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Shawndra Products
I have several different custom property files. When you use the custom property tab it allows you to select one of them to use in a part file. If I want to change which one I want to use I do not find a way to release the file type. It allows to reset in the current property file but not change to a different property file. Example: I have Code… (Show more)
in Data Management
Tom Strohscher
Click to view contentWhat's are the advantages of using the Bill of Material Options, Part Number vs a Custom Property "Part Number"?   We have been using a custom property names Part Number since 2005 and never had an issues with using custom properties. We have put our files into PDM Pro and will be moving documents from another office into PDM too.  The second… (Show more)
in Data Management
Chandrakanth Gowda
While checking in, I have replaced a file (updated file ) which was save on my local system with PDM. Now my local file replaced with PDM. Any possibilities to get the locally saved file.
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Hazem Taha
Hello,   is there a way to add the current version out of last version like PDM vault view display. for example: i have a file with last version 6 and i got version 3, the vault view shows in version tab "3/6". i want to add same expression on drawing file via note linked to properties and variables with attributes i could add the current… (Show more)
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Taylor Duran
Click to view contentDoes anyone on here use Qbuild's CADLink software to integrate into ECi M1 ERP software?   I'm curious what SW properties I should map to for weldments so that the right fields are imported into M1 in the correct fashion. I'm hoping for some input on how to make the CADLink software work with the basic, out of the box, functions before we decide… (Show more)
in Data Management
robert dattilo
Hello;          We've been using pdm pro for a couple of years & it appears that different business units are doing things a bit differently. Not everyone was really happy about using it. My bottom line question is, in my unit whenever we bumped a rev it would affect both the drawing & the model or assy. Like both would bump to "C", or whatever.… (Show more)
in Data Management
Me He
Hi, I'm new to Solidworks and new to this forum. I have just found out the hard way not to rename/move files in Windows but to do it in SD.   I have looked on the internet and can't seem to find a fix to get SD to locate my files. I've tried the SD Explorer and setting up a secondary path for it to look down but with no luck. All this is above… (Show more)
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Kyle Metsger
All,   I am setting up a 3D Printing contract manufacturer and I have chosen Odoo (formerly openERP) as my ERP system.  I am using SolidWorks 2019 and want to integrate SolidWorks with Odoo.  Odoo does not make any modules which integrate SolidWorks, and I have browsed several odoo third party modules which claim they can integrate the two… (Show more)
in Data Management
Wade Vannoord
i have about 10,000 parts that i need to update the weights into a shared excel file for other non CAD users to update our ERP system. Is there a way to use PDM automation tools to do this? 
in Data Management
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