• Restore files from workstation cache to server PDM 2019 2.0

    Is there a procedure to restore cached files from workstations to the PDM server? Last backup is several months out of date,  Somebody's local IT failed them and have been asked to look into this as a possible re...
    Tester Tester
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  • A Solidworks PDM professional question about files

    Hi,  Solidworks 2019 sp5.0 This must be easy but I can't seem to find the answer. How to lock down files?   In workgroup for example, no one could change a file unless they had ownership, but you could s...
    Peter Farnham
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  • EPDM over WAN - Latency speeds?

    How many of you are using EPDM over WAN. What is your max latency that you are seeing from different sites to the SQL server?   We have installed EPDM over 3 sites (UK,US,CA) and are facing huge performance issu...
    David Harris
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  • Can't Delete a Workflow..

    I have a workflow that I used for testing/goofing around and I'd like to delete it.  It says there are files in it so I can't delete it.   I searched for files that are, or have ever been in that workflow, ...
    Brian Dalton
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  • SolidWorks 2020 sp2 PDM Professional Explorer is freezing when switching tabs

    Just installed SolidWorks 2020 sp2 and explorer is freezing when switching tabs. All users are having this issue. Graphics cards are updated. Systems have been rebooted. Software has been uninstalled/reinstalled....
    Derek Taylor
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  • Set custom revision description during transition on pdm

    Hi to all. I have this scenario in my workflow, when I proced with the first file approval the transition operation increment the revision to the value 00 and set atomatic a revisio description like " first approval"...
    Luca Canderle
    created by Luca Canderle
  • SQL database replication

    Hey forum!   With 2017 PDM Professional, the ability to replicate databases for Read Only queries, using SQL's AOAG technology also became available.   I simply wonder: Has anyone used this, or tested thi...
    Martin Solem
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  • PDM Pro turning AutoCAD files into Student Versions

    We have found that SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is converting true AutoCAD 2020 files into Student Versions randomly.        As you know, once AutoCAD thinks the file was created in an AutoCAD Student...
    Mathew Stevenson
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  • Need help moving pdm from old server to new server

    I am in the process of moving our PDM Standard vault from old server to new server and I am in need of some assistance as our VAR will not provide any help unless I pay. I have the Installation Guide.pdf but that is b...
    Frankie Fordyce
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  • Web2 Search limiting

    Just getting the Web2 interface setup and we have a fairly large and complicated vault structure. Is there anyway to use our search cards in Web2? If not, can you limit the basic search to a given folder?   We h...
    Jason Capriotti
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  • PDM revisions update

    Hi.   So lets say I have a part outside of the PDM (from before we started using it). this part has a variable called Revision which is filled manually by the user.  Lets say the variable has a value of 05...
    Ben Galili
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  • icons not showing correctly

    PDM file viewer not showing the correct icons.  
    Jason Wharton
    created by Jason Wharton
  • Non existing configurations filter

    SELECT TOP (1000) [VariableID] ,[DocumentID] ,[ProjectID] ,[RevisionNo] ,[ConfigurationID] ,[ValueText] ,[ValueInt] ,[ValueFloat] ,[ValueDate] ,[ValueCache] ,[IsLongText] FROM [EPDM].[dbo].[VariableValue] where docume...
    Damir Galic
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  • To Save or Not Save Prior to Check-In

    It's funny, I have never thought about NOT saving prior to check-in. My habit has always been Ctrl+7 (Iso), F (Fit), Ctrl+Q (Rebuild), Ctrl+S (Save) and then Check-In. Then this week a user new to our company tells me...
    Rich Harder
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  • EPDM search - why so complicated

    Why doesn't search support brackets and & or | inline? For example: (pipe 50 | pipe 40) & welding Which would then search all text that contains either "pipe 50" or "pipe 40" and "welding" Additionally it c...
    Damir Galic
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  • Avoid Re-Typing certain fields in Datacards

    Very frustrating typing in the project name and client name for every configuration in the Datacard for PDM. Is there a workaround for this?
    Bri Guy
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  • Vault Previews Causing Buildup of GDI Objects and Consequent Crashes

    For a while now I've been experiencing seemingly random explorer.exe crashes on Windows 10 (where the taskbar blips out and comes back with everything running as before except all the folder windows are closed). I've ...
    Ian McKenzie
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  • DWG blocks

    Hi, Does anyone know why block are presistent in DWG files? Once I add block with attributes and make copies (with the same name) they stay there. Even purge doesn't help. I tried removing all blocks, purging and t...
    Damir Galic
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  • Find where a Configuration Name is used in several Assemblies

         I have a part with several configurations.  Each configuration is a Part Number and relates to it's own drawing file.  Is there somewhere that I can do a search in EPDM to find that ...
    Joe Walton
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  • Development Environment Licensing

    Can someone please point me to information about licensing when setting up a Development Environment?  I have been told our current network licensing will allow creation of a Dev Environment, but I'm not clear on...
    Pete Nelson
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