• SW PDM SEARCH doesn't show files type icons

    Hello!    I have some really annoying issues using SOLIDWORKS PDM SEARCH. For some reason, my PDM SERACH software doesn't show the differents files icons (part, assembly or drawing) when i search for&#...
    Rafael Freitas Povoa
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  • Open Check Out multiple documents

    Hi everybody!   Right now I'm using Solidworks PDM 2017 and I would like to Open / Check Out multiple files to migrate them to PDM 2019. Is there any way to easily save for example all .SLDPRT documents fro...
    Gabor Fekete
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  • PDM: Set Revision is Grayed Out - But I'm Admin!

    I have data cards with Revisions that don't match. I can't see where the mistake is made.   In the example below both should be at rev A-2. Instead they are different.   Any ideas?   ß!   ...
    Brent Theobald
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  • How to solve problem with not updated drawings in PDM

    Hello together,   I have some issues that some of our drawings are not up to date, at least that is what the preview in PDM says, if I do open the drawing it shows the penicl button so it is not up to date, but ...
    Joschua Morgenroth
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  • PDM Vault Replication Issue

    Would anyone perhaps encountered this issue with vault replication. We currently have a primary vault and 2 remote sites. One of the remote sites is running a replicated vault. We recently added the other remote site ...
    Keem Basadre
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  • PLEASE add your name to this sensible enhancement!

    Hi All,    Enhancement Request 1-22863393466 has been created for this issue.   Why isn't this even as standard action in PDM professional?   I have a folder that has many sub-assemblies that ar...
    Peter Farnham
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  • PDM search how to get a list of files as result

    Hi there,   Using SolidWorks PDM 2020. I would like to enter a list (or concatenated sting) of drawing numbers as a search and get the corresponding files as a result in a list.    In this way I can q...
    Koen Bidlot
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  • Why is it so difficult to install PDM on a single laptop?

    Look at the title? Just bought Premium and installed SW in minutes. no problems. Then to get PDM installed i get sent a 200 page manual!   And that pays absolute lip service to installing it on a single laptop. ...
    Steve Soper
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  • Could not open database 'Company Vault'!

    Solidworks PDM error pop up saying Could not open database 'Company Vault'!   This pop up is happening for 3 of my Solidworks users. Currently running Solidworks 2018 Professional, and use PDM Sta...
    Taylor Jenson
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  • PDM Web2 preview undefined after conversion / no thumbnail available

    We recently setup our Web2 server and are trialing with users. It worked when it was just me testing it but since distributing to a few more people no previews load. On pdf we get "undefined" on .sldprt we get "Sorry,...
    Nate Kinkley
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  • Some users can't view/preview XML file

    We using and XML file for our Approvals/Signature sheet. Some users can view/preview the XML and others can't. I have checked the file association. Everyone can has "access" to the vault where the XML and XSL template...
    Derek Taylor
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  • Upgrading PDM from 2018 to 2020

    I'm skipping 2019 and upgrading the PDM (Standard) from 2018  to 2020 Any issue I should be aware of ? Thanks 
    Christian Chu
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  • Issues Checking In Files to SW PDM Pro using pack and go

    We used to be able to pack and go an assembly into PDM and it would allow us to bring in files that are already there (hardware etc) but would flag them. Then after it's in PDM we could delete those "non-unique part n...
    Cameron Blank
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  • is it possible to restore sql database and vault archive without 'official backups'

    Hi, Yesterday my server died, the processor failed. No data was lost on the hard drives. So now, I have a new server running with sql2005 and swe2009 installed and I would like to restore the database and vault ar...
    Scott Nelson
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  • How to turn off state transition warning?

    Hi, After updating our EPDM 2019 SP5 we started getting this warning while changing file state. My question would be, how do we turn off this annoying warning?
    Paulius Lukauskas
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  • Viewers are not able to see the numbered version of files which are migrated to PDM and these files are in released state

    Hi,   We have a situation where the user who have the view permission is not able to see the released files which are in numeric versions, these files are migrated to PDM by Admin and at the time of migration on...
    Sampath Vitta
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  • Help with Searching Transition Comments

    When selecting a user at a State transition, we require they also enter that person's name in the comments field. On the data card it's shown as a Transition Comment. This way we can look at a data card and see who is...
    Derek Taylor
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  • Replace Writeable

    Only post I found was 6 years old.  Anyone know how to handle this message? should I pick yes or no? More valuable, anyone know how to avoid getting this message ever?  seems like a big bug to have for this...
    Al Larson
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  • Unusual 'Read Only' Issue

    I have one user that this problem occasionally happens to.  He will have a group of DWG files checked out to himself.  When he tries to open them to edit them, most of them will open up, but occasionally 1 o...
    Dave LeCount
    created by Dave LeCount
  • sql query to report. need to see user worked with file last time

    Hello! I found this sql query in the internet and it is awsome. But can you help me to improve it? I need one more column, to see which user is modificated file last time?   [ ProjectID pProjectID [1] [select f...
    Andrey Kotolevskiy
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