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Jamie Dorenkamp
I have a fellow colleague that is wanting to know if there a way in PDM to print out all the drawings of an assembly at once?
in Data Management
Douglas Folk
I am throwing this out to see what ya'll think . Scenario: We have old legacy - poorly constructed assemblies with components that are similar. They get the job done, but those models/assemblies need to be retired. The issue is the part numbers are not changing.   What I was thinking of doing - Create a "legacy" vault for currently released… (Show more)
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Jason Hogue
Click to view contentI have setup the convert task in my test vault and it runs perfectly. Converts the slddrw to PDF and copies all the variables across. Now trying to implement this in our working Vault but when I run the task, VB halts at creating the log file. See below. Any ideas why??? I have checked permissions and they all appear to be correct, (same as my… (Show more)
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Wilson Syiem
In PDM, what is the best way to check a child part state when an assembly is going through a transition? For Example, I have Assembly A with Parts 1, 2 and 3.  I want to make sure parts 1, 2, and 3 are in "Released" states before the Assembly can go through the transition.  If anyone knows how to do this, or can make some recommendations on the… (Show more)
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Iain Hendry
Preface: Using 2019, SP2, with PDM.   Previous behaviour (xxxx-2018) of SolidWorks permitted typing in the File>Open Dialogue Box, to quickly drill down to a file.   For example.  We have all our fittings from FESTO in a folder.  Instead of scrolling to find the right fitting in a lot of hundreds, it's much quicker to simply start typing in the… (Show more)
in Data Management
Prabaharan Pichaiyan
Hi, I'm working in local copy for long time. I wanted to receive update from my colleague. So I get latest version of the entire folder. its prompt for override all option, but I click accidentally yes to all. server copy override my local copy. Is it any way to restrict server copy override local one?   Thanks
in Data Management
james demarco
Has anyone run into an issue with the pdf conversion task failing with a protected error when the office document is in compatibility mode? Just looking to verify this is the root cause. Thanks
in Data Management
Scott Andersen
Click to view contentI am trying to get motivated enough to finally migrate the vault from PDM Workgroup to PDM Standard. I have many very large assemblies and just checked one in. In PDM workgroup files were saved to descriptive folders and a tree would make it easy to find the upper level assembly. What I see in the PDM Standard is just a big pile of files. Is… (Show more)
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Jason Wells
Hello all.  Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically update and save a drawing without having to open it-after editing a model? Our customers are sending files with out of date references-trying to help them out... We just found some scrap as a result of the drawing being put on the floor without being updated-and yes-the file reference… (Show more)
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