Joy Garon

Rename and set variable value using dispatch

Blog Post created by Joy Garon Employee on Jun 16, 2010

Today I was asked if it was possible to automatically change the value stored in the Description variable (of a SW part data card) when the file was renamed.

After giving it some thought, the answer for his situation was yes - it can be done by using a Dispatch utility (see attached).


I use Dispatch to do the rename operation by asking the user to supply the new filename. You will note that the dispatch utility does a bit of error checking as well (important if you are putting it in the hands of users :-)). I did not account for every possible usage error I'm sure - the key is to test, test and test again to ensure that any solution meets your needs.


Enjoy -



p.s. This dispatch utility requires that you use EPDM 2010 (for the ability to write the filename to the data card)