• Abysmal server and network infrastructure, potential solution.

    I suffer from an improperly set up and non-managed network and server. I have something far worse than not having any IT support. We have a "Buddy who sorta does this stuff" We dont have PDM, and it's off the table....
    Justin Pires
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  • I am getting this message when trying to check in a file to pdm. Internal error, archive, 000071CA. Has anyone had this problem! I would like to resolve this issue. I am running SW 2019 premium.

    I am trying to check this file in with pdm so others can open up a plant layout that we are working on
    Mike Coomer
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  • Be carefult if you are migrating to Solidworks PDM

    Just a quick warning:-   You do not get to find this out or be told until AFTER the migration!   If you use the type "yes/no in your document custom properties this will not translate to "yes" or "no" in S...
    Peter Farnham
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  • What is the admin setting in PDM to open private state files?

    What is the setting for the admin to open private state files?  As admin, I can open them (as read only).  I'd like to be able to assign this function to other users so they can open private state files....
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Moving released files to different folders within EPDM

    I was wondering if there was any function within EPDM stopping you from moving released files within EPDM. I can't seem to move all released files to a different folder but was able to move unreleased documents. Is th...
    Mark Dougall
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  • PDM options - Anyone try Upchain?

    I'm always looking for cloud based and easy to implement PDM options. I'm waiting for one to hit the tipping point. SolidWorks PDM Standard is not ideal if you work in more than one location. Other than that very imp...
    Brian McEwen
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  • PDM: Data Card Text Last Checked in User

    New user here, never worked with PDM or Solidworks before this month. Or at least it feels this way asking this question... I must be missing something.   I'm trying to update our Data cards to add the simple f...
    S. Casale
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  • Overseas Contractors on PDM

    Hello, I've recently moved my files to PDM with the intention of my overseas contractors accessing it. It's advertised as one of the key solutions to file mismanagement.   My contractor has their own system and...
    Dan Thompson
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  • PDM Standard - Delete Local Files

    We moved some files around in the vault recently. Now, when we try to open them up, Solidworks opens up an old version of the files. Closer inspection reveals that we have all the old files in their original locatio...
    John Wayman
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  • What to do with all these Task logs?

    Hi all, We use PDM tasks a lot, and they generate a lot of logs. So much that whenever we try to use a search for "checked out" files it's hard to find actual results without having to sort through and delete task lo...
    Logan Pegler
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  • Anybody an expert on PDM?

    Somebody who can help setup PDM (not for free of course). Let me know!!
    Alan Alberto
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  • Clear local cache - options like PDM workgroup?

    Using clear local cache in SW PDM standard 2019.... right mouse on "clear local cache" and it clears files (without any feedback).   Is there a more advanced feature like in Workgroup PDM that let you pick files...
    John Reese
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  • PDM Standard - Setting Revision & Issue

    Hi, this is my first post here and by all accounts probably not my last. I am working on a test bed for launching Solidworks PDM standard within my work place and have encountered a difficulty in my revisioning syste...
    Matthew Seavers
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  • How do people like Solidworks Manage?

    Hello;    We have had Solidworks pdm pro for a couple of years, & it works quite well. Our engineering department is around 12 etc. One thing that’s frustrating though is how our ecr program, part ...
    robert dattilo
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  • Does anyone have any information on ENOVIAworks?

    I see a video or two about ENOVIAworks. Does anyone have any information on this product? Is it a product?
    Ryan McVay
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  • Copy Tree changing file extensions

    Hi   I recently ran into a problem where the Copy Tree tool would change the extension of the the file. This happens when I use the Transform Operations to replace "M" in the file name with something else. It th...
    Louis Fourie
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  • PDM, Right click on folder options

    In PDM, when you right click on a folder, you get several state change options. I have a complaint about this and I want to make it so when a user right clicks on a folder, no options come up. But I still need them to...
    Matthew Breithaupt
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  • SolidWorks & Odoo Integration

    All,   I am setting up a 3D Printing contract manufacturer and I have chosen Odoo (formerly openERP) as my ERP system.  I am using SolidWorks 2019 and want to integrate SolidWorks with Odoo.  Odoo does...
    Kyle Metsger
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  • Hey   our company just moved from SW 2015 to SW 2019..  so the logical way to transfer all data (1.4TB) from 2015 to 2019 is to do it with Task Scheduler...  now i've learned that you can do it not on one computer but with several computers via the Networ

    Hey our company just moved from SW 2015 to SW 2019.. so the logical way to transfer all data (1.4TB) from 2015 to 2019 is to do it with Task Scheduler... now i've learned that you can do it not on one computer but ...
    Tommy Kluger
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  • Solidworks not getting latest

    Recently we upgraded to Solidworks 2019 SP5. I have noticed that when we release our drawings we have a task run on approval that converts to PDF.   But its not pulling latest version of files and is creating P...
    Gary Hamm
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