• Finding duplicate file names in Vault

    Is there a way to find all duplicate file names in PDM Vault I'm using PDM standard (no API) so please don't provide API solution Thanks 
    Christian Chu
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  • Can't check in the file with unique file name - "The filename has been used before"

    Hi   We have problem with ePDM(ver. 17.5 (B89)). We are using SW 2017 SP5. It seems that one worker can not check in one assembly file. ePDM gives error:"  The filename, which needs to be unique in the file...
    Mart Müllerbeck
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  • How to attach a file using a card button

    I have added a button to my card to browse for a file. The button works correctly, I can browse to and select the file.   I know need to have it attach "paste as reference" the file set that is already reference....
    Richard Salazar
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  • Search results window - Major file selection lag?

    I have a user with a high end CAD workstation who is having some strange behavior.  When he has a list of results from a PDM Search in Windows Explorer, he has major lag when trying to select files.  Efforts...
    Scott A. Wheeler
    created by Scott A. Wheeler
  • Solidworks PDM Email Notifications stop working

    Solidworks PDM Email Notifications randomly stop working in SW2018 SP4.0.   IT has to reboot the server after hours and this resolves the issue. Is there a more permanent fix for this? This has occured 3 times i...
    Jonathan Albert
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  • Upgrading PDM standard without VAR assistance

    Hi   Since a year or so I got PDM standard implemented in my system. My VAR did the initial installation and implementation. Costed me 3 days for a specialist in PDM. So far very happy with having PDM en was a...
    Nico Van Gils
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  • Mapping .sldprt & .slddrw variables to PDF data card

    I'm setting up workflows through the EPDM admin tool to add a variable 'Job Number' when the user transitions a model and drawing to a certain workflow state. When the transition is initiated, I've added a dispatch co...
    Eric Herberger
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  • Is it possible to save your PDM Add-In configuration and deploy it onto an another machine / user profile

    Does anyone know if it possible to save you PDM Add-In configuration and restore it on an another machine / user profile? It seems that this is not saved in the sldreg-file via the copy-settings-wizard. Currently I h...
    Piotr Adamowski
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  • Solidworks PDM standard "the file format is not recognized. Do you want to check in in anyway?

    I get this error message when checking solidworks documents. anyone else have this error and know how to fix it?
    David Anderson
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  • SQL Query for variable values in a file with version

    Hello, i can get variables with the api ("IEdmEnumeratorVariable10"). But this is very slow. I need about 500ms to get a variable value. So I want to use an sql query. I have found an Example here: SQL query for mu...
    Sascha Smolny
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  • How to upload data from Excel to populate fields on data cards with unique values for multiple files in PDM professional?

    I have a list of cross-reference numbers in Excel that I need to upload into PDM Professional (2018) to populate the cross-reference field on file data cards for several existing files in PDM.   Each file (part ...
    John Clay
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  • T-SQL Query for Checked Out Files Email

    Hi, I've wanted to set up email notifications about checked out files for some time now, and finally got round to it, so I thought I'd share this.     It's a pure SQL Server solution - there's some downs...
    Sandy Scott
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  • ERP Integration with PDM Standard

    We are planning to integrate PDM Standard to a new ERP System we are proposing to implement. Can I go ahead and plan on doing this integration or do I need to upgrade to Solidworks PDM Professional for integrati...
    Gupta Kotha
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  • SQL database replication

    Hey forum!   With 2017 PDM Professional, the ability to replicate databases for Read Only queries, using SQL's AOAG technology also became available.   I simply wonder: Has anyone used this, or tested thi...
    Martin Solem
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  • Automatic Search for Missing Files

    Would search capabilities be a cool feature for a database?   When I try to open an old assembly SW stops and opens up the file open dialog box allowing me to search the for the file. I browse through the PDM va...
    Tom Strohscher
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  • Shortcut Keys

    Hey ! This might be silly. But important.. I was wondering that do we have Standard or Customisable shortcut keys.. to Checkout,Check in, Change state.. Etc. in SolidWorks PDM Enterprise ? Any thoughts or id...
    Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M
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  • Solidworks PDM and cached Toolbox copied part and File upgrade tool.

    Hi, Solidworks PDM Professional  Solidworks premium 2019 sp5.0   Why does the Solidworks PDM Upgrade Tool delete the local cache and then not find the files in the vault?   Regards Pete
    Peter Farnham
    created by Peter Farnham
  • Dispatch action for Migrating Part, Assembly, Drawing to PDM 2020

    Hello Guyz,   I am stuck in one of our major issue in PDM.   I have created dispatch actions for 'whenever I a migrate" sldprt, sldasm, slddrw"  file to PDM vault. the every file will get renamed by t...
    Suyash Chougule
    created by Suyash Chougule
  • Adding a Debug Add-In

    I'm having problems adding a debug add-in to the PDM Admin tool.   When I click "Add Add-in" and select the .dll, it appears in the list of installed add-ins. However, when I click "OK" and then reopen the Debug...
    Kyle Rosenquist
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  • Firefox crashing when logged into PDM

    Any other Firefox user out there experience Firefox crashes when logged into PDM?   I have my computer as both PDM server and client.  Ever since setting up PDM, Firefox (My browser) crashes when I try to a...
    Chad Cutter
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