• C++ Addin Unable To debug

    Hi, everyone, We need help to find out the process of debugging the C++  add-in visual studio. Currently, we are using C# add-in.  For our latest work, we need to debug to C++ add-in and convert them into C...
    Vijay Jadhav
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  • How to delete single balloon

    I use auto balloon to balloon all the parts in my main view but there are a few balloons that are not needed. Can you select a balloon based on the item number and then delete it? I tried to record a macro to do this ...
    Christian Mills
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  • Sw Drawing save as PDF in specific location Macro.

    Hi All, I am trying to save the pdf of the drawing through a Macro. I am using the Macro below and It is working perfectly. At the moment the pdf is saved in the same location as the drawing. The question is, How c...
    Javier López
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  • Macro to run solidworks from Excel VBA

    Hi,   I need to create a Macro to Turn on the views, Part list in the drawing based on the cell value in excel and then edit custom properties as given in the excel cell. Also I want to open solidworks and drawi...
    Mithun Subramani
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  • PDM Vault : How to know Latest released file ? (C# API)

    Hey Team,   using C# API, I would like to know how we can check or get latest released file / part in PDM Vault ?   is there any way to check ?   And yes how can we handle the release event with our ...
    Dipak Shah
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  • Resize the references dialog box

    How to resize (larger) the ref. dialog box to see the whole path of the dll library or other trick to get the full path of the file  
    Jake Bakerin
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  • #TASK not able to run macros

    Hi everyone,   I've looked for a solution to this issue on the forums and other sites but haven't found it. I'm running Solidworks 2013 and trying to execute simple macros in #TASK. The save to PDF macro from th...
    Bryan Campbell
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  • Saving a Drawing as the Name of the configuration name of the part in it.

    I'm trying to export a drawing to pdf, and require the name of the exported drawing to be the same as the configuration name of the part in it. I've managed to make it save to PDF, but can't change the file name to t...
    Luke Thomas
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  • Cut notches at each bends extremities on a sheet metal part for laser cut

    Following this thread: Draw lines at each bend lines extremities on a sheet metal drawing for engraving Here is a macro to add notches at each bends extremities on a sheet metal part. It will add an Unfold and fold ...
    Fifi Riri
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  • Macro Image is not correctly shown

    Hi,   I have used some macro in Drawing Environments & create custom Image for those, But in Some area Macro is not picking exact same image which I have uploaded.   In Below Image for A3 Sheet I ...
    Sanjeev Kumar
    created by Sanjeev Kumar
  • API: How to get the latest installed version (RevisionNumber) of SolidWorks (C#)

    I wanted a way to get the latest version of SolidWorks installed (if SolidWorks wasn't already open) on a machine to automate with a Standalone. I thought this might be useful for anyone working on machines where the ...
    Casey Balderson
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  • Making the API Fun

    Hey API Community,   I hope all is well! I wanted to check in here to share with you guys that I've created a video in honor of Halloween/Mischief Night this year, which aims to show that the SOLIDWORKS API can ...
    Sean O'Neill
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  • Reverse traverse Assembly array

    Hello,    I am reading allong for a while but now I can't seem to find an anwser.    I've made a macro that can be used in an assembly. (Stil rough concept)  It traverses through the assemb...
    Joris Vis
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  • Get Face id using the PMP selection box

    Greetings, I am building a Property Manager Page to allow users to select multiple face. I need to store face id or persistent id of each face through selection box object. While checking selection box object,it retur...
    Vijay Jadhav
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  • Revised macro to hide planes, sketches and other reference features

    This is a .NET macro to hide reference features. For example, say you need to use planes in an assembly. So you turn on the planes view and now you will get all the planes from all the sub-assemblies and parts as well...
    Bill Florac
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  • Macro to align views horizontal or vertical

    Hi! This will probably be the last macro for a good while, as i'm quitting my job and will not be using solidworks no moe. Please enjoy!   Ever tried the align edge vertical or horizontal function that works ...
    Tore Magne Bjornodegard
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  • Save As Copy of Part/Assy with Drawing

    Hello Everyone,   I have seen many people looking for a Solidworks macro to copy parts or assemblies to new file name and location along with the drawing(updated references). So here i got a Solidworks vba mac...
    Shail Patel
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  • Importing Design Annotations

    When importing a drawing view via API, the Design Annotations are not imported. Is there a way to either have Design Annotations selected during the import view process or to select an imported view and turn...
    Bryson White
    created by Bryson White
  • How to write a macro for running a driveworksxpress project?

    Just a little background here first. So occasionally I need to generate 20+ parts & drawings all at once with known dimensions. I used to use design table to generate all configurations and run a ma...
    Jonathan Seit
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  • Automate Export

    I'm trying to use the Solidworks API to automate saving .sldprt with several configurations out to separate .dxf files.  Does anyone have an example of how to do this?
    Paul Renfrow
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