• Is it possible to adjust the drawing view scale as per the size using macro?

    Is it possible to adjust the drawing view scale based on the size using macro.   Example: if overall length is 3" then the drawing view scale must be 1:1, and for  8" it must be 2:3   Length Scale Less...
    Sheik Abdullah
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  • Assigning layers to big drawing via API is painfully slow

    Hello fellows,     I've been trying to write a VBA macro to assign layers to a big drawing (i.e. many section views) of a relatively big assembly. It does work, except that it takes a fair amount of time to...
    Charley Rocha
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  • Macro to find and replace the text for multiple notes in a single sheet from excel

    Having  6 different text in solidworks drawing, all the text were controlled from excel.   Macro to enter the text as per the information provided from the excel.  
    Sheik Abdullah
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  • Copy Custom properties to all configurations

    I searched around the forum to find a macro that will copy the Custom properties to all the configurations in a part or assembly.  I did not find one specifically but found enough bits and pieces that I was able ...
    Steven Dod
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  • Multiple export pack&go

    Hi,   Is there a way that I can use the pack and go function in bulk? So I can export a model 10 times with a different prefix in one time?   Thanks a lot!
    Jeroen Van Dooren
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    Hi All,   I would like to set up a macro which changes multiple attributes within a single selected block.            workflow; click block > click macr...
    Caleb Mullins
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  • Unable to select or use Sketch-Pattern from DesignTree after macros.

    Hello,  I am running a macros code (please find attached) in which I am creating few sketch patterns and bodies. After the macros runs, I need to be able to "play" with the created bodies: delete some of them, co...
    Gilad Nave
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  • Save drawing as DWG in different directory with custom property in file name

    Hi all,   I have been searching all over to piece together a macro that saves the open drawing as a DWG in a specific folder, while adding the "DESCRIPTION" custom property to the file name. I started with reco...
    John Sadler
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  • <FlattenToSingleFolder = false> is invalid, there is no difference when it is set to true, is it wrong, what should I do?

    I tried the official example, I set the FlattenToSingleFolder to false, but I didn't get the corresponding result.   Pack and Go an Assembly (C#) This example shows how to get the names of the path and files of...
    Lijon Tang
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  • Progress Bar for long running operation in macro or add-in

    Hi,   In this blog article I'm evaluating different methods of creating a progress bar when running the long operations in the macros or add-ins and compare the performance between them. You might want...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • MyToolbar - custom macro library manager

    Hi,   MyToolbar is a free and open source add-in for SOLIDWORKS which allows to manage all your macro library in one single place. It also suports multi-user environment where all the macros, icons and configura...
    Artem Taturevych
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  • Macro Failing to Create Circle

    I have a macro that works about 60% of the time and I have no idea why. I will run it with the same data three times and get three different results, please help. The line which fails is:   Set skSegment = Part....
    Jorge Mirabelli
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  • How can I set the output CS with a macro?

    When I export models for my shop to use they must have the coordinate system At the center of the block. What I normally do is create a CS at the location I need And then when I export the file I hit "option" and sele...
    Greg Marz
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  • Issue with .sts on #TASK

    Hello,  I'm trying to run a .sts script on a few thousand .stl files using #TASK. But it reports the error: Generic error: This indicates that #TASK failed to run a macro. Please make sure that you can run macr...
    Dheeraj Peddireddy
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  • Solidworks crashes trying to open files sequentially, when I run a macro

    I am running a macro which opens an .stl file and runs something and closes it. I need to run this on about 24000 files, but when I run the macro after processing about 1300+ files, solidworks crashes. Is there any wo...
    Dheeraj Peddireddy
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  • Retrieve material specific properties

    I am trying to retrieve the hardness property from the material specific properties and add it to the configuration specific properties using a macro either in SolidWorks API or in the built in macro editor. I am not ...
    Corey Pederson
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  • Making mates on assembly by API

    Hi all,    I' m new user of SolidWorks API, and I'm tring to automate a modeling, and I'm need to create mates in the parts. But I'm having some issues on that, how to select faces and creat mates...
    Filipe Lazzarini
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  • I need your help to improve this matrix transformations how-to

    Hello my fellow SOLIDWORKS API programmers,   Last week I was struggling a lot with matrix transformations, as you could have read in this topic. I found the API help to be unclear and incomplete. On top of...
    Peter Brinkhuis
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  • Creating a worm gear using a hob and gear blank

    Edit: maybe I wasn't clear in my post.  I am not looking for different ways to model this.  I am just having a problem with the VBA correctly rotating the hob past 180 degrees.  Other than that it works...
    Ben H.
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  • Is there an API to disable busy running?

    Hi every one,   I have created a function (in VB)  which extracts the mesh of my body and does many calculations on it. The problem is when I launch this function, I launch at the same time a control with a...
    Alexis Lebon
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