• PDM上でアクティブコンフィギュレーションを切替したい

    E-PDMでチェックインしたアセンブリで、アセンブリを最後に保存した時点のコンフィギュレーションが「アクティブコンフィギュレーション」で表示すると思います。   このE-PDMにヴォルトインまたはチェックアウト状態(設計者が編集できる状態)でSWを開くことなく、アクティブコンフィギュレーションを変更することはできないのでしょうか?   よろしくお願いいたします。
    Yukari Sameshima
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  • PLEASE add your name to this sensible enhancement!

    Hi All,    Enhancement Request 1-22863393466 has been created for this issue.   Why isn't this even as standard action in PDM professional?   I have a folder that has many sub-assemblies that ar...
    Peter Farnham
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  • PDM Search Broken after Moving/Upgrading Server

    Yesterday evening I installed SW PDM 2019 SP5 in a new Windows Server 2012 machine.  I then followed the instructions for 'Moving Server Components to Another System' in the PDM installation guide to move our exi...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Restore files from workstation cache to server PDM 2019 2.0

    Is there a procedure to restore cached files from workstations to the PDM server? Last backup is several months out of date,  Somebody's local IT failed them and have been asked to look into this as a possible re...
    Tester Tester
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  • Using Word or Excel for Engineering Change Documentation.

    What do the people out there prefer for documentating your ECN/ECO/ECR's   Word, Excel or a.n.other.   I tried setting up word with variables today, to which I did manage to get it to popluate but only ...
    Steven Smith
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  • PDM server update

    I normally update all the clients (so I am used to this process) and let someone else do the PDM server, but times has changed. We are running PDM Pro. 2019-SP3 and updating to 2020-SP3. The system includes one remot...
    Thomas Voetmann
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    Hello,   I have an standard part file with almost 100 configurations (similar to toolbox components).   This part was recently created and currently I'd like to use 2 of its configurations into one assembl...
    Alejandro Santana
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  • Is there a way I can have configuration specific revisions inside one part file with multiple configurations that I could individually change through PDM?

    I have a part file with about 12 configurations and I recently made a change to 2 of them and need to make a new revision for these configurations inside a drawing. When this usually happens I would delete the linked ...
    Nicolas Ochoa
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  • Configuration-specific Revisions should not be happening, correct?

    Have you ever seen a PDM history show Revision B (same as @Configuration and also the correct one) while the PDM data card and column revision shows A1 (same as another configuration)? I've checked and the revision va...
    Debbie Wescott
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  • PDM Automatic Login & VPN

    Is there a way to stop PDM from logging into the vault until it’s called on i.e., PDM folder selected, SolidWorks launched, etc. on our mobile workstations?   Our Archive Server Default Settings are set a...
    Rich Harder
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  • SOLIDWORKS PDM dialog box: prompt to checking out (or not) document @ editing the master sketch

    The whole assembly is already checked in. Going to add new components using the existing geometry. Just created a new configuration as well. Is there a setting to control the SOLIDWORKS PDM dialog box appearing from...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
    last modified by Rohana Wickrama Archchi
  • is there a way to debug 'serial number' addins

    Hi,   i'm developing an addin dll for PDMWE to generate serial numbers, and I need to debug  it.   If i add the dll locally (EPDM administration -> addins -> debug addin) I can't create a seri...
    Stefano De Fend
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  • how do you get thumbnail previews in SW2020 Web2 client?

    I always get "No thumbnail preview available for this file" if I click on a sldasm, sldprt, or slddrw file. Edrawings 2020 is installed.
    Martin Glass
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  • Standardizing units of measurement in PDM

    Hi all! I'm self-implementing PDM Pro for my small business. My latest issue is with standardizing units of measurement in the mass field; I'd like everything checked into the vault to be in kg. Is that so...
    Sam Angles
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  • Copy Tree Variable "Copied From"

    We often make prototype parts for customers by using Copy Tree then modifying it as necessary. It would be extremely helpful to be able to record the part/assembly which the new part/assembly was copied from. I would ...
    Bryan Nathan
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  • How to Apply Logic to PDM Delayed in State Notifications?

    We're having an issue where folks who are responsible for lots of drawing files will leave some of them in a pending state and this ends up holding people up down the line.   The delayed in state functionality s...
    Victor Carosi
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  • Custom Library Items Location - To be in PDM Vault folder or in an External Location

    I have my custom and from vendors' library items in a folder in a network folder. But, from within Solidworks PDM icon (right side panel), right up, I see ? indicating "File not found in vault".   I don't think ...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
    last modified by Rohana Wickrama Archchi
  • How To Remove all Checked-In (but unwanted) documents in PDM vault

    With the new PDM standard running, I find there are some unwanted documents in Vault. I need to know how can I get them removed. This I mean similar to delete in Autodesk vault.   Could someone help me to...
    Rohana Wickrama Archchi
    last modified by Rohana Wickrama Archchi
  • When doing a "get latest" it gets the latest of too many files

    Here is a simplified version of the issue:   Let's say I have a model of a pipe that has 100 configurations.  Each configurations has a drawing referenced to it and each drawing has a pdf referenced.  ...
    Stephen Lapic
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  • Some users can't view/preview XML file

    We using and XML file for our Approvals/Signature sheet. Some users can view/preview the XML and others can't. I have checked the file association. Everyone can has "access" to the vault where the XML and XSL template...
    Derek Taylor
    last modified by Derek Taylor