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Richard Harder II
Is there a way to stop PDM from logging into the vault until it’s called on i.e., PDM folder selected, SolidWorks launched, etc. on our mobile workstations?   Our Archive Server Default Settings are set as Login > Windows Login > Automatic Login (Domain/Group). Our PDM Client settings are set to Use Server Default.   When the laptop is… (Show more)
Jason Martin
I'm more curious on how the workflow and set up of parts/assemblies/drawings are delegated between teams of co-workers when working on a project.  How big is your team? How many parts are in your assembly? Does one person handle that part/assembly/drawing throughout the life of the whole project? If more than one person touches that file can… (Show more)
Joel Seerey
some of my users are reporting that when the pdm server is experiencing heavy loads (large quantities of files being checked in) they are experiencing slow response from solidworks on their local computers. it was my understanding that when a file was opened from pdm you were accessing a local copy and that you only interacted with pdm when… (Show more)
Drew Drew
Click to view contentI went to add a new task or edit a task and it duplicated our Convert to PDF task. But when I go to delete one it deletes both! Any way to sort this out?  
Jim Sculley
We currently use PDM Pro 2017 and have two virtual machines (running on the same physical machine) to host the archive and database servers.  These servers were cloned from two old separate physical severs and each VM was given resources (cores, memory, disk space, etc) matching the old physical server.    These virtualized servers are still… (Show more)
Paul Wyndham
Click to view contentIf you have ever tried to remove a local view only to be presented with an error message like this one:   This year at SWW 2019, Tor gave away a little gem of information.   Open a command window (type cmd in the windows start menu search box on the start menu or task bar).   The local views don't show up when you list the directory with… (Show more)
Hilerie Gellenbeck
Click to view contentI am working with SolidWorks PDM Professional (EPDM) 2016 SP 0.1: I am requiring a comment being added for each version "must enter version comments"   However, I have a WIP folder for each user where I would like to disable this requirement.  I cannot find a way to disable this requirement for the WIP folder but enable for the rest of the… (Show more)
Martin Houston
Hi All. We are about to start using PDM in our Engineering department after years of contemplation and procrastination. I'm trying to plan out how we will handle the various flat flex cables (similar to ribbon cable) that we use in our products. We have a part number for each cable which we procure separate from our boards. I want to represent… (Show more)
David Lawrence
Has anyone used, looked at, heard of, Bluestar PLM, Couldn't find anything on line as to how well it handled Solidworks files?
Stephen Lapic
Does anybody know how to make a desk top icon of the search window?  We have some employees in the warehouse that need to look at released pdf files and it would be easier for them to just select an icon and it would automatically open the search window.  I remember doing this a few years back for someone but don't remember how it was done.   … (Show more)
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