• configuration naming

    Hi all,   I found a macro created by Deepak Gupta my question is how to change this so it adds a -xxx to the config name. thanks in advance!   Option Explicit Sub main() Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWo...
    Tony Vitale
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  • Block users from opening custom properties

    Some of our users think it's a good idea to modify custom properties which are read only on the data card though the custom properties command inside of Solidworks. I need a way to block this. Anyone have a solution? ...
    David Lane
    created by David Lane
  • Macro Chek-in to the vault

    Hi, everybody! I'm using macro to check-in to the vault an assembly file. But in process an error occurs at runtime. It is works correctly when i check-in a part file.   --------------------------- -...
    Alexander Volkov
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  • Static Simulation Mesh Control Error

    Hello Gentlemen,    I am a new user of Solid works ( University Projects), and i have a problem using static simulation mesh control,  The problem is, i have a rectangular duct with wall thickness 3 m...
    Mouath Azzeh
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  • SW2018 SP5 crashes while running macros

    Solid works is crashing while running macro.   The macro will do the following sequence of tasks.   Macro reads all the fillets in the part and suppresses all the fillets. It keeps the part in trimetric v...
    Prasad N.
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  • Macro to fill drawing custom property from excel

    Is there any macro to fill drawing custom properties for respective drawings from excel. Details in the excel will be mentioned as in the below image. Same details need to be entered in the drawing file custom propert...
    Murali C.
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  • How can I display the specified interference group in the view area

    Hello everybody,     How can I display the specified interference group in the view area,Which Interface can implement this function。   thanks.    
    Lenny Yang
    created by Lenny Yang
  • Why my marco always stop on Sketch?

    Here is my Marco, I draw a rectangle and want to cut it. I can draw rectangle and made Extrusion, then I can draw a sketch again. But it always stop on here, can't execute FeatureCut4 command. Why?   ...
    Andy Kuo
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  • Export Drawing Sheet & IGES of part

    Hi all, We often export a PDF drawing and IGES for sending to external CAM suppliers. This is currently 2 operations and therefore has inherent human error problems. Is it possible to use a macro to export the drawi...
    Oli Sparrow
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  • modelExtension.SetUserPreferenceInteger(259, 0, 3); is failing - why?

    Using SolidWorks 2020 SP01. I am trying to change the mass unit setting to grams. Using the following code:   bool success = modelExtension.SetUserPreferenceInteger((int)swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swUn...
    Eric Snyder
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  • Can I create a command like switch.

    I want create a command like a switch in "toolbar" or "command manager".It will not up automatical after press down,until click the button again.But i can not find a function or property to achive it. Thanks for your...
    Su Su
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  • Batch export sheet metal flat patterns to DXF from assembly

    Hello, SW API experts. After a long search on the internet and in this forum, I finally found a macro that does 90% of what I need. The point is that I have a "Main assembly" that consists of a sub-assembly and a part...
  • Probing a hedgehog!

    I can EvaluatePointsOnSurface given a surface and a point.  But what I am trying to do is draw several points in a 3D sketch on a surface body and then run a macro to find the surface normal for each point - ie d...
  • Suppress Components in Assembly by File Property

    Hello,   I am trying to create a macro to suppress certain parts in an assembly by a custom file property called "code". The value of code will be something like "metal" or "wood". I will create a configuration ...
    Daniel Silberstein
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  • Free SDK read data from solidworks files.

    Is there a free sdk provide the ablitities to retrive the data of solidworks files, like bodies, faces and edges? I want to build an desktop app consume the sdk to read solidworks files,  and show the models in ...
    My Cad
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  • Does anyone know a command for a macro to retrieve a weldment profile type and size or the file path?

    I am trying to write a macro to update my weldment profiles by reading the existing profile and simply re-selecting the same size option in the weldment feature. However I cannot find a command to "fetch" the name or ...
    Nick Loewen
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  • Can I check if a marking text is on the part?

    We are recently working with a laser cutter and we want to mark each part with its filename. This worked perfectly till now using sketch notes, linking them to the filename. The problem is, if we change an existing ...
    Robin Schouten
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  • Object variable or With block variable not set

    Hi all,   I've been using the below VB code for exporting named PDF and DXF. Now moved to a new business and no longer working, and can't quite figure out why?   Highlighted line in debug in red below. ...
    Oli Sparrow
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  • Virtual sheet metal Parts and Macro to export Flat pattern as dxf

    I'm looking for a macro to export flat pattern of virtual sheet metal parts to dxf format files. I've searched and tested several macros in this forum, but none of them work for virtual files.   One of tested m...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • find replace feature name macro

    MembersDeepak Gupta Alex Burnett Josh Brady that helped from one of my previous posts https://forum.solidworks.com/message/835939?commentID=835939#comment-835939 )   Kowshik Islam / Kowshik Islam Eit Cswp m...
    Erik Rotolo
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