• Extreme memory use while opening drawings though PDM

    A client of mine is having extreme memory use when opening a bunch of simple (250KB-1MB) files. When opening 10-20 drawings at once, SolidWorks memory use goes up at 1 GB/ second until all memory is full. They've seen...
    Peter Brinkhuis
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  • Give access to PDM server hosted on a local PC

    Hi,   I set up the PDM standard server on my pc and successfully created the vault. My question is how can my colleague reach the server. This may be more of a networking issue than PDM. But, I wanted to know...
    Andy S.
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  • Auto Check In

    Hi - we would like to have Solidworks PDM automatically check in files after a user closes them in Solidworks or closes Solidworks.     How can we do this?  Other PDM-like software I've worked w...
    Jonathan Corsico
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  • PDM Pro turning AutoCAD files into Student Versions

    We have found that SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is converting true AutoCAD 2020 files into Student Versions randomly.        As you know, once AutoCAD thinks the file was created in an AutoCAD Student...
    Mathew Stevenson
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  • Named BOM Revisions

    We recently purchased SolidWorks PDM and are working our way through all the implementation issues. One thing that has me puzzled is how to keep BOM rev's matching their respective files.   My understanding is t...
    Elliott Evans
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  • Small Company PDM Options

    Hi Everyone,    Our company had been using SW 2015 with the 2015 pdm and it was working great. Having the vault built into SW made it easy for our group of engineers to manage the data. There are only 4 o...
    TJ Eller
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  • Add documents, keep revision

    I'm setting up a convert task to save a copy of drawings to PDF. It's pretty nifty and works, but doesn't keep the revision of the drawing file when it's added into the vault.  I had all our files to reset back t...
    John Aubrey
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  • What does the transition from PDM Standard to Professional look like?

    Background: I work for a small company that, at the moment, only needs PDM Standard's functionalities. I know that in about a year from now I'll need to have PDM Professional's ability to export BOMs to a downstream ...
    Sam Angles
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  • Enterprise PDM Rebuild Task

    Is there an add-in task out there to rebuild files?  As you know, when we update a data card for a Model, the Drawing or Assembly needs to be opened and rebult in orfer for the properties to be saved.  It wo...
    Rick Lacouture
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  • Hardware for Replicated Vault?

    We are updating our hardware at a replicated site. The information on the SW site is rather lacking for hardware requirements with replication. I have already reach out to our VAR so anticipate they will be getting ba...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Rebuild index.xml files?

    We had a big data loss including all backups some time ago. Our VAR did a really good job rescuing all the data we could save from old backups and the local caches! Unfortunately he put the wrong size of gz-compressed...
    Lars Uhlenhaut
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  • Why are all of the drawing view 'Display Styles' changing when checking into PDM?

    My company produces basic "sales drawings" of the equipment we design for customer approval. The top level assemblies are 'Large' with usually around 100 sub-assemblies and a total number of components ranging fr...
    Joshua Delaney
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  • Assembly configurations not saved..

    Hi. I've read some threads about but didn't find solution.. I usually create assemblies from another assemblies having configurations. (sometimes 2 or 3 steps deep) But when importing such assembly I get warning abou...
    Mariusz Maci?g
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  • Excluding a Folder from a Search

    We have a bunch (100 plus) fittings that the vendor has changed to take up less space.  These fittings are inserted multiple times into hundreds of assemblies.  Because of how long we have been using SW and ...
    Bill Stadler
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  • Variable for Currnet Folder

    I want to have a variable in my data card that stores the current folder name when a file is created or copied into the vault. Example"   C:\MyVault\Folder1/Folder2  The variable would store Folder2. &...
    Bill Stadler
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  • Variable Blank in Search Results but Shows in Data Card

    I search for files in a particular state PDM returns the search. We have a variable in the data card that shows the designer.  I have a column in the search results showing this same variable. Out of 104 files...
    Bill Stadler
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  • eDrawings & file preview distorting note blocks

    OK, so in the PDM Preview pane we use bitmap preview which looks fine (albeit fuzzy) When you click the preview to enter SW UI preview or open the file with "View File" (aka in eDrawings) the list numbers and botto...
  • Are there any updates coming to the admin side of PDM in 2020? Why is it still so ancient!

    Every time I go into the admin side of PDM I feel like i stepped back a few years. When (if at all) are they doing to update the back end of PDM in 2020?
    Stephen Blake
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  • PDM Pro with SQL Express

    Just wondering if anyone is running PDM Pro with SQL Express?
    Dave Hoder
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  • "file open in another application" warning message on check out

    Hi all, I'm receiving an error message when trying to check out a file in EPDM:  "file open in another application".  I came across this thread:   "File open in another application" flag when checking ...
    Brian Perry
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