• How to turn off state transition warning?

    Hi, After updating our EPDM 2019 SP5 we started getting this warning while changing file state. My question would be, how do we turn off this annoying warning?
    Paulius Lukauskas
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  • Viewers are not able to see the numbered version of files which are migrated to PDM and these files are in released state

    Hi,   We have a situation where the user who have the view permission is not able to see the released files which are in numeric versions, these files are migrated to PDM by Admin and at the time of migration on...
    Sampath Vitta
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  • Help with Searching Transition Comments

    When selecting a user at a State transition, we require they also enter that person's name in the comments field. On the data card it's shown as a Transition Comment. This way we can look at a data card and see who is...
    Derek Taylor
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  • Replace Writeable

    Only post I found was 6 years old.  Anyone know how to handle this message? should I pick yes or no? More valuable, anyone know how to avoid getting this message ever?  seems like a big bug to have for this...
    Al Larson
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  • Unusual 'Read Only' Issue

    I have one user that this problem occasionally happens to.  He will have a group of DWG files checked out to himself.  When he tries to open them to edit them, most of them will open up, but occasionally 1 o...
    Dave LeCount
    created by Dave LeCount
  • sql query to report. need to see user worked with file last time

    Hello! I found this sql query in the internet and it is awsome. But can you help me to improve it? I need one more column, to see which user is modificated file last time?   [ ProjectID pProjectID [1] [select f...
    Andrey Kotolevskiy
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  • Folder permissions audit - report generator

    We wanted to audit all our users access to different permissions in our vault.  It's hard just going through the groups / users in PDM admin tool.    I couldn't find a good solution on line so came up ...
    Terry Raymond
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  • User lacks permission for PDM notification links

    We have just started PDM notifications (SMTP) in PDM Professional. A couple of users get an error message blockking them when trying to use the links in the PDM notification email.    I have searched all ov...
    Matt Martens
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  • Slow datacards? Check your dropdowns

    Sharing this with community in case it helps anyone.   We were suffering from very slow datacards, that were taking 5-10 seconds to load when clicking the file.  They were complex with different tabs based ...
    Terry Raymond
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  • Indented BOM not detailing levels in Bill of Materials tab for assemblies

    For some reason, I can't get indented BOMs to drill down any further than the top level. I've tried checking out, saving, and checking back in both the top level and sub-levels making sure to set lightweight to resolv...
  • Could not open database 'Company Vault'!

    Solidworks PDM error pop up saying Could not open database 'Company Vault'!   This pop up is happening for 3 of my Solidworks users. Currently running Solidworks 2018 Professional, and use PDM Sta...
    Taylor Jenson
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  • PDM Pro turning AutoCAD files into Student Versions

    We have found that SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is converting true AutoCAD 2020 files into Student Versions randomly.        As you know, once AutoCAD thinks the file was created in an AutoCAD Student...
    Mathew Stevenson
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  • Saving current configuration in PDM Nag

    Not the greatest title, but here goes. I have a checked in library component with several configurations, when I insert the component into an assembly and choose a configuration different than the one the compone...
    Scott Matheson
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  • PDM revisions update

    Hi.   So lets say I have a part outside of the PDM (from before we started using it). this part has a variable called Revision which is filled manually by the user.  Lets say the variable has a value of 05...
    Ben Galili
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  • No preview for blocks in PDM

    If i store a block in the _template folder of the PDM vault, the preview window only shows binary data. No preview of the block.   Anyone else has that ? Knows how to fix it. Or is it a PDM issue ?
    Jaco Waes
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  • Avoid Re-Typing certain fields in Datacards

    Very frustrating typing in the project name and client name for every configuration in the Datacard for PDM. Is there a workaround for this?
    Bri Guy
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  • Vault Previews Causing Buildup of GDI Objects and Consequent Crashes

    For a while now I've been experiencing seemingly random explorer.exe crashes on Windows 10 (where the taskbar blips out and comes back with everything running as before except all the folder windows are closed). I've ...
    Ian McKenzie
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  • Re: Edit custom property from BOM

    I have a similar question - I'm trying to do the same thing, but I'd like to have the value I type into the BOM appear on the referenced part's datacard.  Currently I have the version-free variable on the datacar...
    Elisabeth Daley
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  • Upgrading PDM standard without VAR assistance

    Hi   Since a year or so I got PDM standard implemented in my system. My VAR did the initial installation and implementation. Costed me 3 days for a specialist in PDM. So far very happy with having PDM en was a...
    Nico Van Gils
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  • Mapping .sldprt & .slddrw variables to PDF data card

    I'm setting up workflows through the EPDM admin tool to add a variable 'Job Number' when the user transitions a model and drawing to a certain workflow state. When the transition is initiated, I've added a dispatch co...
    Eric Herberger
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