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Charles Culp
Does anyone use Windchill to control SolidWorks files? Do you have any good or bad things to say about it? Have you also used EPDM and have anything good/bad to say about that in comparison? Thanks for any input.
Sandy Scott
Hi,   Is there 1-step a way to use Copy Tree (or another function) to replace parts in an assembly with a new copy*, without making a new copy of the assembly. Bonus points awarded if it can be done with the assembly open & checked out.   (*including generating a new part number that's inserted into the file name and data card)   I know how to… (Show more)
Chad Cutter
Click to view contentJust upgraded to 2018 with PDM Standard, full clean installation.  SW is now crashing, mainly on large assemblies, opening up a drawing of a large assembly...shuts down.  Worked with my VAR yesterday and we noticed SW would immediately crash if the preview tab was selected when clicking on these large assemblies.  This was never a problem on 2017.… (Show more)
Joe Sage
Click to view contentMissing search fields on some computers. thought it was limited to one model (HP). I only saw it ever happened on that PC. Now I have a new dell latitude and it has same issue. The other latitudes do not have the issue. I can find no information on this issue on the web at all.
Craig Schultz
Is there a way to populate a variable with the month and year only during a transition?  ie 01/2020 or 01/20   I want to put the date into a note for prototyping once it moves to that state.  I have tried %m/%Y (like template variables" and %m%/%Y% (extra % sign like the variables for transitions) but it populates the variable with those… (Show more)
Bryan Nathan
When we modify a low level component (i.e. a screw), we do not always update the upper level assemblies. However, our manufacturing division must generate updated BOM's with the new component revisions. What I would like to do is auto-generate BOM's from a PDM search list. For example, if I search for all upper level assemblies of a certain type… (Show more)
Dipak Shah
Hello Everyone,   I really need your 2-5 minutes on this. Can you please assist me in following code , how can optimise thismore , as its causing heavy loading in process when add-in is calling.   Actually i implemented add-in (C#) and its called when changing state of file in PDM Vault.   public void OnCmd(ref EdmCmd poCmd, ref EdmCmdData[]… (Show more)
Ufuk Taskin
Hi, I coded new Add-in for pdm. I wanted to introduce this to you. Would I learn your opinion?   Bom List Controller - Youtube
Alain Provost
Trying to get the tab in words for PDM just cant get it to load the add-in in the Microsoft office suite
Antonio Cavka
Hi all,   we want to define our data card so that data with the status "invalid" are not displayed in the normal search.   We have defined the invalid status in the workflows and did take the user rights to see this data.   Does anyone have an idea how this can work the best way?   We have PDM Professional 2019   Nice day Antonio
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