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Joel Condevaux
Click to view contentHello. I've written a stand alone application for managing Solidworks files. It use an index to store all the relationship between Solidworks files, that way you can perform rename or move function on files or folder keeping all links up to date. You can also search files by name or properties (Need Document manager license key) or run a search… (Show more)
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Louis Fourie
Hi So I was wondering if it is possible for the convert task to run on check in of a drawing. I am able to run the convert task only by using the task list in PDM administration and it is working the way I want it to. But right clicking the file in explorer doesn't give me any tasks in the context menu. This would also be help full. But I… (Show more)
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Geert Van Der Heide
Hi all,    Im am a bit new to the soldiworks PDM system and have a question about the data card.(i'm not an admin) is there a posibility to fill in a model paramter in the datacard? Lets say at size i want the dimension D1@sketch1 from my model. This way when i update my sketch the description is also changed.  I want to be able to fill this… (Show more)
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Aaron Dmyterko
Hello, I have a user that every time he logs into the vault, it tries to Get Latest on set of files.  He has cancelled this request in the past and it still comes up on every new login. I have: Cleared local cache Redid the vault view Reinstalled PDM Checked the User & Group Cache options to make sure they are off.   Anyone have this issue?
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Jim Sculley
We have PDM 2017 running.  I want to test PDM 2020 on a newly built server.  Can you do this?  Does it cause licensing issues?
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Kurt McMurtrie
I really like the ability to create virtual sub-assemblies in SolidWorks. I can put smaller assemblies together and not have to create and manage new sub-assembly file in EPDM. They get saved directly into the top level assembly.  These virtual sub assemblies have non-virtual parts in them.   - Problem.... any file in that virtual sub assembly… (Show more)
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Grant Mattis
Click to view contentFollowing the Draftsight decision Dassault has also decided, or has not be able to come to an agreement with Microsoft, to include SQL with PDM Professional licensing. SQL 2014 will be the last version provided and if companies need anything more then the free SQL Express it is going to cost significantly more. There are a few years before we will… (Show more)
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Paul Oliver
Hi,   Does anybody know of a way to map PDM variables from the datacard into Adobe InDesign documents, similar to how it does with Word, Excel etc   We want to start using InDesign for some of our documents but want the variables to be populated upon creation of the document.   Thanks   Paul
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The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see this link for more details:
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Josh Hixon
I would like to discuss how others keep their BOMs accurate and in line with other file management systems.  How you deal with discontinued parts.  How you deal with Sloppy or messy PDM vaults that you have taken over. How you deal with Assemblies containing standard parts as well as Raw materials as it relates to the BOM.   I want to hear from… (Show more)
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