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Using XML documents in EPDM

Blog Post created by Joy Garon Employee on Jul 11, 2011

Hello All,


Recently I had a discussion with Lou Gallo of DDI on how to create documents in the vault where the preview would update immediately when a variable value was changed. (Rather than rely on an open command such as when using fields in a Word document.)

Additionally, different images would be displayed based on variable values.

We had both viewed a video which showed the use of HTML utilizing an add-in. But, Lou wanted to do it 'without' programming.

So, using the information gleaned from Wayne Matus' SolidWorks World presentation it was discovered that XML provided the perfect format.

XML mapping is provided with EPDM and when combined with a style sheet the presentation of the information can be defined.


The attached video show the basics of using XML as a document. You will need to read up on how to configure the XLS style sheet in order to take it to the next level, but, I think you will agree that it is a pretty cool method for creating dynamic documents.

And as one customer I spoke with pointed out, unlike virtual documents, it's printable


Special thanks to Lou Gallo and Wayne Matus.





12-15-2018 I noticed that people were still bookmarking this very old thread so I added a more recent presentation from SWW 2017 that some may find useful.