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Matt K
If a company has all their files in their EPDM vault, and you want to work for them on site, can you have your own license for EPDM (Editor) on your own laptop, go to their office and join their network and access files in their vault, and work as normally as anyone else there would?
in Data Management
Bruno Rodrigues
Click to view contentRecently I upgrated my SOLIDWORKS PDM to 2020 SP1 Version, but the "WorkFlow Tab" Add-in, presented on PDM Advanced Training, is now incompatible. The error show me steps to upgrade it, but I don't have the "Workflowtab.CAF" file requested on step 3 (image below in portuguese).      Can someone help me with it?
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Guy Edkins
Using SQL for EPDM I am trying to get a particular variable's value back (Mfg Part Number) for a given a given alternate name (a configuration). I know that the DocumentRevisionConfiguration, VariableValue, and the Variable tables I need to use. So far I have not succeeded in getting just what I need, which is for handing in an alternate number… (Show more)
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Mark Dougall
So when I have saved and checked in a part with multiple configurations, is the open configuration while saving considered by EPDM to be the "active configuration"? Is there any way to Change this "active configuration" from EPDM without having to check the file out again?   My issue is that I have currently released a part and everything is fine… (Show more)
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james demarco
I thought this should be fairly easy, but based on some short research, contacting VAR, and google search it appears perhaps not? Production is running 2018, and I wanted to setup a stand alone PC to run 2020, SW, PDM, and then add sample files along with workflows, etc. to allow us to validate there will not be issues when we do the production… (Show more)
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Ed Dougherty
Our IT department is remote, and resources are hard to schedule. I'm trying to break it down to smaller tasks. If I get CAD updated I can get PDM updated later.
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Vaidotas Juozapavicius
I would like to copy pdf files from epdm vault to the location outside epdm vault using ROBOCOPY command. Files could be copied including folder structure or to a single folder (better for me). ROBOCOPY command I am trying to use looks like this -    @echo off set source="epdm vault path" set destination="destination path" for %%F in… (Show more)
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Jeremy Jacobs
As a growing company we are looking to upgrade to Quickbooks.  My understanding is we would need something to talk to Quickbooks from SW.  Has anyone used Fishbowl?  What about any other program?  I don't think there is a way for Quickbooks and SW to communicate directly with each other.   The ultimate goal would be as engineering generates a… (Show more)
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The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see this link for more details:
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Steven Calvert
This might be a Drawing question as well but I'm looking to update my drawing templates and drawing formats but don't know how to tell what variable is attached to the Note that's in my title block.  We are switching from Smarteam to SW PDM (yea!) and I want to know.   Steve C
in Data Management
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