• Is it possible to concatenate several properties on the data card in PDM Standard?

    I need to concatenate the following "Number" ""-R" "Revision". Note the -R is text between the two properties. The result would be 10021234-RA
    Glenn Douglas
    created by Glenn Douglas
  • Server Performance Tuning (PDM Pro 2016)

    Are their any guides or documentation on how to performance tune our server? (PDM Pro 2016). What about hardware sizing guidelines?   When our system was setup in 2017 we had less than a dozen users. We know reg...
    Dan Harlan
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  • Camworks and PDM

    We use CAMWorks here as one of our CNC programming softwares. At present the Programmers are making copies of released parts and applying paths on completely separate files than the released versions in the PDM system...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • File not downloaded

    When opening files directly from EPDM with 3rd party programs the file in not transfered to local computer if it doesn't exist in local cache and won't open the file. It also won't download and insert images in excel...
    Damir Galic
    created by Damir Galic
  • Give access to PDM server hosted on a local PC

    Hi,   I set up the PDM standard server on my pc and successfully created the vault. My question is how can my colleague reach the server. This may be more of a networking issue than PDM. But, I wanted to know...
    Andy S.
    last modified by Andy S.
  • Help needed. Automatically name drawings using name of the model file.

    Hi.   I am (as a admin newbie) working with setting up templates in PDM Pro. Standard functionallity of Solidworks is to automatically name drawings using name of the model file (part or assembly) which is ...
    Staffan Holm
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  • How-to assign drawing's ID to converted pdf file

    Is there a way to assign drawing's ID to a pdf converted from it? I'd like to have same ID for part, drawing, converted pdf and converted step & x_t. In current setup pdfs get new ID and filename consisting of %ID...
    Michal Lamentowicz
    last modified by Michal Lamentowicz
  • Can you have a different data card for a virtual part?

    We are working out how to handle our purchased parts. Typically we use a lot of McMaster parts and the files get downloaded and used in an assembly. This quickly balloons our vault with files that are often only used ...
    Luke Alden
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  • Design tables multiple issues

    Please see attached PDF. This is my latest attempt to revisit and actually use Design Tables - so far unsuccessful.  Have researched and tried everything so far. Running SW 2015, Excel 2013, Windows 7, 64 bit. Fa...
    Steven Pedersen
    last modified by Steven Pedersen
  • PDM Client to SQL database security question

    I have a question on how the PDM client is able to read and write to the SQL database. This question has been raised to me from our network security team and I have not been able to find an answer in the for...
    Travis Lankheet
    last modified by Travis Lankheet
  • DXF creation task not scaling 1:1

    If I create a drawing with a sheet for laser cutting, I would like the DXF task which runs on approval to save the sheet out in such a way that the items to be laser cut are scaled 1:1. Currently I have to set the sca...
    Wayne Easton
    last modified by Wayne Easton
  • PDM Convert Task: Remove _0, _1 from output files when exporting multiple files per Slddrw

    I am attempting to export jpgs of each sheet with the Task tool in PDM Professional.  When exporting one file per configuration, the addin appends _0, _1 etc. to the file name even when the calculated f...
    Curtis Keiderling
    last modified by Curtis Keiderling
  • 2019 PDM gets stuck and crashes during copy tree every time. 2017 was fine

    I have only tried copy tree about 3 or 4 times this year but so far every assembly I have tried has frozen the copy tree after about 2 or 3 parts. One particularly annoying feature is that the "copy" button in the cop...
    Clinton Clinton Grover
    last modified by Clinton Clinton Grover
  • Data security for checked out files

    We tell all our users to check their files in regularly  - but of course they don't always. So there is a risk of data loss from the local PC.     We just had a second SSD failure on the same worksta...
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • Variable Blank in Search Results but Shows in Data Card

    I search for files in a particular state PDM returns the search. We have a variable in the data card that shows the designer.  I have a column in the search results showing this same variable. Out of 104 files...
    Bill Stadler
    last modified by Bill Stadler
  • Are there any updates coming to the admin side of PDM in 2020? Why is it still so ancient!

    Every time I go into the admin side of PDM I feel like i stepped back a few years. When (if at all) are they doing to update the back end of PDM in 2020?
    Stephen Blake
    last modified by Stephen Blake
  • How To Resolve the Error 0x8004022E = The versions of the program and the file vault are incompatible

    Hi,   When a try to login to a vault the add-in (application) result in the error:   "0x8004022E = The versions of the program and the file vault are incompatible"   This is the code: IEdmVault5 ...
    Maico Ismael Schmitz
    last modified by Maico Ismael Schmitz
  • PDM Set Revision Counter to Match Revision Variable

    I'm on PDM Standard. I'll make this short.   Our vault currently has no revision scheme actively being used. Our files have a Revision Variable manually typed in at the moment. We opted to migrate into the vault...
    Tyler Harding
    last modified by Tyler Harding
  • Convert drawings to PDF, from BOM

    Hi   Is it possible to make a batch convert to PDF, where the list of parts come from a BOM?   I would like to take a BOM through a workflow, where it will generate a command which will convert the dr...
    Sussi Birkevang
    last modified by Sussi Birkevang
  • Eagle/Altium files and serial numbers in PDM enterprise

    Just like SW drawings can follow / have the same serial number of the part they represent, I would like to have the .SCH/.SCHDOC (schematic file), the .BRD/.PCBDOC (board layout file) and the exported Gerber and .PDF ...
    Tim Meskers
    last modified by Tim Meskers