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Grant Kirkland
Click to view contentFor some reason Solidworks PDM is not pulling the latest version of files, and it appears only to happen after a file has been approved.   Part2 created, approved, revision shows "A" in explorer. All good here.     Open Part2, not so good!   Shows Local version 2/2, that should be fine. That's the latest version, but Local revision shows A,… (Show more)
in Data Management
rodney mansfield
Hi, I am migrating SolidWorks data into a PDM 2019 system. The PDM system is overwriting (actually adding) a date field to all of my drawings as I add them to the system. See the attached pic. The RED rectangle is the date that PDM is adding to my drawings (the date is always the current day, whatever that might be). The Green rectangle is the… (Show more)
in Data Management
Cody Kirsch
Click to view contentAny one else having even more trouble with Pack and Go then usual? In this case not all the files are being gathered by Pack and Go. The Section#1 Base is not listed in the Section #1 Full Asm in this example. It is not a consistent issue but is reproducible with specific file sets.     At this point Pack and Go seems pretty pointless. I only… (Show more)
in Data Management
Alex Graziani
Was getting a lot of calls about not being able to check files in due to a non unique file name. Often this happens when files get left in a private state and cannot be seen by other users. We put together this report generator to list ALL duplicate files, their location, and if they are deleted or not. I find this particularly useful after… (Show more)
in Data Management
Ettore Rizzo
Good morning, I need to know exactly what status is associated with a particular version of the code or file. Not considering the "Chronology". Is there any other way to get this information? Thank you.
in Data Management
Nate Kinkley
We are trying to setup permissions for Web2 users with Web license (not Viewer) and the folder permissions that work in the PDM client do not follow over to Web2. The example being folders that are not visible to client users now can see all folders on the web client.    More detrimentally, ALL users have the option to change state, check out,… (Show more)
in Data Management
Philippe Thompson
Click to view contentHi everyone,   As my title suggest, I have a EPDM user to whom this error keeps popping when trying to save :     I thought that it might be a corrupt assembly, but he's the only having this issue and it isn't always the same assembly. Tried searching using Google, but to no avail, as I'm pretty sure it isn't a network problem... or is it? I… (Show more)
in Data Management
Ken Foong
I am now learning about 3DExperience and knowing that 3DDrive is pretty powerful on cloud base file storage and sharing. I notice that there is a revision column in the demo video but want to find out more how the revision numbers work compare to SW PDM
in Data Management
Michael Faust
Hello everybody, I would like to discuss with you guys your experiences and practices of solidwork file metadata/attribute handeling.   Example: On the one hand side, there's the possibility to save attribute/metadata information of the part file into the CAD file before importing the it into a PDM system. Then the PDM system detects the… (Show more)
in Data Management
Jeff Sweeney
If you like podcasts here is a good one. Kurt Lundstedt, product portfolio manager for data management with Dassault Systems talks about PDM’s past, present, and possible future. (Do you think they mention 3DExperience?)
in Data Management
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