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Mikko Laine
Click to view contentSimple question, we have a STEP-conversion task in PDM and I would like to output several named configurations but not all of them. Can I somehow specify multiple configurations in that named configuration box?   Our configuration names are usually something like Ø12,34 and I tried it with a semicolon but it does not work...  
Christopher Dubea
Hi all,   I'm a one person hobbyist user with a seat of the standard SolidWorks looking for effective ways to conduct some document management either within or outside of SolidWorks.  SolidWorks PDM is not a possibility for a plethora of reasons.  Please don't belabor the point.   Any suggestion for tools to help with this process?  I'm… (Show more)
Marc Jijina
Click to view contentWhenever I load Excel I have to manually go into options then add-ins and activate the PDM integration. The load state according to Excel is unloaded. If i activate it. it works for that session but once I close excel and open it again I have to reactivate the add-in. Where is the option to Set the load state. I have erased PDM and reinstalled it,… (Show more)
James Lee
Hi guys,   I have problem importing AD groups in EPDM.   I got the below error:   Description: Could not read more data from The socket was closed gracefully on the other end. Date: 2014-04-30 10:11:20 Module: ConisioAdmin.exe Function:… (Show more)
Muhammad Osama Siddiqui
Hello, Please let me know  How can i connect Solidworks Manage Client to database server through IP as i need to connect two PCs located in different cities.I want to make one as Manage Server PC & other will be client PC. I want to make sure real time dashboarding for both PCs instantly. Any help will be appreciated.Default DefaultSolidWorks… (Show more)
Tester Tester
Is there a procedure to restore cached files from workstations to the PDM server? Last backup is several months out of date,  Somebody's local IT failed them and have been asked to look into this as a possible remedy.
Matt Martens
With Dispatch is there a way to find if a file with a certain name exists anywhere in the vault. I am able to check for an existing file when i know the directory it resides in but what if the file may exist anywhere in a vault. The rename action will error out but the script continues.   What I am attempting to do is rename files based on a… (Show more)
Cameron Blank
We used to be able to pack and go an assembly into PDM and it would allow us to bring in files that are already there (hardware etc) but would flag them. Then after it's in PDM we could delete those "non-unique part number" flagged files.   Now it simply will not allow us to bring in the non-unique parts, and brings in the assembly broken,… (Show more)
Paulius Lukauskas
Click to view contentHi, After updating our EPDM 2019 SP5 we started getting this warning while changing file state. My question would be, how do we turn off this annoying warning?
Sampath Vitta
Hi,   We have a situation where the user who have the view permission is not able to see the released files which are in numeric versions, these files are migrated to PDM by Admin and at the time of migration only they are set to released and the version was numeric.   We do not want to give the permission "Show Working version of files" to see… (Show more)
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