• Using EPDM as a contractor

    If a company has all their files in their EPDM vault, and you want to work for them on site, can you have your own license for EPDM (Editor) on your own laptop, go to their office and join their network and access fil...
    Matt K
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  • Couldn't upgrade the PDM WorkflowTab 2020

    Recently I upgrated my SOLIDWORKS PDM to 2020 SP1 Version, but the "WorkFlow Tab" Add-in, presented on PDM Advanced Training, is now incompatible. The error show me steps to upgrade it, but I don't have the "Workflowt...
    Bruno Rodrigues
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  • Get a Variable Value for a Configuration via Alternate Name

    Using SQL for EPDM I am trying to get a particular variable's value back (Mfg Part Number) for a given a given alternate name (a configuration). I know that the DocumentRevisionConfiguration, VariableValue, and the Va...
    Guy Edkins
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  • How do I change Active Configuration without checking a file out?

    So when I have saved and checked in a part with multiple configurations, is the open configuration while saving considered by EPDM to be the "active configuration"? Is there any way to Change this "active configuratio...
    Mark Dougall
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  • Stand alone PDM test setup for validation PRIOR to production upgrade

    I thought this should be fairly easy, but based on some short research, contacting VAR, and google search it appears perhaps not? Production is running 2018, and I wanted to setup a stand alone PC to run 2020, SW, PDM...
    james demarco
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  • Does SolidWorks 2019 work with PDM PRO 2017

    Our IT department is remote, and resources are hard to schedule. I'm trying to break it down to smaller tasks. If I get CAD updated I can get PDM updated later.
    Ed Dougherty
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  • SW, Quickbooks, and a Fishbowl

    As a growing company we are looking to upgrade to Quickbooks.  My understanding is we would need something to talk to Quickbooks from SW.  Has anyone used Fishbowl?  What about any other program?  ...
    Jeremy Jacobs
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  • How do I find out what PDM variables are attached to my drawing template?

    This might be a Drawing question as well but I'm looking to update my drawing templates and drawing formats but don't know how to tell what variable is attached to the Note that's in my title block.  We are switc...
    Steven Calvert
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  • Lingering data on "Sheet 1" of drawing cards.

    We have been having something interesting happening when we do "copy tree's". Like many others, we have our model data card correlate it's data to the drawing data card, and have all of our fields on our drawing data ...
    Eddie Pellegrin
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  • Delete a check out file

    If a user checked out a file from the vault and left the company. It seems that I cannot edit or move the folder because I do not have the required permission. How can we make change in this situation?
    Samuel Lau
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  • Any body successfully checking in assemblies with many configs to PDM?

    we have a new project where they want to document all ~3400 configurations of an assembly with a single file. i got all of the configurations in the assembly. but it takes too long to check into the vault. (i let it r...
    Jeremiah Feist
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  • SolidWorks PDM Web 2.0 web cofiguration

    Hi all, I configured PDM Web2 in local domain successfully. I want to setup web access for Web2. Is it possible to do? If yes please let me know the steps.   Thanks
    Pichaiyan Prabaharan
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  • Anyone know of a way to dynamically view PDM card info inside an assembly?

    I'm trying to come up with a way to view PDM card information like descriptions and part numbers while navigating in a Solidworks assembly. I would also like a way of viewing PDM card info while navigating in an eView...
    Daniel Harris
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  • Dispatch action to share a file to a folder during a PDM transition.

    Has anyone created a task to "share" a file (not copy) to another folder that runs during a PDM transition? I would like to use Dispatch to run an administrative action that would automatically share a file to a folde...
    Ronald Michaud
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  • Dim in a List

    Hi to every one I have a question about , if it's possible to see all the dimensions of a part or an assembly in a list , or something like that. Thank you for your time Regards
    Kostas Stergiopoulos
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  • SolidWorks & Odoo Integration

    All,   I am setting up a 3D Printing contract manufacturer and I have chosen Odoo (formerly openERP) as my ERP system.  I am using SolidWorks 2019 and want to integrate SolidWorks with Odoo.  Odoo does...
    Kyle Metsger
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  • General vs Specific custom properties and the tab builder.

    This is confusing...   I have some custom fields that should have the same value for all configurations. I have other custom fields that should only be active for a certain configuration.   There is a sett...
    Eric Snyder
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  • 5d

    Does SW have an add-in that can generate schedule and task dependency for project management and gant charts? 
    Chris Smith
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  • save error file integrity?

    HI,   Got a that won't save, it comes up with some kind of integrity error, sorry I did not get the exact wording as it takes about 20 minutes to save it, rather large part file.    It did allow me t...
    Jim Moses
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  • Removing absolute file paths

    Am I able save files without an absolute file path so that jobs can be archived on a different network once finished, and still view simulation results from that network if needed?
    andrew dubber
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