• SQL Included with PDM Professional No More

    Following the Draftsight decision Dassault has also decided, or has not be able to come to an agreement with Microsoft, to include SQL with PDM Professional licensing. SQL 2014 will be the last version provided and if...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Does anyone have any information on ENOVIAworks?

    I see a video or two about ENOVIAworks. Does anyone have any information on this product? Is it a product?
    Ryan McVay
    created by Ryan McVay
  • Hey   our company just moved from SW 2015 to SW 2019..  so the logical way to transfer all data (1.4TB) from 2015 to 2019 is to do it with Task Scheduler...  now i've learned that you can do it not on one computer but with several computers via the Networ

    Hey our company just moved from SW 2015 to SW 2019.. so the logical way to transfer all data (1.4TB) from 2015 to 2019 is to do it with Task Scheduler... now i've learned that you can do it not on one computer but ...
    Tommy Kluger
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  • Solidworks not getting latest

    Recently we upgraded to Solidworks 2019 SP5. I have noticed that when we release our drawings we have a task run on approval that converts to PDF.   But its not pulling latest version of files and is creating P...
    Gary Hamm
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  • PDM options - Anyone try Upchain?

    I'm always looking for cloud based and easy to implement PDM options. I'm waiting for one to hit the tipping point. SolidWorks PDM Standard is not ideal if you work in more than one location. Other than that very imp...
    Brian McEwen
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  • Export Data Card values with PDM Task

    I've create a task to make a TIF or PDF file when a drawing file goes through a work flow. I've set up variables so the new file gets a populated data card.  this works well when the destination folder stays ins...
    Tom Strohscher
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  • PDM Pro Administration (ConisioAdmin.exe) GDI Object Critically Low

    Hello,   I am seeking help to figure out why the Administration tool keeps running out of GDI Objects.  I am not running Solidworks in the background, I have changed my max GDI limits through regedit, and d...
    Kyle Blough
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  • have you used infinitydraw redline with PDM?

    Wanted to share my experience with inifinitydraw so far, and ask if anyone here had any other pros/cons to add to my list? Just got infinitydraw implemented at my company, so far so good. We have PDM and it works wel...
    Steve Balwiski
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  • Create a PDM add-in in scripting languages

    Hi all   I have developed a PDM wrapper making possible to create SolidWorks Professional PDM add-ins in any programming language, including scripting languages. It is available on Github. Feel free to use it...
    Ulf Stockburger
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  • Update References doesn't see past virtual subassemblies

    I just switched over to SW PDM and am in the process of moving some assemblies into the vault that used to be stored locally. The "Update References" feature has been excellent for redirecting the references from ...
    Jamil Snead
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  • Couldn't upgrade the PDM WorkflowTab 2020

    Recently I upgrated my SOLIDWORKS PDM to 2020 SP1 Version, but the "WorkFlow Tab" Add-in, presented on PDM Advanced Training, is now incompatible. The error show me steps to upgrade it, but I don't have the "Workflowt...
    Bruno Rodrigues
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  • Are results files from SolidWorks Flow Simulation able to be exported to a format that's accessible by other software tools?

    Are results files from SolidWorks Flow Simulation able to be exported into a format accessible to FloTherm and/or ANSYS Icepak? Or is there a software neutral file format (similar to a stp file) that simulation result...
    Joseph Seeman
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  • I can't delete the file from admin and any other accounts

    Hello. I can't delete a single specific file from storage, in any way I know. Virtual document. Neither the admin user, nor even the user who created this file can delete it! Is there any way to force deletion from sq...
  • Custom Properties and Configuration Specific not matching

    So sometimes when I create configurations of parts or assemblies the Custom Properties that are defined through EDPM don't convert over properly. Everything seems fine in the 'standard' configurations but any other wi...
    Mark Dougall
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  • design library blocks not found

    I have a design library folder within PDM that holds a lot of sketch blocks. Recently the files are "not found" as you can see in the error message below, but the file location shown in the error message is correct. T...
    Shane Kozlowski
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  • Task Host computer keeping files checked out

    I have a dedicated task host computer to run Convert to PDF during our transitions in our workflow, occasionally a drawing gets hung up in the task computer, and the task computer will actually will have the drawing c...
    Gary Hamm
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  • Hyperlink within Word to PDM File not working unless you do get latest

    So I created a word file, (Parts catalog) I have a list of part numbers and descriptions. I highlighted the part number created a hyperlink to the released pdf within the Vault. Did the same with the Model, to the S...
    Gary Hamm
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  • Where is the material database stored? I want to save in a different location so I don't lose it when I upgrade

    Where is the Materials data located. When I upgrade to a new version of SolidWorks I have my drawing templates and Custom Properties saved to a non SolidWorks directory to keep from having to recreate them. Is there t...
    Shawndra Products
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  • What is the admin setting in PDM to open private state files?

    What is the setting for the admin to open private state files?  As admin, I can open them (as read only).  I'd like to be able to assign this function to other users so they can open private state files....
    Brian Stoddard
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  • Segmented drop down list

    All,   I have been working on XML based documents of late. As part of this effort I ran into an interesting issue while developing a segmented list in a drop down; based on the first character. Problem...
    Guy Edkins
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