• Are there any updates coming to the admin side of PDM in 2020? Why is it still so ancient!

    Every time I go into the admin side of PDM I feel like i stepped back a few years. When (if at all) are they doing to update the back end of PDM in 2020?
    Stephen Blake
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  • IT Involvement in PDM

    Hello, I was interested how other companies handle PDM.  How much is IT involved in design, development, day to day activities of PDM (permissions, little changes...)?  I am an IT guy, but I spend a lot of ...
    John Aubrey
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  • Add documents, keep revision

    I'm setting up a convert task to save a copy of drawings to PDF. It's pretty nifty and works, but doesn't keep the revision of the drawing file when it's added into the vault.  I had all our files to reset back t...
    John Aubrey
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  • "file open in another application" warning message on check out

    Hi all, I'm receiving an error message when trying to check out a file in EPDM:  "file open in another application".  I came across this thread:   "File open in another application" flag when checking ...
    Brian Perry
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  • What does the transition from PDM Standard to Professional look like?

    Background: I work for a small company that, at the moment, only needs PDM Standard's functionalities. I know that in about a year from now I'll need to have PDM Professional's ability to export BOMs to a downstream ...
    Sam Angles
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  • PDM Pro with SQL Express

    Just wondering if anyone is running PDM Pro with SQL Express?
    Dave Hoder
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  • SQL query EPDM to get document revision

    How can I query the EPDM database (using SQL) to get a document's latest Revision number? The documents table has "LatestRevisionNo" but this is the file's version number. I'd like to get the revision number that corr...
    Jonathan Poole
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  • Using Display Value Of Alias List In A Variable

    Hello Everyone,   I am trying to get a value from a alias list I have below variables like 1) Type Of Project (Value list) 2) Sub Project (Value From List) Their is a distinct code for every combination of t...
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  • How are EPDM Administrators managing SolidWorks Inspection drawings?

    Does anyone have a best known method for managing SolidWorks Inspection drawings in Enterprise PDM? Are users saving native SolidWorks drawing files as ballooned inspection drawings and checking them into EPDM?
    Landon Cloward
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  • State permissions - Ignore checkbox

    If I put every permissions I want in every state, I can check the “Ignore permissions in previous states” without it really effecting anything right?
    John Aubrey
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  • Solidworks PDM

    Hi, I am new to Solidworks PDM. I have started my work with local company for some design work. Till now i have used Solidworks student version for practise. Now my company wants to buy subscription for Solidworks wi...
    Abhishek Joshi
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  • ArchiveTypes in table ArchiveServerStored

    The table ArchiveServerStored contains a column called ArchiveType. Does anyone know, what the types are? I think, type 1 are normal files and type 4 is the users.dat in the vault's root folder. But what are 2 and 3?...
    Lars Uhlenhaut
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  • Disable Automatic Check-In

    I would like to have my vault set up so users can save files within the vault folder structure (keep files local), but not have to worry about keeping track of files before they are complete with their work.  I d...
    Chris Iannone
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  • Implementation of Cold Storage in Replicated Environment

    Hi SolidWorks PDM Professionals/Experts.   We have a PDM Professional Setup where the Main Vault is in USA and the Replicated Vault is in India. One SQL Database set at USA Premises. The Replicated Archive Serve...
    Prasanna Kumaran R.
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  • Benefits of Categories

    If we do all our sending files down the workflows with conditions of the workflows, what other benefits are there of setting up categories for different type of documents in PDM.  
    John Aubrey
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  • Task to delete pdf when changing state

    I currently have a task that generates a pdf when moving a file to release state.  I need a task that will delete a pdf from the vault when taking a file out of the release state.  Can anyone help me with this?
    Wayne Bird
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  • Close files which are open in SW using dispatch

    I have a dispatch which updates the file/s PartNo variable. The dispatch is triggered using a state change (Submit for drawing review). This all works well when making the state change from inside EPDM with none of th...
    Wayne Easton
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  • Trouble shoot Pdm Add-In : Class ID not found in registry

    Trying to create a Solidworks PDM Add-In to retrieve information from our Epicor ERP system and add it to vars in a data card in PDM. To retrieve the information from our Epicor erp system. I have added the necessar...
    Larry Blakely
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  • SW PDM 2020 Issue

    I'm currently installing SOLIDWORKS 2020 and the server and client are not compatible anymore.  This is the information I get:     From what I can see in the APP list in Windows SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 ...
    Markus Olsson
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  • Using an input card variable to specify folder on Office to PDF task.

    Hi All, I've been trying to modify the standard Office to PDF task in order to convert word documents to PDF and save a copy inside PDM (as per standard functionality) and a copy outside PDM. The copy to be saved out...
    Logan Pegler
    created by Logan Pegler