• Solidworks Rename vs PDM rename

    Solidworks has a right-click flyout for Rename and does not work with PDM correctly.  Basically, outside of PDM, you can right-click> Solidworks>Rename flyout function.  However in PDM, when you right ...
    Paul Aquino
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  • how can i prevent users do not copy data of pdm vault to their local drive

    I don't want to allow users once they create files in to PDM they cant take it back to local drive by just copy & paste any tool is there to restrict this action.
    Jaymin Chavda
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  • Cannot undo check in

    I have admin rights to our pdm system, a person left our company and didn't check out a bunch of files. He was deleted from the pdm server before i arrived here.   I have re added him with the same name and cred...
    Garrie Russell
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  • Native PDF as ECO

    After a little research, and a little work, i was able to get a native PDF to act as an ECO file. I was able to create the PDF in a way that updated the fields with the custom properties from EPDM. These update automa...
    Dustin Kerr
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  • EPDM Convert task JPEG improvement with Advanced Scripting option

    Hi, I am trying to create loads of pictures form EPDM , the problem is that some of the pictures are not visible due to users have saved and checked in models incorrectly with zoom/ ordination issue. I am trying to ad...
    Maciej Dykier
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  • transition condition underscore

    Hi forum,   From what I can understand from my VAR the _ (underscore) simply means any character.  More about that here   So what would be the correct method for filtering using _ (underscore)   ...
    Lasse Nielsen
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  • Task hanging at Suspending

    We have a task set up to convert drawings to PDF on a state transistion.  About a week ago, I was having trouble with one of the tasks executing, so I was going to suspend the task and then restart it.  The ...
    Tom Rendon
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  • Inserted Part in BOM

    I want the inserted part to appear in the derived part's BOM. Shows up in the contains tab as you would expect, how do I tell EPDM that I want it in the BOM?
    Jeff Sweeney
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  • PDM Prof. + SWE .sldprt-lib sync?

    If we use PDM Professional with SW Electrical will it be possible to sync .sldprt data in the library of electircal components into the vault, so SW Mechanicals can use them in their project?
    Dennis Frber
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  • How can I show the workflow state in an ACAD drawing block attribute or SW file custom property?

    I would like to show the workflow state on our drawings. I can see workflow state as text on the data card but how do I connect it to a variable that is mapped to a block attribute or custom property?
    Tom Strohscher
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  • How to Setup Email Notifications and send to users when there is something released in SW PDM.

    Hi PDM admins/users,   I recently started working with PDM and fairly new in administration part of  Solidworks PDM so i need some help in setting up Email notifications to send it out to the users whenever...
    Rahul Gone
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  • IPV6

    Has anyone tested this out?   815714 SOLIDWORKS PDM: Enhancement: Officially support and work on networks using only IPV6 protocol. Implemented High SolidWorks PDM There is no current official support for EPDM on...
    Greg Rupp
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  • How to undo roll back operation in SolidWorks PDM 2017

      Hello All,   As per the above image, the file is Rolled back at 51 so it has to remove versions 51 and above. As you can see it has removed version 46 to 51 also, any possiblity to g...
    Abhishek Bhargava
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  • PDM Kicking Users out

    My company is currently transitioning into using PDM.  At the moment, there are two users who are testing out the configuration until we get everyone else on board.  All of the engineers in my depart have PD...
    Chris Iannone
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  • PDM search is disabled from remote location

    I'm using VPN remote desk top now (working from home).  Please don't advice another option (it's set by company IT) I'm running PDM standard and "search" is disabled both in Vault view and inside SW.  What ...
    Christian Chu
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  • Where used display as tree diagram

    Hi there. In PDM the "where used" tab displays data in a "spreadsheet" type layout and I can export this to excel. What I really need though is a way to display this data in a visual tree / flow diagram and to save th...
    Wayne Easton
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  • Microsoft PDM add-in not available to install

    We have Solidworks PDM Professional and I am trying to install the add-in for Microsoft Office.  I've tried on two different machines, one is Windows 7 with Office 2013 and the other is running Windows 10 with Of...
    Jonathan Hein
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  • ERP Integration with PDM Standard

    We are planning to integrate PDM Standard to a new ERP System we are proposing to implement. Can I go ahead and plan on doing this integration or do I need to upgrade to Solidworks PDM Professional for integrati...
    Gupta Kotha
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  • Purge VariableValue table?

    I did a bit of cleanup today and found that I have millions unnecessary rows in our VariableValue table.   2 million are from a ~2013 bug where you needed to have a space in a value or the property got deleted f...
    Terry Raymond
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  • How to set Manditory Variables for Models with only one configuration?

    I have a part with just one configuration.   When I bring it into the vault I get two tabs on the data card, one as an "@" and one as a "Default".   My issue is that for our parts, I have "Part Number" and...
    Aaron Duncan
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