• SQL Included with PDM Professional No More

    Following the Draftsight decision Dassault has also decided, or has not be able to come to an agreement with Microsoft, to include SQL with PDM Professional licensing. SQL 2014 will be the last version provided and if...
    Grant Mattis
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  • Create a PDM add-in in scripting languages

    Hi all   I have developed a PDM wrapper making possible to create SolidWorks Professional PDM add-ins in any programming language, including scripting languages. It is available on Github. Feel free to use it...
    Ulf Stockburger
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  • I can't delete the file from admin and any other accounts

    Hello. I can't delete a single specific file from storage, in any way I know. Virtual document. Neither the admin user, nor even the user who created this file can delete it! Is there any way to force deletion from sq...

    I would like to copy pdf files from epdm vault to the location outside epdm vault using ROBOCOPY command. Files could be copied including folder structure or to a single folder (better for me). ROBOCOPY command ...
  • 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List

    The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see this link for more details: www.solidworks.com/top_ten
    Shayna MILSTEIN
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  • File management application

    Hello. I've written a stand alone application for managing Solidworks files. It use an index to store all the relationship between Solidworks files, that way you can perform rename or move function on files or folde...
    Joel Condevaux
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  • PDM Login Issue

    Hello, I have a user that every time he logs into the vault, it tries to Get Latest on set of files.  He has cancelled this request in the past and it still comes up on every new login. I have: Cleared loc...
    Aaron Dmyterko
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  • BOM and PDM management discussion.

    I would like to discuss how others keep their BOMs accurate and in line with other file management systems.  How you deal with discontinued parts.  How you deal with Sloppy or messy PDM vaults that you have ...
    Josh Hixon
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  • After check in the number is change. PDM issues.

    Hi I have some issue, after check in the number of part is change, is regenerate new some number to all configurations. Solidworks 2014 EPDM 
  • PDM file location for TIF or PDF copies

    I'm working on setting up a convert task for tif or pdf copies or our drawings.  I may also do something for stp or stl files. I have been experimenting with the convert tool and have the basics functional. ...
    Tom Strohscher
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  • Date Stamp PDF when opening

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have PDM Professional add a dynamic date stamp when the pdf file is created? Example: When file is released in PDM, the PDF is created (with a dynamic date stamp). Whenever the PDF...
    Derek Taylor
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  • Synergis Adept PDM - Rev 2

      deleted due to antiquity...
    Chris Clouser
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  • Part Number (Configuration BOM Options)

    What's are the advantages of using the Bill of Material Options, Part Number vs a Custom Property "Part Number"?   We have been using a custom property names Part Number since 2005 and never had an issues with u...
    Tom Strohscher
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  • Rebuild error

    I keep getting "The file is not rebuilt (Configuration 'Default') warning.  this is on an assembly in PDM.  I've opened the entire assembly with all components and reference files checked out.  Get erro...
    David Lair
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  • PDM, SMTP, setting

    Im trying to setup a SMTP within PDM message system using a hotmail address as the source.  I understand that PDM does not support office.365 as the email, so i have tried using a relay email as per the link belo...
    Paul Kirkman
    created by Paul Kirkman
  • Broadly, what is "native format" as a contract requirement?

    Today I am assisting our sales department to determine our capabilities to provide drawings to two different clients in their native format. Searching through the forums here has been indispensable in quickly finding ...
    Tom Gagnon
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  • PDM Standard and Professional Administration. (What you need to know)

    I have been looking at every PDM admin related question and discussion I can get my hands on to learn what other PDM admins are doing, and find whats good and bad or things that cause issues. I have created this discu...
    Josh Hixon
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  • SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List

    Thank you to everyone who has submitted enhancement ideas for this year’s SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten. As a reminder, the idea submission phase will be open until December 12th, 2018.   If you have an idea for...
    Daniel MCGINN
    created by Daniel MCGINN
  • Parts, Sub assemblies, Assemblies, Drawings & their Revisions workflow or best practices

    Dear Team / Experts / Professionals/Everyone, We will try to explain our Workflow and we will appreciate any suggestions and comments and discussions to find a better Solution regarding subject line Its regarding ho...
    Nikhil Phatak
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  • Pack'n'Go "Include Toolbox components" filters for IsFastener, not Toolbox

    All   I find in my 2014 sp4 SolidWorks, using Pack'n'Go, that the "Include Toolbox components" switch actually filters for the IsFastener property and not for Toolbox items. This is a bug. Either they should lab...
    Dwight Livingston
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