• Distpatch text functions

    I was faced with the problem of outputting variables using a text function.  for example, the message should display the value of two variables    Left(%NameOfSelectedFile%, 14) - %NameOfLoggedInUser%...
    Alexander Volkov
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  • EPDM Report all files

    Hi,   I would like to write a report file (.crp) what can list all of the file in the vault, but I stucked with path and users. This simple report runs fine, but I can not figure out how can I add the folder na...
    Norbert Gál
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  • Manual revisions/No revision scheme?

    We receive drawings, models, and specifications from our customers that will never enter our own revision scheme. Neither will they necessarily increment in order. Since there are multiple customers using multiple rev...
    Debbie Wescott
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  • Managing Engineering and Manufacturing BOMs in PDM

    We are trying to nail down a process for managing both Engineering Bills of Materials and Manufacturing Bills of Materials using SolidWorks PDM Professional and I am seeking wisdom from my fellow PDM admins and users....
    Craig Merrifield
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  • Defaulting to a PDM Professional Viewer license

    We currently have 14 PDM Professional CAD Editor & Web licenses. We recently added a 5-pack of Viewer licenses. We have 3+ users that will only ever need to pull these Viewer licenses. I have went on each machine ...
    Bobby J. Moore II
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  • Copy user settings

    I am getting ready to roll out PDM to our company, but by default, the preview, cards, bom, etc starts at the bottom.  Is there anyway to copy my settings for inside Windows Explorer?   I am not referring ...
    Kyle Blough
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  • Get all related Drawings from Part and Assembly

    Hello All,   Please suggest me is there any method to get all related Drawing from EPDM valut ??   My requirement is get all related drawing from assmbly and parts in csv.   Inside csv .....   A...
    Shetty M.
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  • How to add a tab in the task detail with the list of selected files?

    Hello guys! I want to add a list of the selected files in the details of the task that was performed. The add-in is written in C #. The result example is as per the image. Can anyone help me? Thank you very much! &...
    Maico Ismael Schmitz
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  • Get variable from Data Card PDF file task runtime

    I use VBA code in task to read Data Card variable for PDF file. But swTaskAddin.dll don't support explicit declaration of variables such as IEdmEnumeratorVariable7, EdmGetVarData and IEdmVaria...
    Alexander Volkov
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  • Which Version of SQL Server Express for PDM Standard?

    Following the Installation Guide for PDM Standard I can't install it with newest SQL Server Express like 2017 or 2019 but just with 2014 Sp3. Is it true?
    Massimo Franci
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  • VBA to access BOM in PDM?

    All - I apologize if this is already out there, but I am very new at this.  I have searched and found quite a few discussions, but they seem to be a bit over my head.    I am decent at writing code in...
    Casey Bennett
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  • PDM STD - Show File path on Data Card

    Is it possible to show the path in the data card using PDM Std?   Here is how I have it set up currently: I want the path in the card so that I can copy the path when I am importing or separating bodi...
    Scott Baugh
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  • PDM Could not connect to SQL Server

    I'm currently struggling with a PDM Pro and SQL Express 2017 installation. I want to try out the PDM Pro Product but will not allow me to connect to SQL 2017 Express. The account is configured and available. When conn...
    Markus Olsson
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  • IT Involvement in PDM

    John Aubrey
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  • Issues restoring 2014 SQL DB to SQL 2017?

    We are preparing to upgrade to 2020 EPDM. We are also upgrading to new servers running Server 2019 vs. Server 2012 R 2.  We are running SQL 2014 with EPDM 2019 SP 0.  We are in the trap of OS's not supportin...
    Guy Edkins
    last modified by Guy Edkins

    We will be upgrading to PDM professional next month. We are developing a new document control that makes sense with our process.  Right now all file names are part numbers in our Vault. looking for a s...
    Josiah Thompson
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  • Data security for checked out files

    We tell all our users to check their files in regularly  - but of course they don't always. So there is a risk of data loss from the local PC.     We just had a second SSD failure on the same worksta...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Version Being Overwritten on State Change

    Hey all. So when I change states everything is being overwritten except drawing files. Is there a way to change that? I all ready checked the workflow and "overwrite latest version" isn't checked on any of the state c...
    Sam Cohen
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  • 2 User Installation, Standard PDM worth implementing?

    We have 2 SolidWorks users and have never used PDM at this company. What are the pros and cons of implementing PDM Standard? Pretty sure we don't need Pro. Just deciding if going to PDM vs the Windows file system is w...
    Barry Watkins
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  • running Word macro during transition

    I have a word macro that will update all fields (including header, footer, text fields, etc.) for a variety of variables.  Currently, I transition the file to a state and I would have to check it out, run the mac...
    Stephen Lapic
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