Joy Garon

Find a file by property value

Blog Post created by Joy Garon Employee on Jun 29, 2010

Hi Folks -


Today I received the following question:


When you do a search on say, a value in the Description property, and EPDM actually finds a document (or documents) that has that value in the Description of one of its configurations, EPDM returns the document in the results, but you have no idea which configuration it was found on until you click through them. Is there a report that can tell me which configuration of the document the value was found in?


The answer is yes. With a little T-SQL knowledge you can craft a query that will report the configuration name in addition to the file name.


The attached report will return the path to the  folder, the filename, configuration name and the value of the variable. (see attached image)


When you run the report, it will first ask you for the variable name you wish to search on (i.e.: Description) and then you will be asked for the value.