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Darryl McPherson
Solidworks working CADLink and M1 ERP- The challenge: Working with parts, with a single part number, of varying lengths; such as electrical wire or rolls of gaskets. One scenario might be a cable installed in some different models. There might be 30 feet in one model and 60 feet in another model. I could create a 30-foot model with one part… (Show more)
in Data Management
Michael Greenwood
Click to view contentI have just copied a list of .sldlfp files (weldment profiles) into my vault. Once the copy completed over half of the files are designated as toolbox part documents.   Has anyone ever seen this? I am aware of the sldsetdocprop.exe file and have looked into this. but that utility only works on .sldprt files. I have spoken to my VAR and they are… (Show more)
in Data Management
Eddie Pellegrin
Click to view content  This morning, for some reason, all of my .pdf icons show up like this instead of this . I'm not even sure what type of icon this is, it looks like a folder icon with 9 squares with dots in them? Anyone even seen this, or have a possible solution to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
in Data Management
Daniel Haines
Click to view contentHow can we remove computers from the task execution list other than by unchecking in task host management (computers have been otherwise disposed)? Any help will be greatly appreciated.  thanks
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Robert Teele
I have a file that is going to double letter revision so i need to add that capability to my pdm environment. Currently my Revision component property is set to format string (A,B,C...,Z)and it appears my only option is to set it o "value from list" and list out every single then double letter scenario. Is there an easier way to do this?
in Data Management
Ivan Klaric
is it possible to connect informations from "summary information" - "configuration Specific" from solid works model to an external document, excel file?
in Data Management
Keaton Warn
What I'm looking for: 1. A way to find and export some sort of report document that details which users modified how many files in PDM within the last 24 hrs. 2. Added bonus if the document has a graphical interpretation of some sort.   I'm still pretty new to PDM and have no SQL experience so I'm trying to learn more about how to make SQL… (Show more)
in Data Management
Louis Fourie
I want to use the original filename in but with just a prefix added. I created an input called versionnr and would like to add that infront of the file name with DriveWorksxpress Thanks
in Data Management
John Reese
Is there a variable to pull the current mass unit of measure so I can put the units (ie. g, kg  or lb) on a data card next to the current mass value?  I have older models that may be in pounds and newer ones in grams....
in Data Management
Calum Conduit
Hi, I wish to change top level folder names within PDM. My manager ended up just right clicking the folders within PDM explorer and changing them, but when it is time to add a new product it uses the old folder names and created a new folder with the old name. The List (for cards) within PDM administration remain as they were, is there a way to… (Show more)
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