• Can you turn off dymanic notification warning?

    If a user doesn't select a user or group during a transition with a dynamic notification, a warning displays "You have not selected any user or group for the notification.  Are you sure you want to continue?"....
    Denise Dekeuster
    created by Denise Dekeuster
  • How remove file link?

    Hello. I accidentally used to copy the link. I now have a link file in two locations.(screenshot) File icon:   I can't find any way to delete the link or delete the file. Even as an administrator, I can't ...
  • Template soure file with variable

    Hi there,   is there a way to have variables in a template source filename in order to add a template file? I tried this with the resulting massage, that the file did not exist and to enter a valid file.  ...
    Nico Abraham
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  • Issues restoring 2014 SQL DB to SQL 2017?

    We are preparing to upgrade to 2020 EPDM. We are also upgrading to new servers running Server 2019 vs. Server 2012 R 2.  We are running SQL 2014 with EPDM 2019 SP 0.  We are in the trap of OS's not supportin...
    Guy Edkins
    created by Guy Edkins

    We will be upgrading to PDM professional next month. We are developing a new document control that makes sense with our process.  Right now all file names are part numbers in our Vault. looking for a s...
    Josiah Thompson
    last modified by Josiah Thompson
  • Alternative to Solidworks PDM

    Hey guys,   I am wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to Solidworks PDM, that would only have the functionality of Check-in/Check-out. Everything else I could do by hand (not as effective but still ok for...
    Barbara Jerin
    last modified by Barbara Jerin
  • Why make a tool that does not work and that has never worked in every version released?

    I refer to the File version upgrade tool.   There was a tool that started off in Workgroup PDM that never worked and always crashed out. As workgroup was free, then complaining seemed to fall on deaf ears. ...
    Peter Farnham
    last modified by Peter Farnham
  • PDF checkout prevented by having solidworks file open

    This is the biggest most annoying problem that I have with PDM. It happens sporadically and I am pretty sure I've opened a ticket about this with my VAR before, but I don't know if it ever got resolved. PDM prevents c...
    Luke Alden
    created by Luke Alden
  • Is it possible to add a column that shows which workflow a drawing is in?

    Right now we are setup so that drawings are in different workflows depending on what is being done. Starting with a quote drawing workflow then moving to a released workflow and so on. The "Drafting" state doesn't cha...
    Steve Murphy
    last modified by Steve Murphy
  • PDM explorer window crashing with drawing when preview tab is selected.

    We've just gone to PRM pro 2016, since then when you have the preview pane selected and select a SLDDRW file the preview causes it to crash. It's a known bug, I'm just wondering how many people here are experiences th...
    Tim Smith
    last modified by Tim Smith
  • Cannot create PDM Vault shortcut in Quick Access tab on Windows 10

    I am trying to add a PDM vault shortcut to the quick access tab in the windows 10 file explorer. The vault was created on an admin account of the computer and set so that all users can access it. The file path is "C:\...
    Anthony Limiero
    last modified by Anthony Limiero
  • Is there a way to use a combobox on a card in PDM that will show folders within a folder selected by another combobox selection?

    I have the need to be able to query a list of folder names from within a folder selected by another query. I don't want to use the "controlled by variable" method because the folder list will constantly grow.   ...
    Ronald Michaud
    created by Ronald Michaud
  • EPDM - How to Change the state of a PDF by auto task creation

    I'm working in our EPDM workflow system. The current PDF creation during our Release state change is working perfectly. The only issue appears to be that it comes in as "Initial Check in" I want it to be our Released ...
    Brad Joseph
    last modified by Brad Joseph
  • Change of State warning

    We are attempting to figure out a way to notify our programmers that the part they have in process has changed. I'm wondering if this can be done someway with the PDM.    We are using CAMWorks so they are w...
    Matt Juric
    last modified by Matt Juric
  • Is it possible to concatenate several properties on the data card in PDM Standard?

    I need to concatenate the following "Number" ""-R" "Revision". Note the -R is text between the two properties. The result would be 10021234-RA
    Glenn Douglas
    created by Glenn Douglas
  • Server Performance Tuning (PDM Pro 2016)

    Are their any guides or documentation on how to performance tune our server? (PDM Pro 2016). What about hardware sizing guidelines?   When our system was setup in 2017 we had less than a dozen users. We know reg...
    Dan Harlan
    last modified by Dan Harlan
  • Help understand PDM Special Value field

    Hi all,   For static items like frames and static text, the available "Special value" are significantly more than for dynamic items like input boxes and such: Above: Special value for a text box   Abo...
    Karl Okeson
    last modified by Karl Okeson
  • Camworks and PDM

    We use CAMWorks here as one of our CNC programming softwares. At present the Programmers are making copies of released parts and applying paths on completely separate files than the released versions in the PDM system...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • Is it possible to add a Solidworks PDM tab?

    Hello, We use PDM for both part and BOM management and have found that there is a nifty Microsoft excel add-in that lets you see/use all the PDM commands in a convenient Microsoft ribbon. Picture attached. In Solidwo...
    Jesse Kaiser
    last modified by Jesse Kaiser
  • File not downloaded

    When opening files directly from EPDM with 3rd party programs the file in not transfered to local computer if it doesn't exist in local cache and won't open the file. It also won't download and insert images in excel...
    Damir Galic
    created by Damir Galic