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Steven Soeder
Trying to use dispatch to create a file when another file changes state, and I want to know if I can automatically create a file reference from the original. Current workflow looks like this: 1) Anyone can create a change request.  Handled through a template. File name is a serial number. 2) Engineering reviews request and either approves or… (Show more)
Pdm Admin
When we create a new slddrw we would like to run the task "create PDF" automatically. When running this task we would like to overwrite the existing PDF hardcopy when creating a new one. However part of the file name is the revision number and the revision number is increased by one when a new PDF is created. This means when we have the checkbox… (Show more)
Jeff Hallgren
Anyone having any success using the proe connector with swepdm pro?  Any issues, slowness, does it work well?
Clinton Clinton Grover
I have only tried copy tree about 3 or 4 times this year but so far every assembly I have tried has frozen the copy tree after about 2 or 3 parts. One particularly annoying feature is that the "copy" button in the copy tree dialog box remains faded if there are any files in the list that are not rebuilt. Could this seriously be the hang up? I have… (Show more)
Philipp Waibel
Our PDM is setup so that when we generate a new part number, it ends as -00. Most parts stay this way, but sometimes we make configurations, where we increment to -01, -02, etc and build the configurations within the part. Nothing special here.   But, we have circumstances where we want users who use the PDM but not Solidworks (SCM, for example)… (Show more)
Peter Farnham
Hi, Q1,   Can anyone help on this please?   Windows 10 64 bit Solidworks 2019 sp 4 64 bit SWPDM2019SP04_SPR1151052_Hotfix applied   When creating two work instructions I set the file type to assemblies:- [13/11/2019 11:18:46] Files of type: %.sldasm   After looking at the work instructions, the batch2 file shows:- [13/11/2019 11:19:31]… (Show more)
Philipp Waibel
Hello,    We are looking to implement a process in the PDM we cannot figure out how to realize. Our drawings and parts have different revisions, so that we can change a drawing without changing the part (drawing depends on the part but part does not depend on the drawing). But, we don't currently force in the PDM that a drawing be transitioned… (Show more)
Jennifer Bahnsen
Does anyone have a SQL query or PDM report to search for files that have been recovered?  Searching the history doesn't search the event description.
Tapani Sjoman
Click to view contentI have weired problem. I have Solidworks PDM in use and should find a document. I know it is there, I know it's name, but how can I find it? Where is the search -button in PDM-window?     If I navigate to PDM by windows explorer, there is a search, but only for Engineering Search and that doesn't include search by name. Am I missing something?… (Show more)
Kyle Blough
Hello everyone.   I am needing help on disabling the download button for select groups.  I have been in contact with my VAR on this, but the lines of code they told me is not working.  The lady said the code below is correct, but its not limiting the download button.  The server has been restarted/recycle application pool but it is still not… (Show more)
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