• SQL database replication

    Hey forum!   With 2017 PDM Professional, the ability to replicate databases for Read Only queries, using SQL's AOAG technology also became available.   I simply wonder: Has anyone used this, or tested thi...
    Martin Solem
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  • Why does PDM act like malware with incessant popups? Did anyone involved in its creation ever use a computer with PDM installed?

    I need to vent a bit, about something that is actually a serious and baffling problem.   It would seem that whatever team designed PDM couldn't imagine that someone might use a computer for literally anything be...
    Sergey Feingold
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  • EPDM over WAN - Latency speeds?

    How many of you are using EPDM over WAN. What is your max latency that you are seeing from different sites to the SQL server?   We have installed EPDM over 3 sites (UK,US,CA) and are facing huge performance issu...
    David Harris
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  • What are you doing for PDM multi-site performance?

    Hello Team-   I am pretty sure there are a ton of posts in regard to the performance of PDM replicated sites. I'm here to add to it...   I have a PDM setup based in Virginia with a replicated site in Color...
    Chris Johnson
    created by Chris Johnson
  • Issues connecting to the Database - Firewall

    I'm having issues connecting to the database on a local client, I'm provided access for TCP and UDP for ports 1433, 1434, 3030, 25734, and 25735.   If I turn the firewall off I can connect with no issues however...
    Peter Kennedy
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  • PDM Copy As Path Not Working

    Holding shift while right clicking on a file will add Copy as Path to the menu.  I use often but it doesn't work in PDM.  I get an error message that says "Error executing menu command".  Has anyone com...
    Chris Iannone
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  • How to make SW2020 work reliably with pdm

    Using latest version sw2020 sp2 and pdm. What a slow buggy constally crashing system. I have to use it as it's what my company uses but.... definitely not happy with it. Previously used 2019 sp5 stand without pdm. I...
    Nev Ward
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  • Ignore Folder in Checked in/out Search Tab

    I'm fairly new to PDM and was surprised to see when doing a search for checked in/out files using the predefined PDM search that it also grabs what I assume to be every folder that exists in PDM. Is this intended...
    Joshua Cressman
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  • icons not showing correctly

    PDM file viewer not showing the correct icons.  
    Jason Wharton
    created by Jason Wharton
  • Non existing configurations filter

    SELECT TOP (1000) [VariableID] ,[DocumentID] ,[ProjectID] ,[RevisionNo] ,[ConfigurationID] ,[ValueText] ,[ValueInt] ,[ValueFloat] ,[ValueDate] ,[ValueCache] ,[IsLongText] FROM [EPDM].[dbo].[VariableValue] where docume...
    Damir Galic
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  • To Save or Not Save Prior to Check-In

    It's funny, I have never thought about NOT saving prior to check-in. My habit has always been Ctrl+7 (Iso), F (Fit), Ctrl+Q (Rebuild), Ctrl+S (Save) and then Check-In. Then this week a user new to our company tells me...
    Rich Harder
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  • EPDM search - why so complicated

    Why doesn't search support brackets and & or | inline? For example: (pipe 50 | pipe 40) & welding Which would then search all text that contains either "pipe 50" or "pipe 40" and "welding" Additionally it c...
    Damir Galic
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  • custom web interface for PDM

    Does anyone make a different web tool for pdm?  Looking for a search tool that can search on a combination of fields at one time.
    Tom Strohscher
    created by Tom Strohscher
  • Finding duplicate file names in Vault

    Is there a way to find all duplicate file names in PDM Vault I'm using PDM standard (no API) so please don't provide API solution Thanks 
    Christian Chu
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  • DWG blocks

    Hi, Does anyone know why block are presistent in DWG files? Once I add block with attributes and make copies (with the same name) they stay there. Even purge doesn't help. I tried removing all blocks, purging and t...
    Damir Galic
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  • Find where a Configuration Name is used in several Assemblies

         I have a part with several configurations.  Each configuration is a Part Number and relates to it's own drawing file.  Is there somewhere that I can do a search in EPDM to find that ...
    Joe Walton
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  • Development Environment Licensing

    Can someone please point me to information about licensing when setting up a Development Environment?  I have been told our current network licensing will allow creation of a Dev Environment, but I'm not clear on...
    Pete Nelson
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  • Moving lots of files to the vault

    Hi all,   I need to move thousands of files that currently live on a network location outside of a vault to a newly created vault. This includes assemblies, sub assemblies, parts, drawings, libraries, etc. ...
    Elizabeth Plasencia
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  • Repleace of the data card

    Hi, Is it possible to replace the data card of a part / assembly that is already in EPDM and has another data card?   Nice day Antonio
    Antonio Cavka
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  • ow to log in to  someone elses vault

    I have PDM installed on my own network and would like to use my laptop on someone elses network and access their vault (obviously with their permission) Is it just a case of logging into their PDM vault once I am conn...
    Paul Mason
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