• Link Cut-List properties to Custom properties macro

    Hello, I'm trying to link cut-list properties to custom properties. See pictures below, I would like to link multiple cut-list properties to custom properties. I have been able to link one property (Bends),...
    Brice Briard
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  • How to automatically run macro on model open (without add-in)

    Hi,   In this blog post: Automatically Run Macro On Model Open I explain two ways and provide source code to automatically run VBA code when model is opened Using Events Using Macro Feature   In both cas...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Model Cleanup Macro

    *****I have re-posted this as a question Model Cleanup Macro Question  since I accidentally made it a discussion***   I know this has been asked before in several different combinations and permutations over...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • Some API little help

    hello, i used the "macro recorder" to do some change on PRT and ASM. then i edited it, to clean a little.   I have multiple small question, the first one :   i have some problem with "light" changing. w...
    The Merovingien
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  • 5 FREE macros to "polish" your model

    Hi,   This is a second episode of 5 Free Macros to... series. (first episode - 5 FREE macros to reduce clicks).   In this YouTube Video I will demonstrate 5 macros to polish and clean u...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Delete Drawing Layers Macro

    ****added code of macro used***   I recently found this older forum post and was hoping to use the macro to delete layers on some old legacy drawings we have here.   Running the macro on the open draw...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • Get cut-list folder of pre-selected feature

    Hi,   I have a flat-pattern feature selected in the flat-pattern folder of a sheetmetal part. Now I would like to select the cut-list body folder of that feature to get the custom properties out later.  ...
    Husein Delic
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  • Drawing Migration Cleanup Macro

    I know this has been asked before in several different combinations and permutations over the years   Recently we have migrated from 2016 WGPDM to PDMPro 2020 As you might imagine there is a vast amount of lega...
    Nick Tzallas
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  • Export 2D line data to excel for input Driveworks

    Hi there,   I'm looking for a macro that can export line data of a closed or open contour. My driveworks project needs an input of straight line lengths and absolute angles. If I click on a sketch line in SW, ...
    Jeroen Van Dooren
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  • Parts opening as Read-Only when opened via Hyperlink from Excel

    Hey guys,   I currently have a BoM Export script that prints the part name as a hyperlink to the part. It's currently opening the parts as Read-Only when opened through the hyperlink in the Excel spreadsheet. Is ...
    Kelvin Cheung
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  • Reverse Degrees in Weldment Cut list

    The degrees on the weldment I would like to reverse. Our band saws straight cut is 90 deg. and solidworks shows it as 0 degrees.. Did anyone have this same issue as reversing it without typing it in the cut list each ...
    Jay Paul Sensenig
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  • Converting Toolbox Component to Standard Component

    Hi All,   I have an existing assembly where fasteners are used from Solidworks Toolbox. I want to convert all these tool box components into standard Solidworks part. Is there any macro to do that?
    Prasanna Ashok
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  • My macro to Export to STL

    I've been tweaking my macro for exporting as an STL for 3D printing for a while, and I just wanted to share it here:   ' Macro to save the active part/assembly as an STL file ' ' * The current configuration na...
    Brandon Clark
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  • Getting started with SOLIDWORKS add-ins in .NET Core

    Hi,   I have published a short video tutorial of how to get started with developing add-ins using .NET Core in Visual Studio Code: Getting started with SOLIDWORKS add-ins in .NET Core - YouTube   ...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Sheet metal part to dxf flat pattern macro question

    Hello All,                 I have modified a macro written by Deepak Gupta. It is a macro that takes a Solidworks sheet metal part and exports...
    Daniel Schleicher
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  • Script to Export to .STL multiple configurations

    Hello,   I have a Solidworks file with about 250 or so configurations in a hierarchical arrangement (same part but different variations, about 3 or 4 level deep). We are planning on 3D Print those files.   ...
    Stephane Morvan
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  • Save As Copy of Part/Assy with Drawing

    Hello Everyone,   I have seen many people looking for a Solidworks macro to copy parts or assemblies to new file name and location along with the drawing(updated references). So here i got a Solidworks vba mac...
    Shail Patel
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  • Using API in .NET Core in Visual Studio Code

    Hi,   I have published a new blog post on how to use SOLIDWORKS API to automate SOLIDWORKS in free and lightweight Visual Studio Code (not Visual Studio) in C# .NET Core: Using SOLIDWORKS® API from Vis...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • MoveRow API at specification

    Hi guys Tell me please. What could be. It is not possible to sort the specification table through a call to the MoveRow API if the specification type is “Offset.” Any numbering may still not work. What hap...
    Nikolaj Efimov
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  • Batch Custom Properties Program

    Here is a stand-alone application to display and edit the custom properties and configuration custom properties of a list of files. As of version 0.25, it can run in 2 modes: Fast and Slow   The Fast mode uses ...
    Fifi Riri
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