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Hi Folks,


Today I was asked if it was possible to: when dragging folders into the vault, use the folder name as the value for the project number variable on the data card.

The answer is yes - see the attached video to learn how.




Okay, so a nice snappy title should grab your attention. But, it’s not about Vegas - It’s about your data and to use a gambling term, you better have insurance. In EPDM terms, this means a complete backup.


Sadly, we hear of too many cases where someone is looking for help recreating their vault. When we suggest restoring the backup, that’s when it becomes painfully obvious just how many folks procrastinate on what should be the most important task – BACKUPS!


So, with this in mind we would like to remind you of the importance of backing up your vault.

In EPDM this means:

  • Databases
  • Archives
  • Archive Server Credentials

The procedure for doing a backup can be found in the EPDM Installation guide and can typically be automated by your internal IT team.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to practice restoring a backup set. It’s best to ensure that the procedure you have in place works before you need it.


Need additional help or have questions? Contact your VAR – they can help you develop a backup and restore plan.





p.s. make sure the backup does not reside on the same server as the vault - just sayin'

Joy Garon

Using XML documents in EPDM

Posted by Joy Garon Employee Jul 11, 2011

Hello All,


Recently I had a discussion with Lou Gallo of DDI on how to create documents in the vault where the preview would update immediately when a variable value was changed. (Rather than rely on an open command such as when using fields in a Word document.)

Additionally, different images would be displayed based on variable values.

We had both viewed a video which showed the use of HTML utilizing an add-in. But, Lou wanted to do it 'without' programming.

So, using the information gleaned from Wayne Matus' SolidWorks World presentation it was discovered that XML provided the perfect format.

XML mapping is provided with EPDM and when combined with a style sheet the presentation of the information can be defined.


The attached video show the basics of using XML as a document. You will need to read up on how to configure the XLS style sheet in order to take it to the next level, but, I think you will agree that it is a pretty cool method for creating dynamic documents.

And as one customer I spoke with pointed out, unlike virtual documents, it's printable


Special thanks to Lou Gallo and Wayne Matus.





12-15-2018 I noticed that people were still bookmarking this very old thread so I added a more recent presentation from SWW 2017 that some may find useful.

Hello Folks -


Just a quick note to make you aware that the 2012 beta is now available for testing.




Hi Folks -


There are times when customers want to get specific information or lists from and EPDM vault.

This can be done using T-SQL statements that read information from the database.

The link below gives people who are new to T-SQL a good overview to the Select statement.


If you are the type of person who learns by seeing, I highly recommend this website:    (formerly JumpStartTV




Joy Garon


Posted by Joy Garon Employee Jul 11, 2010

Hi Folks -


As you may be aware, the 2011 Enterprise PDM beta testing program will begin soon. In an effort to make your beta testing experience easier, faster and more productive we will be offering testers a "Hosted EPDM Beta Environment". We supply the database and archive servers and you install the corresponding beta client. The  "Hosted EPDM Beta Environment" allows you to try out new functionality by creating your own vault or using a pre-populated test vault. If you would like to participate, please send an email to and you will be setup with a user account and a set of instructions. Our goal is to have the vault up and running in the next two weeks and will keep it running throughout the beta program into September.


Best Regards,


Hi Folks -


Today I received the following question:


When you do a search on say, a value in the Description property, and EPDM actually finds a document (or documents) that has that value in the Description of one of its configurations, EPDM returns the document in the results, but you have no idea which configuration it was found on until you click through them. Is there a report that can tell me which configuration of the document the value was found in?


The answer is yes. With a little T-SQL knowledge you can craft a query that will report the configuration name in addition to the file name.


The attached report will return the path to the  folder, the filename, configuration name and the value of the variable. (see attached image)


When you run the report, it will first ask you for the variable name you wish to search on (i.e.: Description) and then you will be asked for the value.




Joy Garon

2011 Beta Starting Soon!

Posted by Joy Garon Employee Jun 18, 2010

Hi Folks -


Just wanted to let you know that the 2011 Beta will be announced soon.


Once again, the SolidWorks Beta team will offer a "Hosted EPDM Beta Environment" that our EPDM customers can use to beta test with minimal effort.

SolidWorks supplies the database and archive servers and all the you have to do is install the corresponding beta client.

You will have the ability to try out new functionality by creating their own vault or using a pre-populated test vault.


So, keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement...




Today I was asked if it was possible to automatically change the value stored in the Description variable (of a SW part data card) when the file was renamed.

After giving it some thought, the answer for his situation was yes - it can be done by using a Dispatch utility (see attached).


I use Dispatch to do the rename operation by asking the user to supply the new filename. You will note that the dispatch utility does a bit of error checking as well (important if you are putting it in the hands of users :-)). I did not account for every possible usage error I'm sure - the key is to test, test and test again to ensure that any solution meets your needs.


Enjoy -



p.s. This dispatch utility requires that you use EPDM 2010 (for the ability to write the filename to the data card)