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Sergey Feingold
I need to vent a bit, about something that is actually a serious and baffling problem.   It would seem that whatever team designed PDM couldn't imagine that someone might use a computer for literally anything besides PDM. Why do I say this? When I take my work laptop home, if I forget to log out of the vault, I get endless pop up messages about… (Show more)
Wayne Bird
Click to view contentHow do I determine the currently installed PDM service pack?  When I open SW and go to About SOLIDWORKS PDM I get this screen: But SW2019 Help file gives this information which doesn't match: Can someone clarify?
Huabing Liu
With PDM standard, is it possible to retrieve the metadata from the DB regularly?   In addition, is it possible to use an existing SQL server instead of sql express?
Joe Grosskopf
I have one issue with one computer and I am out of ideas how to fix. The issue is, when then computer boots from “off” (cold boot), and the user attempt to open Solidworks vault, windows explorer hangs. You have to go to task manager and restart windows explorer and then all is good for the remainder of the time the computer is up. If you restart… (Show more)
Charley McGowan
I was asked this by a colleague, but wasn't quite sure how to answer:   PDM automatically retrieves the latest version of files when you open them or copy them out of the vault. Why does it not do this for the drawing templates? Do you know of other file types where one must do a “Get Latest Version” manually?   Anyone know the answer? I have… (Show more)
Charles Culp
Does anyone use Windchill to control SolidWorks files? Do you have any good or bad things to say about it? Have you also used EPDM and have anything good/bad to say about that in comparison? Thanks for any input.
Chris B.
Click to view contentHi All   We've installed SW2014 and EPDM 2014 on a brand new, very high spec HP SolidWorks workstation.   It is immediately giving error messages when opening an assembly.   First is Ref Dlg - The parameter is incorrect Then it says Wait... generating document tree   But it never completes this task, and you have to kill SolidWorks   Does… (Show more)
John Power
Hi guys, does anyone have an SQL Query for Number of Files sitting in each State of their Workflow?   I have this query:   select T.Name + ' (' + W.Name + ')' as [Transition(Workflow Name)], Count(1) as [Count] from TransitionHistory TH inner join Transitions T on TH.TransitionID = T.TransitionID inner join workflows W on W.WorkflowID =… (Show more)
Marcos Zorraquino
hi, my have a little NAS that can store all the solidworks projects, the problem is, when the technicians have to work with any project , they have several hours for work with the projects.   then my company have to buy a server to storage and works with all the solidworks project in the office. i need to know what hardware specs, have to need… (Show more)
Daniel Hunter
Probably more a question for microsoft office forums than Solidworks but I thought I'd ask anyway incase somebody has had the same problem.   Basically my current ECO process links many variables taken from the EPDM template.  One of these is for description and can quite often be detailed, seemingly there is a character limit on office document… (Show more)
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