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Elisabeth Daley
We want to be able to overwrite the version on our library files so that when trivial changes are made, everyone isn't getting newer version flags because of their screws, but I can't convince PDM to allow users to do it.  For example, the Admin account has every permission, including: Can overwrite latest version during check in on Library… (Show more)
in Data Management
Mark Dougall
My problem is mainly with Assemblies with multiple derived configurations. When I go to check in an assembly with 3 tiers of configurations, so a configuration derived from a configuration derived from the origional model, it always gives me a warning saying my assmbly is not rebuilt with (Configuration x, y and z) in brackets after. Does this… (Show more)
in Data Management
Gabriel Labrecque
I have a problem creating vault view in PDM standard for some users. it is ok for some and others cannot acces to file server.  No way to access to file server. If I ping the server it is recognized. when I open solidworks, the vault is installed. the image below shows an installation that works. when it does not works I have a prompt to login to… (Show more)
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Gordon Rigg
I just had to spend some time recovering a situation when a colleague had inadvertantly started to work offline and had created a load of "phantom" parts. suppose you pdm vault view is at C:\PDMstandard\ If you work off line the green files all go blue, but this guy didnt notice. He then created files and saved them at C:\PDMstandard\whatever… (Show more)
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Phil Evans
I have been asked by a client to assist them in setting up their PLM system with Solidworks 2016. They have pre chosen the PLM system, ARAS, This system cannot deal with one of Solidworks greatest features, namely configurations. It requires every configuration to be dealt with as a seperate model entity. For example, a single DIN… (Show more)
in Data Management
Ananth Subramanian
Hello, is there a way to copy the files from Workgroup PDM to Windows Explorer?   thanks
in Data Management
Craig Schultz
Is there a way to PRINT a PDF when transitioning?  I would like to use the print function to create PDFs and name them the same way we do for SAVE AS PDF.  The save as function is hit or miss with the rebuilds it does before saving.  Edges of flat patterns tend to disappear a lot.  If I print as PDF, I can't remember the last time that happened.  … (Show more)
in Data Management
Chris Petersen
I have the serial number for PDM Standard from my VAR and have it installed using the license manager. I go to the PDM administration tool to create a new vault. I follow the steps up to the login and password. I used the default user login for the sql server and set it up with my password. I keep getting the same error. Anyone else have this… (Show more)
in Data Management
Michael MacDonald
I copied a project folder in Windows, and re-named the folder.  I deleted some parts from the new folder.  I opened an assembly from the new folder, and the deleted parts exist!  "Find References" shows they come from the old folder.   Why does this happen?   More importantly, what are best practices for maintaining multiple design prototypes of… (Show more)
in Data Management
Mike Price
Hi all,   I'm trying to determine if there is an easy way to delete prior versions of files for individual files in EPDM.   Thanks in advance.   Mike
in Data Management
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