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Nick Tzallas
We have recently setup the Convert to pdf task add-in in PDMPro to generate pdf's of drawing files upon state transition. All works perfectly fine, just the default task add-in.    We have a lot of legacy files from 10+ years ago, that sometimes generate blank views on certain sheets of the final pdf when the task is triggered by a transition… (Show more)
Brent Theobald
Click to view contentI have data cards with Revisions that don't match. I can't see where the mistake is made.   In the example below both should be at rev A-2. Instead they are different.   Any ideas?   ß!          
Dominic Hoben
Does anyone know a workaround to set file revisions without giving permission to check out released files? The issue has been raised to SW as SPR: 898366 which has been closed but doesn't really offer a solution.   We have many parts that are different revisions to their drawings and now we wish to synchronize part and drawing revisions as it's… (Show more)
Mahendran S
Dears,   I have configure SMTP message system   I have entered the server name port no and login reguired are properly. But i got error message Server was not Found. i have pinged the server name and ip iddress it is working properly.   I need solution to rectify the problem.   Mahendran
Brian Padelford
I want to change the subject line of the notification emails for state changes.  Right now the subject is always: "Documents have changed state" I want to put the file name of the file changing state in the subject line.  I found an old post for Solidworks 2010 that recommended change the DocumentMsgTemplate in the SQL database. I changed the… (Show more)
Ben Nemec
Click to view contentI have the need to use the "Set Revision" tool in PDM, a lot for the near future, as admin user.  Regular users do not have permission to Set Revision.  The current value of the revision counter and/or what's on data card is incorrect in many files. working on API to take care of most of them but it's tough to teach the computer how (create an… (Show more)
Joschua Morgenroth
Hello together,   I have some issues that some of our drawings are not up to date, at least that is what the preview in PDM says, if I do open the drawing it shows the penicl button so it is not up to date, but nothing has changed (Maybe only a variable that is not on the drawing itself?)   So my questions: 1. Is there a way that I can… (Show more)
Jeff Sweeney
Click to view contentEver since I have upgraded to Windows 7, I often times get the error "Please select at least one DLL implementing the IEdmAddIn5 Interface" whenever I try to load an EPDM addin.   It is a good addin, because my work around is to: Load any other addin Now load the original addin that is giving me the error Unload the first addin   [If the… (Show more)
Michele Scala
Goodmorning everyone, I would like to know, having to change management, how can I export all the master data of what I have encoded and which is present within Solidworks PDM in a Excel file or CSV   Thanks to all
Pawel Mosiewicz
Hi, Im trying to setup a PDM Standard and use Amazon AWS-SQL Server as the server for the vault. Is anyone doing this? If so can you share how you set this up.   Thanks
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