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Barbara Jerin
Hi, I have one data card set up for all my files (sldprt, slddrw, step, pdf, dxf). When I run a covert task (sldprt ->dxf) I want the data card variables to get transfered to dxf file. I managed to do this by converting slddrw->pdf and sldprt->step, but can't seem to get it work with sldprt->dxf convert task. I did add all my variables in the… (Show more)
in Data Management
Manoj Sharma
how to schedule backup of PDM archive folder.   "Yes i know we can schedule SQL backup "   Sumit Rana  Please help in this matter Manoj
in Data Management
Patrick Mueller
Hello, I have an assembly that I built that has 1000+ unique parts. I need to add a custom property to each one but the value is unique for each part.   basically I have a file name  ex. PI-LS-0233 and I want to add a custom property labeled as the position and the value to be the last for numbers.   So for the part PI-LS-0233 I need the… (Show more)
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Prabaharan Pichaiyan
I try to delete the part file from vault,which is in opened assembly. I can delete that file with the following warnings "File Opened by another application". After click OK file has been removed from the vault and saved as <Local File> in that same folder.   But I don't want allow  PDM to delete that file in opened condition. May I know how to… (Show more)
in Data Management
Jacob Cone
We upgraded to 2018 last week, and now under external references settings, the Don't prompt to save read-only files (Discard Changes) button no longer works. When you go to save a copy, you will get any sub-assembly asking you to save that you don't want to save/change. This seems to be related to the versions of the files being on 2017. IT is… (Show more)
in Data Management
R. Vignesh
Hello Everyone,   Is it possible to compare BOMs of two different assemblies in SolidWorks EPDM Professional ? If yes please guide me.   Thanks in Advance !!!   Regards, R.Vignesh
in Data Management
Martin Lamont
Why does a 5mb assembly file become 53mb when saved as a .step file?!
in Data Management
Shaodun Lin
Hi:   Is there any way to repair corrupt SQL system database?   For example when ‘model’ database is corrupted, I am not able to start the SQL Server service, and because SQL Server service is started, I am  not able to connect to database engine and using SQL Server Management Studio to restore back up or repair the database, in this case,… (Show more)
in Data Management
Mike Childers
Double clicking on a component in Treehouse brings up a properties list, which you can edit.  My question is, how does this information get saved back to the part file?  If I change a value and save and exit Treehouse, and then open up the part, the property that I changed in Treehouse did not change.  But if I open up Treehouse again, it shows… (Show more)
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Josiah Thompson
Solidworks crashed on me and I lost some work I did on a drawing. I have been combing through the forums looking for solutions. I have been testing them but not getting any results.   Sequence of events reproducing problem.      1. attempt to open assembly drawing and get "SW encountered a problem with the file, do you want to repair?"     … (Show more)
in Data Management
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