• Edit the "convert to jpeg task (PDM Professional)" in order to get the isometric view of part or assembly in the generated jpeg file.

    Hello Everyone, I would like to edit the "convert to jpeg task" in order to get the isometric view of part or assembly in the generated jpeg file.I don't have the right knowledge about programming or API and i need th...
    Antonis Armyriotis
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  • Copy Tree Variable "Copied From"

    We often make prototype parts for customers by using Copy Tree then modifying it as necessary. It would be extremely helpful to be able to record the part/assembly which the new part/assembly was copied from. I would ...
    Bryan Nathan
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  • I'm concerned my company hasn't implemented PDM correctly

    Hi,   When my company purchased SolidWorks PDM we were promised it would be straightforward and not time-consuming, but it's been everything but! We're using SolidWorks PDM to version control all of our document...
    Jonathan Nute
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  • How to Apply Logic to PDM Delayed in State Notifications?

    We're having an issue where folks who are responsible for lots of drawing files will leave some of them in a pending state and this ends up holding people up down the line.   The delayed in state functionality s...
    Victor Carosi
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  • PDM Crashes Explorer

    I have been setting up a sandbox vault to make sure everything is exactly what we want before we start using PDM.  I'm at the point I want to start setting up our final vault but I am unable to open it up in expl...
    Chris Iannone
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  • Custom Library Items Location - To be in PDM Vault folder or in an External Location

    I have my custom and from vendors' library items in a folder in a network folder. But, from within Solidworks PDM icon (right side panel), right up, I see ? indicating "File not found in vault".   I don't think ...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • How To Remove all Checked-In (but unwanted) documents in PDM vault

    With the new PDM standard running, I find there are some unwanted documents in Vault. I need to know how can I get them removed. This I mean similar to delete in Autodesk vault.   Could someone help me to...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
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  • When doing a "get latest" it gets the latest of too many files

    Here is a simplified version of the issue:   Let's say I have a model of a pipe that has 100 configurations.  Each configurations has a drawing referenced to it and each drawing has a pdf referenced.  ...
    Stephen Lapic
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  • Some users can't view/preview XML file

    We using and XML file for our Approvals/Signature sheet. Some users can view/preview the XML and others can't. I have checked the file association. Everyone can has "access" to the vault where the XML and XSL template...
    Derek Taylor
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  • eDrawings & file preview distorting note blocks

    OK, so in the PDM Preview pane we use bitmap preview which looks fine (albeit fuzzy) When you click the preview to enter SW UI preview or open the file with "View File" (aka in eDrawings) the list numbers and botto...
    Nate Kinkley
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  • PDM file loss?

    I had a weird experience this AM that I'm struggling to explain and wondering if anyone else has run into something similar.   Last Friday evening the PDM shows I checked an assembly in. It also shows I checked ...
    Matt Juric
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  • PDM Standard: Renamed document still in the folder

    I got around to do Top-Down modeling. Thanks for the this forum. I renamed the main assembly V020620-E0001 to V020620-E0001 BELT FEEDER using Solidworks > Rename. QUESTION: 1. Why the old file is still existi...
  • New data cards don't populate with existing properties

    Background info: I have been working on our PDM system for a year, fixing how it was originally set up (not well). I have been creating new data card files in our sandbox for our SolidWorks part, assemblies, and draw...
    Matt Willms
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  • Upgrading PDM from 2018 to 2020

    I'm skipping 2019 and upgrading the PDM (Standard) from 2018  to 2020 Any issue I should be aware of ? Thanks 
    Christian Chu
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  • Populate PDM data card with imported / copied file properties

    Hello, we have few projects that are done by an external designer. I'm providing them with template parts etc. to work with but can't figure out how I should import the ready designs into PDM. Easy solution would be ...
    Mikko Laine
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  • Document Management without a PDM

    Hi all,   I'm a one person hobbyist user with a seat of the standard SolidWorks looking for effective ways to conduct some document management either within or outside of SolidWorks.  SolidWorks PDM is not ...
    Christopher Dubea
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  • Searching for and then opening a file from PDM

    We've been using PDM with SW (currently SW2017) for two or three years, and lately I've started experiencing a mildly annoying problem. I search for whatever file in PDM by file name. Once PDM has found it, I right-cl...
    Andrew Buc
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  • PDM ERP Integration Viability

    The company I am working for is upgrading its ERP system since the current system will be losing support soon (E2 Shop to E2 MFG). We are trying to reduce BOM building for whenever orders are placed, and reducing conf...
    Keaton Warn
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  • Turn off "must enter version comments" only for a specific folder in EPDM

    I am working with SolidWorks PDM Professional (EPDM) 2016 SP 0.1: I am requiring a comment being added for each version "must enter version comments"   However, I have a WIP folder for each user where I would l...
    Hilerie Gellenbeck
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  • Please vote for this SPR 1129378 regarding SolidWorks Manage - When creating a new process via an output, there is no way to write data from the new child process back to the parent

    Please find SPR 1129378 and vote on it. SPR 1129378 - When creating a new process via an output, there is no way to write data from the new child process back to the parent   Explanation: This would in the...
    Ronald Michaud
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