• Run covert task on check in

    Hi So I was wondering if it is possible for the convert task to run on check in of a drawing. I am able to run the convert task only by using the task list in PDM administration and it is working the way I want it to...
    Louis Fourie
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  • Fill in model parameter in PDM datacard

    Hi all,    Im am a bit new to the soldiworks PDM system and have a question about the data card.(i'm not an admin) is there a posibility to fill in a model paramter in the datacard? Lets say at size i wan...
    Geert Van Der Heide
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  • Testing New PDM Version While Existing Version Still In  Service

    We have PDM 2017 running.  I want to test PDM 2020 on a newly built server.  Can you do this?  Does it cause licensing issues?
    Jim Sculley
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  • Virtual sub assemblies using non virtual parts. EPDM does not update

    I really like the ability to create virtual sub-assemblies in SolidWorks. I can put smaller assemblies together and not have to create and manage new sub-assembly file in EPDM. They get saved directly into the top lev...
    Kurt McMurtrie
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  • map pdm variables to indesign

    Hi,   Does anybody know of a way to map PDM variables from the datacard into Adobe InDesign documents, similar to how it does with Word, Excel etc   We want to start using InDesign for some of our document...
    Paul Oliver
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  • Exclude parts and assemblies from copy tree based on variable

    There is an old post related to this topic, but I want to start a new, more specific thread.    We are currently implementing PDM professional. We have decided to differentiate between our standard and non ...
    Chad Huleatt
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  • Existing PDM server

    Existing PDM server SW 2017 SP02. Tried to upgrade from SP02 to SP03. -  Run the setup.exe of 'swpdmserver' folder. i checked both archive and database server upgrade. -  Later from upgrade folder, upgrad...
    Chandrakanth Gowda
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  • Is there a way to search part where used without using the normal PDM or SolidWorks explorer functions?

    I have my part files on a server (storage device) that is not running PDM or has SolidWorks Explorer on it. I want to search where used on the parts. I cannot use SolidWorks Explorer as it only searches my local compu...
    Shawndra Products
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  • Please let me know from where can i get PRO E connector and to install it. I already have PDM Professional & Manage Professional

    Any help will be appreciated
    Muhammad Osama Siddiqui
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  • An invalid pointer was supplied to the method

    I'm trying to get dxf from a sheet metal to work in a task. I'm almost there but now i get this failure  An invalid pointer was supplied to the method.  ERROR code: E_POINTER Do anyone have any idea ...
    Søren Thrane
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  • Encrypting Cloud Files?

    Is there a way to encrypt SolidWorks files on the cloud and be able to directly use them from SolidWorks?  In other words, not having to pull them off the cloud, decode them, and then re-encrypt them when you are...
    Chris Clouser
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  • PDM Tutorial?!

    I'm trying to familiarize a little bit with PDM. I'm a single user and sometimes the company wants to see the evolution of some parts. As I remember, few years ago there was a tutorial for PDM available within Help/SO...
    Eugen Popa
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  • Segmented drop down list

    All,   I have been working on XML based documents of late. As part of this effort I ran into an interesting issue while developing a segmented list in a drop down; based on the first character. Problem...
    Guy Edkins
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  • Drawing file showing reference to unrelated part

    I have several drawing files that are showing a reference to a part; but there is nothing related to the part in the drawing file that I can find. How can I find what is causing the reference or ho can I remove the re...
    Richard Rueger
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  • Get message 'Can't find Admin client, even though Workgroup PDM server is running properly

    We are using Workgroup PDM server 2016, and though the vault server is running, and it is possible to check in / check out and do other PDM tasks, when I try to access the admin tool (logged in as pdmwadmin) I get the...
    Bill Currie
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  • Linking Property Tab Builder

    Hi all, I am trying to set up a template for our drawings that will help standardize the way we populate our title blocks. We have a preexisting database (file type .sldmat) for assigning material to our solid parts, ...
  • Workgroup PDM

    Hello, is there a way to copy the files from Workgroup PDM to Windows Explorer?   thanks
    Ananth Subramanian
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  • Automatically hide a drawing layer based on PDM pro data card value?

    Hey all, is the above possible somehow? Background is that my sheet formats contain information specific to the type of document, which we choose on the drawing datacard (Document type as shown below).   E.g. on...
    Michael Fink
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  • pdm digital signature

    Are there third party digital signature applications that work with PDM Pro?
    Rob Hauser
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  • Get full path of directories in EPDM using SQL

    I am looking to capture to an EPDM list (for cards) all the subdirectories under a particular directory using SQL. Currently I have this call which gives me all the directory names.  SELECT Projects.Name FROM Pr...
    Guy Edkins
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