• How to assign PDM serial number to existing document

    I have recently added a serial number to my data card for Microsoft office documents.  Any new document I add gets a serial number just fine.  What is the best way to assign a serial number to the the offi...
    Eric Schwieterman
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  • PDM client / vault error message when doing Save As in Adobe Acrobat XI

    So, a couple of users here at work are having a strange PDM popup error when doing a Save As in Adobe Acrobat XI. Opening any PDF and doing a Save As brings up the error message below.  We have PDM Professional i...
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Why does PDM keep turning on?

    Why the does PDM keep reappearing in my systray???   I constantly exit the program to have it pop up and beg for a password - totally locking up my windows explorer directories in the meantime.   My specia...
    Ross Mayo
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  • exporting a BOM triggered by workflow ...

    When exporting a BOM triggered by workflow, there is only XML available > why? I think, a plain tab separated TXT would be enough ... When using this BOM to XML via workflow trigger, besides the...
    Ulrich Hanisch
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  • Has anyone used Cideon PDM for SAP?

    Our company is implementing Cideon SAP-PLM integration software.  Has anyone had any experiance with this PDM tool?
    Peter Loring
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  • Using serial numbers after check in or through Dispatch?

    I'm designing my companies EPDM rollout and I'm having difficulty with serial numbers. They work great for setting variables when adding things to the vault but it doesn't look like I can use serial numbers at any oth...
    James Parish
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  • BOM problems

    Hi, How do I make BOM to draw "length" custom property from routing assembly. It will show blank spaces. Also is it possible to make this BOM to combine pipes?   I added variable with custom property but ...
    Damir Galic
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  • Clients Can't Log In Until Vault Administration is Accessed

    We recently installed EPDM v10 with Administration v10.5.  We have three vaults and six remote archive servers connected via VPN tunnels..    We're having a problem with one of vaults whereby users ar...
    Martin Hambalek
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  • Search for Files Created By Me

    Does anyone have a CRP for finding files created by a certain user?     I am also looking for a CRP that finds all the files that were last checked-in by a certain user.    I am not an SQL g...
    Bill Stadler
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  • Viewing PDFs on my Windows network with Android/Apple devices

    We are looking into the easiest way to let people in our company view our engineering drawings. We are planning to start creating PDFs of our released drawings and allowing people to be able to access them via the web...
    Barry Watkins
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  • class not registered windows 10

    we just upgraded one of our computers to windows 10 from 7 as a test, we are still using epdm 2015 sp5. the upgrade seemed to go fine but it is having an issue with class not registered on a custom add-in that i crea...
    Joel Seerey
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  • Replace Writeable

    Only post I found was 6 years old.  Anyone know how to handle this message? should I pick yes or no? More valuable, anyone know how to avoid getting this message ever?  seems like a big bug to have for this...
    Al Larson
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  • EPDM BOM Export

    Hi, is it possible to customize even more how BOM is exported in epdm BOM?   By that I mean that BOM would show also weldment profiles in all levels. So basically detailed cut list, group pipes or tubes with...
    Damir Galic
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  • Configuring PDM Standard 2016 to work from home

    Hi. I was using Solidworks Workgroup PDM 2015. I set it all to work from office and from outside. I was able to connect to PDM form home by only opening and redirecting ports 20000, 30000, 40000 and 3030 to sepcifi...
    Mariusz Maciąg
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  • Can't download directly to 2019 PDM Vault

    Wasn't sure if this would be considered "data management" or not, so I am placing in the general section and I am sure someone will move it properly... We have just upgraded to 2019 - both our machines and the vault....
    Kevin Andrews
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  • Windows Explorer hang opening vault view

    I have one issue with one computer and I am out of ideas how to fix. The issue is, when then computer boots from “off” (cold boot), and the user attempt to open Solidworks vault, windows explorer hangs. Yo...
    Joe Grosskopf
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  • Dispatch to move old PDF

    Hi - Could someone point me to the problem with my dispatch? I am trying to move old PDF's to the "Old"-folder.  Our PDF is named xxx-Rev-CurrentRevOfFile   I have set the activation to be During state tra...
    Sussi Birkevang
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  • Is there a way I can have configuration specific revisions inside one part file with multiple configurations that I could individually change through PDM?

    I have a part file with about 12 configurations and I recently made a change to 2 of them and need to make a new revision for these configurations inside a drawing. When this usually happens I would delete the linked ...
    Nicolas Ochoa
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  • Templates to create common files and drawings, lost references

    We are using the PDM templates to have all the common parts and drawings created automatically when we start a new project. We also like to rename the files in the folder at the time these are created as follows: In ...
    Sander van de Bor
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  • PDM Template: Create new Drawing file with reference to a Part file as a template.

    Hi all,   Is there any way to create a template in PDM so that when the user right-clicks and selects to create a New SolidWorks Part they get a pair of SLDPRT and SLDDRW files that reference each other? so that...
    Ctm Pdm Admin
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