• Installation project error: project file does not exist. error code {14000}   I can't reinstall it. What should I do?

    기 영 정
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  • SW/PDM 2020 Task Pane Addin Troubles

    After finally getting a fix for    Serious Problem with EPDM API in SOLIDWORKS 2020    I have begun testing with SW/PDM 2020 and I am running into some flaky behavior with the PDM Task Pane ...
    Jim Sculley
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  • PLM software for beginners.

    Dear all,   I want to buy a PLM software. We as a company are new to PLM and have less budget allocated for software. I want to know which PLM software will be good for beginners and some one who has around 250 ...
    Nikhil Chavan
    created by Nikhil Chavan
  • SQL Query to Compare BOMS of Assembly and Revision for different Codes

    Dear All,   can you help me to find a query that compare BOMs of two different assemblies in SolidWorks EPDM?   I would chose the Code of assemblies and the revision.   I would use this query in the ...
    Ettore Rizzo
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  • Convert Task to write username in the file save path Operations

    Good morning,   I have this problem in the tool "Operations" for converting the drawings in PDF.   I created: - File card: Convert tool - Variable (text): UserConnTest - List (text): Convert_User   A...
    Ettore Rizzo
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  • Few Solidworks Files check-in very slow

    Few SolidWorks files check-in is very slow. Same file works quickly with my colleagues.      Graphics driver is compatible.      'HKCU\Software\Solidworks' renamed and restart solidwork...
  • Threadline missing in TIF generated from Solidworks file in PDM conversion process.

    Solidworks fie looks good. TIF generated manually from Solidwork file looks good. Threadline missing in the TIF image generated as per the workflow via Solidworks PDM.   Appreciate yor help at the earliest.
    Chandrakanth Gowda
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  • Can I access 2017 PDM vault from 2019 PDM?

    Currently we have many production vaults and corresponding server in Solidworks 2017 SP04. For testing purpose we have installed SW 2019 PDM, am not able to login to vaults(SW 2017 Vaults And archive server) Is this...
    Chandrakanth Gowda
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  • Best-Practice - Handling of Metadata between SolidWorks and a PDM-System

    Hello everybody, I would like to discuss with you guys your experiences and practices of solidwork file metadata/attribute handeling.   Example: On the one hand side, there's the possibility to save attribute/...
    Michael Faust
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  • Working with customers who have their own separate PDM vault

    If you use a Solidworks PDM vault, and you have customers who also have their own separate Solidworks PDM vault, how are you getting the two vaults to play nicely together with revisions? I've set up and managed sever...
    Charley Leonard
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  • Opening assembly files from PDM in SpaceClaim?

    The problem: My boss opens and reviews models on a frequent basis using SpaceClaim. There is an option to open files directly from PDM which he would like to do. The problem is SpaceClaim only pulls files that are loc...
    Bobby J. Moore II
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  • PDM options - Anyone try Upchain?

    I'm always looking for cloud based and easy to implement PDM options. I'm waiting for one to hit the tipping point. SolidWorks PDM Standard is not ideal if you work in more than one location. Other than that very imp...
    Brian McEwen
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  • SolidWorks & Odoo Integration

    All,   I am setting up a 3D Printing contract manufacturer and I have chosen Odoo (formerly openERP) as my ERP system.  I am using SolidWorks 2019 and want to integrate SolidWorks with Odoo.  Odoo does...
    Kyle Metsger
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  • Add column(s) to PDM Top-Level Assemblies Dialog

    Does anyone know if there is a way to add a column to the dialog box that pop up when selecting the 'filter top level assemblies' option in the File Open dialog box?  I'd like to see the description column
    jason van clark
    created by jason van clark
  • Dispath change floder name

    How to use Dispath rename floder name when change a files status? Dispacth can do that?
    James Liao
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  • Buonasera sono uno studente, potrei capire come aggiornare la versione 2018 SP3 alla versione 2019

    Mi servirebbe urgentemente.
    Giuseppe Belardo
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  • What to do with all these Task logs?

    Hi all, We use PDM tasks a lot, and they generate a lot of logs. So much that whenever we try to use a search for "checked out" files it's hard to find actual results without having to sort through and delete task lo...
    Logan Pegler
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  • Has anyone here been able to set up a PDM like system for 5 users? We are currently using Dropbox for file share , but it is cumbersome at best and our startup cannot currently justify the cost of the Solidworks PDM.

    We have Dropbox and 5 users. We would like to go full PDM , but it currently is cost prohibitive. We are spread out around the continent .   Thanks in advance for any inputs Tim
    Tim Kohler
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  • Does anyone else have problems getting their IT group to help setup email notifications from PDM?

    I've been working with our outside IT team for about 2 months trying to get email notifications from PDM setup at my company. I've reached out to our VAR and they told me that because we use Office 365, we need to set...
    Joshua Cressman
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  • PDM bold version numbers?

    Hi, I hope everyone is safe and well and not too fat from all the Easter eggs!   I have attached two snips and the question is:- Why the bold version number? There are no requests to rebuild or save in either...
    Peter Farnham
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