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Nicolas Ochoa
I have a part file with about 12 configurations and I recently made a change to 2 of them and need to make a new revision for these configurations inside a drawing. When this usually happens I would delete the linked property in the note and type out the revision letter and number but I would like to know if there is a way to change these… (Show more)
Stephen Bouxsein
On a template card i want to input a number in inches in a text box and convert it to mm in another box using the multiply function but round the result to two decimal places.  I have a function (this was in place before I became an admin) which rounds the mm result to one decimal place, but I cannot quite figure out how to round to 2 places. I am… (Show more)
Joe Grosskopf
I have one issue with one computer and I am out of ideas how to fix. The issue is, when then computer boots from “off” (cold boot), and the user attempt to open Solidworks vault, windows explorer hangs. You have to go to task manager and restart windows explorer and then all is good for the remainder of the time the computer is up. If you restart… (Show more)
Barbara Jerin
Click to view contentHey guys,   I got a problem with linking custom properties to drawings that get changed by the workflow. The custom property "Watermark" and "Revision" are set in the model, but they won't show on the drawing. I have to manualy delete the CP value and add it again manually. After I do this, the custom properties show up on the drawing. This… (Show more)
Vaidotas Juozapavicius
Our company produces electric heater. There are few main product lines (rectangular duct heater, round duct heaters, etc.). Each line has up to 300 different configurations (size, power, control type, etc.). Main sub-assembly of heater is housing. It has separate project and ERP number. Housing is made of 10-15 sheet metal parts and assembled so… (Show more)
Rick Casey
I am running SWX Premium 2019 SP03 as a single installation. When I open Installation Manager the only options I see are for the SWX 2020 Beta. I am trying to install PDM Standard. I have already obtained the license from my VAR. I just cant seem to get to the link to download and install PDM.
Brandon Jacobi
I have tried creating a workflow transition notification since upgrading to 2019 and can't check dynamic.
Michael Fink
Click to view contentHey all,   my question seems such a simple and obvious feature of SW PDM, but I just can't get it to work and also haven't really found an answer by searching here.   I would simply like to create a a task that makes a 1:1 dxf file of a part (for our laser/water-jet cut suppliers). Just like it works for PDF of drawings and STEP of… (Show more)
Damir Galic
Hi, is it possible to use PDM tasks to acquire data from another sql database and update file properties under certain conditions? Assuming you have "ident" of certain part and that part name and description is in another sql database and you might want to update name and description of the part based on data in that sql database.
Gupta Kotha
Hi Guru's My current PDM installation is 2017 PDM standard and OS is Windows server 2008. I want to upgrade to 2019 PDM Standard. To do this I need to get the OS upgraded.  I am planning to Take PDM backup and Upgrade the OS on server to Windows 2012 or 2016 and then Install 2019 PDM, then Restore the Database and Archives from the back up. Is… (Show more)
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