• Microsoft PDM add-in not available to install

    We have Solidworks PDM Professional and I am trying to install the add-in for Microsoft Office.  I've tried on two different machines, one is Windows 7 with Office 2013 and the other is running Windows 10 with Of...
    Jonathan Hein
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  • ERP Integration with PDM Standard

    We are planning to integrate PDM Standard to a new ERP System we are proposing to implement. Can I go ahead and plan on doing this integration or do I need to upgrade to Solidworks PDM Professional for integrati...
    Gupta Kotha
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  • Purge VariableValue table?

    I did a bit of cleanup today and found that I have millions unnecessary rows in our VariableValue table.   2 million are from a ~2013 bug where you needed to have a space in a value or the property got deleted f...
    Terry Raymond
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  • Saving assembly into vault is generating serial numbers for virtual parts

    When an assembly with virtual components is saved into the vault (via Save As) serial numbers are being generated for the virtual components. Is there a way to prevent this? After the save is completed the components...
    Grant Kirkland
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  • How to set Manditory Variables for Models with only one configuration?

    I have a part with just one configuration.   When I bring it into the vault I get two tabs on the data card, one as an "@" and one as a "Default".   My issue is that for our parts, I have "Part Number" and...
    Aaron Duncan
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  • New copy of file in ePDM has prepopulated data card??

    Here is what the user did:   1. Select source file 2. Copy 3. Paste then rename file   The data card is already filled out with approvals and dates in GO section. The varibles are greyed out se we cant c...
    Scott Douglas
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  • Configuring PDM Standard 2016 to work from home

    Hi. I was using Solidworks Workgroup PDM 2015. I set it all to work from office and from outside. I was able to connect to PDM form home by only opening and redirecting ports 20000, 30000, 40000 and 3030 to sepcifi...
    Mariusz Maci?g
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  • Is migrating PDM database and archive to new Windows server considered as part of maintenance or implementation?

    Hi,   As SW/PDM2020 onwards are not compatible with Windows Server 2012R, so we are deciding to migrate existing PDM server to new 2016 ver of Windows server.   However, we were told that this is not under...
    Leonis Wong
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  • PDM Administration Resources / Books?

    Are there any good PDM administration learning resources or books available?  I've taken the PDM user and PDM administration courses offered by the VARs, and still feel that I need more information in order to wo...
    Matthew Sosa
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  • Problem Modifying Output Filename in PDM-to-Office Task

    Trying to make a small modification to the Office to PDF script. The output file path passes to the script the following default path definition (ignore FileSate, it's not relevant here): <SourceFolderPath&g...
    Thomas James
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  • automate creation of composer files

    Does anyone have a task or method to automate the creation of composer files? We are adding composer to our workflow and I'm looking for a way to enforce naming conventions. The ideal would be to trigger a task on r...
    Joep Verhoeven
    created by Joep Verhoeven
  • Restore files from workstation cache to server PDM 2019 2.0

    Is there a procedure to restore cached files from workstations to the PDM server? Last backup is several months out of date,  Somebody's local IT failed them and have been asked to look into this as a possible re...
    Tester Tester
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  • A Solidworks PDM professional question about files

    Hi,  Solidworks 2019 sp5.0 This must be easy but I can't seem to find the answer. How to lock down files?   In workgroup for example, no one could change a file unless they had ownership, but you could s...
    Peter Farnham
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  • PDM Folder missing from Program Files Solidworks...

    Created a new admin image for Solidworks 2020. The path is C:\Program Files\Solidworks2020. Some users were getting the can't find viewer error. After digging around I found that some users have the Solidworks PDM fol...
    Derek Taylor
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  • How to use GetThumbnail2?

    Hi everyone, I got some issues to GetThumbnail2 Method uses. IEdmFile5 file5 = vault.GetFileFromPath(filePath, out IEdmFolder5 folder5);              &#...
    Ufuk Taskin
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  • Lock file with Solidworks API or Document Manager API

    I have a solidwork add-in which is reading and writing 3rd party data into the files with the help of IModelDoc2::IGet3rdPartyStorage and ModelDoc.Save3 methods.    Everything is working fine...
    Kellan O'Connor
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  • custom web interface for PDM

    Does anyone make a different web tool for pdm?  Looking for a search tool that can search on a combination of fields at one time.
    Tom Strohscher
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  • Issues connecting to the Database - Firewall

    I'm having issues connecting to the database on a local client, I'm provided access for TCP and UDP for ports 1433, 1434, 3030, 25734, and 25735.   If I turn the firewall off I can connect with no issues however...
    Peter Kennedy
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  • sql to create folders

    I want to query a database and create folders in PDM from it.  How could I do that?
    Bryan Bateman
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  • What are you doing for PDM multi-site performance?

    Hello Team-   I am pretty sure there are a ton of posts in regard to the performance of PDM replicated sites. I'm here to add to it...   I have a PDM setup based in Virginia with a replicated site in Color...
    Chris Johnson
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