• solidworks can not save C# or VB.net in vsta3 for Visual Studio 2017?

    I want to save it and can not get the dll item.
    Duan Yu
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  • Dimension Search & Replace Macro

    I have a large assembly (over 1000 parts) and I needed to change the hole size on all the parts - and there's tens of thousands of instances of it! I obviously considered going through, editing every part - and then t...
    Simon Rafferty
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  • Another macro to batch manage custom properties

    Hi,     There are already quite a few great macros for managing custom properties available on a forum. Here is my contribution.   This is an Excel macro and it allows to read and write custom prope...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Userform and Module declarations, public vs private, passing enities, and other questions.

    Hello,   I'm working on a macro to generate some geometry for me. It's simple work to do manually for one inside corner, but I want to make a macro as I have potentially hundreds coming up to do in the same...
    Garren Hahn
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  • Opening all files in folder

    Hello,   I have parameterized 20 or so CAD models, and want to import them to space claim for generating the pmdb format of ansys. This is required for the linux version of 2019R2.   Now, I have found that...
    Atul Singh
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  • Unhandled Exception Error Handling

    Hi, is there any API provided to handle the below mentioned error or any solidworks specific API to handle exception errors like these?   Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or ...
    Paritosh Singh
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  • XR Exporter API Enabling

    I want to enable the XR exporter plugin using API. Is there any API provided to load the plugins or specifically exporter plugin? Any suggestions will be really helpful.
    Paritosh Singh
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  • Assistance Needed to Manipulate a Custom Property

    Hi all, this question has likely been asked (and solved) many times. However, I don't understand the terminology enough to find relevant results.   I am getting a custom property using: bbArea = swFeat.CustomPr...
    Seth Moser
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  • Can't roll tree backwards due to missing swp file

    Hi all,  After running a macro on a part a feature was added in the tree. The macro swp file is now missing, actually I don't need it anymore.    The problem is that now I cannot delete the feature or ...
    Nadav Meir
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  • Workgroup PDM File Exporter [Macro]

    I am sharing a macro I developed that exports NON-SolidWorks files from the WORKGROUP PDM Vault... Let me reiterate this is for Workgroup PDM (obsolete, no longer supported, end-of-life, etc.)   Others have crea...
    Daen Hendrickson
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  • Macro VBA-Hide countersunk circle in drawing

    Hi, I'm trying to hide from my drawing, all the external countersunk circle. (only external coutersunk -view this picture it' the red circle to hide) Only in the first sheet and the first view.   1-) Do you ...
    Sébastien Denis
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  • 5 best practices to make your VBA macro great

    Hi,   I have published new blog post 5 best practices to make your VBA macro great. It practically demonstrates simple techniques which can be used in macro development which will make macro more reliable, ...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Macro: Export all open drawings as PDF and DWG

    Attached is a macro to export all open drawings as PDF and DWG in the same location as the drawing file. The macro has been made on SW 2019 version but should work on earlier versions as well. Changing the macro refer...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • VBA Questions

    I'm trying to pick this VBA stuff up, but the terminology is throwing me for a loop. Not really sure what they mean by interfaces. I'm taking it as a way to 'interface' with a Solidworks command? I'm not quite sure. A...
    Garren Hahn
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  • Replace revision with last 2 filename digits

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the revision letter "A" with the last 2 digits of my filename. Eventually I would save this as drawing sheet format template so it will automatically sync my future drawings. Any help w...
    Nadav Meir
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  • Summary Information Macro Help

    Hello,   In an effort to be more efficient I was wondering if anyone had a macro to export Information from the file properties window.  I just want a simple text box to pop up displaying the information be...
    Nick Spinelli
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  • why do solidworks save macro in A directory and visual studio 2015 open it in B directory ?

    I save a macro in Vsta 3 in my desktop directory , and then Visual Studio 2015 open it in other directory (C:\Users\blues\AppData\Local\Temp\Vsta\VSTAConsoleApp\VstaTGLKCEvl5USbkMHpAyVbSQ\VstaJQx9h4_YLk2dwmz8nMYwjQ\)....
    Duan Yu
    created by Duan Yu
  • Passing variables into a macro? (Similar to the way #task works)

    I'm trying to make a WPF .NET application that can run a few macros that I have that rely on for a heavily GUI guided workflow. I would like to pass some variables that the application generates for me into eithe...
    Brian Graves
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  • XR Exporter- Export Motion Studies Using API

    Hi, I am using Solidworks XR Exporter in order to save animations in .gltf format with motion studies. Is there any api provided to mark the "Exporter Motion Studies" under "Animations" in Options tab durin...
    Paritosh Singh
    created by Paritosh Singh
  • what is the differences of VSTA 1.0 and VSTA 3.0?

    From solidworks 2018, VSTA Macro update from vsta 1.0 to vsta 3.0.  we have run ,edit micro with Visual studio 2015. so ,this is the reason for the question .
    Duan Yu
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