renee
    Renee Kontra
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  • PDM Could not connect to SQL Server

    I'm currently struggling with a PDM Pro and SQL Express 2017 installation. I want to try out the PDM Pro Product but will not allow me to connect to SQL 2017 Express. The account is configured and available. When conn...
    Markus Olsson
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  • Outside Solidworks PDM

      I saw the warning "Outside SOLIDWOKS PDM" during checking in file  What does this message mean as I checked the part is already in PDM
    Jake Bakerin
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  • IT Involvement in PDM

    John Aubrey
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  • Find Restored Files

    Does anyone have a SQL query or PDM report to search for files that have been recovered?  Searching the history doesn't search the event description.
    Jennifer Bahnsen
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