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Chris Manger
I have a Dispatch script that checks if a file has certain custom properties, if it doesn't, a message box is displayed for the user stating what is missing.  This script works on all files being transitioned.  For each file, a separate message box is displayed.  If say, 100 files are transitioned and 20 files have an issue, the user will receive… (Show more)
Ulf Stockburger
Hi all   I developed a PDM add-in that works as a wrapper for scripting languages. This makes it possible to implement PDM add-ins in any scripting language.   Before the script is executed, a set of default information for the executed event will be created and given to the script. Simple evaluations are possible without having access to the… (Show more)
Dmitry Zamoshnikov
Is the standard solidworks API compatible with the EPDM API?  Can I send information from an EPDM addin to a solidworks addin and vice versa?   So I want to use the command event to find out when pack-and-go is triggered.  Once it's triggered I want to add all file paths from the ReferencedFilePre event to a Dictionary.  From there I want to call… (Show more)
Tom Strohscher
I need a workflow transition to test for a missing variable and a missing value.   I've created workflow to set the rev level of documents based on the revision table in the drawing. This checks for the revision property. How do I process files that do not have a revision custom property or files where the property is blank?   I could put… (Show more)
Dmitry Zamoshnikov
Click to view contentI've been playing with copy tree with my addin. I'm trying to get the source folder variables and the destination folder variables. I am then planning on replacing the project number within the parts copied to the new project number for all configurations. I don't see a way to get the source files so I can pull the required variables. I'm… (Show more)
Jake Bakerin
A check-out dialog box always pop-up whenever I try to edit a file which is not checked out However, when I select a file and "get latest version", file becomes editable even thought it's not checked out  and SW allows me to change the file until I save the file Is there any option to prevent the  editable "get latest version" file?
Jacob Weierman
Trying to install PDM Server (2018 SP3).  SQL and PDM are installed on separate virtual servers.  Running on Windows Server 2016.  A new SQL admin account has been created by IT for running PDM on the SQL server.  When installing PDM server I get the following error: Error 27502.  Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server "ServerName".… (Show more)
Dusty Klinect
Hello,      We recently implemented PDM and I'm rolling with the changes. In summary, I am hoping to use the Dispatch add-in to help with our process. I would like dispatch to check out the PDF associated with a SLDDRW file when the SLDDRW file is checked out. We'd make any changes, save the PDF and then check the SLDDRW back in and I would like… (Show more)
John Wayman
Click to view contentWe are a project-based company, designing and building one-off, bespoke robotic assembly systems for industry. We currently use PDM Standard to manage our Release procedure, and an Excel-based Engineering Change Notice process to manage changes to released CAD objects. We need a way to be able to come up with a concept design (typically model… (Show more)
Dwight Fameree
I'm looking for a Task that will update assemblies with the latest CAD geometry. In our shop, we use eDrawings to review assemblies to help with welding, fabrication, assembling, and other things.  When we revise lower level parts and assemblies, the top-level assemblies are not updated.  I'm looking for a task that will check-out, save, and… (Show more)
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