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Adrian Ward
Hi   Can anyone advise how I store drawings/projects on the cloud or some network drive.   I am the only person that uses my copy of the software but use it in several locations. Can I use the cloud to store and access my data?   Regards Adrian
in Data Management
Scott M.
"file path too long" error I have run across this error and would like some help in solving it. I have counted the length of the file path, including the file extension and spaces, and came up with 109 characters. This is well below the 250 or so that is the supposed windows limitation. I have tried shortening the file path by eliminating some… (Show more)
in Data Management
Shaun Salisbury
I am using the vault API to generate reports and do some maintenance functions. I noticed that if I pass a string to theSearch.FileName that contains square brackets, the search returns null. I saw in the help files that square brackets are used to prevent % and _ from being parsed as wildcards and I assume this is why the search fails. There is… (Show more)
in Data Management
Joel Condevaux
Click to view contentHello. I've written a stand alone application for managing Solidworks files. It use an index to store all the relationship between Solidworks files, that way you can perform rename or move function on files or folder keeping all links up to date. You can also search files by name or properties (Need Document manager license key) or run a search… (Show more)
in Data Management
Hello Everyone,                    When we all save any solidworks file i.e. part, drawing or an assembly SolidWorks gives us an option to choose the directory/folder where ever we want to save, but in my case I want to restrict the directory access to PDM Local view, or is there any way, we can achieve this, i think this is really a con inside… (Show more)
in Data Management
Mark Schulz
The company I work for was purchased some time ago, and we have been gradually migrating into their systems.  The next step will be to move completely into their domain.  Our current EPDM vault uses windows authentication through active directory.  We have set up a user group in our AD for vault users, so once the user is in that group they can be… (Show more)
in Data Management
Jose Saldana
Dear SolidWorks/PDM Users,   Our company recently migrated CAD Systems.  We were using 2006 Co Create, but we are now live with SolidWorks 2016, SP5.0 and PDM 2017 SP3.0.   We had a consulting company help us take our legacy data and migrate into the vault.  Since the day we launched, PDM performance has been extremely slow.  It takes a very… (Show more)
in Data Management
Gary Hamm
I have a dedicated task host computer to run Convert to PDF during our transitions in our workflow, occasionally a drawing gets hung up in the task computer, and the task computer will actually will have the drawing checked out. Doesn't the print pdf task just open the drawing and convert to pdf. Why would the task computer be checking out the… (Show more)
in Data Management
John Wayman
Is it possible to modify properties such as Description for weldment profiles (.sldflp files) within the PDM Standard environment, or do I have to do it within Solidworks?     SW2018, SP5     Cheers,     John
in Data Management
Paul Birkner
My company has started using SAP for PLM software and is investigating a switch over from SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro to ECTR. Does anyone have experience with this? Have there been any pain points in the switch? Have there been any major improvements?       Thanks, Paul
in Data Management
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