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Johnathan Kearney
My Family, haha Guys Im in much need here - & URGENTLY PLEASE HELP   I have been asked by one of my clients to get another user to work from their offices 90% of the time. I work from home 90% of the time & my server (data storage with windows 10) is also at home. in the past i used windows sync feature to have a local copy of my work when i… (Show more)
in Data Management
Michael Fernando
I got a huge list of SW file names to be batch exported to STP/x_t format. I'm considering to use SW task scheduler. Those files are in sub-folders with unique names and how could I get SW Task Scheduler to find and add all those files to translate?
in Data Management
Josh Hixon
Is there a way to kill this darn shadow? I hate the way it looks with the shadow, it's not hurting the function at all, it just feels sloppy and ugly. That and it's very tough to get them identical in size. Maybe a zoom feature for editing data cards would be nice? Maybe I will post that as an Idea.
in Data Management
Austin Heywood
I am needing to input cost information so we can estimate overall unit cost of the entire assembly. I have seen everything under the sun about SW Costing feature in Professional and Premium, but I have a Standard license. I just want to be able to add hard data on purchased parts and some labor rates and time to build on assemblies, and then see… (Show more)
in Data Management
Philippe Thompson
Hi everyone,   As my title suggest, I have a EPDM user to whom this error keeps popping when trying to save :     I thought that it might be a corrupt assembly, but he's the only having this issue and it isn't always the same assembly. Tried searching using Google, but to no avail, as I'm pretty sure it isn't a network problem... or is it? I… (Show more)
in Data Management
Donus Welke
Why are the folder data cards I edit, then select the modify/update values in files and try to push to all other folders and files under that edited folder only partially populating with my changes? I have done it twice, once with and once without version free variables.  Anyone have this problem before?
in Data Management
Daniel Haines
Hi All,   I am experimenting with XML/XSL and datacard driven checklists as documented on the forums by talented forum members and seem to be having some success, but I have an issue.   My issue is that with the xml and the xsl checked into the vault, the preview of the xml with the format from the xsl does not show in the preview tab in windows… (Show more)
in Data Management
Eric Blankinship
Hello All,   My company is deciding to install PDM and I've been put in charge of trying to update our SolidWorks Templates to work with the Vault.   Currently the templates are just generated from File>New and then selecting the respective template using custom properties to populate BOM as well as drawing title blocks.  My thoughts had been to… (Show more)
in Data Management
Ben Dupres
Hi all,   We are currently preparing to implement PDM Professional. During preparation a question has been raised on the ability to export data from a drawing sheet into an excel sheet. The idea being is that we could generate and manage a drawing register 'behind the scenes' without having to rely on the 'unreliable human factor' to keep… (Show more)
in Data Management
Grant Kirkland
My file explorer variable "ItemNumber" is not matching the variable shown in the part or drawing data card.   Part and drawing: 1-0048046 (this is correct) file explorer: 048044 (this is incorrect and I have no idea where it is coming form)   Has anyone encountered this?  
in Data Management
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