• Search for Files Created By Me

    Does anyone have a CRP for finding files created by a certain user?     I am also looking for a CRP that finds all the files that were last checked-in by a certain user.    I am not an SQL g...
    Bill Stadler
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  • Replace Writeable

    Only post I found was 6 years old.  Anyone know how to handle this message? should I pick yes or no? More valuable, anyone know how to avoid getting this message ever?  seems like a big bug to have for this...
    Al Larson
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  • Database Replication for high availability Using Double-Take

    We are beginining a global PDMWorks Enterprise implementation and we are setting up database replication for high availability. This way if our primary SQL server goes down, we have a second that fails over and allows...
    Steve Hudak
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  • Multiple part number call out bug ?

    Hello  I need some help with an issue i can not understand.  I got a serial number which will be used as "document number". which i would like to be on parts and configurations, even tho i work mostly in one...
    Karl Håkon Skarbø
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  • Automated Personalized Transition Notification using Dispatch

    Recently I have been scratching my head trying to customized notification in PDM.   It really would be better if there's a capability to  1. have automated while customized/personalized notification commen...
    Leonis Wong
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  • Workflow with or with revision

    Can you have two workflows where one revisions the file while the other does not? We perform model maintenence all the time on our network. This usually involves fixing mates and broken sketch geometry or just add...
    Jason Capriotti
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  • Big List of EPDM Enhancements

    Here is my list of what I think the EPDM software should do better. Much of this was noted during implementation.  One important theme I noticed is the EPDM searching and filtering options, while they have a lot ...
    Brian McEwen
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  • Remove local view created by someone else

    If you have ever tried to remove a local view only to be presented with an error message like this one:   This year at SWW 2019, Tor gave away a little gem of information.   Open a command window (type c...
    Paul Wyndham
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  • Paste image to doc file through docx=>pdf convertation

    Hello guys. We had tasks to automatically add manager signature for approved documents. We often write orders to communicate with other departments. After we starting use PDM we began saving our orders in PDM. We make...
    Alexander Matuzov
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  • How do you manage different material for a single part ?

    Hello, I wonder how do you mange material in PDM and ERP especially the same part (geometry) with several materials.   Right now we are using configurations to do that, here is an exemple :   in PDM we h...
    Jerome De San Nicolás
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  • EPDM BatchGet -> Get Latest Version for VB.NET 4.5

    Hi All,   I was having trouble trying to do a batchget in EPDM to get the latest version of all files in a directory and I finally figured it out.   Here is the code I was using:     Try  &#...
    Ethan Kinney
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  • Expand destroy menu

    I have placed an ER request to have the ability to expand the menu to see all the columns and to give us the ability to add columns such as "description" to the destroy menu. If you agree, turn on in as well.   ...
    Scott Baugh
    created by Scott Baugh
  • [HOTFIX available] Do not upgrade SW PDM to 2018SP4 if you used clearing or changing variables while COPY TREE

    Hi!   As in the topic. The 2018SP4 has a huge bug with clearing/changing variables at the time of copy tree. The problem doesn't exist if just the server(s) are upgraded but client workstations are still in SP3....
    Aleksander Ksiezopolski
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  • We are facing communication lagging between Main RK server which is located in Michigan-US  & Replicated RK server also Client at remote location-Coimbatore-India

    The Designer’s at Coimbatore India are continuously reporting that there’s a lagginess /slowness occurring frequently while checking out a file say an assembly or a part from the vault and working it wit...
    Polappan Chinnasamy
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  • Customizing SOLIDWORKS PDM Convert Task

    Hello,   Are you using out-of-the-box PDM tasks in your workflow? Did you know that it is possible to customise the scripts for the task to get more functionality? I have published a blog post describing the tec...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • input formula bug

    Found a bug that cost me half of a day to fix: When using card templates, if an "input formula" driven field is marked read-only, the data won't transfer to the generated file. Solution: Don't mark it read only. Grr.
    Terry Raymond
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  • Where do you store your data cards?

    The data card displayed for a file is controlled by two things: the file extension and the directory where the file is located (if a data card is saved there).  Often, I would like to have a little more fine grai...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Advise to New PDM Pro Install

    Our company has recently decided to proceed with purchasing SW PDM Pro (to date we've been just doing manual revision control and working direct over network and have decided that is not sustainable for our future gro...
    Brian Poelman
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  • PMDesk - project management compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM & CAD

    Please check out our new project management solution, which is fully compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM and CAD - website is http://www.pmdesk.net
    Wojciech Obst
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  • Windows Backup/File History saves the day

    I wanted to share a tip that just saved one of my users a lot of time. We use PDM Pro and the user has been saving a file all day, but hasn't checked it in. On his last save something went wrong and the file was saved...
    Eric Allen
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