• Shortcut Keys

    Hey ! This might be silly. But important.. I was wondering that do we have Standard or Customisable shortcut keys.. to Checkout,Check in, Change state.. Etc. in SolidWorks PDM Enterprise ? Any thoughts or id...
    Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M
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  • Mapping .sldprt & .slddrw variables to PDF data card

    I'm setting up workflows through the EPDM admin tool to add a variable 'Job Number' when the user transitions a model and drawing to a certain workflow state. When the transition is initiated, I've added a dispatch co...
    Eric Herberger
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  • Prompt Login

    Hi Each time i go in Windows explorer after few second or immediatly the prompt login of PDM appear. But i don't want to connect to the vault. User don't want to close the screen each time. I just want to see the pr...
    Test Test
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  • EPDM DraftSight to PDF Task Gets Stuck because of Drawing File Recovery

    SOFTWARE:   Using SolidWorks PDM 2019 (SP 5.0) with DraftSight 2019 x 64 SP3.    Summary of Problem:   We are a company Utilizing AutoCAD 2018 within our PDM.  We have a DRAFTS...
    Stephen Whippie
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  • Search card should not find invalid data

    Hi all,   we want to define our data card so that data with the status "invalid" are not displayed in the normal search.   We have defined the invalid status in the workflows and did take the user rights t...
    Antonio Cavka
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  • Find Restored Files

    Does anyone have a SQL query or PDM report to search for files that have been recovered?  Searching the history doesn't search the event description.
    Jennifer Bahnsen
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  • EPDM Report all files

    Hi,   I would like to write a report file (.crp) what can list all of the file in the vault, but I stucked with path and users. This simple report runs fine, but I can not figure out how can I add the folder na...
    Norbert Gál
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  • How do you read/write PDM Vault properties (such as Revision) from a Solidworks CAD API?

    I know SOLIDWORKS will unload and reload the document when file is checked-out an checked-in. I have tried this event: DPartDocEvents_FileReloadNotifyEventHandler but this event is firing confusing...
    Kellan O'Connor
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  • PDM STD - Show File path on Data Card

    Is it possible to show the path in the data card using PDM Std?   Here is how I have it set up currently: I want the path in the card so that I can copy the path when I am importing or separating bodi...
    Scott Baugh
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  • PDM Could not connect to SQL Server

    I'm currently struggling with a PDM Pro and SQL Express 2017 installation. I want to try out the PDM Pro Product but will not allow me to connect to SQL 2017 Express. The account is configured and available. When conn...
    Markus Olsson
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  • Outside Solidworks PDM

      I saw the warning "Outside SOLIDWOKS PDM" during checking in file  What does this message mean as I checked the part is already in PDM
    Jake Bakerin
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  • IT Involvement in PDM

    John Aubrey
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  • Connecting to renamed PDM Server

    I found a registry hack for this but I tried something simple and non intrusive instead that I decided to share. Perhaps it will help someone.   My problem is that we changed the network so the Archive and Vault...
    Magnus Hammar
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  • Data security for checked out files

    We tell all our users to check their files in regularly  - but of course they don't always. So there is a risk of data loss from the local PC.     We just had a second SSD failure on the same worksta...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • PDM Pro turning AutoCAD files into Student Versions

    We have found that SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is converting true AutoCAD 2020 files into Student Versions randomly.        As you know, once AutoCAD thinks the file was created in an AutoCAD Student...
    Mathew Stevenson
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  • Why make a tool that does not work and that has never worked in every version released?

    I refer to the File version upgrade tool.   There was a tool that started off in Workgroup PDM that never worked and always crashed out. As workgroup was free, then complaining seemed to fall on deaf ears. ...
    Peter Farnham
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  • EPDM - How to Change the state of a PDF by auto task creation

    I'm working in our EPDM workflow system. The current PDF creation during our Release state change is working perfectly. The only issue appears to be that it comes in as "Initial Check in" I want it to be our Released ...
    Brad Joseph
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  • Give access to PDM server hosted on a local PC

    Hi,   I set up the PDM standard server on my pc and successfully created the vault. My question is how can my colleague reach the server. This may be more of a networking issue than PDM. But, I wanted to know...
    Andy S.
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  • PDM Set Revision Counter to Match Revision Variable

    I'm on PDM Standard. I'll make this short.   Our vault currently has no revision scheme actively being used. Our files have a Revision Variable manually typed in at the moment. We opted to migrate into the vault...
    Tyler Harding
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  • The viewer 'C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS PDM\FileViewer.exe' is missing.

    Hello,   I recently used the "View File" in the context menu.for a .PDF on the desktop and other file types as well. When I do so, I see a popup window stating   SOLIDWORKS PDM  The viewer 'C:\Progra...
    Tom Adams
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